Meet the South Africa Ladies Team

The South African Gaels Ladies Football Team will create their own little piece of history when they take touch down in Dublin this afternoon as they become the first South African Ladies Football team to play in Ireland.

ESB Ireland are bringing both the South African Gaels Ladies and Men’s Football Teams to Dublin where they will play a selection of Irish teams before journeying on to the GAA World Games later that week.

The Ladies team consists of 10 players with very diverse backgrounds from student’s to scientists to engineers. Ezet, Gugu, Hannah, Judine, Lise, Lucci, Rochelle, Shoana, Sigrid and Thato will be the players that make history as they play two matches, both in Dublin on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Their first match will be played on Tuesday, March 4th in UCD when they take on the UCD International Ladies Team at 5:15 and will follow that up with a match against an International All Star selection at Naomh Mearnóg in Portmarnock on March 5th at 8:00pm.

To follow the progress of the South African Ladies use the hashtag #SAGaelsESB on Twitter and keep an eye on the Ladies Football website.

Get to know the South African team by looking at their profiles below:

Ezet Roos



  1. NICKNAME? Rosie BIRTH DATE?      22 March 1991
  2. AGE? 23  HOME TOWN? Pretoria
  3. HOME LANGUAGE? Afrikaans OCCUPATION?      Medical student ATHLETIC INTERESTS?   Netball, Karate, Chess and the newest addition… Gaelic football!
  4. ACADEMIC INTERESTS? I hate studying, but I love anything that makes sense. If it is logical and interesting, then it’s for me. I actually wanted to become a wildlife-Vet.
  5. SIBLINGS? I have an older brother, who is 29.
  6. HOBBIES? In my spare time I coach Chess. I love photography and art.
  7. WHAT DO YOU DISLIKE? I don’t like Liquorice, snakes and dishonest people.
  8. YOUR FONDEST MEMORY? I would say the absolute silence on the top of a snowy mountain peak in Switzerland.
  9. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THE MONEY IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY? I would tour the world and buy another Rottweiler.
  10. FUTURE PLANS? I dream of making a success of what I do. I would like to specialize further in Medicine. I would like to have a family and I want to be an inspiring Christian.
  11. FAVOURITE QUOTE? “The harder you practise, the luckier you get.” – Gary Player
  12. YOUR BEST QUALITY? I am a very ‘open’ person, easily approachable and I have a good sense of humour.

On the field: Very competitive

Off the field: Love to joke, laugh and have fun!

Hannah Oguz Picture 2014


  1. NICKNAME? Han/Goose BIRTH DATE? 20 April 1984
  2. AGE? 30  HOME TOWN? From County Tyrone and now Pretoria, SA HOME LANGUAGE?    English
  3. OCCUPATION? Sport Science and Research
  4. ATHLETIC INTERESTS? Love trail running and most sports – my favourite is of course… Gaelic football!
  5. ACADEMIC INTERESTS? Love exercise physiology; how the body works and how we can manipulate and change it to adapt to any situation…
  6. SIBLINGS? 4 brothers (29 – 38 yrs) and 1 sister (33yrs) – I’m the 2nd youngest!
  7. HOBBIES? Sport, Running, Using my hands like in Arts and crafts!
  8. WHAT DO YOU DISLIKE? Anything smaller than my palm that crawls or flies. Dishonest people.
  9. YOUR FONDEST MEMORY? There are many in my life that I am thankful for…times with my family and friends, my engagement in Amsterdam de Bos with my fiancé, and many more… Truly blessed!
  10. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THE MONEY IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY? I would spoil everyone that is special in my life; ensure that they are safe and secure in their lives and travel the world with my love GV, family and friends!
  11. FUTURE PLANS? Short term – Marry my fiancé in April & of course win World Games with SA Gaels ladies. Long term – be a good and successful person in all aspects in my life; to travel with my hubby and settle down to live a long, fun and happy life!
  12. FAVOURITE QUOTE? “The strength of patience hangs on our capacity to believe that God is up to something good for us in all our delays and detours.” – John Piper
  13. YOUR BEST QUALITY? I am open and honest, friendly and accepting! Always there to have a good time…

On the field: Determined and focused

Off the field: Chilled & happy.

