Below is your step by step guide to set up Lidl Gaelic4Mothers&Others in Your Club:


  1. Identify the need for Lidl Gaelic4Mothers&Others in your club and obtain relevant information material from website or LGFA Office
  2. Clubs should identify a minimum of two personnel to be involved in the Lidl G4M&O Club – one coordinator and one coach. Recommended that one of these be a female
  3. Contact LGFA to register your site. Registration forms and posters can be downloaded from .
  4. Sign the registration form to agree that club will abide by the Lidl G4M&O ethos at all times and forward to the relevant personnel
  5. Choose a suitable day and time (try not to clash with other activities in area)
  6. Advertise and promote Lidl Gaelic4 Mothers&Others through local schools, shops etc.
  7. Send article to local newspapers with details of programme and who they can contact
  8. Source footballs, bibs and cones
  9. Register women on first night and ensure all participants sign form. Also provide information on insurance cover.

Remember: participants must be minimum 21 years of age and it is not a necessity to be a mother. They must not be currently playing adult club football.


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