In recent years the number of occasions on which supporters of the Blue and Gold in any code have tasted the sweetness of All-Ireland victory have been rare. With respect for our U-21 and Minor hurlers who have brought honours to the county, we have little else to enthuse about. However the Ladies Football teams of the county have set a headline for their male counterparts by capturing four All-Ireland crowns within the past seven years. Indeed, what few readers may know is that Sunday 13th October 1974 will go down in the record books as the day when Tipperary Ladies football recorded the only win of 1974 for the county and the only win of a Tipperary football team since 1920, when they defeated Offaly in style. It was their first ever final and it quickly dispelled any illusion that the catch and kick game is not for the gentle sex. Played under G.A.A rules, the exceptional rule, being that ladies can pick the ball off the ground.


But, you are asking how it all began? Appropriately enough, the All-Ireland Ladies Football Committee was founded in Hayes Hotel in Thurles – where the G.A.A. originated in 1884. Initially the game started in this county and was mainly the brain child of Mr. Jim Kennedy, Connolly Park Clonmel, an ex-army Sergeant who got the idea of starting outdoor activities for the Ladies. He got together a team in Ardfinnan and as the news spread of this idea other keenly interested people got involved. Mr John Donovan, Thorny Bridge, Ballypatrick formed a team in Mullinahone and in Mid Tipperary Mr. Dermott Shanahan, Littleton with the help of Miss Sally Clohessy also from Littleton initiated a team in the Moycarkey area.

The next step was the staging of a club championship in 1973 – 1974, which proved a big success and appropriately champions. Ladies Football was catching on.

With more and more people showing interest in the sport within the county those already involved with the administrate level convened a meeting in Clonmel towards the end of the year with the purpose of inviting all interested parties to try and establish a County Board. The County Board was set up. The ever-increasing popularity of the game was realised by the Tipperary Board and they decided to try and encourage other counties to promote the game with a view to starting an All-Ireland Competition.

At a historical, well attended meeting held under the auspices of the County Board in Hayes Hotel in 1974, the National Association was formed. The National Committee members who pioneered the development of the game were – Jim Kennedy Tipperary: Marie Holland – Roscommon: Mary Nevin – Offaly: Joe Feeley – Offaly: Margaret Flanagan – Roscommon: Brenda Martin – Dublin. Initially eight counties were under the control of the national Committee – Cork, Kerry, Galway, Waterford, Tipperary, Roscommon, Laois and Offaly.

The Association now boasts a membership of sixteen counties. Eventually the four Provinces were well-represented in the All-Ireland series, with each county running its own internal championships.


After the Club Championship was run off Tipperary team was selected to participate in the All-Ireland series. They performed with complete control and confidence in the Munster championship and were favoured to take the first title. Fittingly, the Ladies did just that with a memorable victory over Offaly at Durrow. In a year when the Premier County seemed doomed to end the year without a championship title, the girls saved the situation in style with a precious one point victory. The game itself was a thriller with a throw in to the final whistle and those present will remember the tough encounter between two out-standing teams, and though Offaly were unlucky the Tipp Ladies had the vital edge in speed and all round fitness. A reception was held in Ardfinnan, the home of the team captain Kitty Ryan, laid on by the Ardfinnan G.A.A Club and the Cup went on display.

The Tipperary Panel on this occasion were:

Margaret Carroll – Ardfinnan, Sally Clohessy – Moycarkey,

Ann Croke – Mullinahone, Majella Sweeney – Newcastle,

Ena Hackett – Newcastle, Tina Flynn – Ardfinnan,

Betty Looby – Golden, Eileen Dudley – Cashel,

Susan O’Gorman – Ardfinnan, Josephine Keane – Mullinahone,

Eleanor Carroll – Ardfinnan, Lillian Gorey – St. Bridget’s.

Kitty Ryan Capt. – Ardfinnan, Mary McGrath – Emily,

Mary Power – Mullinahone, Nora Moran – Newcastle,

Mary Lonergan – Emly, Mary Burke – Emly,

Alice Morris – Moycarkey, Kate O’Dwyer,

Ann Clohessy, Marian Bryan,

Ann Bryan, G Ryan – Cappawhite,

B Butler – Cappawhite, Noreen Blake – Golden,

Katherine Keane – Mullinahone.


In 1972 ladies Football was beginning to take hold within the county, this was manifested by the number of new teams affiliated to the county board. Killurney, Ardfinnan, Newcastle, Powerstown, Drangan and St. Luke’s to mention a few.

The Drangan team coached by Paddy Clancy and Sean Gorey travelled to many tournaments around the county the most notable were the Ardfinnan, Newcastle and Killurney tournaments was dubbed the Munster Club Championship with teams from Cork, Waterford and Tipperary participating.

At this stage the growing popularity of the sport eve took hold of the mothers of the parish. A challenge match was organised as a fundraiser between the Drangan and Mullinahone I.C.A. guilds on the 27th July 1972. Unfortunately the enthusiasm of the mothers did not match that off their off-springs culminating in a Mullinahone victory with a score line of 3-11 to Drangan’s no-score.

The first mention of the Mullinahone Ladies Football clubs is in the Nationalist of 26th August 1972. “The Killurney Munster Club Championships got of to a flying start on Wednesday night last. In the opening game between Drangan and Mullinahone, who were only starting and showed they are a very promising young team”.

The Co. Tipperary ladies Football Convention took place at the Slievenamon Hotel, Clonmel and the following committee were elected for the year 1972:

Chairperson: Jim Kennedy – Clonmel

Vice-Chairman: Sean Gorey – Drangan

Secretary: John Donavan – Killurney

Treasurer: Ena Hackett – Newcastle

The (1972) Killurney Tournament was postponed and was eventually played on May 4th at Ballypatrick, Drangan versus Newcastle. Around this time Drangan were having difficulty fielding a team, marriage and work commitments, (girls moving away from the parish), were taking their toll on the team. So much so that we travelled to Ballypatrick with 14 players. On route Paddy Clancy picked up a hitch hiker who was travelling to watch the match, by the time we reached the pitch she was a committed Drangan player and played no small part in our victory that evening.

No words can express the commitment of Paddy Clancy and Sean Gorey who held training sessions twice a week in the Rawhay. Their encouragement and advice was always helpful. My father loved to see us training and involved in sport. He believed that “The Devil Finds Time for Idol Mind’s”. I would at this stage like to express my gratitude to the parents of the time who drove us to training and matches near and far. However, the era of the Drangan Ladies Football team was drawing to an end.


Ardfinnan Tournament

• Beat Powerstown at Gatenbridge by 9 points

• Lost to Ballymae in the Final at the Green January 14th 1972 by 2 points

• Beat Galtee Queen’s in the Kildorerry? Festival Tournament

• Won Final against Muldorerny by 8 points

• Won Sallasgheen Final heat

• Hearferstown by 10 points

• Beat Ballymac in first round of Killurney Tournament by 5 – 6 to 1 – 6

B Meagher

A Walsh J O’Brien

Marie O’Leary T Flynn C Byrne

K Ryan M Leary

G Flynn Ena Carroll (Capt.) Rosemarie Carroll

K Meagher B Mahoney

K Byrne M Lambert A Lambert

• Beaten in the Kilurney Tournament Semi-Final on Sunday night September 17th by Newcastle on the score Newcastle 3 -5 Ardfinnan 2 – 2

Tipperary Ladies Football Team v Offaly at Mullinahone Sunday 16th September 1973 at 5.00pm

(M Comerford) (S Kerfer?)

B Cleary

(Newcastle) T Moore

(Newcastle) K Keane


T Flynn

Ardfinnan N Moran

(Newcastle E Hackett


Ann Croke

(Mullinahore) K Ryan


E Carroll Lillian Gorey M Power


Mary Wall


Nora Moran

Newcastle Alice Walshe

Ardfinnan Marie Hapney


Lisa Flynn(Capt)

Ardfinnan Ena Hackett

Newcastle Tessie Moore


Kitty Ryan

Ardfinnan Peggie Russell


Elenor Carroll

Ardfinnan Dettie Hallinan

Newcastle Kathleen Byrne


Carmel Maloney

Powerstown Ann Noonan

St. Luke’s Mary Heephey?


SUBS: Brenda O’Connor (St. Lukes) Majella Sweeny (Newcastle)

Nora McCarthy (St.Lukes) Bridget Byrne (P/Loun)

Balance Sheet Ladies Football Dance at Mullininahone

On Friday Night 28/09/73

Total takings including Raffle £66.98

Gate takings V Offaly 16/09/73 £ 4.60

Gate takings at Newcastle 30/09/73 £ 5.00

Total £76.58

Expenses incurred and paid

Tony Egan Band £25.00

Plaque and Medals Tipp. V Offaly per Weston’s £24.00

Rent of Hall, Mr Cahill £13.00

Ads. National Papers Colonel £ 4.72

Teas at Mr. Cahill’s for Band £ 1.50

Rooms at Slievenamon Hotel meeting 22/09/73 £ 1.00

C/Mans Expenses two trips to Mullinahone & Postage £ 2.01

Total £70.98

Balance handed to Treasurer £ 5.60

C/Mans Comment,

I would like to thank the Mullinahone club for their very valuable help, it would be impossible to carry on without them. A special word of thanked to Mrs. Fitzgerald and her husband Tom. To Mrs. & Mr Denny, to their daughter Kathleen, t Ann Croke and Mary Power for their patience in disposing of the tickets for the raffle, not forgetting Mrs Fitzgerald’s married daughter in Callan for displaying the posters all of which helped to make the Dance a success. We did not make any profit, but we have all our debts cleared. At the moment the amount in the kitty is £10.60


Jim Kenny. C/Man.


By Jim Kennedy

From what could be termed a novelty act five years ago to All-Ireland honours in 1974, that has bee the rise of the Ladies football in Tipperary with history being made on Sunday October 13th, when in the very first All-Ireland ladies football championship, Tipperary came out on top, defeating Offaly in the final in Durrow, thus emulating the senior hurlers from the Premier County who took the initial title back in 1887, and the under 21 hurlers who won the first title in 1964.

Strange it is how something that really commenced as a laugh, as a means of raising money for charity, would blossom into national competition, arousing keen interest in several counties, and culminating in those scenes of ecstatic joy in the Laois village.

While Thurles can rightly claim to be the home of hurling, it is also true to say that Clonmel is the home of ladies football because it was in the south Tipperary capital in 1969 that it all began. The man responsible for its introduction was Dan O’Mahoney from Bulmer’s who organised a number of local teams to play for charity. The Post Office, Showering’s, the County Council, the Schiessers entered teams but the game was looked upon more of a novelty and didn’t take on in interest. Business pressure made Dan unavailable to pursue the game and in 1970 I was asked – in a joking kind of way – to train the Ardfinnan ladies who were just starting off. I agreed and in the space of eight weeks, Ardfinnan had won the Emly Festival Competition, the Clonmel Festival, the Oola Festival and the Ardfinnan Festival.

Interest was definitely heightening now and the following year we held a Convention in Clonmel. Committees were formed, rules were devised, in keeping with the G.A.A rules as much as possible and a decision was made to hold a championship in that year. Five teams participated, Newcastle, St. Luke’s, Powerstown, Ardfinnan, and Killurney.

In the Final, Ardfinnan beat Powerstown and invitations were extended to Waterford and Wexford to compete in inter-county games. Tipp beat both teams. In 1972, Newcastle beat the champions Ardfinnan in the Tipp final and two inter-county games with Waterford were played that year, both successful for Tipp. Our first defeat at inter-county level came at the hands of Offaly, our ladies being badly hit by defections before the game in Mullinahone. This defeat, or rather the apparent lack of interest in the team seemed to sound the death knell for the county game in the county and when 1974 came round, the Convention attracted a very poor attendance. Was Ladies Football in Tipperary now about to die completely? It looked that way.

Still we persevered and a further meeting held in Mullinahone attracted a great attendance and greater interest. In addition to the championship we ran a Number 2 and Number 3 championship and following a meeting, which was attended by two delegates from Offaly; it was decided to hold an All Ireland Ladies Convention in Thurles. Present at this inaugural Convention were delegates from Galway, Roscommon, Offaly, Laois, Kerry, Cork, Waterford and Tipperary. I was elected Chairman and a decision was taken to have an All Ireland Championship.

In the first round Offaly beat Galway, Kerry accounted for Cork, Laois received a walk-over from Roscommon and Tipperary got the better of Waterford. In the semi-finals, Offaly defeated Laois and Tipperary had Kerry’s measure at Kilsheelin. So the scene was now set for the first All Ireland final. Durrow was the venue and Brendan Martin, from Offaly, assistant Treasurer, presented a Trophy for the winners. It would have been nice if he had the privilege of presenting it to his own county in the initial year of the competition, but Tipperary had no place for sentiment and in a thrilling game had a point to spare over their neighbours 2 – 3 to 2- 2.

The team that brought the first football title to the county since 1920 were:

Margaret Carroll – Ardfinnan, Sally Clohessy – Moycarkey,

Ann Croke – Mullinahone, Majella Sweeney – Newcastle,

Ena Hackett – Newcastle, Tina Flynn – Ardfinnan,

Betty Looby – Golden, Eileen Dudley – Cashel,

Susan O’Gorman – Ardfinnan, Josephine Keane – Mullinahone,

Eleanor Carroll – Emly, Lillian Gorey – St. Bridget’s.

Kitty Ryan – Ardfinnan, Mary Power – Mullinahone,


Nora Moran – Newcastle, Mary Lonergan – Emly,

Mary Burke – Emly, Alice Morris – Moycarkey,

Cait O’Dwyer, Ann Clohessy – Moycarkey,

Marian Bryan – Moycarkey, Ann Bryan – Moycarkey,

Noreen Blake – Golden, Katherine Keane – Mullinahone.

Apart from the team, there are quite a few others who have helped immeasurably in putting Tipperary Ladies football on a firm footing, people like Fr. Lucey, Ardfinnan, Sean Geory, Drangan, Teddie Keane, Cloneen, Ned O’Gorman, Ardfinnan, Wille Croke, Mullinahone, Jimsey Kelly, Dr.John Donovan, Killurney, Sean Connell, St Bridget’s, John Aylmer, Emly, Mr and Mrs Strappe, Golden, Kathleen Prendergast, Cashel, Mrs Denny and Mrs Power, Mrs Fitzgerald, all of Mullinahone, Derry Shanahan, Littleton, and John Lambert Ardfinnan.

While it is our ambition to retain the title next year, we would like to see more widespread interest in the game in the county. As can be readily seen from the list of players and people connected with the game, the south and west of the county is the main stronghold. So what about it, North and Mid? To the All Ireland final, the Lower Ormond lads became Munster schools champions with a 10 -3 to 3 – 3 victory over Ennis in Patrickswell.

A great year then for vocational schools hurling with inter-schools competitions at home in all grades producing plenty of fire and spirit. All credit, too, to the mentors in the various schools who have spared nothing by way of time and effort in the interests of the game while the encouragement of the parent body, the Vocational Education Committee, has been nothing short of inspiring.

Yet, we can be proud of these young lads who have put Tipperary hurling in its rightful place and if thing’s don’t seem all that bright at the moment, we can rest assured that there is a bright ray just around the corner.

Indeed when the Tipperary United sports panel sat down to announce its thirteen Sports Stars of 1974 they justifiably and proudly included Ladies Football among the awards with county player Lillian Gorey of the St Bridget’s Club receiving the award. An all round athlete of exceptional talent, she never failed to put in a good performance for either club or county teams.

Back on the Scene

The senior side retained the title in 1975 and though they reached the final in 1978 and 1979 they lost to Roscommon and Offaly respectively. However with great courage and enthusiasm they were back on the scene this year and only a few weeks ago they captured the Brendan Martin Cup when they defeated Cavan in a hard fought and closely contested affair, at Edenderry. The stars of the side were Sally Clohessy, Martin O’Shea, Lilian Gorey, Cair Dwyer and Josephine Stapleton, to mention but a few.

To complete a glorious year the U-16 team also brought All-Ireland honours to the county when they overcame Laois a few weeks ago. The underage competitions was established five years ago, and since then the game has attracted so much interest that the Association has decided to institute and U-18 competition giving ample opportunity to girls of all ages to participate in the sport.

In addition the council has set up a National League in senior competition played over the winter months. Our county representatives on the National Association are Dermott Shanahan and Miss Sally Clohessy.


Reaction in G.A.A circles to Ladies Football has been very encouraging and talks have been had by the Ladies Council with the Association with a view to eventual affiliation with the Gaelic Athletic Association.

An article on Ladies Football would be incomplete without the acknowledging the efforts of not alone the girls involved within this county and at National level, but also the team mentors and trainers for their encouragement, commitment and sheer dedication. With little financial assistance those involved give much of their spare time in preparing teams for the championship in addition to travelling long distances to play games.

It’s a tribute to the organisers that they have been able to retain and interest of the girls in the sport over the years, particularly at a time when there were so many other counter attractions and the affluence to be distracted by them. Yes, Ladies Football has really caught on!

And it’s a very serious business

“Ladies football is a very serious business down here, and we want to be taken seriously”. The speaker was Jim Kennedy, of Clonmel, an ex-army sergeant who trained the Tipperary girls GAA team, which recently beat Offaly in the All-Ireland Final at Durrow to become the first official champions of the Ladies game.

Besides being trainer of the Tipp. Team, Jim is also Chairman of the All-Ireland Ladies Football Council, which at present has eight counties affiliated to it, but it is planning to set up count boards in several other counties in the near future.

“It’s not just a gimmick, or a flash in the pan”, say’s Jim, “Ladies Football is catching on and the girls are taking it very seriously”. Jim’s own involvement with ladies football began about five years ago when he was asked to train the Ardfinnan team. Ardfinnan is now regarded as the home of ladies football and had five girls on the Tipperary county team in the Final.

I asked Jim about the reports of other All-Ireland Finals which had been advertised earlier this year, but he said they were not official events, they were probably just carnival novelties. The All-Ireland Ladies Football Council was formed to regularize the situation, and has written to the GAA seeking affiliation – so far without a reply.

Kitty Ryan of Ardfinnan, is the captain of the Tipperary team. She told me that she had been playing football for five years, since the Ardfinnan club was formed. “We train about twice a week in the season”, she said. “The girls take the game seriously and I think the supporters who come to see us do enjoy it, we get big crowds when there’s no other sport attraction to draw them away” said Kitty. “Some of the lads might come for a laugh at the girls, but I think most of them now realise that we can play good football”.

Would the girls be prepared to take on a men’s team? “No” laughs Kitty, “Were good but not that good!” She does worry about taking hard knocked on the field, “It does happen sometimes, but not very often”, she said.

Unfortunately there is already something of a disagreement among the Ladies clubs in Co. Tipperary itself and clubs from the north of the county are not taking part in co competitions following allegations that some were packing teams with players from other clubs – or even other counties. In fact, there is a strong rumour that one club fielded a long-haired boy who ran rings around the girls. However this was never proved.





Tomas O Headhra

Gort Na hUaigh RUNAI:

Tomas O Baroid

cisteoir: Telefon:Thurles 101

Cluain na nTabar,

Durlas Eile

Maithiu O hAiseada

Seamus Ui Cinneide

11 Pairc Conjoille

Cluain Neala


Many thanks for your kind invitation to your victory dance on next Wednesday, but with regret I Cannot attend due to a prior commitment which cannot be avoided.

I take this opportunity of congratulating your team on their All – Ireland Ladies and wish them every luck in 1975.

LeMeas Mor

Tomas O Baroid





Tomas O Headhra

Gort Na hUaigh RUNAI:

Tomas O Baroid

cisteoir: Telefon:Thurles 101

Cluain na nTabar,

Durlas Eile

Maithiu O hAiseada

Seamus A Chara,

Many thanks for your kind invitation to my wife and myself to your victory dance on March 27th I regret that owning to another commitment we will not be able to attend. Heartest congratulations on your great victory in the Ladies Football All – Ireland and best wishes for further success in 1975. Again my regrets at being unable to attend and very best wishes for a most successful and enjoyable function.

