Up and Coming Events

A Lidl Blitz Day is organised in each Province during the months of June, July and August.  The Lidl Gaelic4Mothers&Others year concludes with the Lidl National Blitz Day in October.

2018 Dates

Ulster – 30th June                     Contact: Ciaran Murtagh        Email: Ciaran.murtagh.ulster@gaa.ie

Leinster – 21st July              Contact:                                    Email: gdo.leinster@lgfa.ie

Connacht – 16th June              Contact: Kathlyn Quinn                Email: gdo.connacht@lgfa.ie

Munster – 21st July            Contact: Kate Harrington        Email: gdo.munster@lgfa.ie

National – 13th October      Contact: Aisling Doonan            Email: aisling.doonan@lgfa.ie

This page will contain all news and information regarding up and coming Lidl Gaelic4Mothers&Others events.


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