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LGFA have devised coaching resource booklets to encourage your club underage players to practice their skills at home and remain physical active outside of their weekly coaching sessions. The first booklet currently focuses on players at U8/10 age group whilst the second edition targets U11/14 age group.

Players are encouraged to practice one skill a day and log their effort. It will only take ten minutes of their time each day to complete each task.  The parent or guardian plays an important role in that they too must provide encouragement and support whilst reaffirming the players efforts. The tasks and instructions are listed in the below booklet for both the parent/guardian and the players information. Each of the outlined tasks can be assessed in a positive manner by their football coaches at their weekly training sessions but the overall primary aims of this initiative are for the players to:

  • Practice the various Skills of our Game
  • Remain Physical Activity
  • Improve Movement Quality
  • Strive for Personal Achievement

We hope that these booklets will give all players the motivation to try and reach their full potential, both on an individual and team level and upon completion who knows, it might, one day, act as a stepping stone to greater arenas!!!

Anything is possible with willingness and a positive attitude!

So why not try it out and let us know how you get on!!!!


Skills Book 1



Skills Book 2






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