Connacht 7's to Take Place This Weekend

The Connacht 7’s competition will take place this weekend in Breaffy and the line up confirmed ensures it will be a competition not to be missed. The groups are as follows:



Senior Group 1 & 2 –Breaffy Resort Pitch



Group 1   Group 2  
Breaffy  Blue & White             Kilmovee   Yellow & Green
Castlebar  Red & Yellow             Castlerea St. Kevins    Maroon/White/Green
St. Nathys Red & White               St. Patricks,Dromahair Red & White
St. Brendans White/Red/Green        Corofin  Green



10.00am.         Breaffy v Castlebar    


10.30am.         Kilmovee v Castlerea St. Kevins                                           


11.00am.         St. Nathys  v St. Brendans


11.30pm.         St. Patrick’s Dromahair v Corofin                                                     


12.00noon.      Castlebar v St. Nathys           


12.30pm.         Castlerea St. Kevins v St. Patrick’s Dromahair                                             


1.00pm.           Breaffy v St. Brendans


1.30pm.           Kilmovee v Corofin                                       


2.00pm.           St. Brendans v Castlebar


2.30pm.           Corofin  v Castlerea St. Kevins                                             


3.00pm.           Breaffy v St. Nathys  


3.30pm.           Kilmovee v St. Patrick’s Dromahair  





Senior Shield Final (20 mins, 10 each half)

4.00pm.           Runners Up Group 1 v Runners Up Group 2             Breaffy GAA Pitch 2


Senior Championship Final (20 mins, 10 each half)

4.00pm.           Winners Group 1 v Winners Group 2                         Breaffy GAA Pitch 1           






Intermediate Group 1 – Pitch 1 Breaffy GAA Pitch.


Group 1  
Swinford Black/Red                  
Curry Green & White           
Eoghan Rua White/Blue & Red
Kilkerrin/Clonberne               Red & White              
Caltra Cuans                           Green & White  



Round 1.

10.00am.    Swinford v Curry

10.30am.    Eoghan Rua v Kilkerrin/Clonberne

Caltra Cuans a bye

Round 2.

11.00am.    Caltra Cuans v Swinford

11.30am.    Curry v Eoghan Rua

                   Kilkerrin/Clonberne a bye

Round 3.

12.00noon. Kilkerrin/Clonberne v Caltra Cuans

12.30pm.    Swinford v Eoghan Rua

                   Curry a bye

Round 4.

1.00pm.      Curry v Kilkerrin/Clonberne

1.30pm.      Eoghan Rua v Caltra Cuans

                   Swinford a bye

Round 5.

2.00pm.      Swinford v Kilkerrin/Clonberne

2.30pm.      Curry v Caltra Cuans

                   Eoghan Rua a bye



Intermediate Group 2 – Pitch 2 Breaffy GAA Pitch.


Group 2  
Cill Chomain                           Black & White              
Tuam/Cortoon                         Red & Sky Blue
Drumcliffe Rosses Point         Red & Black
Glenamaddy/Williamstown    Yellow & Blue
Kilbride Green & White


Round 1.

10.00am.    Cill Chomain v Tuam/Cortoon

10.30am.    Drumcliffe Rosses Point v Glenamaddy/Williamstown

Kilbride a bye

Round 2.

11.00am.    Kilbride v Cill Chomain

11.30am.    Tuam/Cortoon v Drumcliffe Rosses Point 

                   Glenamaddy/Williamstown a bye

Round 3.

12.00noon. Glenamaddy/Williamstown v Kilbride

12.30pm.    Cill Chomain v Drumcliffe Rosses Point 

                   Tuam/Cortoon a bye

Round 4.

1.00pm.      Tuam/Cortoon v Glenamaddy/Williamstown

1.30pm.      Drumcliffe Rosses Point  v Kilbride

                   Cill Chomain a bye

Round 5.

