Injury Fund

Injury Fund

What is the Injury Fund?

The LGFA Injury Fund is an injury fund, set up to assist members with some reimbursement for medical expenses incurred due to an injury sustained during ladies gaelic football. It is NOT an insurance policy. There is no insurance company involved in any way with the Fund and therefore there is no insurance policy number associated with the LGFA Injury Fund.

There is no legal obligation on the LGFA to administer such a Fund. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that they have sufficient financial resources for any treatment they wish to pursue due to an injury. If a player is covered under another source, they must claim through that source first – i.e., private medical insurance (VHI, LAYA, Irish Life) or School Insurance.


The terms of the LGFA Injury Fund are included in the LGFA Injury Fund Guide. This guide is downloadable from this page (see attachments on right-hand-side). It is the players responsibility to ensure they are aware of and follow the terms of the LGFA Injury Fund. If the terms of the LGFA Injury Fund, any treatment they undertake may not be covered for reimbursement by the LGFA Injury Fund.


Who does the Injury Fund Cover?

The Injury Fund covers all playing members who sustain an injury in the following:

a) an official competitive or challenge game

b) an official and supervised training session

It also applies to Club Officers, Team Mentors and Match Officials (Referees, Umpires and Linespersons) if registered to the Injury Fund via the Optional Injury Fund payment option.

How is the Injury Fund funded?

The Injury Fund is completely funded by registration fees paid by all playing members, as well as some non-playing members.

Fees are determined by Central Council and at present are as follows:

Adult – €25

Juvenile/U-18 – €10

U-10 – €5

What are the Benefits of the LGFA Injury Fund?

The LGFA Fund covers the following maximum benefits, provided the correct terms and conditions are followed as noted below;

Medical Expenses – €5,500

Dental Expenses – €3,000

Loss of Wages – A maximum €200 per week for a max of 20 weeks for Adult Members only

Juvenile members (U-16-U-18) who wish to be covered for Loss of Wages must pay the Optional Injury Fund Top-Up Payment of €15 to qualify.

What is the claims process?


All claims must be notified within 8 weeks of the injury date, regardless if the injury is considered serious or not. This can be done in 2 ways:

  • Preliminary Claim Form – Should be submitted for any claim which is expected to exceed €200, treatment will not be completed within 8 weeks from the injury date or a claim where treatment is being pursued which requires prior approval.
  • Injury Claim Form – For treatments which are completed within 8 weeks from the date of injury, does not require prior approval (as noted above) and is less than €200.

Prior Approval

Under the LGFA Injury Fund the following medical expenses are covered under the LGFA Injury Fund without prior approval:

  • 90% of the first 6 physiotherapy sessions after injury
  • GP Visits
  • A&E visits (including emergency attendance to VHI Swiftcare/LAYA ExpressCare clinics, up to a maximum €100)

Any private treatment which a claimant is looking to have covered under the Fund – MRIs, private Xrays, consultations, surgery  – requires prior approval by submitting a referral letter, on headed paper, from a medical doctor (GP, Surgical Consultant) with a request from the claimant to have the treatment considered for prior approval. Any follow-up attendances to VHI Swiftcare or private health Expresscare clinics these must be prior approved.

Where a member is covered by a private health insurance policy, prior approval must be sought for any private treatment which they wish the excess to be covered by the LGFA Injury Fund.

Dental Treatment is not considered private treatment, but you must submit a report from your dentist once you have been assessed.


Once all treatment is completed or a player has reached the maximum approved expenses(Medical Expenses: €5,500/ Dental Expenses €3,000), a fully completed Injury Claim Form and original documents must be posted to:

LFGA Injury Fund

Croke Park

Dublin 3

Medical and Dental Expenses

Medical and Dental claims must be submitted with the following:

  • A fully completed Injury Claim Form – signed by the player/parent, club and county secretaries.
  • Original medical receipts or original dental receipts with a breakdown of the treatment expenses

Loss of Wages

Once certified fit to return to work, the following must be submitted by post to the address above:

  • Fully completed Injury Claim Form with Section C completed and stamped by your employer
  • Your last 4 payslips
  • The statement from Social Welfare confirming a claim was made and the benefit provided
  • A medical certificate from a medical doctor confirming the full timeframe that you were unfit to work and the date you returned to work

All documents received will be assessed against the claim file to verify the information provided and any prior approval provided.

Claimants have 1 year from the date of injury to activate the claim. Once activated a claim will remain open for 2 years from the date of injury to submit documentation and close the claim. A claim is considered activated once a prior approval request is submitted.


Payment is now being offered by cheque or EFT (electronic fund transfer). Once a claim is assessed, the player/parent is contacted via email to confirm how they wish the payment to be processed. We can only accept payment requests for EFT from the player/parent.

Is there any exclusion from the Injury Fund?

Travel expenses, prescriptions, injections, and medical aids are NOT covered under the injury fund.

The Fund shall not apply in the case of a player/official:

  • Who is injured during a game as a result of an assault wherein the claimant has been the aggressor
  • Whose injury arises from a pre-existing physical defect or infirmity or from the use of alcohol or drugs
  • Players who do not wear mouth guards.
  • Who may be pregnant, suffering from concussion etc, any player who plays in this condition is entirely responsible for any consequences that may arise.
  • Protective equipment needs to be medically prescribed by your doctor who is aware that it will be worn to play Ladies Gaelic Football and not pose a hazard to other players, then there is no issue with the wearing of same from the LGFA Injury Fund point of view.
  • Any person who requires corrective eyewear to participate in Ladies Gaelic Football should consult with their optometrist and review options to ensure safe participation.
  • Tell your optometrist of your plans to play Ladies Gaelic Football. He or she will be able to fit you with glasses that use durable, unbreakable polycarbonate for the lens
  • You will also need to ensure your frames for sports glasses are as durable as the lenses

Who do you Contact in Relation to the LGFA Injury Fund?

Dearbhla Brown

Croke Park

Dublin 3


Tel: (01) 865 8642

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