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European Gaelic Football Championships

23 Gaelic Football Teams at Budapest European Gaelic Football Championships this weekend, with Warsaw, Den Haag and Paris taking the honours

Cork & Budapest 10 October 2010
Budapest hosted Men’s and Ladies’ Gaelic Football Championships this weekend- with teams from Warsaw, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Munich, Luxembourg, Brussels, The Hague, Amsterdam, Paris and Guernsey.

9 European Ladies Gaelic Football teams contested the European Championship Round 6, in Budapest this weekend. This includes teams from Warsaw, Holland, Vienna, Warsaw, Belgium, Munich, Viking Gaels (From Copenhagen and Scandinavia) and hosts Budapest- and by special invitation and permission – a guest team Old Leighlin Ladies from Carlow.

European Men’s Gaelic Football has Championship and Shield levels, like Senior and Intermediate grades.

In the Championship & Shield in Budapest on Saturday, there were 7 teams contesting each grade. The higher level had Guernsey, Belgium and The Hague making up the first group, while Stockholm, Luxembourg, Paris and hosts Budapest formed the second pool of Championship teams.

The Men’s Shield saw Gaelic Football teams from Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Belgium(B),Vienna, Frankfurt, Prague and Warsaw.

Warsaw in their first year in existence, have won the All-Europe Shield Final at this 2nd round tournament, where they met Prague in the final. In a pulsating final, the Polish side scored 11 fantastic points. However, Prague’s 2 goals and 5 points saw the Czech side draw level at the final whistle.

The tie went to a penalty shoot-out to decide the outcome.

Warsaw won on Penalties 5-4.

This was an overturning of the result from a morning’s group match which saw Prague win 6-7 to 3-5.

The losing Semi-Finalists were Belgium (B side) from the Benelux Championship, and Copenhagen from the Scandinavian League.

Some classic Gaelic Football matches in the Shield tournament on Saturday included Amsterdam’s 1-6 (9 points) to Copenhagen’s 3-5 (14 pts),
Amsterdam 0-5 to Vienna’s 0-4
Copenhagen’s 2-5 (11) to Vienna’s 3-3 (12)
Frankfurt were drawn in their group stage with both eventual finalists Prague and Warsaw, and scored 2-5 and 2-4 in each match, but was not enough to defeat the stronger Warsaw and Prague outfits.

The Men’s Championship Final saw Belgium pipped by 2 points by Den Haag (0-4 to 0-6). The side from The Hague also won the Championship’s first round tournament defeating Paris in Munich last month, so will take a convincing lead into the Final round in Maastricht next month.

Guernsey, Belgium and The Hague played each other in PoolA. Belgium defeated Guernsey 10 points to 6, and The Hague defeated the Channel Islanders 3-9 to 1-4. The Hague and Belgium played a group thriller, Belgium scoring 1-3 losing by just a point to Den Haag’s 0-7.

The second Pool had four cities represented – Paris Gaels defeated 2-04 to 1-01, and hammered Stockholm 0-13 to 0-03.

Stockholm scored 3-3 (12 pts) against hosts Budapest’s 1-05 (9 pts), and Stockholm also defeated Luxembourg 8 points to 1-03 (6pts).

Budapest defeated Luxembourg, but their earlier loss to Stockholm meant they needed to defeat Paris Gaels to reach the semi-finals.

There were thrilling matches throughout the Championship day, not least the Paris Gaels against hosts Budapest match which ended in a 2-04 to 2-04 Draw.

Paris and Stockholm progressed to the Semi-Final.

They met Belgium and The Hague. Both Benelux sides progressed to the Final, for a repeat fixture from their group’s exciting clash earlier. Den Haag again won the tie and the Championship Final in a score line of 0-6 to 0-4.

Winners of the European Ladies Gaelic Football Championship Round 6 is Paris.

Helen O’Rourke, CEO of Ladies GAA was also in attendance and witnessed some of the best football seen this year.

Paris defeated Austrian side Vienna in the Final, Belgium and hosts Budapest reached the Semi-Final stage.

From Copenhagen and Scandinavia Viking Gaels had a great match against Munich, but losing to the more experienced German side in a score of 1-4 to 2-7.

Guests Old Leighlin Ladies from Carlow lost their opener to Belgium 3-1 to a whopping 6-9. Paris and Holland played an enthralling match in the morning session of encounters which saw the French exiles winning 2-4 to 1-4.

The 9 teams also included Warsaw who scored a creditable 2-2 against a Holland team which won with 5-8.

There had been 2 groups, and the top 2 qualified for the Semi-final. Paris and Vienna came out of group1, over Holland and Warsaw. The 2nd group had Viking Gaels, Budapest, Old Leighlin Ladies, Belgium and Munich – the 2 sides that topped that side were Budapest and Belgium.

Mel Lynam, Mike Cryan, Shay O’Doherty, Tom McGrath, Becky Mattes were the referees for the day’s 45 Gaelic Football Matches, with 23 Gaelic Football teams

At a post tournament gala, held at Trofea Óbudai Grill restaurant no less than 284 hungry players and officials were dining.

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