Child Safeguarding Statements

Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment:  By 11 March 2018 all Counties and Clubs will be required to undertake what is called a Risk Assessment procedure. This requires each Club Executive 
Committee to meet, discuss and complete the risk assessment document (attached), sign it and furnish a completed copy for their County Children’s Officer.  The purpose of the Risk Assessment procedure is that your Club considers the potential for harm that may come to children while they are participating in our Games and other activities and to minimise such risks and address them appropriately. 
A list of headings which may propose a potential risk of harm is included in the attached and your discussions at club level should indicate the level of risk that may apply depending on how compliant your Club may be with child safeguarding procedures and practices. Should your discussions recognise any additional issues that may come under the heading of a potential risk of harm, you may add them to the attached document (see below) and address them accordingly.
Child Safeguarding Statement:  When the risk assessment has been completed you may then download the attached Child Safeguarding Statement.  The purpose of this statement is to indicate the practices and procedures we observe in our Association that ensure, as far as practicable, that children are safe from harm.
Again, you may add to this document if you wish and once signed by the Children’s Officer it should be put on display in a prominent position within the Club and made available to Club members and parents alike.  You may also insert the club logo on this statement but please note it is not permitted to add the name or logo of a sponsor on to this statement.   It is advisable to laminate the statement (once signed) and to make a number of copies for future use.
If a Club has more than one Children’s Officer, then it’s a Club decision as to who or which Children’s Officer signs the statement e.g. it may be the Children’s Officer on the Executive Committee.  Please remember that the Children’s Officer who signs the Child Safeguarding Statement shall be the relevant person or the first point of contact in respect of what is contained in the statement.
As this is the first year in which we undertake this process both documents have been drafted so that little or no changes are required this year. The Child Safeguarding Statement and the Risk Assessment procedure shall become an annual requirement in future in the Gaelic Games Associations.