CLIMB Training

We are delighted to now be entering into year 2 of Climb4Clare and assisting centres around the country to provide CLIMB®  as part of their programme schedule. As you are aware The Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA) and the Irish Cancer Society last year announced that they were to work together again to help raise funds which would result in the expansion of the CLIMB® initiative in the Republic of Ireland. We were delighted that eight centres got involved in this excellent programme and we hope to expand this in the coming year although the structures have changed in that all funding will come direct from Climb4Clare and not through Irish Cancer Society therefore not impacting on current grants.


Climb® helps children that have a close family relative who has been diagnosed with cancer and the feedback from parents has been amazing. The programme educates children as part of an enjoyable, sharing, interactive experience and provides a time for the children to come together to deal with their feelings. The next training for facilitators will take place on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st February in the midlands area and we are now taking confirmations for places on this training as there are a limited number available. Every cent of funding raised will go directly to yourselves to provide the training for your facilitators and the resources required to run the programme. To book a place for a facilitator in your Cancer Care Centre please complete the below form and return to




We are hoping to get as many centres involved and our aim is to remove any barriers you may have to get this essential programme in place in all areas around the country and we would be delighted if your centre would like to get involved. The structure has changed from last year in that all funding is coming directly from Climb4Clare this year so the training costs are covered and booked by ourselves and each centre running the programme will then complete a simple grant form to get grants direct from Climb4Clare to run CLIMB®. This will then not impact on the excellent initiatives you are already providing.


Clare Clarke, the reason for Climb4Clare, was a member of staff in the Ladies Gaelic Football Association for no fewer than 11 years. She was a bright, vivacious character that was known throughout the country for her good humour and commitment to the sport. Clare was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago. The mother of two showed typical resolve and determination to overcome this disease and she triumphed. However, heartbreakingly, the cancer came back, and more aggressively, two years ago and Clare sadly passed away on the day our first training took place on 31st January this year but has left a legacy behind through Climb4Clare.  Clare articulates how important this initiative is in this brief YouTube video.


Clare was also our special guest at the TG4 All Stars in the Citywest Hotel last year and you could hear a pin drop in a room full of 1000 people while being interviewed by Marty Morrissey. A link to this is available at


Please note that applications for training will be on first come first served basis so would advise if can send as soon as possible.