2024 TG4 All-Ireland Finals tickets

Youth Congress offers tickets incentive

Any attendees to the Youth Congress in Croke Park on Saturday (March 2nd) will receive the extra award of receiving tickets to the National football league meeting that evening between Dublin and Mayo in Croke Park.

Since taking up his position as GAA President Liam O’Neill has been eager to assess the GAA’s relationship with the younger generations in Ireland. For this reason he founded a Youth Committee who were, broadly speaking, tasked with the job of assessing the GAA’s relationship with youth culture in Ireland and where the GAA could adapt in order to improve it’s communication with young people.

The committee was also charged with running the National Youth Forum in 2013. This event gives young members of the GAA an opportunity to come to Croke Park as representatives of their County and discuss and debate issues which they believe are most relevant to the GAA today.

In order to develop a full and well rounded view the Committee and the President would like representatives from all sections of the GAA family to attend. Ladies Football has been invited to send 1 representative from each County to attend on the day.

The Youth forum is taking place in Croke Park on the 2nd of March (see timetable below) Representatives must be under 21 and over 18.

To Register your interest in attending please send your details to info@ladiesgaelic.ie


10:15 am: Registration


10:45 am: Opening: Liam O Neill


11:00 am: Workshop 1: Youth involvement in our clubs


11:45 am: Workshop 2: Communications in the GAA

12:30 am: Lunch



1:15 pm: Workshop 3: Youth participation in our games

2:15 pm: Presentation: Football Review Committee Presentation



2:45 pm: Workshop 4: President for a day


3: 15 pm: Open Forum with the President of the three Associations


3:45 pm: Close: Niamh Campion

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