Judine Badenhorst


  1. NICKNAME? Judels BIRTH DATE? 14 November 1991
  2. AGE? 23 HOME TOWN? Potchefstroom, North West, South Africa   HOME LANGUAGE?  Afrikaans
  3. OCCUPATION? Medical student at University of Pretoria
  4. ATHLETIC INTERESTS? I enjoy, and play, any type of sport. Therefore I have a long list of interests: Gaelic football, Swimming, Hockey, Soccer, Squash and Javelin, are my serious interests.
  5. ACADEMIC INTERESTS? In High School I enjoyed Biology, Science and Mathematics. At University my favourite subjects are Gynaecology and Obsterics, Anaesthetics and Orthopaedics.
  6. SIBLINGS? I have one Sister. She is 4 years younger than me.
  7. HOBBIES? I love being outdoors. I am at my happiest when I am somewhere in the mountains with only the basics. I love hiking, kayaking and mountain biking. I love writing (especially next to a campfire) and drawing. Last but certainly not least, I love spending quality time with the people I love. WHAT DO YOU DISLIKE? I don’t like people who do not know how to love, because a lack of love gives place for arrogance, disrespect, jealousy, deceit and all the other bad qualities of life.
  1. YOUR FONDEST MEMORY? My fondest memory is of a period in my life. It is of my childhood in Adelaide. Adelaide is a small rural town in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. The town is surrounded by majestic mountains and citrus farms. It is one of those towns where everyone knows everyone. Life was peaceful and filled with joy there.
  2. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THE MONEY IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY? I would like build and establish a proper functioning primary health clinic in the Eastern Cape, somewhere on a farm, where we will be able to provide the best possible health care for people who are not able to travel to town.
  3. FUTURE PLANS? I plan to finish my degree in Medicine, and specialize in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, and then also later Family Medicine. I plan to establish a clinic in a rural area, and then to provide the best possible care to as many people as I can.
  4. FAVOURITE QUOTE? Let troubles rise and terrors frown, and days of darkness fall. Through Him all dangers we’ll defy, and more than conquer all!
  5. YOUR BEST QUALITY I truly love and respect all people. I also like to help where I can.

On the field: I would describe it as aggressive, because I am very defensive on the field.

Off the filed: Happy and calm.

Lise  Coetzee



  1. NICKNAME? Lies  BIRTH DATE?       24 August 1987     AGE?     27 HOME TOWN?        Pretoria
  2. HOME LANGUAGE? Afrikaans OCCUPATION?      Civil Engineer ATHLETIC INTERESTS?   Being active and outdoors in general. ACADEMIC INTERESTS?   Structures and design SIBLINGS?  I have 4 siblings, 2 are younger, and 2 are older. 10. HOBBIES?       Sewing
  3. WHAT DO YOU DISLIKE? Being unreasonable
  4. YOUR FONDEST MEMORY? I don’t know!!!!
  5. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THE MONEY IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY? I would not be extravagant. I will buy a nice car and home, and then see to my family.
  6. FUTURE PLANS? Having a family of my own, working for myself. I would like to be an Architect and an engineer.
  7. FAVOURITE QUOTE? If you are not willing to take a chance, you might miss out on something that could be pretty amazing.
  8. YOUR BEST QUALITY? I am sincere and loving

I am always friendly, on and off the field. It is a sport and should be enjoyed. Same about life, make it worth living!