Le Meas Mor

Tomas Oh Eadhra


Coisde Chontae Thiobrad Arann Theas

Cathaoirleach: Leas Caithaoirligh: Cisteoir: Runai:


SEAN MacEOIDH 96 Ascal O Griofa

Tel: 1020.

29 .10 . 74

Mr. J Kennedy,

A Chara,

Apologies for the delay in sending you the enclosed cheque for £10.00.

May I take this opportunity on behalf of our board of congratulating you and your team on their great All Ireland success.

Le Mor Mheas

Micheal O’Meara


Miles Valentine


Penna. 19375

Dear Jim: 10/10/74

It must be some job taking care of a “Ladies” F/ball team! Do they wear the same suits as the Lads?

I’m not particularly interested in Ladies F/ball, but here’s a few £’s for the “Champs”! Good Luck!

Miles Valentine


Tipperary Ladies Football Team

V Waterford in All-Ireland Championships at Fethard on Sunday

18th August 1974 at 3.30pm.

Margaret Carroll Ardfinnan Kitty Ryan(capt) Ardfinnan

Eleanor Carroll Do. Tina Flynn Do.

Susan O’Gorman Do. Kathleen Byrne Do.

Nora Moran Newcastle Majella Sweeney Newcastle

Ena Hackett Do. Ann Croke Mullinahone

Josephine Keane Mullinahone Mary Power Do.

Sally Clohessy M/Carkey Borris Marian Bryan Moycarkey/Borris

Betty Looby Golden Noreen Blake Golden

Eileen Dudley Cashel Mairead Kavanagh Cashel

Mary Burke Emly Mary McGrath Emly

Lillian Gorey St. Bridget’s


(Ann Croke) Hon. Secretary.









SUBS: Nora Moran, Mary Burke, Mary Lonergan, Noreen Bryne,

Anne Bryan, Kathleen Keane, Noreen Blake.




Attendance 86 @ 50p £43.00


Band 20.00

Rent of Hall 10.00

Refreshments 3.00

Ad on National N/Paper 3.00

Sur-tax 3.50

Chairman’s Expenses 2.50

Caretaker of Hall 1.00

TOTAL £ 43.00


This hall is very small and due to the inclement weather, floods etc. We did not have the usual crowd


Jim Kennedy

Chairman, Tipperary Co. Board

P/S. All is not lost as I have £5 of a balance that I could not show on this sheet for obvious reasons.

This is the gate taking’s at Clonmel on Sunday July 6th V Waterford

Total Takings £ 47.50

Expenses paid as follows

Waterford par Rev Fr. Aherne 10.00

Field Caretaker 4.00

Gate Checker Mr. O’Keefe 3.00

Ref Mrs Corcoran Kilkenny 5.00

Ad in Nationalist Newspaper & Star 15.00

Refreshments 0.50

Total £ 37.50

Sending you £10.00 for Co.Board £ 10.00

Total £ 47.50

Hope your foot is OK I wrote to Killenaule for Derry. Re-Match on Sunday night 13th will let you know when I get reply.

All the best


Ladies Football

Tipperary had a very easy win over Waterford in the first round of the championship player at Clonmel on Sunday last. Tipperary got of to a great start and were 4 points to the good in the opening minutes. They never looked back and in the end were too good for the Waterford girls who were completely outplayed. The finals score reads: Tipperary 5 -13, Waterford 0 – 3. Tipperary are away to Cork in the second round and travel to Banteer on Sunday evening, 20th July. The selectors will meet in Grant’s Hotel, Cashel on Mon night 15th July at 9.00pm to select team to play Cork. Transport arrangements will be decided on at this meeting.

The next County Board meeting will be held in the Hall, Golden at 8.45pm on Wednesday night, 30th July.

Two championship games are down for decision this Friday night. Loughmore play Thurles at Templemore, and Mullinahone play Ardfinnan at Mullinahone, both matches at 8.00pm.

Tipperary lined out against Waterford as follows:

Margaret Carroll (Capt.)– Ardfinnan, Sally Clohessy – Moycarkey,

Ann Croke – Mullinahone, K Keane do.,

Crisse Burns Ardfinnan, Tina Flynn – Ardfinnan,

Betty Looby – Golden, Josephine Stapleton – Loughmore,

K O’Sullivan – Golden , Kay O’Dwyer, Moycarkey,

Elenor Carroll – Ardfinnan, Josephine Keane Mullinahone,

Lillian Gorey – St. Bridget’s. Kitty Ryan – Ardfinnan,

Mary Power – Mullinahone

Subs who came on – B Webster, Loughmore, S O’Gorman, Ardfinnan, K Murphy, St. Bridget’s.

(Jim Kennedy, P.R.O.)

The Tipperary Ladies football team which defeated Kerry in the All-Ireland semi-final at Kilsheelan on Sunday last, and meet either Laois or Offaly in the National decider. The team was:

Margaret Carroll (Capt.)– Ardfinnan, Sally Clohessy – Moycarkey – Borris, Majella Sweeny – Newcastle, Mary McGrath Emly,

Tina Flynn – Ardfinnan, Betty Looby – Golden,

Kitty Ryan – Ardfinnan(Capt.) Ann Croke – Mullinahone,

Susan O.Gorman – Ardfinnan, Eileen Dudley – Cashel,

Lillian Gorey – St. Bridget’s, Elenor Carroll – Ardfinnan,

Mary Power – Mullinahone.

Subs: Norah Moran – Newcastle, Mary Lonergan – Emly.

The Tipperary ladies retained their All-Ireland title with a great victory over Galway at Athy on Sunday last, the final score was Tipperary 1-4, Galway no score, and our under-16 team held a very experienced Kilkenny team to a draw in the curtain-raiser, and as this was their very first inter-county game they did very well.

To get back to the senior team, we had a very easy win the going was difficult. Never the less on reflection the score is rather small but the Galway backs were very tough and made scoring to capture our second title is a great achievement and the girls who trained so hard and gave their all must be congratulated o bringing the only G.A.A. title to the premier county in 1975.

I am not going to mention any names because this was a complete team effort and that is all that any county needs to win a title of any description. Thanks very much girls the hat-trick is coming up.

I’d like to thank all those who made this a memorable occasion, the selectors the parents the people who provided their cars free of charge, the trainer, John Aylmer, the clubs who had all their players in Rockwell on time, the loyal supporters who never let us down, and our good friend in the Star Office who were only to delighted to help out at times, and last but by no means least, Rev. Fr O/Brien and his fellow priests in Rockwell who by letting us use their pithch, laid the foundation for this great victory.

The two county finals which were fixed for Litttleton, will be played at the venue on Sunday 5th October, further detail in our next notes

(Jim Kennedy P R O)

The sporting fields belonged to the women yesterday. At Croke Park a bride of one day stepped up to receive the All- Ireland camogie trophy on behalf of her Wexford colleagues, while down in Athy, the footballing girls from Tipperary had their day of glory when they beat Galway in the women’s All Ireland football final.

But of all yesterdays sporting heroines for Gretta Kehee, from the famous sporting family in Poulpeasty, Co. Wexford, it had to be the most hectic of weekends. On Saturday the Wexford camogie married the local team’s trainer, Ray Quigley, and yesterday she led her 11 team mates into Croke Park to meet Cork in the All Ireland decider.

Accompanying the camogie bride were her two sisters, Brigid and Kitt, while her parents and her other brothers and sisters – 14 in all – roared their approval from the stands. The girls in purple and gold had an easy outing, running out winners by 4 – 3 to 1 – 2, against a Cork side which never regained its splendid semi-final form against Kilkenny.

The victors and the vanquished, along with the junior champions, Dublin, and their opponents Down, were entertained at a function organised by Ard Doiste, Comogaoicht Association, at Clare Manor hotel, Malahide last night. Presenting Mrs Wilson with a trophy, The president, Mrs Nancy Murray, said the senior game was one of the best in recent years and congratulated the four teams for their sporting display. Mr John Bruton, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education, attended yesterday’s final.

Draws 1974

Golden Bye

(A) Mullinahone V Cashel winners meet A in the second round May 5th

(B) Ardfinnan V Emly 7th May

(C) Dunkinnan V Clonakenny 12th May

(D) Newcastle V St. Bridget’s 19th May

REFS: (B) John Donavan 7.30pm

(C) As above 7.30pm

(D) B.Keating 3.30pm

(E) Jim Kennedy 7.30pm

Michael Lonergan

Jimsie Kelly

Mattie Boyle

If Mullinahone win they play Golden in Golden on May 12th at 7.30pm.

Officers of the County Board

Selection Committee

Teddy Keane (Cloneen), Gerald Looby (Golden), D. Shanahan (Two-mile-Borris), John Donovan (Killurney), John Alyward (Emly), Rev. Fr Lucy (Ardfinnan), Jim Kennedy (Clonmel)

Officers of the County Board 1975

Chairman Jim Kennedy

Vice Chair John Donavan

Secretary Biddy Ryan

Treasurers Mrs Fitzgerald and Sally Clohessy

Committee Teddy Keane, Ger Looby, D Shananhan, John Alymer, Fr Lucy

Clubs Ardfinnan, St. Bridget’s, Mullinahone, Emly, Golden, Cashel, Moycarkey, Borris, Thurles, Newcastle, Loughmore

Ardfinnan won the county championship 1974 and 1973

Munster Championship

Cork v Kerry

Tipp v Waterford (5 -13 – 0 – 2 first round)

Cork v Tipp

Waterford v Kerry

Kerry v Tipp

Cork v Waterford

1st game to be played on Sunday July 6th

Munster council to be formed in near future

Central council meeting to be held at Birr 21st June at 5.00pm under 16 championships to be discussed.

Munster Council Officers

Chairman Jim Kennedy

V Chair Tommy Tucker Cork

Secretary Joan Kelleher Kerry

Treasurers Mgt Foley Waterford, Eugene O Sullivan Cork

1st Round championship

Tipperary 5-13 Waterford 0-02

Tipperary v Kerry no score available Ref. P O’Sullivan(Strange)

Tipperary Sports Star 1975 Josie Keane – Mullinahone

Mullinahone Winners Co. Under 16 Title

Mullinahone 1 – 5 Loughmae 0 – 2

Clubs that participated in the Senior Championship 1975

Ardfinnan, St. Bridget’s, Mullinahone, Emly, Golden, Cashel, Moycarkey, Borris,

Thurles, Newcastle, Loughmore

Under 16 1975

Ardfinnan, Moycarkey, Borris, Mullinahone, Golden and Thurles

Tipperary qualify for the All-Ireland Final

Tipperary 3 – 6 Offaly 2 – 2

Tipperary , reigning All Ireland Champions, qualified for their second consecutive final by defeating Offaly by 3-6 to 2-2 on Sunday last in St, Johns Park, Kilkenny. They will now meet Galway in the All Ireland Final, probably at Newbridge, Co. Kildare on Sunday September 14th.

Sunday’s game was between two evenly matched teams and it produced many clashes of good football. Offaly opened with a point in five minutes, but having settled down Tipperary went ahead with a goal by Cait O’Dwyer and a point by Elenor Carroll, but ten minutes before half-time Offaly replied with a goal to level the scores. Just before the interval Eleanor Carroll restored the lead for Tipperary with a goal and a point, to leave the half time score Tipperary 2-2 Offaly 1-1. Early in the second half Tipperary added four points in a row, from Josie Keane, Eleanor Carroll, Josephine Stapleton and Mary Power, to which Offaly replied to with a goal and a point. Bridie Ryan closed the scoring with a well taken goal, to leave Tipperary worthy winners, by a seven point margin.

Tipperary Team

Margaret Carroll, Chrissie Byrne, Ann Croke, Chrissie Keane,

Sally Clohessy, Tina Flynn, Betty Looby, Josephine Stapleton,

Bridie Ryan, Mary Power, Eleanor Carroll, Cait Dwyer, Josephine Keane, Kitty Savage, Lillian Gorey.

The only Sub brought on was Catherine Treacy, to replace Bridie Ryan at centerfield and allow her to change to full forward. I understand Limerick was proposed for the venue for the All Ireland on the grounds that it would suit both Tipp. and Galway supporters, but the venue that has been most likely stated is Newbridge. Complete details if to hand will appear in this column next week.

Best of Luck, girls! “Get ready Lil”.

The Tipperary Ladies retained their All Ireland title with a great victory over Galway at Athy on Sunday last, the final score was Tipperary 1 – 4, Galway no score, and our under 16 team held a very experienced Kilkenney team to a draw in the curtain rasier, and as this was their first inter-county game they did very well. To get back to the senior team, we had a rather easy win the going was rather difficult none the less.

On reflection the score is rather small but the Galway backs were very tough and made scoring difficult. Nevertheless to capture our second title is a great achievement and the girls who trained so hard and gave their all must be congratulated on bringing the only G.A.A title to the county in 1975.




Opening Balance 23.00 COUNTY MATCH V WATERFORD

Club Fees 23.00 Fr Aherne 10.00

INTER CUP MATCHES Mrs Corcoran Ref. 5.00

Cashel 2.50 Field Caretaker 4.00

Thurles 2.90 Gate Checker 3.00

Cashel 3.00 8.40 Ad. Nationalist 4.80 26.00


Tipp v Waterford 40.50 Banteer

Cork Sec. 20.00 60.50 Ed. Keane 5.00

DONATIONS R Rossiter 4.00

County Board GAA 30.00 Jim Kennedy 5.00

Mid Board 10.00 14.00

South Board 10.00 Kilkenny

Miles Valentine 20.00 R Rossiter 8.00 22.00

Mrs Strappe per Firms 6.00 76.00 All Ireland Fee 10.00

Silver Circle Draw 126.00 County Cup Juvinille Medals

Social 21/11/75 270.00 Munster Trophy & Medals 83.00

Refreshments- Training 2.00


Roscommon J Connolly 8.00

Kilkenny 3.00

Galway 24/5/75 10.00

Dungarvan & Birr 12.00

Athlone 31/1/76 10.00


Munster Council

Cork 24/5/75 2.50

Kilarney 22/11/75 8.00 53.50


Slievenamom Hotel 220.0

Ad. 6.50

Dance Tickets 4.00 230.00


Winners 80.00

Tickets 5.00 85.00


Postage and phone calls 7.00

Secretarys Expences 9.74

Nomination Papers 2.00

Egan’s hotel Birr

Match v Mayo Tea Sandwiches 12.00

Kilkenny Jan 1975 3.00

Cash in hand 37.60

586.90 586.90

1974 – 1975 All Ireland Success Recalled

Tipperary ladies Football

On Friday 21st November, 1975, Hubert Burke, mayor of Clonmel, gave a mayoral reception to a Tipperary football team which had, that year, won the All Ireland championship. This was in fact, the second championship that had been won and was in recognition of this achievement, that the mayoral reception was given.

This was the achievement of the Tipperary Ladies football team who had in 1974 and 1975 won the first two championships played. The very first final was played at Durrow, Co. Laois, on 13th October 1974, against Offaly. Final score Tipp. 2 – 3, Offaly 2 – 2. The second All Ireland was played at Athy, Co. Kildare the opponents on that day were Galway. Final score Tipp. 1 – 5, Galway nil.

The inaugural success did no get much recognition either within or outside the county, but when the team began their defence of their crown, interest was now being whetted. Twenty years on you may ask what has happened to Tipperary Lades footballing? Glad to say that a reunion for these ladies was hosted by the Friends of Tipperary Football, in the historical Bru Boru on 10th Sept 1994. Beautiful, youthful, energetic, and enthusiastic, these ladies could still show us a thing or two. Let’s hope we won’t have to wait another twenty years for the Tipperary footballing Ladies, to bring the All Ireland title home.

1975 team

Margaret Carroll – Ardfinnan, , Ann Croke – Mullinahone,

Sally Clohessy – Moycarkey Catherine Keane – Mullinahone,

Tina Flynn – Ardfinnan, Betty Looby – Golden,

Lillian Dorey – Killusty/St. Bridget’s , Eleanor Carroll – Ardfinnan,

Josephine Keane – Mullinahone, Mary Power – Mullinahone,

Kitty Ryan – Ardfinnan, Mary Burke – Emly,

Cait O’Dwyer – Moycarkey, Chrisse Byrne – Ardfinnan,

Katherine Treacy – Loughmore, Josephine Stapleton – Loughmore,

Bridie Ryan – St. Bridgets, Susan O’Gorman – Ardfinnan,

Josephine Murphy – St. Bridgets, Breda Webster – Loughmore,

Alice Moore – Moycarkey, Jim Kennedy ( Co-Chairman)

Bridget Ryan (Secretary) Tom Donovan (Selector)

Teddy Keane (Selector) John Elymer (Trainer)

Derry Shanahan (Trainer) Jim Strappe (Selector)

1974 TEAM

Margaret Carroll – Ardfinnan, Majella Sweeny – Newcastle,

Ann Croke – Mullinahone, Sally Clohessy – Moycarkey

Catherine Keane – Mullinahone, Tina Flynn – Ardfinnan,

Ena Hackett – Newcastle, Eileen Dudley – Golden,

Betty Looby – Golden, Lillian Dorey – Killusty/St. Bridgets ,

Eleanor Carroll – Ardfinnan, Josephine Keane – Mullinahone,

Mary Power – Mullinahone, Kitty Ryan – Ardfinnan,

Mary Burke – Emly, Cait O’Dwyer – Moycarkey,

Ann Brogan – Moycarkey, Mary Lonergan – Emly,

Nora Moran – Ardfinnan, Jim Kennedy ( Co-Chairman)

Bridget Ryan (Secretary) Tom Donovan (Selector)

Teddy Keane (Selector) John Elmer (Trainer)

Derry Shanahan (Trainer) Jim Strappe (Selector)


Women’s GAA footballers are determined to hold their All Ireland match in Croke Park next year and to be officially recognised by the Gaelic Athletic Association.

“Without women there wouldn’t be any GAA”said the Chairman of the Women’s GAA Central Council, Tm Kenny, after yesterdays All Ireland Final in Athy, “and I have always believed there is a place for them in this game”.

He said that women had always given great support to the Association through social functions and attendance at matches and there was no reason why they should not play an active part in the game. The possibility of holding the final in Croke Park next year had been raised at a meeting of the GAA Central Council over the weekend. This he said was an indication of the change in attitude towards the role of women.

Moves are also afoot to establish a training scheme for women’s GAA football referees and as a tribute to International Women’s Year the Athy final was refereed by Mrs Mary Corcoran, of Cuffsgrange, Kilkenny.

Enthusiasm made up for the small attendance of about 700 at yesterdays match between Tipperary and Galway, but both teams were satisfied that they were now being taken seriously. “They used to laugh at us until they saw we were in earnest”said Catherine Keane of Tipperary, her team mate Betty Looby agreed the men were now giving full support. A query into why the girls should be interested in Gaelic football brought the indignant reply “Why not”! Maureen Shaughnessy of Galway explained”It’s the game we grew up with and are most used to. Play was strong with a variety of tactics including rugby tackles, kicks, and even face-slapping.

At the end of the game unusually eager males rushed forward to congratulate and hug the girls. Many players on both teams had relatives who played with the GAA and felt this had probably influenced their interest.

Most of them take part in all kinds of out-door games including basketball, camogie and soccer. In fact Nono McHugh of the Galway team is captain of the Irish Ladies soccer team. The organization of the ladies game has a structure identical to that of the Athletic Association itself, with County Boards and Central Councils. Last year was the first time a Ladies final had been held and this year the number of participating counties increased by 5 to 12. Tipperary took the cup on both occasions. The four provinces were represented and the age group ranged from under 16 to mid-twenties. The Galway team included two married women – Mrs McHugh and Nancy Turley.



Followers of the Ladies GAA which has only be organized properly over the last few months, are expected to roll up in great numbers for the All Ireland football final between offaly and Tipperary at Durrow on Sunday (3.30pm).

This is the first competition organized by the newly-formed All Ireland Ladies Football Committee. Appropriately enough, the committee was founded in Hayes Hotel in Thurles – where the GAA originated in 1884 last may. The final on Sunday is not an end in itself for the committee. It is seen as a step on the way to affiliation with the GAA proper.

