How to register

Please read the following information concerning player registration carefully.

• The registration form below must be signed by the college registrar and must also have the official college stamp.

• Affiliation fee must accompany the form plus registration fee per player

• Affiliation fee for 2012-2013 is €250 and €50 per additional team

• A fee of €50 for 3rd level games promotion

• Player registration fee for 2012-2013 is €4 per player

• All Colleges must be Affiliated by Thursday 1st of November 2012 with all fees paid by this date.

To participate in the All -Ireland leagues or All Ireland Championships the college must be affiliated and their students registered by 1st of November annually. Additional student registrations may be made after this date up until the 14th of February. All registrations must be made on the official college registration form. The registration of additional students on an official registration form must be received by the registrar on the Monday before a match is played. The fee for the additional player(s) must be received within 1 week of original post.

• All Registration Forms and cheques should be returned to Pat Ring, 17 Obelisk Grove, Blackrock, Co Dublin

Colleges with More than 1 team Colleges who intend entering two or more teams in the league and championship competitions must register each student on the A or B Panel. Students who are registered on the A Panel may not move down to the B panel at any time during the season. However students who are on the B Panel may move up and play on the A Panel. Colleges should register a minimum of 15 players for the A panel (and B Panel if you have a C team) at the start of the season and then players can move up when required or needed. If you play up at a higher grade come championship you can then no longer play at the lower grade.

The player registration form can be download here and college affiliation form. Please, return these to Pat Ring as instructed above.


Any further queries in relation to registration are to be directed to Pat Ring.