2.00pm.      Cill Chomain v Glenamaddy/Williamstown

2.30pm.      Tuam/Cortoon v Kilbride

                   Drumcliffe Rosses Point  a bye

Intermediate Shield Final (20 mins, 10 each half)

3.00pm.      Runners Up Group 1 v Runners Up Group 2               Pitch 2

Intermediate Championship Final (20 mins, 10 each half)

3.00pm.      Winners Group 1 v Winners Group 2                           Pitch 1       




Junior Group 1 – Pitch 2 Ballyheane GAA Pitch


Group 1    
Louisburgh   Black & Amber           Black & Amber          
Kilmoremoy  Blue & Red                  
McHale Rovers                       Black & Amber            
Glinsk Red & Black               Orange
Ballymote Black & Gold              Red & White 


Round 1.

10.30am.         Louisburgh v Kilmoremoy

11.00am.         McHale Rovers v Glinsk

Ballymote a bye


Round 2.

11.30am.         Ballymote v Louisburgh

12.00noon.      Kilmoremoy v McHale Rovers

                        Glinsk a bye


Round 3.

12.30pm.         Glinsk v Ballymote

1.00pm.           Louisburgh v McHale Rovers

                        Kilmoremoy a bye


Round 4.

1.30pm.           Kilmoremoy v Glinsk

2.00pm.           McHale Rovers v Ballymote

                        Louisburgh a bye


Round 5.

2.30pm.           Louisburgh v Glinsk

3.00pm.           Kilmoremoy v Ballymote

                        McHale Rovers a bye



Junior Group 2 – Pitch 3 Ballyheane GAA Pitch


Group 2    
Ballycroy   White & Green             
Cloonacool/Tubbercurry         Blue & Yellow            Black & White           
St. Brigids                               Orange & White          Green, White & Gold
Claregalway Green & Gold             Red & White              
Kiltane Yellow & Blue             


Round 1.

10.30am.         Ballycroy v Cloonacool/Tubbercurry

11.00am.         St. Brigids v Claregalway

Kiltane a bye


Round 2.

11.30am.         Kiltane v Ballycroy

12.00noon.      Cloonacool/Tubbercurry v St. Brigids

                        Claregalway a bye


Round 3.

12.30pm.         Claregalway v Kiltane

1.00pm.           Ballycroy v St. Brigids

                        Cloonacool/Tubbercurry a bye


Round 4.

1.30pm.           Cloonacool/Tubbercurry v Claregalway

2.00pm.           St. Brigids v Kiltane              

Ballycroy a bye


Round 5.

2.30pm.           Ballycroy v Claregalway

3.00pm.           Cloonacool/Tubbercurry v Kiltane

                        St. Brigids a bye


Junior Group 3 – Pitch 1 Ballyheane GAA Pitch


Group 3    
Moy Davitts                              Red & White               White & Red              
Claremorris Blue & White              Green & Yellow         
St. Marys                                 Red Red & Black  
Charlestown  Green & White             
St. Farnans                              Blue & White              White & Blue
Moycullen   Green White


Round 1.

10.00am.         Moy Davitts v Claremorris

10.20am.         St. Marys v Charlestown

10.40am.         St. Farnans v Moycullen


Round 2.

11.00am.         Claremorris v St. Marys

11.20pm.         St. Farnans v Moy Davitts

11.40pm          Moycullen v Charlestown


Round 3.

12.00noon.      Moy Davitts v St. Marys

12.20pm.         Claremorris v Moycullen

12.40pm          Charlestown v St. Farnans


Round 4.

1.00pm.           Moycullen v Moy Davitts

1.20pm.           St. Marys v St. Farnans

1.40pm            Claremorris v Charlestown


Round 5.

2.00pm.           St. Marys v Moycullen

2.20pm.           Moy Davitts v Charlestown

2.40pm            Claremorris v St. Farnans


3.30pm.           Championship SF (20 mins, 10 each half)

                        Winners Group 1 v Winners Group 2                                     Pitch 2


3.30pm.           Shield SF (20 mins, 10 each half)

                        Runners Up Group 1 v Runners Up Group 2                         Pitch 3


4.00pm.           Championship Final (20 mins, 10 each half)

                        Winners Group 1/2 v Winners Group 3                                  Pitch 1


4.00pm.           Shield Final (20 mins, 10 each half)

                        Runners Up Group 1/2  v Runners Up Group 3                     Pitch 3

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