Asian Roadshow comes to an End!

The Asian Development Roadshow continued over the past few weeks and came to an end yesterday for Lorraine Muckian but what an impact she has had on the clubs involved. Our games in Asia are growing rapidly and in response to this the Asian Board secured funding to take someone to the continent to assist a number of clubs over a six week period. The main focus of this was to ensure that coaches were aware of best practice female coaching methods and the rules of LGFA. Lorraine Muckian, former Louth and Laois star, took a break from her travels around the world to assist with this project and was a welcome addition for the clubs involved sharing not only her experience here in Ireland but also from her time with international units in Vancouver.


Lorraine arrived in Bangkok on Friday 13th May and witnessed the passion and skill of these clubs first hand at the South Asia Games. It was a great way to get an introduction to activities in the area and Lorraine also managed to referee games at the event. From there the next stop was Suzhou and after a warm welcome Lorraine was back to work assisting at coaching sessions and ran a Ready Steady Coach course  to up-skill the mentors involved in teams there and focus the club on where they would like to see things progress to in the future.


The following week the trail moved to Seoul and again Lorraine was on hand with advice for the club and providing tips to existing coaches on their sessions. Another Ready Steady Coach was organised in the city and this was very well attended with coaches eager to get back on the pitch to demonstrate their new skills.


Lorraine then headed to Daegu then Busan and finally Tokyo on this development road trip with the clubs, spending approximately one week with each. Sessions took place with all clubs and Ready Steady Coach workshops and Lorraine was hugely impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication demonstrated by everyone involved in the clubs. It is hoped that clubs, and particularly the female players, will reap the rewards of the guidance being provided and this will lead to a more sustainable future for everyone involved.


Thank you again to Lorraine and we wish her the best of luck as she returns on her world travels. We look forward to continued updates from the region!

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