2013 National Blitz Day

The Ladies Gaelic Football Association held a very successful Activity Day on Monday 15th July.

The Activity Day also coincided with the launch of our TG4 Championship which was very fitting and added to both events.

The Association used the Activity Day to again showcase the major success of the of our Gaelic4Girls Programme, which has become an effective tool for the recruitment of young girls to our sport assisting in the sustainability of current clubs and the establishment of new clubs through the Country.

This programme seeks to increase the number of girls participating in a sustainable manner. To do so, the girls must be provided with a positive experience during the first 8 weeks, if the Clubs are going to encourage them to register with themselves. As a result, training was provided on a Provincial basis (by National & Provincial Development Officers) for both Co-ordinators and Coaches of all sites. This two hour practical session provided the Clubs with all the tools and resources necessary to run a successful programme. There is also a G4G Support Team in place to assist the Clubs with each stage of the programme (Engage (Now to Week 1 (post Easter holidays)) – Deliver (Week 1 to 8) – Sustain (Week 9 to 12 and beyond).

44 clubs were chosen to host the initiative in 28 counties. Clubs had been invited to apply to host the initiative which culminated in the National Blitz Day held in Croke Park.

This year 975 girls participated during the LGFA Activity Day. To facilitate our 65 teams, the pitch was divided into 6 pitches and the sites were split into a morning and afternoon group with approximately 490 girls participating in each group. A unique part of the day was the presence of 24 well known and influential County Stars from around the Country who signed autographs and held a question and answer session with all the young girls, possibly the budding stars of the future. The 18 referees who officiated on the day were teenagers who recently qualified as juvenile Referees through our Grab your Whistle Referee Education Programme.

It was a great day for Ladies Football and we would like to thank the National Coaching and Games Development Committee for the opportunity to host an Activity Day in Croke Park. We look forward to our future Activity Days and as always welcome any additional available days!