What is Gaelic4Teens, sponsored by ZuCar?

Gaelic4Teens is a coach education based initiative, incorporating fun coaching sessions, coach education webinars, club observations visits and a Festival Day, aimed at increasing the retention rate of teenage girls aged 13-17 years in clubs which is usually subject to an increased level of dropout.


What are the aims of the Gaelic4Teens Programme?

  • Educate club coaches in relation to the needs and interests of teenage girls in sport
  • Provide a unique programme of Ladies Gaelic Football activities to retain girls aged 13-17 years
  • Develop athletic and social skills for girls in a safe and nurturing environment


What are the benefits of running Gaelic4Teens in your Club?

  • Training will be provided to the Coaches and Co-ordinator in your Club
  • Resources will be provided to your Club to market and advertise the Programme
  • Coaching structures across the teams of this age group in your club will be improved
  • Meet and learn from our Gaelic4Teens Ambassadors/Inter County Players via club observation visits
  • Club will be invited to participate in Gaelic4Teens Festival Day
  • Unique Gaelic4Teens gear will be available to purchase for players and coaches


What clubs may apply for the programme?

Any club interested in putting emphasis on this age group, 13-17 years, and enthusiastic about ensuring the correct structures are in place in their club to retain these players.


The general structure of the Gaelic4Teens Programme?

  • Attend relevant online Induction, coach education webinars, club observation visit and G4T Festival Day
  • Marketing materials i.e., social media banners will be provided to clubs to promote the Programme
  • The programme involves an online induction evening, numerous coach education webinars and a club observation visit for coordinator and coaches focusing on various topics and coaching styles that are required to retain teenage girls aged 13-17 years age
  • The coaches will try out the specific Gaelic4Teens sessions, which will be provided, between training days
  • Your club will be invited to attend a G4T Festival Day


Minimum requirements for the Gaelic4Teens Programme?

The Club must:

  • Appoint a co-ordinator to oversee implementation of the Programme in the club
  • Club representatives attend an online Induction evening prior to commencement of the programme
  • Promote attendance of all coaches involved with coaching teenage girls in your club at coach education webinars and club observation visits. There must be representation of coaches involved in all teenage age groups in your club i.e., U14, U16 and U18
  • Attend G4T Festival Day – NOTE – Festival Day format may change due to COVID 19 Government Guidelines
  • The club must be open to improving their structures, altering their coaching styles, and welcoming all new players


Who are the Gaelic4Teens Ambassadors?

We are delighted to have some of our top LGFA stars as ambassadors to share expertise from their area. These are…

  • Skill Development/Coaching – Fiona McHale (Mayo), Jackie Kinch (Wicklow), Samantha Lambert (Tipperary) & Laura Fleming (Roscommon)
  • Athletic Development – Cliodhna O’Connor (Dublin), Bronagh McGrane (Louth), Cathy Carey (Antrim) & Cassandra Buckley (Kerry)
  • Lifestyle Planning/Team Culture– Orlagh Farmer (Cork), Emily Martin (Down) & Maire O Shaughnessy (Meath)
  • Nutrition & Hydration – Sharon Courtney (Monaghan), Sinead Delahunty (Tipperary)



  • Gaelic4Teens is a CLUB RUN programme
  • Training, support and advice will be provided to all clubs regarding roll out of  the programme but the responsibility is ultimately with the club to ensure a quality and successful programme is implemented
  • Important everyone that will be associated with and will be involved in the implementation of the programme are consulted prior to applying. Everyone must be aware of the aims of the programme, what it involves etc. prior to committing
  • Important everyone involved are aware of commitment involved i.e., induction, coach education webinars, club observation visit, and festival dates associated, as attendance by the relevant club personnel at these days are mandatory
  • As mentioned, engagement and consultation with key stakeholders in the club is critical to the successful implementation of the programme. Just participating to have your club name in and then being selected with no prior consultation with personnel internally DOES NOT WORK!!



The next steps:

Step 1:

  • Have clear understanding of what the programme entails from club perspective prior to applying.
  • Applications will open in August 2024

Step 2:

  • All Club G4T Coordinators and Coaches must attend Mandatory G4T coach education webinars, club observation visit and Festival Day. Dates will be outlined on Application Form.




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