FREE E-Learning Courses for Coaches from Sport Ireland

Please find information below pertaining to FREE E-Learning Courses for Coaches from Sport Ireland. We hope you will avail of these on-line courses and find them useful in your coaching.

iCoachKids Material- How can it work for YOU

The Courses/MOOCs (Massive Open On-line Courses) are aimed at beginner and intermediate children and youth coaches, yet they are confident that the quality of the courses and the ancillary materials and study guides will make them attractive to even the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches out there.

The courses/MOOC’s incorporate a mix of taught content via videos and interactive activities, and reflective and applied work wherein the learning coach will be engaged in ‘real-life’ tasks related to the content covered on the course.

The MOOCs are intended as an accessible yet comprehensive resource for coaches and coach developers.

All three MOOC’s are available here

 The titles of the three courses are:

· MOOC #1 Developing Effective Environments for Children in Sport

· MOOC #2 Child & Youth Centered Coaching

· MOOC #3 Coaching Children: Planning, Doing and Reviewing

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