Already talks have been held between committee members and the Director General of the GAA, Sean O’Siochain. Plans to hold the Ladies football final in Croke park were thwarted by the replay of the camogie final at headquaters last Sunday. “We met Sean O’Siochain and he was very sympatric to us. But we want to get ourselves established and make a success of the ladies football before we try to become affiliated with the Association” said Brendan Martin, assistant treasurer of the ladies football committee. Reactions in GAA circles to the girls football have been encouraging, said Brendan, and the Chairman of the Ladies committee, Jim Kennedy is also a Tipperary Board member.

Eight counties – Cork, Kerry, Galway, Waterford, Tipperary, Roscommon, Laois and Offaly – took parting the Championship, which was run off on a knock-out basis.

Fairly large crowds have watched the games. “We had a match between Offaly and Kerry in Tullamore last year about 2,000 were at it. Since then attendance has been good” said Martin. The formation of the committee and the competition has been done quietly. “It all happened in the last two or three months and there was all the fuss about “the Dubs” and the “other” All Ireland”, said Martin. At county level ladies football is quite strong. The eight counties presently involved have there own internal championships between about six clubs on average. Ladies football is here to stay and the members of the committee who have pioneered the development for women are Jim Kennedy, Tipperary, Marie Holland, Roscommon, Mary Nevin, Offally, Joe Feeley, Offaly, Margaret Flanagan, Roscommon, and Brendan Martin, Offaly.





















Please complete over leaf and return to me within 10 days

Bridget Ryan Seretary

17th January 1976

Chairmen Jim Kennedy St Bridget’s

Fr Lucy Ardfinnan

John O’Donovan St. Bridget’s

Secretary Bridget Ryan Ardfinnan

Joint Treasurers Sally Clossey

Mrs Fitzgerald

PRO Dermot Shanahan

Ger Looby


• Tipperary 4 -10 no score given to Cork first round of the championship. 600 spectators attended in Golden

• Tipperary v Kerry beat them in Golden by seven points 3 -1 to 0-3

• All Ireland Final played in Littleton Kerry v Offaly 17th Oct. preceeded by Tipp. County Final

• John Moloney of Bansha Referee.

• Moycarkey’s Pipe Band played at match

• U-16 Cork heat Tipperary at Kildoney 3-3 to nil

• St. Oliver’s won the County U/16 championship

Eleanor Carroll Ardfinnan won the Tipperary United Sports Panel Award

Sunday 15th May 1976

Munster 1-09 Leinster 0-06

Munster Panel

M Prendergast A McCarthy Carmel Ryan W/Ford S Clossey

B Luby J Stapleton Cait O’Dwyer A Croke

M Power C Treacy Tipperary, B O’Donoghue B O’Riordan N McCarthy Brid Brosnan K Brosnan Cork, E Murphy Mary Geaney M Murphy Kerry.

Team manager Jim Kennedy Tipp.

Loughmore v Golden County Championship Loughmore winners


St. Bridgets – Newcastle – Thurles – Loughmore – Ardfinnan – Mulinahone – St. Oliver’s – Moycarkey – Borris

Tipperary Ladies Football Selection Committee for 1976

John Donovan (St Bridget’s)

Jim Kennedy (Clonmel St Mary’s)

John Troy (Thurles)

Dermott Shanahan (Moycarkey)

J McGrath (Loughmore )

Next meeting at Cashel on Monday night March 8th 8.30pm

Ladies Football Club

After a very successful year of football in 1995, the Loughmore Castleiney Ladies Football Club started and finished 1976 on an equally successful note. In May the club took part in Dunkerrin Tournament, run in conjunction with the Festival. They reached the final and in that the opposition was Ballyshionach. The girls lived up to their tradition and after the match Bernie Eviston received the cup and all the team plaques. They also played in the Killusty tournament, and on this occasion Josephine Stapleton was captain and received a cup, with the players receiving plaques. Two other festivals in which the club took part were the Ardfinnan festival and were beaten in the Final by the local team.

The championship was run on a league basis again this year. Three teams in the division were Loughmore, Thurles and killusty. After the league loughmore had full points from four games. In the semi-final Mullinahone was the opposition. It was played at Killenaule on Nov. 7th. Loughmore won and qualified to meet Ardfinnan in the County Final, which was played at Littleton on Nov.21sst. Some very good football was played and many talented players were on both sides. Loughmore – Castleiney proved the better team and scored three goals in the first half, which spelled trouble for the Ardfinnan girls. Loughmore – Castleiney went on to win by 4-3 to 1-2. The perpetual cup was presented to the captain Josephine Stapleton, and there were great scenes of joy among the followers when the cup was being presented. The team were also presented with trophies.

The winning team:

Mary Brennan, Eileen Ryan, Kathleen Stapleton, Marian McGrath, Catherine Ryan, Carmel Hennessy, Breda Madden, Josie Stapleton, Catherine Treacy, Catherine McGrath, Margo Madden, Bernie Eviston,

Claire Bourke, Alice Bourke, Nora Murray,

Subs: Geraldine Martin, Mairead Mackey, Eileen Hackett, Janette Fogarty, Breda Webster, Mary Martin.

Josephine Stapleton was elected Captain and player on the Munster team and Catherine Treacy was a sub. Mary Brennan, Josie Stapleton and Catherine Treacy were selected and played on the Tipperary team and Bernie Eviston was a sub.

Our under-16 team was un-successful in 1976, but we are hoping to do better in 1977. Geraldine Martin was selected on the U – 16 County team.

The Club wishes to thank all who helped and supported them during the year. The Officers of the Club during 1976 are:

President: Rev J Rourke

Vice-president Mr T Madden

Chairwoman Marian McGrath

Secretary Breda Webster

Treasurer Josephine Stapleton

Finance Committee: Josie Stapleton, Josie Burke, Catherine McGrath, Catherine Hennessy.

Player Profile

Lillian Gorey – Drangan

This year the Tippeary ladies football team set a headline for their male counterparts by winning an All Ireland title at Durrow. All the girls played an important part in bringing home the title but perhaps their most consistant of them all was a young woman Lillian Gorey of Drangan, who never failed to put in a good performance. An All round athlete of exceptional talent, she is also a member of the all-conquering Fethard Volleyball team.


AGM held in Mullinahone 5th February

Chairman – Fr Lucey, Ardfinnan

Secretary – Sally Colessy, Moycarkey

Treasurer – John Connolly, Moycarkey

P.R.O – Jim Kennedy

Tom McGrath Loughmore to train Co. team

Der Shanahan – to train U-16 team

Recognition for Ladies football to be put to G,A,A, convention

8 Clubs and 120 players in the County

Munster championship v Waterford in Kilsheelan on 22nd May

Munster Championship

Kerry 4 – 09 Waterford 2 – 04 July 30th a win for either side puts them into the play off with Tipperary for the Munster honours, Kerry had two goals disallowed and missed a penalty. Kerry beat Tipperary the previous Saturday in Killarney by 11 points.

U-16 Munster Championship v Cork at Shanballymore on September 24th at 6.15pm. Cork won the game score 2-4 to 1-3

Waterford news Portlaw won the County Championship 1976, 1977. Beating Ballymac in 1977.


This year has been the most successful year for the Loughmore-Castleiney Ladies Football Club, bringing the two County titles to the Parish for the first time, with Ardfinnan being the losers on both occasions. On the 20th of August our under 16 girls, having previously beaten Mullinahone and Newcastle in previous rounds took on the favourites, Ardfinnan in Cashel. They were being lead at half-time by 0-1 to 1-2, but the second half produced one of the most exciting finishes to a match, with our girls making an all-out effort in the dying minutes to snatch the winning score. Their effort succeeded and the final score was Loughmore-Castleiney 2-1, Ardfinnan 1-2.

Our seniors began the defence of our title against last year’s beaten finalists, Ardfinnan, in Clogheen, and beat them by 5-4 to 1-4. The Championship is run on a league basis and our girls followed up their victory with convincing wins over Moycarkey (twice), St. Bridget’s (twice) and Ardfinnan again, to reach the play-off stages with full points.

Newcastle were the victims in the Semi-final and Ardfinnan were again the opposition in the County Final. This final was also played at Cashal, though not as exciting as the Under 16 Final, it was still very entertaining. The final score was Loughmore-Castleiney 4-4, Ardfinnan 1-1.

In the Inter County Championships Tipperary recorded good victories over Waterford and Cork, but were beaten by Kerry in the Munster Final. The club was well represented on the County team, with Mary Brennan, Josephine Stapleton, Catherine Treacy, Cathy Ryan, Eileen Ryan, Margo Madden, Breda Madden, Bernie Eviston and Catherine McGrath all playing in the Inter County games. Tipperary were beaten by cork in the Under 16 championship and the local girls on the selection were Geraldine and Cora Martin, Cathy Ryan, Anne McGrath, Claire Bourke and Josephine Madden.

Josephine Stapleton again won an Inter-Provincial medal with Munster. The club also played in tournaments in Dunkerrin. Which they won, but they were beaten in Tournaments in Killusty and in Ardfinnan. The club held a victory dance in Loughmore in November at which the trophies were presented to the winning teams.

The officers of the club are: President, Rev. J. O’Rourke, CC; Vice-Presidents, Very Rev. J. Ryan, P.P., Jack Ryan and Tommy Madden; Chairperson, Marian McGrath; Vice-Chairperson, Mairead Mackey; Secretary and P.R.O, Mary Brennan; Assistant Secretary, Bernie Eviston; Treasurer, Josie Stapleton; Selectors, Jack Ryan, Tommy Madden, Tom McGrath, Tom Treacy and Dinny Kiely, Trainer, Tom McGrath.

Tipperary 1978

County Senior Champions Loughmore Castleiney

County U/16 Champions Ardfinnan

Munster Club Champions Loughmore Castleiney

Beating Austin Stacks in Tralee. All Ireland semi final v Mullahoran of Caven beaten by them Mullahoran went on to win the All Ireland

County level Tipperary defeated Cork in the first round traveled to Cork to play Kerry in the Munster final ran put easy winners on a very bad day. Played Offaly in the All Ireland semi- final Tipperary winning by a narrow margin. Roscommon were deserving winners on the day. The team was captained by Josie Stapleton of Loughmore- Castleiney.

Loughmore dominated senior football in Tipperary from 1976 to 1979.

The officers of the Loughmore Club were Chairperson: Marian McGrath, Sec, and P.R.O, Mary Brennan, Treasurer, Josie Stapleton, Selectors Jack Ryan, Tom McGrath, Dinny Kiely, Trainer Tom McGrath.

Munster final Tipperary U/16 Tipperary 1-02 Kerry 0-02. In the U/16 All Ireland final Roscommon again were the opposition Captained by Cathy Ryan of Loughmore-Castleiney Tipperary ran out easy winners on the day.

1978 Tipperary

U/16 Munster Final

Tipperary 1-02 Kerry 0-02

National League Title

Tipperary 2-04 Galway 2-03 at Littleton Co. Tipperary



While the men of the parish may not have reached the very great heights of other years, the same cannot be said for the Ladies on their field of play. They won the county final, went on to win the club championship, and provided no fewer than nine players each for the county senior and under 16 teams.

The Clubs first outing was in April when the Munster Club Final was played against Austin Stacks, Tralee. A goal in the dying seconds clinched victory for the club. It was scored by Bernie Euiston. The All Ireland semi-final opposition was Mullahorn from Cavan. They were just too good and went on to win the All-Ireland. Catherine McGrane (Capt.)

In the Co. Championship which is run on a League basis, we suffered our second defeat in four years. Ardfinnan beat us by four points. This was not the end as defeat for the other teams left Loughmore-Castleiney still in the race. In the County Final Ardfinnan again provided the opposition for the fourth successive year. A brilliant goal by Josie Stapleton paved the way for a win and the title for the fourth successive year.

The under 16 team narrowly failed to make it a double when they were beaten in the final by Ardfinnan.

At county level Tipperary defeated Cork to play Kerry in the Munster Final. They ran out easy winners on a very bad day. Offaly were the Leinster Champions and played Tipperary in the All Ireland semi-final. Tipperary were narrow winners and this brought them up against Roscommon in the final. Again the weather was a spoil sport, But Roscommon took their chances better and were deserving winners on the day. Our club was well represented with Catherine and Marion McGrath, Bernie Eviston, Eileen and Cathy Ryan, Mary Brennan, Geraldine Martin, Josie Stapleton and (Captain) Catherine treacy all on the Panel.

In the Under 16 All-Ireland final, the opposition was again Tipperary and Roscommon. It was played in Littleton. Tipperary emerged clear and deserving winners. Local players to win an All Ireland were Claire and Alice Burke, Cora and Geraldine Martin, Margaret Bourke, Ann and Teresa McGrath, Peggy and Cathy Ryan. Cathy Ryan was also captain of the County Team.

The Clubs played various tournaments during the year. In the final of the Ardfinnan Festival we drew with the home team. In the Dunkerrin Festival we won out, and we also took part in the Killusty tournament.

The Officers of the Club: Chairperson: Marian McGrath, Sec, and P.R.O, Mary Brennan, Treasurer, Josie Stapleton, Selectors Jack Ryan, Tom McGrath, Dinny Kiely, Trainer Tom McGrath.


21st July 1979 Pairc ui Caoimh

Tipperary 3 -01 Cork 0-08

Scores M English Ardfinnam 2-00 C Treaccy Loiughmore 1-01

Munster Final Tipperary 2-05 Kerry 0-05

Outstanding for Tipp. On the day were Sally Clohessy and Cait O ‘Dwyer

September 9th All Ireland Semi-Final at Littleton

Tipperary 6-02 no score given to Cavan

Scores for Tipp. Marian Power St. Bridgets 2-00 L Gorey St. Bridgets 2-01 Marian O’Shea Sliabh Na Mban1-00 J Stapleton Loughmore 1-00 Cait

O’Dwyer Moycarkey 0-01

All Ireland Final Tipperary v Offaly

Tipperary 3-03 Offaly 2-06

Scores Tipp. M Power 1-00 L Gorey 1-02 C O’Dwyer 1-00 C Treacy 0-01

All Ireland reply to be played in Portarlington

Tipperary Co. Final Sliabh na Mban v Loughmore

Tipperary won the League

Tipperary 2-04 to Galway 2-03

Slieve na Mban v Loughmore C/iney played in County Final- winners Loughmore/ Castleinney

Under 16

Tipperary v Roscommon in Tullamore U-16 All Ireland winners

1979 Ladies Football

As has become usual, the ladies football club are happy to report that 1979 has been another successful year. It all began to a bad note when we were defeated by Kerry champions Castle Island. The disappointment of losing our Munster title was quickly forgotten as we began to prepare for the defence of our County Senior title. This Championship was again run on a league basis and after this we were unbeaten. This brought us to the county semi-final against old rivals Ardfinnan, and after the usual closely fought game we emerged narrow and lucky victors by 2 points.

Our opponents in the final were St. Bridgets, a combination team drawn from Fethard, Mullinahone and Drangan. This was a game our players approached with great determination, despite the fact that little training had been done, and St. Bridgets appeared to be pre-match favourites in most peoples eyes. On the day it was the never say die spirit of Loughmore- Castleiney and the desire to retain our proud record of winning the county final every year of our existence that won through in the end and we overwhelmed St. Bridgets.

We had the distinction of wining the Ardfinnan Tournament twice this year as the replay of the 1978 tournament was not played until 1979 and we retained our title again this year.

Once again our under 16 team have qualified for the County Final, in which they meet Ardfinnan. This game is expected to be played shortly and hopefully we have another County title again this year.

On the inter-count front, the under 16’s stole the limelight yet again when they retained their All-Ireland title by defeating Roscommon in the final. The senior team were not so lucky, however, as they had the galling experience of being beaten in a replay and missing a penalty into the bargain.

The players who were lucky enough to win all Ireland medals were :

Cora Martin, Ann McGrath, Peggy Ryan, Teresa McGrath and Caitriona Connolly.

Those who missed their elusive medals some for the second year in a row were:

Josephine Stapleton, Catherine Treacy, Catherine Ryan, Bernadette Eviston, Geraldine martin, Cora Martin and Ann McGrath.

Finally we would like to thank all our supporters who have encouraged us during the past year and hopefully we can repay them with future success.

The Officers for the Club during the past year were:

President: Fr. O’Rourke

Chairperson: Marian McGrath

Secretaries: Bernadette Eviston and Eillen Ryan

Treasurer: Josepheine Stapleton

Selectors: Jack Ryan, Dinny Kiely, Tom McGrath, John Fitspatrick and

P.J. Stapleton.


All Star team 1980 included the following Tipperary Players – Ann Maher Slievemamon, Lilliean Gorey St. Bridgets, Josephine Burke Loughmore/Castleiney

Munster won the Railway Cup

Tipperary Players from the 1980’s Under 16 and Senior teams raised funds for the mentally handicapped with a bed push from Cork to Dublin.

Liam Shinnock the present Chairman of the County Board was the Manager of the Senior team that brought the 3rd All Ireland victory to Tipperary.

Tipperary 3-06 Galway 0-06.

All Ireland semi-final played aat Pearse Stadium Galway

Final to be played on 13th September.

Scores for Tipperary: Cait O’Dwyer 1-03, Antoinette Lambert 1-01, Ann Lyons 1-00 Mary English and Lillian Gorey 0-01 each.

County Senior Final played in Fethard on September 13th 1980

Slievenamon v Moycarkey Borris. Josephine Murphy captained Slievnamon to victory she also played camogie for Tipperary.

Under 16 Munster Final at Doneraile

Tipperary 4-02 Kerry 3-01

Anne Lyons at wing back had an outstanding game for Tipperary also Ann Maher at fullback.

All Ireland Final at Rathdowney

Tipperary 1-07 Laois 1-01

Half time score Tipperary 1-02 Laois nil

Tipperary Team

Majella Kennedy Cindy Dillon Ann Maher

Jaquiline O’Shea Breda Power Mary Coffey

Ann Lyons Mary English Noreen Butler

Diane Lanigan Noeleen Moloney Lizze Halley

Ann Breen Elaine Kendrick Monica Corcoran

Tipperary Advance to Final

Tipperary 3-06 Galway 0-06

In the All Ireland semi-final played at Pearse Stadium in Galway on Sunday last, the Tipperary ladies beat Galway by 2 goals. They now meet Cavan, who defeated the reigning champions, Offaly, by three points in the final.

The final will be played an Sept. 13th at a venue to be arranged. Scorers for Tipperary: Cait O’Dwyer 1-03, Antoinette Lambert 1-01, Ann Lyons 1-00 Mary English and Lillian Gorey 0-01 each.

The Tipperary County Senior Final will be played on Sunday next (24th) at Fethard (3.30). The teams involved will be Slievnamon and Moycarkey who are slight favourites to win the championship for the first time.

Tipperary Win

In Donneraile on Saturday last, the Tipperary Under 16 girls beat Kerry to win the Munster Final. Tipperary now advance to meet Roscommon in the Semi-final which is to be played this Saturday (4th) at a Roscommon venue.

It was a closelsy contested match with Tipperary taking control right from the start and maintaining it throughout the game. Best players for Tipperary were: Anne Lyons who was out-standing at wingback; also Anne Maher at full-back. Tipperary had four points to spare at the final whistle.

Another title for Tipperary

Jn Rathdowney on Sunday last, the under 16 tean emanulated the feat of their senior side by winning the All Ireland title from a gallant Laois team. Tipperary went straight into the attack and after 10 minutes were four points ahead and , in spite of squandering many good chances led by 5points at the break (1-02 to Nil). Laois came back into the picture after the interval, but they left their effort to late and the Tipperary girls ran out comfortable winners in the end.

Majella Kennedy Cindy Dillon Ann Maher

Jaquiline O’Shea Breda Power Mary Coffey

Ann Lyons Mary English Noreen Butler

Diane Lanigan Noeleen Moloney Lizze Halley

Ann Breen Elaine Kendrick Monica Corcoran


For the third year in succession Tipperary Senior Ladies football team appear in the All Ireland final when at Edenderry on Sunday next they take on Cavan in what should be a most exciting encounter.

