Official Guide Rules

A Fourth official is only appointed to a limited amount of games throughout the year and acts as another set of eyes for the referee. The fourth official is also the stand by referee.

Fourth Official 482. There shall be one fourth official, where required. S/he may be appointed by the County Board, Provincial or Central Council or their sub-committees. 

The role of the Fourth Official

483. The Fourth Official duties shall be: 

(a) To receive substitution notes giving the name and number of a substitute or temporary substitute and the name and number of the player being substituted or replaced

 (b) To record and report all substitutions and temporary substitutions made during a game to the referee for inclusion in the match report

(c) To display by means of electronic or manual board the numbers of players being substituted 

(d) Timing of sin bins 

(e) Advise the referee or linesperson of any off the ball incident or score where there is a dispute as to whether a ball was inside or outside the posts 

(f) Keep the side-line clear from any unauthorised personnel

(g) Report any abuse from the team officials or substitutes to the referee in break of play

(h) To report as required to the referee prior to leaving the venue and such report must be included with the referee’s report concerning breaches of rules on the side-line for the duration of the game

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