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'New Referees for Dublin'

‘New Referees for Dublin

The final day of the ‘Grab Your Whistle’ course in Dublin took place last Saturday 12th April in Clanna Gael Fonntenoy. Ten new referees qualified and they will now be seen on the pitches in the Capital throughout the summer. These referees were from Cuala, St Sylvestors, Castleknock, Innisfails and Clanna Gael Fonntenoy. Grab Your Whistle is a three day course which took place on Saturday 16th February, Saturday 1st March and finally Saturday 12th April. These new participants were ‘buddied’ with current referees in the county who gave them tremendous support throughout. Dublin County Board would like to wish these new referees all the best in the future and also thank Clanna Gael for the use of their facilities throughout the programme. They would also like to thank the ‘Buddy’ referees for giving their time and guidance to the new recruits. The County Board are hoping to run another ‘Grab Your Whistle’ course on 28th June, 5th July and 26th July in Kilmacud Crokes. If anyone is interested in participating on this course you can contact Lyn Savage, Dublin Regional Development Officer – 087 1316944 or lynsavage@ladiesgaelic.ie

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