On 11 December 2017 the remaining provisions of the Children First Act commenced in full. Most notably for the LGFA our immediate requirements include adopting all provisions in relation to mandatory reporting of child abuse, ensuring the appointment of what can be termed key child safeguarding officers which include Designated Liaison Persons and Children’s Officers at Club and County level and also appointing the Association’s Mandated Person, we must also provide certain child safeguarding training programmes and commence the process to agree a Child Safeguarding Statement for all Clubs.

For further information on Children First requirements for the LGFA please see Children First Information & Guidance for LGFA Clubs

New Child Safeguarding requirements that become effective as and from 11 March 2018.  The two documents are a Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment template and a Child Safeguarding Statement.

Please find 2021 Risk Assessment and Club Safeguarding Statement and FAQ and Webinar in link above.

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