Since the setting up of the All Ireland Ladies Football Council in 1974 there were only ever eight counties affiliated to the council but now there is double that number. Last year the council organized a senior and under 16 All Ireland Championship and this year it initiated an under 18 competition.

Having lost to Roscommon in 1978 and failing to Offaly in last years decider the Tipperary ladies are eager for a victory and in the last few weeks have prepared diligently for this clash with the North Champions.

Since 1974 Tipperary have been to the fore in the senior grade, winning the title in 1974 and 1975 and in all figuring in the four finals. They have a young side that has shown great promise in the under age competitions and they should combine well with the more experienced players such as Sally Clohessy, Lillian Gorey and Cait O’Dwyer.

However the Tipperary ladies and mentors would be foolish to underestimate the challenge of the Cavan side, which last took the title in 1977. They emerged this years Ulster Final as a fast and skilful team and proved beyond all doubt their ability when they disposed of the title holders Offaly in the semi-final by 3 points.

Tipperary served up a fine display in the Munster Final when they toppled Kerry by a single point and went on to defeat Galway convincingly in the semi-final.

A most entertaining clash is in prospect with the issue in doubt up to the final whistle.

The Tipperarry Panel is:

Ann Rourke Josie Stapleton (Capt.)

Moycarkey – Boris

Margeret Leahy Mary Griffin

Sally Clohessy Cait O’Dwyer

Lillian Gorey Marian O’Shea


Ann Maher Ann Lyons

Diane Lannigan Nuala Shelly

Paula Ryan Antoinette Lambert


Liz Doyle

Geraldine Ryan Bernie Butler Cappawhite

Eithne Bonnar Cashel

Delia Minogue Poulmucka

Catherine Lonergan New Inn

Another All Ireland

On Sunday last in Edenderry, the Tipperary senior ladies defeated Cavan to win the All Ireland title . This was the third year in succession that Tipperary had appeared in the final. Both other times they were beaten by Roscommon and Offaly. From the throw-in Tipperary went into the attack and had some scoring chances but it wasn’t until the 15th minute that Lillian Gorey scored a well taken point. Within five minutes Cavan had leveled. Half was through the second half Marian O’Shea had a fine point for Tipp. And this was the fine margin between the sides.

Under 16

Tipperary v Kerry Final Tipp. Won by four points no score was given.

Best for Tipp. Ann Maher Ann Lyons.

At Hyde park

All Ireland Semi-final v Roscommom Tipperary 0-06 Roscommon 0-02

At Rathdowney

All Ireland Final v Laois Tipperary 1-07 Laois 1-01

Tipperary team:

Majella Kennedy Cindy Dillon Ann Maher

Jaquiline O’Shea Breda Power Mary Coffey

Ann Lyons Mary English Noreen Butler

Diane Lanigan Noeleen Moloney Lizze Halley

Ann Breen Elaine Kendrick Monica Corcoran

Under 16

Munster Final Tipperary 4-02 Kerry 3-01?(check)

Here’s to the Ladies

The mayor of Clonmel, Alderman Carrie Acheson, recently received at the Town hall members of the Co. Tipperary Senior and Under 16 football teams which won All Ireland titles during the year. She was pictured with Mary Coffey, Castlegrace, Ardfinnan and under 16 captain. Josephine Burke (nee Stapleton), Castleiney, Templemore, the senior captain cutting the victory cake. Also present the winning team and officials.


AGM Cashel 20th March

Dermot Shanahan – Chairperson

Marion O’Shea – Secretary

County Final – Ardfinnan v Sliabh namBan Ardfinnan 0-02 Sliabh namBan 2-07

Venue: Boherlahan

Cashel won County junior Final beating Poulmucka by 5 points

Clubs that also participated in 1981: Moycarkey/Borris, Cappawhite, Kilmoyler and Rearcross.

Ardfinnan won Gold at the national Community Games Finals in Mosney 11th/14th Sept.1981

Elaine Kendrick – captain of that team – later went on to play Parnells in London and captured All Ireland Junior title with London in 1993

Tipperary v Cork in the National League – first Sunday in March having already beaten Kerry.

Venue: Killsheelan

Tipperary v Roscommon in Wexford in Under 16 All Ireland semi-final

1st Round U/16

Limerick v Tipperary in Emly

U/16 Semi-final

Cork v Tipperary in Cashel

U/16 Munster Final 1981

9/8/81 Tipperary and Waterford

Teams participating in the Championship

Ardfinnan, Moycarkey – Borris, Slievnamon, Cappawhite, Cashel. Rearcross, Poulmucka, Kilmoyler.

Junior and Senior Championships played.

Cappawhite won Junior.

Slievnamon won senior.

Slievnamon played Castleisland in Mallow in theMunster Club Championship on the

15th March no results.

All Stars played Tipperary at Littleton, Tipperary were defeated

Tiperary team were:

G Ryan, Cappawhite

Paula Ryan, Antoinette Lambert, Lil Doyle

Mary Coffey, Mary English Ardfinnan

Ann O’Rourke, Sally Clohessy, Margeret Leahy,

T Coleman, A Griffin, A Clohessy Moycarkey/Borris

A Maher, N Shelly, B Power,

A Lyons, M O’Shea, A Croke,

L Gorey, M Power, D Lannigan Slievnamon


AGM held in Cashel

Officers of the County Board

Chairperson: Derry Shanahan – Moycarkey/Borris

Secretary: Marion O’Shea – Grangemokler

• Slievenamon won the County Senior tile

• Cappawhite won the County Junior tiltle

28th March Slievnamon defeated Dunhil, Waterford in the Munster Club semi-final. They played Watergrasshill on Easter Sunday in the Final, no score for either game.

Mullinahone held a festival the Tipperary Ladies beat Waterford I a tournament there.


Slievnamon County Senior title

Slievnamon v Ballymac in Munster semi-final on the 20th March


Slievnamon won the county title for the 5th year in sucession

Munster won Inter-Provincial v Counnaught.

Munster ladies Best( Limerick Leader 24/3/1984)

The Railway Cup ladies inter-provincial football final took place at Tim Madigan Memorial Park, Shanagolden, on St. Patrick’s Day, the contestants being Munster and Connaught. Right from the throw in Munster set about their task in a business-like way and it was no surprise to discover that the team was strongly composed of Kerry ladies, but that does not mean that any of the others played a lesser part. Munster ran out easy winners in the finish as the final score will tell:

Munster 8-05 Connacht 0-05



Kathleen McElligott


Bridget Lean

Nora Foley

P McCarthy


L Nashortis

Siobhan Leen


Lily Horgan

Margert Lawlor

Marian Barry

Helen Cusack

Marie Crotty Waterford

Sue Sexton Clare

Margerat Flaherty Kerry

Mary Ruane


Eileen Fitzpatrick

Marie Flynnlynn

Caroline Coughlan


Joan McDonagh Barbara Reidy

Clara Gerety Noleen Mc Loughlin

Helen McLoughlin Deirdre Guinn

Maeve Guinn Geraldine Wren

Teresa Raferty Anne Gallagher

Kitty Hoey Helena O Casaigh

Anna Mc Annraoi

Referee – Paddy Molyneaux

Munster won Interprovincial v Connaught

Aherlow played in the Knocklong Festival – Pauline Russell who later became part of the Tipperary Under 14 1994 selectors was a member of that team.

Sliabh na mBhan won the County title for the fifth year in succession.

Sliabh na mBhan 4-04 Ardfinnan 0-04

Tipperary 1985

No records found in any of the papers of 1985

No County Senior champions recorded.

Ardfinnan won silver medals in Community Games

Also the Under 12 championship

A number of girls from Newcastle would have played for Ballymac who were runners up in the All Ireland Club Championship.

Community Games Silver medalists 1985

Francis English(R.I.P.) Donna Grace, Caitriona Dowling, Collette McNamara, Claire McNamara, Michelle O’Brian, Karen Moloney, Patricia Browne(R.I.P.) Josephine Lambert.

Denise Lonergan.

Catherine Fanning, Gillian O’Brien, Valerie Aglim, Cora Walsh

Patrice Ryan, Geraldine Brown, Aoife Lonergan, Ann Maher.


No Senior Champions recorded,

Brian Borus won the County Under 12 and Under 14 titles beating Slievenamon on both occasions.


Tipperary defeated Waterford in Under 16 Munster Championship no score or venue.

A number of Tipperary girls won club championship medals playing for Ballymac

Ann and Lisa Fitzpatrick from Newcastle two mentioned Newcastle notes Nationalist.

Ardfinnan won the County Senior Championship.

Ann Fitzpatrick Newcastle playing with Ballymac won an All Star.

Under 16 Tipperary v Kerry venue Donerale 27th June

Under 18 Waterford v Tipperary venue Clonmel 18th July

Munster Final 1st August 1987

Junior Tipperary v Clare or Cork Sunday 16th August

Tipperary v Clare venue Pallasgreen

Tipperary v Cork venue Rathcormac

Munster Final 30th August


Under 14 County Champions Brian Borus beating Ardfinnan in the final

Brian Borus also represented Tipperary in the Munster final of the Community Games.

Ardfinnam won county senior title beaten by Ballymac in the Munster final.

Elaine Kendrick played on the Ardfinnan team and later went on to win an All Ireland with London. Linda Ryan may also have been on this team. Noreen Butler of Burcourt also won an Ireland with London.

Ann Fitzpatrick of Newcastle but playing with Ballyamac was awarded a player of the year award. Delores Tyrell playing with Ballymac from Newcastle was also awarded an All Star.


County Champions Ardfinnan (three in a row)

Ann Fitzpatrick Newcastle playing with Ballymac won a Cidona award.

1990, 1991,1992

The above years seem to have been the most bleak for ladies football in Tipperary.

With the transfer of Fr. Lucey to a Waterford parish football seemed to go into decline.


A new County Board was formed with the following clubs represented

Ardfinnan, Ballylooby, Clogheen, Cappawhite, Cashel, Mullinhone, Solohead.

Solohead would have played in the Limerick Championship for some time. The Newcastle club which was not in existence for some time prior to this would have players playing with the Ballymacarberry and the Waterford county team and would probably have won All Irelands with them in l1991 and 1992. The following girls would have played Delores Tyrell, Ann Fitzpatrick, Lisa Fitzpartick she may have played at under 16 level. Brigid McGrath formerly of Newcastle was the Chairperson of the Ballymac club at the time.

Tipperary County Board:

The following were the officers for 1993

Chairperson: Tommy O’Dwyer Clogheen

Secretary: Ann Burke Ballylooby

Treasurer: Peggy Kennedy Ardfinnan

P.R.O. John Ryan Aherlow

Also present were Noreen O’Gorman, Ardfinnan, John Moran, Clogheen, Biddy Ryan, Ardfinnan.

26th June 1993 notes from Nationalist Newspaper.

Tipperary played Clare in the first round of the Munster Championship Under 16 in Mungret.

Clare 4-08 Tipperary 1-04

Tipperary scores came from Siobhan O’Dwyer 1-01, Ann Marie Moran 0-01, Ann Marie Fogarty and Louise Halloran 0-01 points each.

Panel included

Vicky Mac Andrews, Angela Brett, Denise Murry,

Marian Quinlan, Ann Marie Fogarty, Ann Marie Tierney,

Kelly Bargary, Tracy Dowling, Linda English,

Kerry Fennessy, Fiona Norris, Glenda O Gorman,

Elaine O’ Brien, Sandra Cunningham, Ann Marie Moran,

Margaret Flynn, Siobhan O’ Dwyer, Elaine Walsh,

Roberta O’ Brien, Brid Russell, Marie O’ Donovan,

Sandra Riordan, Louise O’ Halloran, Noellette O’ Dwyer,

Ladies Football begins its comeback trail in Tipp

The revival of ladies football in County Tipperary took its First step in Cahir last week at a meeting attended by representatives of seven clubs. A further meeting was scheduled for this week and it is expected that enough progress can be made to start championships this season. Emphasis in the early stages will be on juvenile activity and it is hoped that Tipperary will be able to field teams at under-14 and under-16 level this year but there is also the possibility that the blue and gold may be seen at minor and senior level as well.

Ballylooby / Castlegrace clubman Tom Dwyer was elected chairman of the new ladies county board at the Cahir meeting and is looking forward to the revival of the code in the county. “We had a very successful meeting last week and there is great enthusiasm for the game. We will have teams in the Munster championship at juvenile level and it is probable that we will have an adult team in the junior competition as well”, said Mr Dwyer. Clubs represented at the meeting in Cahir were Ardfinnan, Colgheen, Ballylooby, Cappawhite, Cashel, Mullinahone and Solohead and there are indications that more clubs will be able to field teams as well.

West Tipperary club, Solohead are expected to remain playing in the Limerick league until a Tipperary League is established but in the meantime they will continue to represent their county at inter-county level. Tom O’Dwyer and his fellow officers – secretary, Anne Burke, from Ballylooby and treasurer, Peggy Kennedy from Ardfinnan – are looking forward to a return to the glory days of ladies football in Tipperary. The county is second only to Kerry in the All Ireland roll of honour with national titles in 1974, 1975 and most recently in 1980.

Interest in the game waned in the mid eighties and Tipperary has not been represented in the code in recent years when the spotlight has been focused on near Waterford with back –to –back All Ireland titles. “We firmly believe that we are on the way back in Tipperary” says Mr. O’Dwyer who has seen at first hand the interest in his own club in Ballylooby/Castlegrace where his own daughters are heavily involved.

“There is a great interest at primary schools level but the girls have nowhere to play when they reach secondary school level. County Championships at under 14 and under 16 level will now meet that need”. Says Mr. O’Dwyer. A number of clubs are now confident that they will have enough players to field adult teams as well.

All the clubs represented at last weeks meeting were from the South and West divisions as the new county board will be trying to generate interest in the other two divisions as well to help field a team that will put Tipperary back on the top of ladies football again.

Clubs wishing to become involved and help to break Waterford’s stranglehold on the Munster and All Ireland championship are asked to contact any member of the new county board.

Wed 30th June 1993

Munster Championship Under 14 Glanworth Co. Cork. Score Cork 4-02 Tipperary 2-06

Scores Marie O’Donovan 1-02, Mary Ryan 1-00, Clare Tobin 0-02, Nora Noonan 0-01, Marion O’Riordan 0-01.

Panel included:

Fiona Ryan, Mary Ryan, Noelette O’Dwyer, Elaine Walsh,

Geraldine Barry, Orla Kennedy, Margeret Flynn, Anne Marie Moran

Clare Tobin, Michelle O’Leary, Elaine O’Brien Mairead Ryan, Marion Reardon, Denise Murray, Margaret Houlihan, Bernadette Phelan, Sinead Norris, Nora Noonan, Lisa Kenneally, Tracy O’Brien,

Anita Grogan, Caroline Grogan, Siobhan Moroney, Marie O’Donovan, Marie Hayes, Rachel Kelly

Football was thriving in the Lisvernane area with the school team making great strides from their success the Aherlow club was formed.

Minutes taken from the Tipp. Co. Board 23/8/94

Ardfinnan, Aherlow (Brian Borus) Clogheen and Ballylooby joined to form this team.Cappawhite, Templemore, Golden, Slievenamon, Clonoulty.

Three clubs took part in the under 12 championship Brian Borus, Aherlow and cappawhite. Aherlow emerged winners over Brian Borus.

The Under 14 County Final was contested by Aherlow and Templemore with Aherlow coming out on top retaining the title they won in 1993.

The under 16 championship was contested by Ballylooby, Clogheen and Aherlow here again Aherlow were the winners.

No minor competitions took place.

Brian Borus contested the Senior Final with Brian Borus retaining the Cup.

Friends of Tipperary Football GAA presented the County Boardwith £600 towards the running of the Board.

The 1974 All Ireland winning team and mentors were honoured in Cashel where a presentation was made by the Friends of Tipperary Football, G.A.A.

Officers were:

Chairman: Tom O’Dwyer (Brian Borus)

Secretary: Ann Butler (Ardfinnan)

Treasurer: Peggy Kennedy (Ardfinnan)

Cappawhite (Tipperary) 1994

Under 12 Championship 3 team Home – Away

6/9/94 in Cappawhite Cappawhite 3-02 Aherlow 3-06

9/10/94in Clogheen Cappawhite 0-06 Brian Borus 3-08

15/10/94in Cappawhite Cappawhite 0-05 Brian Borus 4-01

30/10/94 in Aherlow Cappawhite 5-01 Aherlow 5-07

Under 12 Panel

Mairead Crowe, Edel Barry, Aileen Crowe, Caroline Murphy,

Niamh Dunne, Sandra Barry, Kathleen Cummins, Tina Barry,

Orla McCarthy, Marie O’Neill, Siobhan Costello, Teresa White, Faustina Renehan, Tracy Maguire (Capt.) Alice Ryan, Marion Ryan, Cathriona O’Neill, Elaine Renahan, Marguerite Crowe, Josephine Crowe, Rosin Ryan, Antoinette Murnane, Edel O’Connor.

Nail-biting finish to girls in Final

Aherlow 2-07 – Clogheen 3-03

Aherlow defeated Clogheen in the under-16 ladies football final played in New Inn before a fine sized crowd. Aherlow played with the wind and dominated the first half and led at half time by five points. In the second half Clogheen took command and drew level and then went ahead. But Aherlow fought back and went a point in front. In a nailbiting finish Clogheen had a point disallowed and also missed scorable chances. But full marks to Aherlow who held out for a hard earned win.

Best for Aherlow were Brid Russel, Libby Grogan, Margaret Moroney and Catherine O’Neill.

Best for Clogheen were Alana Durack, Judy Hickey, Avril Moroney and Aine Condon.

Tipperary Star 11th September 1994

Ladies Football

Tipperary ladies with New York All Stars

Four Tipperary ladies are in the New York Ladies GAA All Stars football team which on Tuesday began their first historic tour of Ireland. The party consists of a panel of 25 players and six traveling officials. Terry Connaughton, Chairman (Roscommon)Philip Sheridan Manager (Cavan) Ann Lyons Selector (Tpperary) Tim Foley Selector(Kerry) Catherine Flood Tour Chairperson (Monaghan) and Secretary Marti Devaney (Leitrim).

The tour kicks off on Wednesday September 14th with a “Welcome Reception” hosted by Helen O’Rourke, President, Cumann Peile Gael Na mBan and the Central Council. On Thursday the All Stars team plays their first game against Roscommon in Hyde Park at 7pm. On Friday the team play Leitrim at 7pm at Sean Heslin’s pitch, Ballinamore. A “Failte Dance”will be hosted after the game in Freddie’s Niteclub.

Many of the All Stars will spend the weekend with their families while some will travel to Dublin to be part of the All Ireland Final celebrations. On Monday September 19th, the team will reunite in the Portobello Pub in Dublin for their game against Portobello at 7pm in the Army Barracks pitch. On Wednesday September21, at 7pm the last game of the tour will be played against Monaghan at 7pm at Tyholland GAA grounds. A “Farewell Dance” will follow the game in the Westenra Arms Hotel.

The Tipperary ladies in the group are Ann Lyons, Grangemockler who is one of the selectors. Ann has had a very successful career back home winning four All Ireland Medals with Tipperary County. Her local club is Slievnamom where she played her first game of football. Ann is a member of the Na Fianna Club in New York and is also secretary of the club. Due to a bad knee injury Ann withdrew from playing her most treasured hobby and is indeed a tragic loss to the Na Fianna club and the New York Ladies. But what is lost on the field is gained in the side-line and she is now putting her expertise and experience into inspiring others with her love of GAA.

Ann has been a major part of Na Fianna’s success in New York this year as they won both the Annie Kearney Memorial Knock Out and the Sean Faherty Memorial Championship Cups. She had a tough job in selecting 25 Allstars as she felt there was so many that had the ability it was a shame they couldn’t all go home. Ann works as a supervisor of a billing department with a law firm in New York city and has been living in the U.S. for the last seven years.

Maureen Tuohy: Ballingarry, Thurles emigrated from her home, over eight years ago. She is a member of the Na Fianna Club in New York this year as they won both the Annie Kearney Memorial Knock Out and the Sean Faherty Memorial championship cups.

