Code of Ethics and Good Practice

The Ladies Gaelic Football Association is based on the following principles that will guide the development of our sport for young players. The stages of development of the young person should guide the types of activity provided within the Association. Adults will need to have a basic understanding of the physical, emotional and personal needs of young players.

Role of Clubs

Clubs are responsible for the implementation of the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Young Players within their Club.

Each Club must appoint a Children’s Officer, who should be a member of the Management Committee.

The Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Young Players is a detailed document. For ease of use the document has been broken down by section for download.

Section 1: Core Values (pdf)

Section 2: Policy Statement (pdf)

Section 3: Code of Behaviour for all Persons Working with Young People (pdf)

Section 4: Guidelines for Dealing with Young Players (pdf)

Section 5: Child Protection Procedures (pdf)

Section 6: Useful Forms (pdf)

Section 7: Appendices (pdf)

Section 8: Useful Contact Numbers (pdf)

Section 9: References (pdf)

A full version of the document is also available to download: Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Young Players.pdf (7 MB)