Division 3 Fixtures

Division 3 of the National Football League will commence on February 3rd when Sligo, Wicklow, Tipperary and Down all get their campaign’s underway with home fixtures against Longford, Leitrim, Wexford and Armagh respectively.

National Football League Division 3
Rd 1 3rd Feb
Sligo (H) Longford
Wicklow (H) Leitrim
Tipperary (H) Wexford
Down (H) Armagh
Rd 2 10th Feb
Armagh (H) Wicklow
Sligo   (H) Down
Longford (H) Tipperary
Leitrim (H) Wexford
Rd 3 17th Feb
Wexford (H) Down
Tipperary (H) Leitrim
Wicklow (H) Longford
Sligo   (H) Armagh
Rd 4 3rd March
Leitrim (H) Sligo
Down (H) Longford
Armagh (H) Wexford
Tipperary (H) Wicklow
Rd 5 24th March
Longford (H) Wexford
Tipperary (H) Down
Wicklow (H) Sligo
Leitrim   (H) Armagh
Rd 6 31st March
Armagh (H) Tipperary
Longford (H) Leitrim
Down (H) Wicklow
Sligo   (H) Wexford
Rd 7 7th April
Wicklow (H) Wexford
Sligo   (H) Tipperary
Longford(H) Armagh
Down (H) Leitrim
Playoff’s/Relegations 13th/14th April
Semi Final 28th April
Final 11th May

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