Maureen’s favourite position is the half-back line and she indeed added to the glory of her teams victory by being selected for the New York All Stars team. Mauree is fast and skillful and very consistent with catching balls and delivering them into the hands of her team mates. Her football career was first started when she went to play soccer with Sam Maguire’s Bronx, New York. In 1992 she played with Westmeath Ladies and in 1993 and 1994 signed up with Na Fianna. She will certainly be an asset to the traveling super stars. Maureen is currently working with childcare in Manhattan.

Marina Eagan: Loughmore, emigrated to New York in 1989 and sine the New York Ladies GAA was founded in 1991has been a strong player and supporter. Marina is the assistant secretary of the New York Ladies and is currently working as a nurses aid in Manhattan. Marina is one of the main players in the Na Fianna Club and with her skill and possession of the ball led to the victory of the Na Fianna winning the Annie Kearney Memorial Knock Out and the Sean Faherty Memorial championship cups in New York this year. Marina holds a cornerback position but has been noted to mark suitable opposition anywhere on the back line. She is a fighter for the ball and for a small woman shows great strength and aggression for her club.

Marina plays soccer and darts for her local bar in the Bronx. She is a popular lady who showed great sportsmanship with her bubbly personality and is also a hard worker behind the scenes.

Ann Kerr (nee Maher ) Newlands, Mullinahone gaelic football career began at the age of 14 when she began playing for her local club Sliabh Na mBan. She also played on the county team with Tipperary and won an All Ireland medal. In New York she plays for the Na Fianna Ladies who have just completed winning the Annie Kearney Memorial Knock Out and the Sean Faherty Memorial championship cups. Ann also finds time to play soccer with Fiona’s bar in the Bronx. Ann is married to Ciaran Kerr from Annyalla, Castleblaney Co. Monaghan and is currently working in childcare in Manhattan.


Minutes from AGM

Officers elected

Chairperson: Pauline Russell Aherlow

Secretary: Noreen O’Gorman Arfinnan

Treasurer/Registrar Peggy Kennedy Ardfinnan

P.R.O.: John Ryan Aherlow

Clubs represented were Ardfinnan, Aherlow, Ballylooby Clogheen, Clonoulty, Cappawhite, Moyle Rovers.

Adjourned A.G.M.

Clubs Present: Ardfinnan, Aherlow, Ballylooby/Clogheen, Marlfield, Cappawhite.

Junior county selectors appointed were: Declan O’Shea, Mullinahone, Biddy Ryan Ardfinnan, Frank O’Brien.

Under 16 selectors: John Moran Ballylooby, John Ryan Aherlow, Peggy Kennedy Ardfinnan.

Under 14 selectors: Pauline Russell Aherlow, Patrick Kenneally and Tina Fitzgerald Ballylooby.

Trials for U/18 Senior and U/14 were held in may.

Trials for U/16 held in June.

The U/14 team beat Kerry in the first round but lost to Waterford I the Munster semi-final.

The U/16 team went to the Munster final but again lost to Waterford.

The minor team did not have a panel but fulfilled the first round fixture.

We failed to field at junior level.

U/12 County Title Aherlow

U/14 County Title Brian Borus

U/16 County Title Aherlow

U/18 County Title Brian Borus

Junior County Title Brian Borus.

Ladies Football in County Tipperary

By John Ryan PRO

Ladies football comes to a close for 1995 with Brian Borus making it three in a row in the senior championship. Brian Borus finish Queen-pins this year after also winning the U-14 and Minor County Championships.

Aherlow finish next best with the U-12 and U-14 County Championships.

Ladies football is expanding with two more clubs involved this year in Marlfield and Killenaule and also secondary schools in Cashel, Cahir, Clonmel and Tipperary Town.

Representing tipperary in the Mini-sevens I.N.T.O. skills exhibitions this year were Margaret McGrath and Siobhan Hayes from Aherlow. They fulfilled a big dream by playing in Croke Park. At inter-county level the U-14s did best by reaching a Munster Final. Tipp Ladies football has further to improve to compete with the might of Waterford, who are and eye-opener to the standard that ladies football can reach.

Congratulations and well done to all the clubs who competed this year, also to those hard working club officials who keep ladies football going strong.

Any clubs interested in starting their own team should contact the county chairperson Pauline Russell on 062-56159.

1995 Cappawhite

U/12 Championship 6 teams

20/6/95 Cappawhite 2-07 Killenuale 1-03 In Cashel at 6.30pm

3/7/95 Cappawhite 3-02 Marfield/Munroe 2-00 Munroe at 7.00pm

9/7/95 Cappawhite 3-03 Ardfinnan 1-03 In Bansha at 7.00pm

20/7/95 Cappawhite 1-06 Brian Borus 3-01 In NewInn at 7.00pm

25/7/95 Cappawhite 1-04 Aherlow 1-04 In Cappawhite at 6.30pm


Munroe Ardfinnan

15/10/95 Brian Borus Sliabhnamon In Clonmel og

Senior County Final

5/111/95 Brian Borus 4-08 Munroe 3-04 In Marfield


Ann Breheny, Kathleen Fahey, Sinead Sheehan, Mary Treacy,

Lorraine Barry, Ann M. O’Dwyer, Mary Horan, Angela McDermott, Cathriona Fitzgerald, Lisa White, Mary A. Callinan Rachel Kelly, Caroline Harding, Eimear O’Keeffe, Patricia Crowe, Sandra Barry, Mairead Crowe, Joanne Kennedy, Helen McDermott, Carmel McHugh, Triona Hennessey, Lisa Buckley.

It was a great to see a senior football team again after a long number of years, the girls played some great football as we never had the same team in any game we played, some of our girls were very young.


15/8/95 Cappawhite 2-02 Brian Borus 2-05 In New Inn at 6.30pm

15/8/95 Aherlow 6-03 Marlfield In Ardfinnan


27/8/95 Aherlow 6-0 BrianBorus 0-00 In NewInn at 7.00pm


Siobhan Costello (Capt.), Cathriona O’Neill, Marion Ryan, Sinead Buckley, Catherine Morrisey, Rosin McCarthy, Ann M. Ashton, Eimear Quinn,

Marie O’Neill, Elaine Renahan, Tracy Maguire, Jane Ann O’Neill, Josephine Crowe, Edel O’Connor, Denise Horan, Helen Kennedy,

Ann Treacy, Jennifer Buckley, Rosin Ryan, Antionette Murnane, Cathy O’Neill, Marion Renehan, Mary Morrison, Clare Barry

Amy Quinn,

Our U/12 girls played some great football in the U/12 Championship and were unlucky in the semi-final, this game we should have won.


29/4/95 Cappawhite 7-12 Marlfield 0-00 In Bansha at 6.15pm

4/5/95 Cappawhite 10-17 Munroe 0-00 In cappawhite at 7.30pm

14/5/95 Cappawhite 0-03 Brian Borus 4-04 In Bansha at 2.00pm

23/5/95 Cappawhite 4-01 Aherlow 5-06 In Cappawhite at 6.30pm

28/5/95 Cappawhite 7-05 Ardfinnan 3-09 In Ardfinnan at 11.30pm


5/6/95 Cappawhite 0-01 Aherlow 2-12 In Cahir at 2.00pm

5/6/95 Brian Borus 4-10 Ardfinnan 1-00 In Cahir at 3.00pm


28/6/95 Aherlow 2-05 Brian Borus 3-08 In New Inn at 7.30pm


Maragaret Kelly (Capt), Treacy Maguire, Edel Barry, Mairead Crowe, Kathleen Cummins, Sandra Barry, Michelle Ryan, Patricia Crowe, Aileen Crowe, Ann M. Aston, Orla McCarthy, Siobhan Costello, Marrissa Ryan, Marie O’ Neill, Faustina Renehan, Maragurite Crowe, Caroline Murphy, Elaine Renehan, Edel O’ Connor, Alice Ryan,

Tina Barry, Sinead Buckley, Niamh Dunne, Geraldine Armshaw, Ashling Barry, Teresa White, Marion Ryan, Sinead Ellis,

Sarah Carr, Elaine Furlong.

“Our U/14 played some great games, but went down bad in the Semi-Finals against Aherlow.”


24/7/95 Cappawhite 5-3 Aherlow 2-4 In Lisvernane at 7.45 p.m

30/7/95 Cappawhite 1-2 Brian Boru’s 5-11 In Bansha at 2.00 p.m

10/8/95 Cappawhite 6-6 Golden 1-5 In Golden at 8.00 p.m

12/8/95 Cappawhite 1-5 Munroe 4-6 In Cashel at 7.00 p.m

18/8/95 Cappawhite 2-2 Ardfinnan 3-6 In S.T.P. (Tipp) at 7.30 p.m

1/9/95 Cappawhite 1-1 Sliabh na nBan 6-13 In Golden at 7.00 p.m


Officers of County Board

Chairperson: Pauline Russell Aherlow

Vice Chairperson: Frank O’ Brien

Secretary: Joan O Connell Silevenamon

Treasurer: Peggy Kennedy Ardfinnan

Registarar: Do

Asst Treasurer: Criona O’ Brien Aherlow

PRO: Patrick Kenneally Clogheen

Managers 1996

U/18 & Junior: Frank O’ Brien

U/16: Thomas Peters

U/14: Patrick Kenneally

Above to pick selectors

Sponsorship received from Tipperary Co-Op also a set of Jerseys.


U/12 Winners: Cappawhite R/U Ardfinnan

U/14 Winners: Aherlow R/U Cappawhite

U/16 Winners: Templemore R/U Aherlow

U/18 Winners: Brian Borus R/U Aherlow

Senior Winners Ardfinnan R/U Brian Borus played in Marlfield winning by one point

540 registered players in 1996

COUNTY FINAL (THUR) 6/6/1996 In Golden at 7.00 p.m

Cappawhite 1-3 Ardfinnan 0-1

Cappawhite 2-2 Ardfinnan 1-2

Cappawhite 3-5 Ardfinnan 1-3

Mary C O’Neill, Marion Renehan, Denise Horan, Helen Kennedy, Marion Ryan, Sinead Buckley, Elaine Renehan, Marie O’Neill (Capt), Rosin McCarthy, Orla Ryan, Jennifer Buckley, Josephine Crowe, Antionette Murnane, Jane A O’Neill, Mary Morrissey.


Ann Treacy, Rosin Ryan, Cathy O’Neill, Michelle O’Neill, Claire Barry, Emma McHugh, Ruth Kennedy, Jayne Clancy, Catherine Cranley, Denise Renehan, Mary K Ryan.

Ann Treacy For Mary Morrissey Cathy O’Neill For J.Crowe

Rosin Ryan For Antionette Murnane

1st Half 2nd Half

Marie O’Neill 0-2 Rosin McCarthy 1-0 Marie O’Neill 0-3

Sinead Buckley 1-0 Marie O’Neill 0-2 Sinead Buckley 2-0

Rosin McCarthy 0-1 Sinead Buckley 1-0 Rosin McCarthy 1-2


Barbera Horan Mellisa McDonagh Cathriona Maoon

Candy Belton Marie Nugent Ciara Lonergan

Orla Barrett Ashling Ryan Brigid Lonergan

Ann M Feeney Laura White Sara Jane Burke

Sabrina Bray Lisa Grace Amanda Grace

Ref: Pat Kenneally


Cappawhite 5-01 Templemore 2-04

Cappawhite’s under 14 ladies football team have reached the county final by virtue of their victory over Templemore in Cappawhite last Saturday evening. They had to withstand a determined second half rally from Templemore to come out with their 6 point winning margin.

Templemore began the game in great style and had 2 points on the score board without reply from Cappawhite after ten minutes. Kathleen Cummins goaled and this score settled the Cappawhite girls and they added further goals from Rosin McCarthy, two and one from Orla McCarthy to leave Cappawhite leading at the interval 4-00 to 0-02.

Again the second half started well and their outstanding centre-forward, Norma Maher, caused the Cappawhite defence many anxious moments. They failed to convert their first penalty and sent their second over the bar. These misses did not help their cause.

However with ten minutes to go, Templemore had rallied and trailed by only 3 points, 4-00 to 2-03. Cappawhite brought Sinead Buckley to centre-field in a direct switch with Siobhan Costello. This switch worked well and put Cappawhite back in the game. Faustina Renehan added a goal and Siobhan Costello tacked on a point. However Templemore stormed back and it took resolute defending by the Cappawhite girls to deny a gallant Templemore team any more goals. There was jubilation and relief when Eamon Browne blew the final whistle.

Selectors Eugene Maguire, Anne Costello and Cecila Walsh have now to prepare their charges for the county final against West neighbours Aherlow.


Mairead Crowe Sandra Barry Siobhan Costello Rosin McCarthy

Marion Ryan Sinead Buckley Susan English Faustina Renehan

Aileen Crowe Maria O’Neill Orla McCarthy Kathleen Cummins

Ann Ashton Teresa White Marguerite Crowe


Sinead Scully Orlaith McDonnell Lorraine Bourke Grace Fogarty

Emma Kerwin Bridin Jones Teresa Doran Elaine Grogan

Andrea Webster Ailish Meagher Norma Maher Aisling Brennan

Noelle Bergin Leona Bohan Emma Hennesy

Aherlow all the way

Aherlow 4-10 Cappawhite 0-00

Aherlow took theUnder-14 ladies football County final in great style in Emly last Monday night by defeating a gallant Cappawhite. This was an excellent game which was fiercely contested – except on the score board. Aherlow’s full-forward line of Staunton, Peter’s and Hanley were the architects of this victory, scoring 4-08 between them. This is not to take from an excellent all-round performance. Aherlow were competent in all sectors and certainly not lacking in skill and ideas throughout the field. But the individual performance of Edel Hanley was certainly the highlight of the game.

Cappawhite matched Aherlow in most departments but for all their good work their forward division could not put scores on the board against a resolute Aherlow defence where yet again Mary Deane showed her mettle.

The moving of Sinead Buckley from centre-back to corner-back to curtail Edel Hanley proved counter-productive for Cappawhite as Martina Brennan subsequently proved too strong for Ann Ashton. Aherlow were on the scoreboard within minutes, when Moira Ryan set up Martina Peters for a point. Edel Hanley added a further point. Then Cappawhite were unlucky when Susan English put Marguerite Crowe through and her shot was almost lobbed Margeret McGrath in the Aherlow goal. Martina Brennan pointed and then Aoife O’Sullivan, passed to Edel Hanlley for Aherlow’s fourth point.

However in the final five minutes disaster struck for Cappawhite and Edel Hanley struck for two excellent goals – the first from a pass from Emma Noonan, and the second after a fine solo effort from Ann Staunton. A point from Martina Brennan, a penalty to leave the final score 4-10 to 0-00.

Cappawhite contributed enormously to the enjoyment of the game. They had excellent defenders in Anne Ashton, Sandra Barry and Sinead Buckley, Siobhan Costello played her part at midfield. Orla McCarthy and Marguerite Crowe tried hard in the forward line. For Aherlow it was a fine even team performance and after the game Pauline Russell presented the trophy to Margaret McGrath, the Aherlow Captain.


Margaret McGrath Helen O’Donnell Aoife O’Sullivan Ann Staunton(0-2)

Marie Devane Celin McEniry Breda O’Neill Martina Peters(2-1)

Louise Grogan Emma Noonan Martina Brennan(0-2) Edel Hanley(2-5)

Elaine Donovon Siobhan Hayes Moira Ryan

Subs:Margeret Davern for Elaine Donovan, Marie Hennebry for Breda O’Neill, Chantelle Ryan for Helen O’Donnell.


Mairead Crowe Sandra Barry Siobhan Costello Rosin McCarthy

Marion Ryan Sinead Buckley Susan English Faustina Renehan

Aileen Crowe Maria O’Neill Orla McCarthy Kathleen Cummins

Ann Ashton Teresa White Marguerite Crowe

Subs: Tracey Maguire for Susan English, Susan English for Faustina Renehan, Alice Ryan for Kathleen Cummins.

Ref: P. Russell



08/04/1996 Cappawhite 6-01 Slievenamon(A) 0-00 in Bansha at 1.00pm

13/04/1996 Cappawhite 3-03 Roscrea 1-03 in T’more at 6.30pm

21/04/1996 Cappawhite 2-05 Aherlow 1-03 in Solohead at 5.00pm

07/04/1996 Cappawhite 4-01 Killenuale 0-00 im Cashel at 6.30pm


23/05/1996 Cappawhite 5-07 Slievenamon 0-00 in Cashel at 7.45pm

23/05/1996 Ardfinnan 2-05 Killenaule 1-02 in Cashel at 6.45pm


06/06/1996 Cappawhite 3-05 Ardfinnan 1-03 in Golden at 7.00pm


Mary C. O’Neill, Marion Renahan, Denise Horan, Helen Kennedy, Marion Ryan, Sinead Buckley, Elaine Renahan, Marie O’Neill(Capt.) Roisin McCcarthy, Orla Ryan, Jennifer Buckley, Josephine Crowe, Antoinette Murnane, Jane O’Neill, Mary Morrissey, Ann Treacy,

Roisin Ryan, Michelle O’Neill, Cathy O’Neill, Claire Barry,

Jane Clancy, Catherine Cranley, Emma McHugh, Ruth Dennedy, Denise Renahan, Mary K. Ryan

This was a great year for our Under-12 teams on winning the county final for the first time. Great credit was due to this panel of players for their great commitment in training during the year.



09/06/1996 Cappawhite 8-06 Killenaule 5-00 in Cashel at 5.30pm

Cappawhite W.O. Marlfield

23/06/1996 Cappawhite 5-09 Golden 0-02 in Golden at 6.30pm

26/06/1996 Cappawhite 3-02 Aherlow 6-05 in S.T.P. at 5.45pm


01/08/1996 Aherlow 10-11 Brian Borus 0-01 in Cashel

03/08/1996 Cappawhite 5-01 Templemore 2-04 in C’white at 7.30pm


12/08/1996 Cappawhite 0-00 Aherlow 4-10 in Emly at 7.30pm


Mairead Crowe, Marion Ryan, Aileen Crowe, Ann M. Ashton, Sandra Barry, Sinead Buckley, Marie O’Neill, Siobhan ’Neill(Capt) Teresa White, Marguerite Crowe, Orla McCarthy Susan English,

Roisin McCarthy, Faustina Renehan, Kathleen Cummins, Aisling Barry,

Elaine Renahan, Alice Ryan, Edel O’Connor, Margo Horan, Catherine Morrissey, Tracey Maguire, Sinead Ellis, J Jane O’Neill,

Jennifer Buckley, Niamh Dunne.


Owing to a shortfall of players, we were unable to play in this competition.

Ladies football: Cappawhite Under12’s had a great victory in the County semi-final in Cashel on Thursday night, 23rd May, beating Slievenamon. They will now meet Ardfinnan in the County Final in Golden at 7.oopm tonight (Thursday, 30th May. This is the first time that an Under12 team from Cappawhite has reached a County Final. Best of Luck in the decider girls.


Cappawhite 3-05 Ardfinnan 1-03

Scenes of great jubilation greeted Cappawhite’s first ever juveniles ladies county football title, when the girls did the “Lovely Village” proud by capturing the U-12 county title in Golden last Thursday evening. They defeated a game Ardfinnan side who fought gallantly until the final whistle. In what was an entertaining and exciting game, the early stages saw both sides having chances before Mary O’Neill opened the scoring for Cappawhite. Gradually Cappawhites strength gained them the upper hand and while Ardfinnan always looked dangerous, the Cappa defence stood firm. A goal from Sinead Buckley and further points from Marie O’Neill and Rosin McCarthy had Cappa in front 1-03 to 0-01 at half time.

The second half was very evenly contested with both sides showing tremendous commitment and some fine skill. Ardfinnan gradually became more and more into the game and were unlucky not to have goaled on at least two occasions. Cappawhite on the other hand took their chances and went further ahead with scores from Rosin McCarthy and Marie O’Neill. Ardfinnan fought back bravely and were duly rewarded for their efforts with a superbly taken goal from the penalty spot. Ardfinnan put on the pressure and again the Cappa defence of Marie Claire O’Neill, the Renehans, Marion Ryan and Denise Horan held out. Sinead Buckley sealed the victory for Cappawhite with a fine goal minutes from the end.