Mervis Mkhezi



  1. NICKNAME? Nero BIRTH DATE? 30 March 1985 AGE? 29
  4. ACADEMIC INTERESTS? Geography, Home Economics and Tourism.
  5. SIBLINGS? I have one younger sibling.
  6. HOBBIES? I enjoy listening to music and socializing
  7. WHAT DO YOU DISLIKE? People who gossip and are discriminate towards other’s gender.
  8. YOUR FONDEST MEMORY? When I was called up by Banyana Banyana.
  9. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THE MONEY IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY? I would fix my parents’ house and then build a girls soccer academy.
  10. FAVOURITE QUOTE? “Do your best, and God will do the rest.”
  11. YOUR BEST QUALITY? Positive points all the way

On and off the field: calm and positive



Oluchi Odimegwu



  • NICKNAME? Lucci Gucci    BIRTH DATE? 25 September AGE? 30
  • ATHLETIC INTERESTS? Gaelic football and WWE ACADEMIC INTERESTS? Literature SIBLINGS? I have 9 siblings, Prince’s and Princesses
  • HOBBIES? Singing and Dancing WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THE MONEY IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY? To build an Orphanage home.
  • FUTURE PLANS? O build homes for the less priviledged
  • FAVOURITE QUOTE? Never give up


Rochelle van Coller



  1. NICKNAME? Roach, cheltjie, jordan BIRTH DATE? 04/11/1989 AGE? 25 HOME TOWN?      Toronto
  2. HOME LANGUAGE? Afrikaans OCCUPATION? Student
  4. SIBLINGS? 1 brother 10. HOBBIES?
  5. WHAT DO YOU DISLIKE? Profiles 12. YOUR FONDEST MEMORY? Christmases in Cape town
  6. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THE MONEY IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY? Eat it. 14. FUTURE PLANS? Today is my favourite day. 15. FAVOURITE QUOTE? Break my heart for what breaks yours. 16. YOUR BEST QUALITY: loyalty
  7. DESCRIBE YOUR TEMPERAMENT ON AND OFF THE FIELD. Off the field: relaxed and friendly (although i look very angry) On the field : competitive

Shona Hendricks


  1. NICKNAME? Shonz, Shon BIRTH DATE?     29 October 1984 AGE? 30 HOME TOWN? Boksburg  HOME LANGUAGE?  English    OCCUPATION?      Sport Scientist ATHLETIC INTERESTS?   Football, Cricket, Running. But I enjoy all sports really.
  2. ACADEMIC INTERESTS? Physiology and Anatomy
  3. SIBLINGS? I have an older brother who is 38, and an older sister who is 36. 10. HOBBIES? I like doing lots of sport, I used to scuba dive. I also like to travel.
  4. WHAT DO YOU DISLIKE? Bad food and people with no sense of humour.
  5. YOUR FONDEST MEMORY? There are too many to mention…sitting on a beach in Barcelona, sipping Champagne with my best friend, is one of them though.
  6. WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH THE MONEY IF YOU WON THE LOTTERY? I would love to spend it on spoiling my friends and family first. I would get most joy out of it by spending it on other people.
  7. FUTURE PLANS? I would like to live a full life, constantly pushing the boundaries to the max.
  8. FAVOURITE QUOTE? “Never let your fear, decide your fate.”
  9. YOUR BEST QUALITY? Loyalty and sense of humour.

On the field: it is horrendous, I get too upset with myself for no point at all.

Off the field: is the complete opposite, as I am generally quite chilled.

Tshidi Prudence Marape



  1. Nickname? Sigi Birth date? Dec 1987 Age? 27 Home town? Lephalale
  2. Home language? Afrikaans Occupation? Civil Engineer
  3. Athletic interests? Everything but mostly pushing yourself to limit kind of sports
  4. Academic interests? Environmental subjects Siblings? 2 sisters and a brother, all older Hobbies? Horse riding What do you dislike? – Negative people
  5. Your fondest memory? – Swimming with my horses in the river on our farm
  6. How would you spend the money if you won the Lottery? – Start a farm with LOTS of horses on it where people can come and spend time with the horses. Spending time with these majestic creatures just brings hope and life
  7. What is your biggest dream / future plans? – there is many but all are in the general direction of establishing kingdom lifestyle on earth and bringing change.
  8. Your Favorite quote? – nothing is as strong as gentleness and nothing is as gentle as real strength
  9. Your best quality – consistency
  10. How would you describe your temperament on the field and also off the field – calm and collected

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