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Show your Skill! Get involved in the 20x20 pre-Christmas skills challenge!

As you may know, the LGFA is a proud Member of the 20×20 movement which is championing women and girls in sport in Ireland. The movement’s three goals: a 20% increase in participation, a 20% increase in media coverage of women’s sports and a 20% increase in attendance at women’s sporting events, can only be achieved with your help.

20×20 is now focusing on Skills and how the lack of visibility of women’s sporting skill has lead to misconceptions. 20×20 wants to change that misconception and make women’s sporting skills across all sports more visible. Together, we are asking all women and girls in Ireland at all levels and abilities across all sports to Show Your Skill by posting a 20 second skills video on social media using #CantSeeCantBe


How you can help?

  • Share this message in your clubs and with your members encouraging them to participate (posters attached)
  • Everyone can get involved and have an impact (coaches, officials, volunteers, women and men, boys and girls): helping to choose the skill(s), practising, spreading the word, getting a group together to Show their Skill and hold the phone for the 20 second video to be recorded!
  • Here is the 1 minute inspiring video which has more details – please feel free to share this on your social media channels and show it to your members also:
  • Feel free to post a skills videos from your club to inspire your members to do the same and give them ideas for their videos using #CantSeeCantBe
  • Resharing Show Your Skill football videos could also be a great way to build a buzz about this and get more members to participate
  • Here are a couple of skills ideas to get you started: for example, 20 passes in 20 seconds, 20 solos in 20 seconds, 20 points in 20 seconds..

This will be the last big push for 20×20 before a very exciting 2020 so we’d like to see a lot of football skills appearing online as we close out 2019. Post your club’s or your member’s 20 second videos on social media using #CantSeeCantBe.


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