Cappawhite had outstanding players in marie O’Neill, Sinead Buckley and Rosin McCarthy. Apart from those already mentionsed Jennifer Buckley and Jane Ann O’Neill were also prominent. Ardfinnan were best served fby Orla Barret, Melissa McDonagh, Aisling White, Lisa Grace, Amanda Grace and the Lonergan’s. The Shield was presented to Marie O’Neill, Cappawhite captain, by Pauline Russel, Co. Board chairperson, after the game. It was also interesting to note that two of the Cappawhite selectors, Cecilia Walsh and Ann Costello, played on the last Cappawhite team to win the county junior title in 1982.


M.C. O’Neill, M Renehan, D Horan, H Kennedy,

M Ryan, S Buckley(2-00) F Renehan, M O’Neill(0-3)Capt.

R McCarthy(1-2), Orla Ryan, J Buckley, J Crowe,

A Murnane, J. A. O’Neill, M Morrissey.


B Moran, C Betts, O Barrett, A.M. Feeney,

S Bray, M McDonagh, M Nugent, A Ryan,

L White, L Grace, C Mason, C Lonergan,

B Lonergan, S Burke, A Grace.

The first round of the Under 14 championship is against Killenaule and will be played before 4th June. In a challenge game played in Cappawhite on Sunday evening last the under14 team were beaten by Aherlow.


Officers of County Board

Chairperson: Pauline Russell Aherlow

Vice Chairperson: Frank O’Brien

Secretary: Peggy Moroney Aherlow

Asst. Secretary: Karena O’Brien Aherlow

Treasurer: Peggy Kennedy Ardfinnan

P.R.O. Patrick Kenneally

History Officers: Pauline Russell and Cecelia Walsh.

Winners U/12 Ardfinnan 4-00 to 0-06 points R/U Templemore

Winners U/14 Monroe 4-06 Slievenamon R/u 0-03

Senior League Title won by Brian Borus beating Templemore in the final.

U/12 Ardfinnan Winners R/U Templemore Ardfinnan 4-00 T/More 0-06

Manager U/14 Mary Burke – Aherlow, Selectors – Linda Conway and Peggy Kennedy

Manager U/16 Patrick Kenneally, Selectors same as U/14

Manager U/16 Junior – Frank O’Brien, Selectors – Sharon O’Connor, Cecelia Walsh, Biddy Ryan.

No results in minutes of any other Finals.



Aherlow 3-02 Cappawhite 0-04

Aherlow and Cappawhite played out a cracking football competition at Bansha, on Saturday last. Aherlow, physically stronger, dominated most of the first half whereas Cappawhite, stung into action by their disappointing first half performance, controlled the game for most of the second half, without having their superiority reflected on the scoreboard.

Aherlow’s best were Goalie Jeanne O’Brien, Marie Devane, Donna Crowe, Siobhan Hayes, Aoife O’Sullivan, Myra Ryan and Aine Staunton.

Cappa’s best were, Ann Marie Ashton, Sheila Carew, Marie O’Neill, Siobhan Costello, Tracy Maguire and in patches, Jane-Ann O’Neill and Anna Kennedy.


Jeanne O’Brien, Chantelle Ryan, Marie Devane, Julianne O’Brien, Emma Loine, Donna Crowe, Margaret Davern, Siobhan Hayes,

Aoife O’Sullivan, Myra Ryan, Aine Staunton, Eilish Hennessy, Sharon Kiely, Martha Peters, Martha Browne.


Catriona O’Neill, Marion Renehan, Ann-Marie Ashton, Marion Ryan,

Sheila Carew, Marie O’Neill, Anna Kenney, Sinead Buckley, Siobhan Costello, Elaine Renehan, Tracy Maguire, Jane-Ann O’Neill, Denise Horan, Tanya Guerin, Catherine Morrissey


Cappawhite 7-05 Monroe 3-00

Cappawhite Under 14 Ladies reached the County Final on Saturday evening last beating Monroe in New – Inn, played in ideal weather conditions. In the early stages of the first half, Monroe settled quickly and had a goal after five minutes from Nancy Ferris. Cappawhite fought back, but missed some good scoring chances.

A great breakaway from Sheelagh Carew to Siobhan Costello, who gave a great ball to Catherine Morris, to finish it to the net. That inspired the Cappawhite team and they took control for the remainder of the first half. A goal from Nancy Ferris for Monroe and goals from Jane O’Neill, Sinead Buckley, Siobhan Costello had a further two points to leave the half-time score 4-02 to 2-00.

The early stages of the second half were very evenly contested with both sides showing tremendous commitment and some great skills. With Deirdre Morris and Sarah Whyte playing well for Munroe, Marie O’Neill, Sheelagh Carew , Ann M Ashton and Siobhan Costello of Cappawhite giving the team a better balance, they began to dominate with another goal fromTayna Guerin and points from frees from Jane A O’Neill, Sinead Buckley, Tracy Maguire and goals from Siobhan Costello and Catherine Morrissey, and then Monroes’s Sarah White finished the scoring with a great goal, leaving the full time score Cappawhite 7-05, Monroe 3-00.


Catriona O’Neill, Marion Renehan, Denise Horan, Marion Ryan, Sheelagh Carew, Ann M Ashton, Tracy Maguire(0-01) Elaine Renehan,

Jane A O’Neill(1-01) Siobhan Buckley(1-1) Siobhan Costello (2-2) Jennifer Buckley, Catherine Morrissey (2-00) Tayna Guerin (1-00)

Helen Kennedy For Jennifer Buckley, Cathy O’neill For Siobhan Costello, Josephine Crowe For Marie O’ Neill, Julie Dargan For Tayna Guerin, Rosin Mccarthy, Rosin Ryan, Antoinette Murnane, Denise Renehan, Ann Treacy, Mary C O’Neill, Fiona Fox, Anna Kennedy, Mairead Carew And Triona O’brien.

Ref: Pat Kenneally.

On Sunday our Senior girls reached the football County Final for the first time beating Templemore with the score 4-02 to 0-02, in Drumbane. They now meet the Brian Borus in the final.


Yvonne Quinlin, Michelle Ryan, Aideen O’Keefe, Patricia Crowe, Sandra Barry, Angela McDermott, Marie O’Neill, Lisa White,

Triona Hennessey, Siobhan Costello, Aileen Crowe, Catriona Fitzgerald, Mairead Crowe, Ann M O’Dwyer Ann Costello.

Geraldine Meagher For Aileen Crowe, Eimear O’keeffe For Ann O’Dwyer, Tracy Maguire For Lisa White, Kathleen Cummin For Michelle Ryan, Teresa White For Ann Costello, Lorraine Barry, Rachel Kelly And Helen McDermott.


Aherlow 3-02 Cappawhite 0-04

Aherlow and Cappawhite played out in a cracking under-14 county final in the ladies football competition in Bansha on Saturday last. Aherlow, physically stronger than their Cappawhite counter-parts, dominated most of the first half whereas Cappawhite, stung into action by the disappointing first half performance, upped the tempo in the second period and controlled the game for most of the second half. Without having their superiority reflected on the scoreboard. The early exchanges were even, with lots of end-to-end action, until Aherlow, with Myra Ryan, Marie Devane and Donna Crowe to the forefront, scored a fortuitous goal from a deflection. However it was no more than they deserved as they had put Cappa under pressure for long periods of the half.

Ann-Marie Ashton and her corner-backs the two Marian’s, Ryan and Renehan, had valiantly defended, ably assisted by the tigerish Sheila Carew. Aherlow combined to press forward but gradually Cappawhite were coming to terms with their opponents. Siobhan Costello was trying might and main in the middle field and it was fitting that she should have Cappa’s first score, a point midway through the half. Aherlow replied in like manner almost immediately and within minutes the exact scene was replayed except that this time the ball hopped in front of the Cappa goalie and into her net. Minutes later Aherlow benefited from slack marking around the middle of the field and the high ball dropped into the Cappa net having bounced in the square. It left the first half score Aherlow 3-01 Cappawhite 0-01.

Cappa meant business in the second half and after a lively opening few minutes Cappa’s forwards were beginning to move with purpose. Twice in the opening ten minutes they were denied by the woodwork. Marie Devane and Donna Crowe were very much to the fore in repelling many of Cappa’s attacks. Sheila Carew, Ann-Marie Ashton, Marie O’Neill, Siobhan Costello and Tracy Maguire were working hard to gain the advantage for Cappa. Their rewards came with points from Siobhan Costello, Susan Buckley and Tayna Guerin, while Aherlow replied with a fine point by Emma Lowe.

Try though they might Cappa could’nt find a way through a resolute Aherlow defence for the goal that might have turned the game in their favour. Aherlow held on to win on the score 3-02 to 0-04.

Aherlow’s best were goalie Joanna O’Brien, Marie Devane, Donna Crowe, Siobhan Hayes, Aoife O’Sullivan Myra Ryan and Aine Staunton.

Cappa’s best were Ann-Marie Ashton, Sheila Carew, Marie O’Neill, Siobhan Costello, Tracy Maguire, and in patches Jane-Ann O’Neill and Anna Kennedy.



Catriona O’Neill, Marion Renehan, Denise Horan, Marion Ryan, Sheelagh Carew, Ann M Ashton, Tracy Maguire Elaine Renehan,

Jane A O’Neill Siobhan Buckley Siobhan Costello Jennifer Buckley, Catherine Morrissey, Tanya Guerin, Anna Kennedy, Marie O’Neill


Jeanne O’Brien, Chantelle Ryan, Marie Devane Julianne O’Brien, Emma Lowe, Donna Crowe, Margeret Davern, Siobhan Hayes,

Aoife O’Sullivan, Myra Ryan, Aine Staunton, Eillis Hennessy, Sharon Kiely, Martha Peters, Martha Browne.


Cappawhite 4-02 Templemore 0-02

Cappawhite ladies footballers made history at sunny Drombane on Sunday last when they reached their first ever senior county final by virtue of an early goal blitz which saw them outscore a determined Templemore by 4 goals and 2 points to 2 points. Early Cappa pressure saw Mairead Crowe point before good work by Siobhan Costello and Mairead Crowe enabled Ann-Marie O’Dwyer to drive a low shot to the net. At this stage is was really all Cappa and within minutes Ann Costello was on hand to drive the ball into the rigging for Cappa’s second goal. Almost immediately Ann-Marie O’Dwyer netted after the ball had rebounded of an upright.

Cappa had a great chance to stretch their lead when awarded a penalty with 5 minutes left to the break. However goalkeeper Sarah Moynihan made a great save to deny Ann-Marie O’Dwyer her hatrick. An unfortunate deflection minutes later deceived the Templemore goalie Sarah Moynihan and Cappa had their fourth goal just before the interval. The second half was a much closer affair with Templemore more and more asserting themselves as the game progressed, but here was too much ground to make up.

Cappa had good performances from Triona Hennessy, Lisa White, Siobhan Costello, Ann Costello(incidentally daughter and mother), Catriona Fitzgerald and Mairead Crowe.

Templemore were best served by Edel McDermott, Veronica Bane, Majella Stapleton, Lorraine Burke and Elizabeth Jones. Referee Eamon Browne handled the game very effectively.


Cappawhite – Ann-Marie O’Dwyer (2-01), Ann Costello (1-00), Mairead Crowe (0-01).

Templemore – Norma Maher (0-01), Lizzy Jones (0-01)


Yvonne Quinlan, Michelle Ryan, Aideen O’Keefe, Patricia Crowe, Sandra Barry, Angela McDermott, Marie O’Neill, Lisa White,

Triona Hennessy, Siobhan Costello, Aileen Crowe, Caitriona Fitzgerald, Mairead Crowe, Ann-Marie O’Dwyer, Ann Costello.

Subs- Gearldine Meagher for Aillen Crowe, Eimear O’Keefe for Ann-Marie O’Dwyer, Tracy Maguire for Lisa White, Kathleen Cummins for Michelle Ryan, Teresa White for Ann Costello, Lorraine Barry, Helen McDermott, Rachel Kelly.


Sarah Moynihan, Eanna McDonnell, Veronica Bane, Majella Stapleton, Bridin Jones, Edel McDermott, Leona Bohan, Lorraine Burke, Jackie Carroll, Ann-Marie Costigan, Norma Maher, Maura Brennan, Lizzy Jones, Niamh Connolly, Ciara Ormonde.

Subs – Aine Hassett, Joanne Cartor.

Ladies Football County Semi-Final

Cappawhite 7-05 Monroe 3-00

Cappawhite U/14 Ladies reached the County Final on Saturday evening last beating Monroe in New-Inn played in ideal weather conditions. Cappa led 4-02 to 2-00 at half time.


Catriona O’Neill, Marion Renehan, Denise Horan, Marion Ryan, Sheelagh Carew, Ann M Ashton, Tracy Maguire (0-01) Elaine Renehan,

Jane A O’Neill (1-01) Sinead Buckley (1-1) Siobhan Costello (2-2) Jennifer Buckley, Catherine Morrissey (2-00), Tanya Guerin (1-00),

Elaine Renehan, Marie O’Neill

Subs – Helen Kennedy For Jennifer Buckley, Cathy O’Neill For Siobhan Costello, Josephine Crowe For Marie O’neill, Julie Dargan For Tayna Guerin, Rosin Mccarthy, Rosin Ryan, Antionette Murnane, Denise Renehan, Anne Treacy, Mary C O’Neill, Fiona Fox, Anna Kennedy, Mairead Carew, Triona O’brien.


Jean Butler, Teresa Grant, Doreen Melbourne, Deirdre Lalor,

Laura Boland, Rita Burke, Deirdre Morris, Sarah Whyte,

Sarah Smyth (0-01), Sinead Heffernan, Sinead O’Brien, Lorraine Power, Sinead Mulvihill, Eimear Kelly, Nancy Ferris (2-00)

Referee Pat Kenneally


Cappawhite 3-07 Brian Borus 4-04

A DRAW was a fair result in this cracking Ladies Count Senior Final, played at New-Inn, on Sunday last. Cappawhite and Brian Borus must meet again next Sunday at the same venue to decide the destination of the Senior Championship.

Cappa’s more direct approach led to their first half goal. A long delivery from Triona Hennesy led to some pushing in the Borus defence and the referee had no hesitation in awarding a penalty. Up stepped A-M O’Dwyer and she expertly slotted the ball home. This left the half-time score Cappa 1-03, Brian Borus 0-01.

The second half proved to be one of the most exciting of any game seen in the county this year. Brian Boru’s came strongly in the second half and within minutes had two points by N. Noonan , who was to prove a thorn in Cappa’s side. Cappa withstood the early pressure and Ann Marie O’Dwyer blasted a 20 metre free into the top corner of the net. Brian Boru’s replied quickly with a minor from N. Noonan. She quickly followed with a goal after good approach play by the South Tipperary girls. Minutes later she appeared to have Cappa’s hearts broken when she worked her way through for a well taken goal. It looked to be all over for Cappa when shortly afterwards the ball was deflected into the Cappa net of the outreached hands of a defender.

Ann-Marie O’Dwyer gave Cappa something to cheer about when she pointed. By this stage the wind was stronger and Brian Boru’s were taking their chances well and defending stoutly. A quick break saw N.Noonan again strike to give Brian Boru’s a 4-04 to 2-04 lead with about ten minutes to go. At this stage Cappa threw everything into the attack. Star of the show, Angela McDermott, came storming into the attack. Ann-Marie O’Dwyer pointed a free and Tracy Maguire followed with a similar score. Cappa’s other star Ann Marie O’Dwyer blasted another free to the net to leave the minimum between the two sides. It was fitting that it should be Angela McDermott, who, after a bout of intense Cappa pressure, slotted over the equaliser with only seconds remaining. In addition to those already mentioned Cappa had good performances from Michelle Ryan, Patricia Crowe, Sandra Barry, Triona Hennessy, Siobhan Costello and Ann Costello and sub. Geraldine Ryan-Meagher.

While Brian Boru’s star was N. Noonan, they had good displays from E Myles, H Norris, M. T. Slattery, their midfield pairing of D Flemming and G Barry and M Kenneally and K Hennessy.


Yvonne Quinlan, Michelle Ryan, Aideen O’Keefe (capt.)

Patricia Crowe, Sandra Barry, Angela McDermott (0-01),

Marie O’Neill, Triona Hennessy, Catriona Fitzgerald,

Siobhan Costello, Aileen Crowe, Lisa White,

Mairead Crowe, Ann M O’Dwyer (3-05), Ann Costello.

Subs – Geraldine Meagher for Aileen Crowe, Tracy Maguire (0-01) for Catriona Fitzgerald, Lorraine Barry, Teresa White, Niamh Hogan, Kathleen Cummins, Helen McDermott.

Brian Boru’s:

E Myles, A Wyse, L Kenneally, E Walsh,

L Fitzgerald, H Norris, M T Slattery, O Flemming, G Barry, M Kenneally, K Fennessy, K Barry,

S O’Dwyer, N Noonan, S Wall.

Cappa’ Withstand Borus fightback for famous Win

Cappawhite 4-02 Brian Boru’s 3-01

The driving rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm and effort of Brian Boru’s and Capawhite in this replayed Ladies county senior football final played at New-Inn on Sunday last. Despite difficult weather conditions the ladies from the West served up another enthralling encounter while displaying an abundance of skill and commitment to rival anything seen in such conditions.

Cappawhite, aided by the strong wind, dominated much of the opening half and would not have been flattered to have been further in front at half time. Geraldine Ryan-Meagher opened the scoring for Cappa with a well taken goal after three minutes. She followed with a point minutes later. At this stage Brian Boru’s were soaking up a lot of pressure and Helen Norris and Mary-Teresa Slattery were defending well. It was still all Cappa pressure and coming up to the quarter of an hour mark good work by Geraldine Ryan-Meagher and Ann Costello set up Ann-Marie O’Dwyer to net Cappa’s second. The strong wind made it difficult for Brian Borus to make headway towards the Cappa goal and even when they worked the ball down they found Aideen O’Keefe, Michelle Ryan, Marie O’Neill and Patricia Crowe and Triona Hennessey in uncompromising mood.

Cappa had another point from the boot of Mairead Crowe and were then guilty of wayward shooting until Ann Costello goaled following good work from Triona Hennessey and Catriona Fitzgerald. Brian Borus kept battling and their efforts were rewarded five minutes before the interval. They worked the ball well down the field and cut inside only to see Yvonne Quinlan in the Cappa goal bring off a fine save. The girls from the South pressurised the Cappa defence and the resultant clearance by their star of last week Nora Noonan was on hand to drive the ball to the Cappa net to leave the half time score, Cappawhite 3-02 Brian Borus 1-00.

As in the drawn game the elements dictated the pattern of the second half also when Brian Borus put Cppawhite under severe pressure from the start. Within two minutes Nora Noonan had a point from play. Two minutes later they opened up the Cappa defence with a slick passing movement to leave Siobhan O’Dwyer through for a goal.

Almost immediately Suzanne Wall had the ball in the Cappas’ net to leave only a point between the sides. It says volumes for Cappas’ ladies that they dept the Brian Borus’ scoreless from there to the final whistle despite heavy and intense pressure. The turning point was probably the penalty save by Cappa goalie Yvonne Quinlan after twelve minutes of the half. Try though they might from then on they couldn’t find a way through a resolute Cappa defence where Sandra Barry, Angela McDermott, and Geraldine Ryan-Meagher in addition to those already mentioned were performing heroically in a do-or-die effort to maintain Cappa’s advantage.

Spurred on by outstanding performances by Triona Hennessey, Angela McDermott, Geraldine Ryan-Meagher and Marie O’Neill, Cappa began to work the ball well out out of defence into attack more frequently. Midway through the half the ball was worked down through Lisa White t Siobhan Costello and on to her mother Ann, who scored her second goal of the match much to the delight of the wet but spirited supporters from th West.

