Coaching Workshops

The Association recognises the importance of continuous coach development and all coaches should ensure they are kept up to date with the latest thinking in coaching and training techniques by attending courses and workshops.

To assist coaches, the Association has developed various workshops based on specific topics to offer more indepth training to coaches.


Workshops currently available:

1. Key2Coaching – Underage or Adult Option

2. Coaching the Keeper


All workshops are 2 1/2 hours in duration.

To organise a workshop please contact Aislinn Harkin on (01) 8363156 or email:


More information on the Workshops……



Underage is aimed at U-12 and younger age groups. The workshop assists coaches with understanding how to plan, organise and deliver a session more effectively.

Adult is aimed at U-14 and older age groups, including Adult teams. The workshop assists coaches with understanding how to plan, organise, deliver and evaluate a session more effectively.


Coaching the Keeper

Knowledge and coaching techniques to provide focused and beneficial training to goalkeepers. This practical workshop focuses on the qualities of a good Goalkeeper, common problems in relation to coaching the keeper and identify what are the key areas of Goalkeeping.