Special Offer! The Spot On Football helps adults teach and children learn

The Spot On sports football is designed to help teach the skills of our game in an easy to understand way for children.

The unique markings on the ball, coupled with online tips and supports, form a perfect introduction to the sport for all beginners at home, in school or on the pitch.

The use of this ball offers an engaging and fun way for children to learn new skills while being active – exactly what every coach and parent wants!

A UCC study found that 100 per cent of children who participated found it fun and engaging to use.

95 per cent of children showed an increase in perceived competence after using the ball.

100 per cent of adults said the ball helped them introduce the skills of the game and 100 per cent of adults said the football helped their children understand the skills.

You can find out more about Spot On Sports and their range of products at the following link https://www.spotonsports.ie/

Spot On Sports are also offering a 10 per cent discount at checkout on their website when you click on this LINK, and use the discount code LGFA18 

For more on the UCC research, click on this LINK. 

And for more on the Spot On Football, click on this LINK. 

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