Despite losing their goalie and wing-back, through injury, Cappa’ hung on to claim a history making first County Senior Football title to add to their two junior titles from the early eighties. It was just reward for the efforts of the players, subs, mentors Cecilia Walshe, Eugene Maguire and Marian Crowe. Full credit also to Brian Borus for their part in the two exciting encounters. They are a fine football team with plenty of talent and we’ll see more of them. Cappawhite’s victory was basically due to a fine performance. Each one of the eighteen who played contributed handsomely to this well-deserved first for the ladies from the Lovely Village. No-one will quibble with special mention for goalie Yvonne Quinlan, Marie O’Neill, Triona Hennessy, Angela McDermott, Geraldine Ryan Meagher, Siobhan and Ann Costello and Ann-Marie O”Dwyer. Best for the Brian Borus were Helen Norris, Emma Wall, Mary-Teresa Slattery, Orla Flemming and Geraldine Barry

Cappawhite Team

Yvonne Quinlan, Michelle Ryan, Aideen O’Keefe (capt.) Patricia Crowe, Sandra Barry, Angela McDermott, Marie O’Neill, Triona Hennessy, Catriona Fitzgerald, Siobhan Costello, Geraldine Ryan-Meagher,

Lisa White, Mairead Crowe, Ann M O’Dwyer , Ann Costello.

Subs – Aileen Crowe, Tracy Maguire, Lorraine Barry, Teresa White, Eimear O’Keefe, Rachell Kelly, Niamh Hogan, Kathleen Cummins.

Brian Boru’s

Eileen Myles, Audery Wyse, Lisa Kenneally, Emma Walsh,

Lisa Fitzgerald, Helen Norris, Mary T Slattery, Orla Flemming, Karen Barry, Terry Fennessy, Geraldine Barry, Mary Kenneally, Karen Barry, Siobahan O’Dwyer, Nora Noonan, Suzanne Wall.

Subs – Ann M McGrath, Aoife O’Dwyer, Fiona Daly.

Referee – Sean Twomey of Arravale Rovers



1. Yvonne Quinlan

2. Michelle Ryan

3. Aideen O’Keefe (Captain)

4. Patrica Crowe

5. Sandra Barry

6. Triona Hennessy

7. Marie O’Neill

8. Angela McDermott

9. Lisa White

10. Siobhan Costello

11. Geraldine Meagher

12. Catriona Fitzgerald

13. Ann Costello

14. Ann Marie O’Dwyer

15. Mairead Crowe

16. Aileen Crowe

17. Tracy Maguire

18. Lorraine Barry

19. Eimear O’Keefe

20. Tereas White

21. Helen McDermott

22. Kathleen Cummins

23. Niamh Horan

24. Rachel Kelly

25. Ann Breheny

26. Patrica Bourke


Tipperary 6-09 Cork 4-07

Tipperary under 14 ladies footballers continued their good run in the Munster Championship with this victory over old rival’s Cork at Ballyhooley on Saturday night. Tipperary got off to a good start and led 3-04 to 0-01 after twenty minutes. The cork girls however got going with their centre field and half forwards running at the Tipperary defence. On the stroke of half time the Cork corner-forward fielded a low cross and struck a great goal to leave the half-time score Tipperary 3-04 Cork 1-04.

Tipp had to face a slight breeze in the second half. Cork continued where they left off in the first-half piling on the pressure and reduced the deficit to two points before Tipperary had their first score in the second-half. Two Cork goals left them leading by two points with ten minutes remaining. The Tipperary girls looked out on their feet and were lucky not to concede any further scores as Cork missed a great goal chance. A Siobhan Costello lob was misfielded by the Cork goalie and fell into the net for a lucky Tipperary goal. This gave the Tipp team great heart for the last six minutes and unsettled the Cork team. The Tipperary mid-field and halfbacks got a grip on the game and Mairead Morrissey finished the game with a great goal for Tipp.

Tipp play in the Munster Final on May 31st against the winners of Kerry and Clare who play in the other semi-final during the week.

Tipp –

Martina Brennan – Aherlow, Joanne Peters – Ballylooby, Sinead Buckley – Cappawhite, Marie Dewane – Aherlow, Marie O’Neill – Cappawhite, Donna Crowe – Aherlow, Ann Marie Ashton – Cappawhite, Siobhan Hayes (Capt) – Aherlow, Bridin Jones – Templemore, Siobhan Costello – Cappawhite, Moira Ryan – Aherlow, Carmel Condon – Clogheen, Mairead Morrissey – Ballylooby.


All roads lead to Ballyhooley on this Saturday, 31st May, for the supporters of the Tipperary ladies football where the county’s promising under 14 team take on favourites Kerry in the Munster Final.

Kerry had first round victory over Limerick by 2-07 to 0-06 and a huge win over Clare in the semi-final on the scoreline 4-21 to 0-02. The Tipperary girls have prepared well for this game playing four challenge matches against Limerick (twice), Meath and the Galtee Rovers under 14 boys. While they were defeated in three, they acquitted themselves well. Their confidence has been boosted by victories over Waterford 2-07 tp 2-06 and Cork 6-09 to 4-07 in keenly fought championship games.

While Kerry are favourites to win on Saturday, the Tipperary girls will not be found wanting commitment and determination to secure the county’s first under-age Munster ladies football title. The preparation of the team has been greatly assisted due to generous sponsorship of the ladies football by Tipperary Co-Operative Creamery Ltd. The team selected is that which defeated Cork in the semi-final.


Martina Brennan – Aherlow, Joanne Peters – Ballylooby, Sinead Buckley – Cappawhite, Marie Dewane – Aherlow, Marie O’Neill – Cappawhite, Donna Crowe – Aherlow, Ann Marie Ashton – Cappawhite, Siobhan Hayes (Capt) – Aherlow, Bridin Jones – Templemore, Siobhan Costello – Cappawhite, Moira Ryan – Aherlow, Carmel Condon – Clogheen, Mairead Morrissey – Ballylooby, Martina Peters – Aherlow, Denise Fitzpatrick – Ballylooby.

SUBS – Sarah Smyth – Moyle Rovers, Cait Lonergan – Ardfinnan, Claire Lambert – Ardfinnan, Orla Phelan – Ardfinnan, Laura Boland – Moyle Rovers, Lizze Flynn – Ardfinnan, Sharon Lynagh – Templemore, Tracy Maguire – Cappawhite, Noelle Bergin – Templemore, Linda Cunningham – Ardfinnan, Mellissa McDonagh – Ardfinnan, Chantal Ryan – Aherlow, Sinead O’Brien – Moyle Rovers, Helen O’Donnell – Ahrlow.

The game in Ballyhooley will start at 5 O’Clock.



10/6/97 Cappawhite 0-00 Templemore 4-00 in Drumbane at 6.30pm

22/6/97 Cappawhite 0-00 Ardfinnan 9-02 in Bansha at 5.00pm

3/7/97 Cappawhite 2-07 Monroe 1-00 in Cashel at 6.30pm


9/8/97 Cappawhite 3-02 Templemore 5-02 in Cappawhite at 12 am

Sean Toomey

Ardfinnan 6-04 Monroe 0-02


2/9/97 Ardfinnan 4-00 Templemore 0-06 in New Inn Sean Toomey

Under 12 Panel

Cathy O’Neill (Capt), Ann O’Dwyer, Marion Renehan, Aisling McGrath, Emma Kennedy, Sheelagh Carnew, Joanne O’Doherty, Jennifer Buckley, Fiona Fox, Josephine Crowe, Roisin Ryan, Orla Ryan,

Mary Morrissey, Denise Renehan, Michelle O’Neill, Antionette Murnane, Jayne Clancy, Emma McHugh, Audrey Dargan, Catriona White,

Ruth Kennedy, Ann Marie O’Neill Michelle Grant, Kathleen O’Connor, Elaine Ryan, Aine McGrath Kate Ryan, Catherine Cranley, Tracey Guerin.




27/6/97 Cappawhite 2-05 Bundoran 2-02 in Bundoran at 8.30pm

28/6/97 Cappawhite 2-03 Leixlip 1-03 in Ballyshannon at 11am

28/6/97 Cappawhite 3-05 Aodh Ruadh 0-00 in Ballyshannon at 11.45a




28/6/97 Dungannon 1-03 St. Faithleachs 1-02 at 5.45pm

(Tyrone) (Roscommon)

28/6/97 Cappawhite 0-01 Ballygar 2-03 in Convoy at 6.45pm




29/6/97 Ballygar 6-04 Dungannon 0-00 in Ballybofey at 1.30pm


1. Dympna O’Brien – Limerick 3. Eimear Carr – Four masters

2. Ann M. Ashton – Tipperary 4. Siobhan Heena – Four Masters

Under 14 Panel

Catriona O’Neill, Denise Horan, Anna Kennedy, Elaine Renehan (Capt.) Marie O’Neill, Sheelagh Carew, Ann M. Ashton, Tracy Maguire,

Siobhan Costello, Jennifer Buckley, Fiona Fox, Rosin McCarthy, Catherine Morrissey, Jane A O’Neill Helen Kennedy, Ann Treacy,

Roisin Ryan, Amy Quinn, Julie Dargan, Josephine Crowe.




26/8/97 Cappawhite 0-07 Aherlow 2-03 in Sean Treacy Park 6.00pm Sean Toomey

9/9/97 Cappawhite 4-09 Templemore 2-01in Dundrum at 6.45pm Eamon Browne


18/10/97 Aherlow 3-14 Ardfinnan 0-00 in New Inn at 3.30pm Pat Keneally

18/10/97 Cappawhite 7-05 Monroe 3-00 in New Inn at 5.oopm Pat Keneally


25/10/97 Cappawhite 0-04 Aherlow 3-02 in Bansha at 4.30pm Pat Keneally


Catriona O’Neill, Marion Renehan, Denise Horan, Anna Kennedy,

Sheelagh Carew, Marie O’Neill, Ann M. Ashton, Tracy Maguire,

Sinead Buckley, Jane A O’Neill, Siobhan Buckley, Rosin McCarthy, Catherine Morrissey, Jayne Guerin, Fiona Fox, Jennifer Buckley, Elaine Renehan (Capt), Mairead Carew, Helen Kennedy, Denise Renehan, Antionette Murnane, Josephine Crowe, Marion Ryan, Ann Treacy,

Cathy O’Neill, Roisin Ryan, Triona O’Brien, Julie Dargan,

Mary O’Neill, Amy Quinn.

Our under 14 played a great game in the county final, but were very unlucky on the day.



9/4/97 Cappawhite 3-02 Aherlow 1-12 in Bansha at 7.00pm Sean Toomey

1/5/97 Cappawhite 0-03 Templemore 6-08 in Drombane at 6.00pm Tom Maher


16/8/97 Aherlow 7-06 Brian Borus 1-06 in Bansha Sean Toomey

Templemore Ardfinnan Templemore


4/9/97 Aherlow 4-09 Templemore 3-06 in New Inn at 6.45pm Sean Toomey


Catriona O’Neill, Michelle Ryan, Patricia Crowe, Lisa Buckley,

Sandra Barry, Sinead Buckley, Ann M Ashton, Teresa White, Mairead Crowe, Eileen Crowe, Marie O’Neill, Siobhan Costello, Kathleen Cummins (Capt) Faustina Renehan, Alice Ryan,

Tracy Maguire, Orla McCarthy, Susan English, Marguerite Crowe, Niamh Dunne, Aisling Barry, Margo Horan, Sarah Carr,

Louise Renehan, Sinead Allis, Elaine Renehan, Marion Ryan,

Mary O’Neill, Tina Barry, Alice O’Connor.

Our under 16 played a great game against Aherlow, but were beaten well by a strong Templemore team in the next round.



16/3/97 Cappawhite 8-05 Slievnamon 1-05 Bansha at 12.30pm

23/3/97 Cappawhite 2-02 Brian Borus 1-05 New Inn at 1.00pm

13/4/97 Cappawhite 3-05 Aherlow 1-03 Bansha at 12.30 pm

20/4/97 Cappawhite 2-05 Ardfinnan 3-04 New Inn at 12pm

3/5/97 Cappawhite 4-03 Templemore 3-06 Drombane at 7.00pm

Referee for all games was Eamon Browne


Brian Borus 3-07 Templemore 3-04 in New Inn


Yvonne Quinlan, Patricia Crowe, Aideen O’Keefe, E O’Keefe (Capt), Mary Horan, Susan Buckley, Sandra Barry, Catriona Fitzgerald, Angela McDermott, Mairead Crowe, Ann M O’Dwyer, Rachel Kelly,

Ann Costello, Mary A Callanan, Caroline Harding, Lisa Buckley,

Lisa White, Annette Quinn, Michelle Ryan, Niamh Creedon, Helen McDermott, Mary Griffin, Aileen Crowe, Teresa White,

Louise Renehan, Marie O’Neill, Tina Barry, Patricia Bourke,

Lorraine Barry, Jenny McCarthy, Muriel Ryan, Ann Breheny,

Orla McCarthy, Faustina Renehan, Caroline Coughlan, Catriona O’Dwyer.

Our girls were very unlucky in the league. A win over Templemore would have seen us in the league final.


29/8/97 Cappawhite 3-02 Brian Borus 1-09 Golden at 6.45 Sean Toomey

11/9/97 Cappawhite 3-11 Slievnamon 1-03 Golden at 6.45 P.J. Hassett

20/9/97 Cappawhite 3-04 Templemore 0-08 Golden at 2.30 D. Fitzgerald

5/10/97 Cappawhite W.O. Aherlow SCR.


19/10/97 Cappawhite 4-02 Templemore 0-02 Drumbane at 3.30 E. Browne


6/11/97 Cappawhite 3-07 Brian Borus 4-04 New Inn at 3.30 Sean Toomey

Senior County Final(Replay)

23/11/97 Cappawhite 4-02 Brian Borus 3-01 New Inn at 12.00 Sean Toomey


Yvonne Quinlan, Michelle Ryan, Aideen O’keefe (Capt),

Patricia Crowe, Sandra Barry, Triona Hennessey, Marie O’Neill, Angela McDermott, Lisa White, Siobhan Costello, Geraldine Meagher, Catriona Fitzgerald, Ann Costello, Ann M O’Dwyer, Mairead Crowe.


Aileen Crowe, Tracy Maguire, Lorrainne Barry, Eimear O’keefe, Teresa White, Kathleen Cummins, Niamh Hogan, Helen McDermott, Rachel Kelly, Ann Breheny, Patricia Bourke.

This was a great year for our senior ladies on winning the Senior County Final for the first time, great credit was due to this panel of players for their great commitment in training during the year.

Tipperary 1998

AGM held on the 3 December 1997

Officers of the County Board:

Chairperson: Patrick Kenneally Brian Borus

Vice-Chairperson: Biddy Ryan Ardfinnan

Secretary: Debbie Murphy Slievenamon

Treasurer: Peggy Kennedy Ardfinnan

Clubs attending the meeting:

Ardfinnan, Aherlow, Brian Borus, Cappawhite, Monroe, Slievenamon.

New Clubs also registered in 1998 were:

Clonmel and Templemore

Cappawhite competed in then Peil na nOg in Donegal.

Manager, Junior and Minor: Frank O’Brien

Selectors: Biddy Ryan, Sharon O’Connor and Cecelia Walshe

Under 14 Manager: Mary Burke

Selectors: Peggy Kennedy, Linda Conway

Under 16 Manager: Patrick Kenneally

Friends of Tipperary football donated a sum to the ladies board. Bank of Ireland sponsored sports bags.

Sharon O’Connor of Moyle Rovers took over as Secretary in May.

Winners of county titles in 1998:

Under 12:

Under 14: Cappawhite

Junior: Brian Borus

It was suggested that we enter a team in the National League as we were one of three teams in Ireland not competing.

Jane Ann’s goal seals win for Cappawhite

In the county Under 14 ladies football final, played in Golden last week, Cappawhite beat Ardfinnan by 1-06 to 0-03. Cappawhite started the better with their half back line of Joanne Doherty, Maria O’Neil and Marian Renehan giving a plentiful supply of ball to the forwards. Jane Ann O’Neill opened the scoring for Cappa with a good point. This was followed by a point from Elaine Renehan who was set up with a good pass by Fiona Fox.

After Jennifer Buckley was fouled, Sheelagh Carew who was having a great game at midfield, pointed the free. Sinead Buckley who had moved up from full-back, added another point.

In an Ardfinnan attack Amanda Condon brought a great save from Helen Kennedy in the Cappa goal which yielded a ‘45’. Ardfinnan put on a good bit of pressure with Laura White, Amanda Grace and Caitriona Mason coming more into the game. Cappawhite however finished the half with a Jane Ann O’Neill point after playing a nice one-two with Fiona Fox. At half time Cappa led by 0-05 to no score.

Ardfinnan came out for the second half in determined fashion and set about bringing down the Cappa lead. Sabrina Bray, Aisling Ryan and Melissa McDonagh were keeping a close eye on the Cappa forward and letting nothing pass. Catriona Mason scored three points for Ardfinnan with Sheelagh Carew hitting one for Cappa to put a goal between the sides. At this stage Ardfinnan tried hard but met stout resistance in Marian Ryan and Ann O’Dwyer who made some timely interceptions. Try as they might, Ardfinnan could not break through for the goal they badly needed.

Back came Cappa and Jane Ann O’Neill sealed the game when she goaled from 30 yards. Soon afterwards referee Sean Twomey blew for full time. Captain Marie O’Neill received the plaque from the County Board Chairman, Patrick Kenneally amid scenes of great jubilation. While Cappa were victorious on the night, Ardfinnan contributed gallantly to a great game.


Helen Kennedy Ann O’Dwyer Sinead Buckley Marian Ryan

Joanne O’Doherty Marie O’Neill (capt) Marian Renehan Sheelagh Carew Elaine Renehan Jane Ann O’Neill Anna Kennedy Jennifer Buckley Fiona Fox Cathy O’Neill Antoinette Murnane

Subs: Roisin McCarthy for Cathy O’Neill, Michelle O’Neill, Catriona White, Kathleen O’Connor, Ann M P’Neill, Mary Morrissey, Orla Ryanm Roisin Ryan, Denise Renehan, Catherine Cranley, Emma Kennedy.


Barbara Moran (capt) Carmel Long Melissa McDonagh Claire Murphy Sabrina Bray Aisling Ryan Maria Nugent Laura White

Amanda Grace Catriona Mason Amanda Condon Sara Jane Bourke Ciara Lonergan Karen Shore Niamh O’Mahoney

Subs: Siobhan Lambert Brid Murphy Claire Diarmody Lindsey Shore Joanne Lonergan

Ladies Under 16 Football

Cappawhite into another final

Cappawhite 5.01 Brian Borus 2-03

In just under one week, despite the inclement weather, Cappawhite ladies have succeeded in reaching a second county final. The Under 16 county team lined out against Brian Borus as Lisvernane on a frosty afternoon last Sunday. Brian Borus’ Aine O’Dwyer got off to a swift start making an early assault but missing her targe4t to be denied the opening score. The Brian Boru half forwards continued the attack but were again denied the scores due to the god work of the Cappa back line.

After 4 minutes,a Jane Ann O’Neill goal got Cappawhite off to a great start. Brian Borus yielded a goal by Marianne Kennedy. In reply Siobhan Costello sent in a low shot which touched off the Brian Borus goal-keeper to end in the net for Cappawhite. Despite a number of scoring chances by both sides the half time score remained at Cappawhite 2-01 to Brian Borus 1-01. By the second half Cappawhite movements up field were much swifter, leading to goals from Sheelagh Carew, Tracy Maguire and Deirdre Ryan. Brian Borus came back in to foray midway through the second half with some good moves from midfielder, Aoife O’Dwyer to Marianne Kenneally and Mairead Morrissey, but again they were denied scoring opportunities.

Final score: Cappawhite 5-01 – Brian Borus 2-03


The Under 12s played Moyle Rovers in the county semi final in New Inn on the 18 June. Rovers were first to score and Fiona Fox had the equalizer. Half time score 0-01 each. Rovers started well with a great point but we fought hard and with 2 points from Fiona Fox and a point from Marion Renehan, left the final score 0-4 to 0-2. This was a great game with both teams playing well. We meet the winners of Ardfinnan and Clonmel in the final.


