Below please find a User Manual for using the registration system and also a PayPal User Manual for setting up your PayPal accounts.

The live system is available at


Download The User Manual here:



Download The PayPal User Manual here:



To create your accounts please use the following links:


Ireland –

Northern Ireland –


Training Videos

Below are a number of videos to help your club with the registration procress:


Logging in and Paying Initial Fees


YouTube Preview Image



Bulk Add Members


YouTube Preview Image



Edit or Delete Membership Details


YouTube Preview Image



Register a Member


YouTube Preview Image



Paying Registration Fees


YouTube Preview Image



Hibernate/Unhiberate a Member


YouTube Preview Image


When are my players registered?

With the new system when you click ‘pay now’ the fees and members details will be sent to county, province and national together with the fee. Your members will remain in red (or orange if between 1st January and 31st March and will need re-registered) until they are approved at national level and they will then turn black. The national registrar will check all registrations daily.



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