A M O’Neill E Kennedy M O’Neill C Cranley A O’Dwyer

M. Renehan (capt) 0-1 M Grant F Fox 0-3, O Ryan L Mullins

A O’Doherty J Clancy N O’Doherty E McHugh C Mullins

Subs: M Loughman, N Buckley, M Kennedy, M Barry, A Dargan, J Coughlan,

M T McCarthy

Best of luck to our Under 14s who are taking part in the Feile Peil na ng in Donegal on the 3rd, 4th, 5th July.

Under 16 ladies football semi final

Cappawhite win

Cappawhite ladies have succeeded in reaching a second county final as the Under 16 team beat Brian Borus at Lisvervane last Sunday. After 4 minutes a Jane Ann O’Neill goal got Cappawhite off to a great start. Further attacks by Brian Borus yielded a goal by Marianne Kenneally. In reply Siobhan Costello sent in a low shot to end up in the net for Cappawhite.

The half time score remained at Cappawhite 2-1 to Brian Borus 1-1. In the second half Cappawhite had goals from Sheelagh Carew, Tracy Maguire and Deirdre Ryan. Brian Borus came into the game with some good moves from midfielder Aoife O’Dwyer to Marianne Kenneally and Mairead Morrissey, but were denied.

Final score: Cappawhite 5-1 Brian Borus 2-3


Helen Kennedy Kathleen Cummins Sinead Buckley Anna Kennedy Sandra Barry Marie O’Neill Joanne O’Doherty Tracy Maguire 1-0 Sheelagh Carew 1-0 Siobhan Costello 1-1 Aileen Crowe Deirdre Ryan 1-0

Jane Ann O’Neill 1-0 Orla McCarthy Mairead Crowe


Tanya Guerin for Sinead Buckley (injured)

Margo Horan for Aileen Crowe

Elaine Renehan for Jane Ann O’Neill

Teresa White for Joanne O’Doherty

Catriona O’Neill, Michelle O’Neill, Cathy O’Neill, Sinead Ellis, Jennifer Buckley

Brian Borus:

Michelle O’Gorman Sinead Fitzgerald Eimear Shelly Karen Barry

Ann Marie McGrath Carmel Condon Michelle Normdoyle Aoife O’Dwyer 0-1 Michelle Slattery Orla Fahy Aine O’Dwyer Catriona Whelan Marianne Kenneally 1-1 Denise Fitzgerald Jennifer Slattery 0-1 Samantha Mullins Trish Hickey Fiona Fahy

Mairead Morrissey 1-0 Roisin Dwyer

Under 16 county final – Sunday 6th December 1998 in Ardfinnan

Half time: Cappawhite 0-1 Aherlow 1-5

Full time: Cappawhite 1-02 Aherlow 3-7

Ladies football county semi final senior

Cappawhite too good for Aherlow

Cappawhite 2-9 Aherlow 1-2

Cappawhite qualified for their second successive county ladies football final by virtue of this comprehensive victory over an under-strength Aherlow side in Ardfinnan last Sunday.

Cappawhite were always on top and Aherlow with only 14 players in the first half battled bravely throughout but the result was never in doubt. Aherlow were first to score with a point from Margaret Moroney. Minutes later a lob from Eimear O’Keeffe ended up in the Aherlow net. Angie McDermott and Edel Hanley swapped points. Catherine Fitzgerald, Margaret Crowe and Triona Hennessy added further points for Cappawhite to leave them leading 1-6 to 0-2 at half time.

Aherlow got an early boost at the beginning of the second half. Edel Hanley converted a penalty for Aherlow. However, this was to be Aherlow’s only score of the second half and Capawhite dominated proceedings during the half. Cappawhite’s second goal came in the final minutes when Siobhan Costello’s free kick deceived the Aherlow defence and ended up in the back of the net. Cappawhite’s now face Brian Borus in the county final.

Cappawhite had good defenders in Aideen O’Keeffe, Michelle Ryan, Sandra Barry and Triona Hennessy. In the attack, Cappawhite had fine performers in Angela McDermott, Siobhan Costello, Mairead Crowe, Catriona Fitzgerald and the evergreen Anne Costello. Aherlow had fine defenders like Siobhan Moroney, Brid O’Neill and Chantel Ryan, Donna Crowe, Edel Hanley and Martina Peters worked hard in attack.

County ladies final 5th Deccember 1998

Brian Borus take title in style

Brian Borus 3-5 Cappawhite 3-1

Brian Borus gained sweet revenge for last year’s county final defeat by Cappawhite when they out-scored the girls’s from the west in the ladies county senior football final in Ardfinnan. From the start it was clear that Brian Borus were out to make amends for last year’s final and within a minute they had goaled against a static Cappawhite defence with a well placed shot from Denise Fitzgerald. The opening stages of the game were lively with Brian Borus’s Nora Noonan looking dangerous. Indeed it was all Brian Borus at this stage and timely interception by Michelle Ryan prevented another green flag. Shortly afterwards Nora Noonan pointed from a free to give Brian Borus a four point lead.

Then Cappawhite came more in the game and a great move involving Triona Hennessy, Siobhan Costello, Mairead Crowe and Ann Costello released Orla McCarthy who crashed the ball into the net for a fine goal.

From the kickout Siobhan Costello gathered and her high shot deceived the defence and ended up in the Brian Borus net to give Cappawhite a two point lead. At this stage it was end to end stuff with both defences playing really well. However, Brian Borus attack began to move well off the ball and this caused problems for the Cappawhite defence. Slowly Brian Borus began to dominate with Orla Fleming, Kerry Fennessy, Geraldine Barry and Michelle Slattery to the fore.

Denise Fitzgerald gave Brian Borus the lead again when she beat the Cappa white defence and hammered home a well worked goal. Shortly afterwards Denise Fitzgerald goaled and it looked as if Cappawhite were in deep trouble. By this stage the Brian Borus defence were also well on top with full back Helen Norris ably assisted by Emma Wall and Karen Barry, playing particularly well. However, the girls from the west weren’t finished yet and slowly began to regain the initiative. Angela McDermott was winning more of the ball. Triona Hennessy, Aideen O’Keeffe and Marie O’Neill were coming more into the game and for the next ten minutes it was all Cappawhite.

For all their endeavors however, they failed to convert their dominance into scores and this was to prove their downfall. Brian Borus, on the other hand made good use of the few chances that came their way for the rest of the game and therein lay the difference. Noreen Noonan had two further points from frees to give Brian Borus a six point lead approaching half time. Then, good work by Marie O’Neill and Catriona Fitzgerald again found Orla McCarthy who beat two defenders to score a final goal. In the closing minutes of the first half Brian Borus defended strongly and went to the break leading 3-3 to 3-0.

The second half saw Cappawhite again dominating but as in the final against Aherlow, they never quite found their scoring touch. It was only after 10 minutes of constant pressure that Cappawhite had their first score of the half, a point from Catriona Fitzgerald. From there to the end, it was heroic defending by Brian Borus that prevented Cappawhite from converting their pressure into scores. Try though they might they could not break through for the badly needed goal. That was in stark contrast to the Brian Boru attack, which made good use of the limited supply they received in the second half, scoring two valuable points by Michelle Slattery and Geraldine Barry. Time and again Cappawhite’s attack broke down and the heavy conditions were making attractive football more difficult.

Best for Brian Borus were Helen Norris, Orla fleming, Geralding Barry, Kerry Fennessy, Denise Fitzgerald and Nora Noonan. For Cappawhite, Aideen O’Keeffe, Michelle Ryan, Triona Hennessy, Tracy Maguire, Angela McDermott, Siobhan Costello and Mairead Crowe caught the eye.


Brian Borus: Denise Fitzgerald 2-0, Michelle Slattery 0-1, Geraldine Barry 0-1

Cappawhite: Orla McCarthy 2-0, Noirin Noonan 0-3, Kerry Fennessy 1-0,

Siobhan Costello 1-0, Catriona Fitzgerald 0-1.

Brian Borus:

Eileen Myles Audrey Wyse Helen Norris Karen Barry

M T Slattery Emma Wall Carmel Condon Orla Fleming Geraldine Barry Susan Wall Aoife O’Dwyer Michelle Slattery Denise Fitzgerald Noirin Nooan Kerry Fennessy

Subs: Marian Keneally, aine O’Dwyer, Ann Marie McGreath, Lisa Fitzgerald,

Orla Fahy, Eimear Shelly


Ann Breheny Michelle Ryan AideenO’Keeffe Lorraine Barry

Sandra Barry Trion Hennessy Marie O’Neill Angela McDermott Traccy Maguire Catriona Fitzgerald Aileen Crowe Mairead Crowe Siobhan Costello Orla McCarthy Ann Costello

Subs: Eimear O’Keeffe, Deirdre Ryan, Kathleen Cummins, Helen McDermott, Teresa White, Catriona O’Neill, Sinead Ellis, Marie Horan, Tanya Guerin

Referee: Willie Barrett – Ardfinnan

Results of Ladies Football Matches

Under 12 Championship

5/5/98 Cappawhite 0-3 Ardfinnan 2-3 Ardfinnan 7.15 Mick Mahoney

12/5/98 Cappawhite 1-08 Clonmel 0-00 Cappawhite 7.30 Liam O’Dwyer

31/5/98 Cappawhite 1-05 Brian Borus 0-1 Bansha 12.00 Eugene Maguire

Under 12 County Semi-Finals

18/6/98 Cappawhite 0-4 Moyle Rovers 0-2 New Inn 7.00 Willie Barrett

24/698 Ardfinnan 4.5 Clonmel 0-0 Ardfinnan 6.45 Frankie O’Brien

Under 12 County Final

29/6/98 Cappawhite 0-1 Ardfinnan 0-3 Golden 6.45 Frankie O’Brien

Under 12 Panel:

Ann M O’Neill Emma Kennedy Michelle O’Neill Catherine Cranley Ann O’Dwyer Marion Renehan (capt) Michelle Grant Fiona Fox

Orla Ryan Noreen O’Doherty Antionette O’Doherty Jayne Clancy

Claire Mullins Emma McHugh Laura Mullins Marie Loughman Ruth Kennedy Mary Barry Niamh Buckley Audrey Dargan

Jackie Coughlan Mary T McCarthy

Our Under 12 played some great football in the county semi final against Moyle Rovers and the county final against Ardfinnan, but were unlucky to be beaten by 2 points in the final.

Under 14 Championship

2/6/98 Cappawhite 5-7 Templemore 3-3 Ballycahill 8.00

27/6/98 Cappawhite 2-3 Ardfinnan 0-0 Cappawhite 6.00 Sean Toomey

14/7/98 Cappawhite 6-8 Moyle Rovers 1-1 Rosegreen 6.45 Tom Walsh

Under 14 County Semi Finals

27/7/98 Cappawhite 5-11 Moyle Rovers 1-0 Rosegreen Pat

Ardfinnan Templemore Templemore Billy

Under 14 County Final

2/9/98 Cappawhite 1-6 Ardfinnan 0-3 Golden 7.00 Sean Toomey

Under 14 Panel:

Helen Kennedy Ann O’Dwyer Sinead Buckley Marion Ryan

Joanne O’Doherty Marie O’Neill (capt) Marion Renehan Sheelagh Carew Elaine Renehan Jane Ann O’Neill Anna Kennedy Jennifer Buckley Fiona Fox Cathy O’Neill Antoinette Murnane Roisin McCarthy

Ann Treacy Mary C O’Neill Michelle O’Neill Emma Kennedy Roisin Ryan Orla Ryan Mary Morrissey Ann M O’Neill Kathleen O’Connor Catriona White Denise Renehan Catherine Cranley

This was a great year for our Under 14 team on winning the County Final for the first time.

Under 14 Feile Peil na nOg Donegal Division 2D

3/7/98 Cappawhite 4-8 Glenfin 0-1 Glenfin 7.30 Eugene Quinn

4/7/98 Cappawhite 2-3 Errigan Carian (Tyrone) 1-0 Glenfin 12.00 Eugene Quinn

4/7/98 Cappawhite 3-5 St Nauls (Donegal) 0-0 Glenfin 1.15 Noel Doherty

Under 14 Feile Peile na nOg Donegal – Semi Finals

4/7/98 Lurgan (Cavan) 4-5 Killannin (Galway 3-4 Glenties 6.30

4/7/98 Cappawhite 1-0 Old Mill (Limerick) 0-6 7.30

Under 14 Feile Peil na nOg Donegal Final

5/7/98 Old Mill (Limerick) 2-1 Lurgan (Cavan) 0-1 Ballybofey

Under 14 Feile Skills Final

5/7/98 Sheelagh Carew 4th place

Under 14 Feile Skills Panel:

Helen Kennedy Ann O’Dwyer Elaine Renehan Cathy O’Neill

Joanne O’Doherty Marie O’Neill (capt) Marion Renehan Sheelagh Carew Sinead Buckley Jane A O’Neill Jennifer Buckley Antionette Murnane Orla Ryan Roisin McCarthy Emma Kennedy Michelle O’Neill Denise Renehan Catriona White Ann Treacy Roisin Ryan

Mary Morrissey Kathleen O’Connor Catherine Cranley Ann M O’Neill

We were very unlucky to be beaten in the File Semi Final in injury time by 3 points playing against a very strong wind. This was our second year taking part in Feile and beaten in the semi final.

Under 16 Championship

8/8/98 Cappawhite 3-6 Brian Borus 3-7 Bansha 7.30 Sean Toomey

18/8/98 Cappawhite 5-8 Cahir 0-1 Cappawhite 7.30 Sean Toomey

13/9/98 Cappawhite 1-3 Aherlow 2-5 Cappawhite 12.30 Sean Toomey

18/9/98 Cappawhite 3-5 Ardfinnan 0-4 Ardfinnan 6.30 Micky Mahony

27/9/98 Cappawhite 1-15 Moyle Rovers 2-1 New Inn 6.00 Eugene Maguire

4/10/98 Cappawhite 3-8 Templemore 3-6 Drombane 5.30 Sean Toomey

Under 16 County Semi Finals

15/11/98 Cappawhite 5-1 Brian Borus 2-3 Lisvernane 1.30 Mossie Walsh

29/11/98 Aherlow 5-8 Templemore 0-7 Lisvernane 12.00 Mossie Walsh

Under 16 County Final

6/12/98 Cappawhite 1-2 Aherlow 3-7 Ardfinnan 12.00 Mossie Walsh

Under 16 Panel:

Helen Kennedy Sinead Buckley Mairead Crowe (capt) Kathleen Cummins Sandra Barry Marie O’Neill Anna Kennedy Sheelagh Carew Siobhan Costello Deirdre Ryan Tracy Maguire Aileen Crowe

Jane A O’Neill Orla McCarthy Joanne O’Doherty Margo Horan

Cathy O’Neill Michelle O’Neill Jennifer Buckley Elaine Renehan Sinead Ellis

Our Under 16s had a great win over Brian Borus in the semi final, played some great football in the county final, but went down to a very strong Aherlow team.

Senior League

23/3/98 Cappawhite 1-5 Aherlow 2-4 Lisuernane 2.30 Sean Toomey

19/4/98 Cappawhite 5-13 Cahir 0-0 Bansha 3.00 Eugene Maguire

26/4/98 Cappawhite 5-8 Moyle Rovers 0-0 Golden 2.00 Tom Walshe

1/5/98 Cappawhite 0-7 Brian Borus 5-5 Bansha 7.00 Sean Toomey

24/5/98 Cappawhite Not Played Templemore Dundrum 6.00 Eamon Browne

Play off

19/7/98 Cappawhite 2-5 Brian Borus 1-5 Bansha 6.00 Sean Toomey

Senior League Final

12/8/98 Cappawhite 1-11 Aherlow 3-6 Bansha 7.30 Sean Toomey

Senior League Panel:

Ann Brehenny Mairead Crowe Aideen O’Keeffe (capt) Lorraine Barry Michelle Ryan Triona Hennessy Sandra Barry Angela McDermott Aileen Crowe Catriona Fitzgerald Tracy Maguire Lisa White Siobhan Costello Marie O’Neill Ann Costello Deirdre Ryan Helen McDermott Tanya Guerin Eimear O’Keeffe Teresa White Catriona O’Neill Kathleen Cummins Margo Horgan Rachel Kelly Orla McCarthy

Senior Championship

27/8/98 Cappawhite 4-10 Templemore 1-2 Cappawhite 6.45 Sean Toomey

Senior County semi final

8/11/98 Cappawhite 3-1 Aherlow 1-2 Ardfinnan 11.00 Willie Barrett

8/11/98 Brian Borus W.O Templemore scr

Senior County final

22/11/98 Cappawhite 3-1 Brian Borus 3-5 Ardfinnan 2.00 Willie Barrett

Senior Championship Panel:

Ann Brehenny Michelle Ryan Aideen O’Keeffe (capt) Lorraine Barry Sandra Barry Triona Hennessy Marie O’Neill Angela McDermott Tracy Maguire Catriona Fitzgerald Aileen Crowe Mairead Crowe Siobhan Costello Orla McCarthy Ann Costello Deirdre Ryan

Eimear O’Keeffe Teresa White Catriona O’Neill Helen McDermott Margo Horan Tayna Querin Kathleen Cummins Lisa White

Sinead Ellis

This was our second successive year in the senior county final, but were unlucky to be beaten on the day.

Ardfinnan had built up too much of a lead in the first half to overcome this, so they held on to win.


Ann M O’Neill Michelle Grant Cathy O’Neill Mary Keane

Ann O’Dwyer Joanne O’Doherty Emma Kennedy Sheelagh Carew (capt 0-2) Marion Renehan Jayne Clancy Fiona Fox (0-1) Antoinette Murnane Orla Ryan Michelle O’Neill (1-0) Ann M Ryan

Subs: Noreen O’Doherty for Ann M Ryan

Marie Loughman for Michelle Grant

Catherine Cranley, Denise Renehan, Emma McHugh, Ruth Kennedy,

Mary K Ryan, Antionette O’Doherty, Kathleen O’Connor, Audrey Dargan

Our Under 16 panel and juniors will play Brian Borus in the championship this coming week. Congratulations to the Tipperary senior camogie tam and mentors and especially Angela McDermott who gave a brilliant display on Sunday last. Our junior ladies will be taking part in the All Ireland sevens in Dublin on Saturday 2nd October. We are hoping to run a bus to the All Ireland ladies football final on Sunday 3rd October. If there is any player that would like to go, please give their names to any of the committee as soon as possible.

Cappawhite ladies win title

Cappwhite under 16 girl footballers won the county final fir the first time in Bansha against Ardfinnan on Monday week last. It took 15 minutes before the first score, a point from Helen Breen and a goal and a point from Sheelagh Carew and a great point from Michelle O’Neill with no reply from Ardfinnan to leave the half time score 1-03 to 0-0. In the second half Ardfinnan tried their best but with Cappa goalie and back’s playing well, scores were hard to come by.

In the final quarter Ardfinnan got through for a goal and 2 points. Then Sheelagh Carew scored a goal from a free. Siobhan Costello, a goal and Tracy Maguire a point to leave the final score 3-04 to 1-02.


Helen Kennedy Anna Kennedy Cathy O’Neill Elaine Renehan Joanne O’Doherty Marie O’Neill Jane A O’Neill Siobhan Costello 1-0 Sheelagh Carew 2-1 Deirdre Ryan Tracey Maguire (capt) 0-1

Antoinette Murnane Michelle O’Neill 0-1 Helen Breen 0-1 Fiona Fox


Jayne Clancy for Fiona Fox

Marie Loughlan for Helen Breen

Catherine Cranley, Sinead Buckley, Noreen O’Doherty, Antionette O’Doherty, Ann O’Dwyer, Kathleen O’Connor, Michelle Grant


On Saturday night last the club made a presentation to Angela McDermott of a beautiful piece of crystal for her great win in the All Ireland camogie final. The club thanks the camogie team and officers for attending on the night and wish them the best of luck, and also our sponsors and everyone who helped on the night. The Junior county final, if not on Saturday next, will not be played until 14th Bnovember. Our Under 18s will take part in the championship shortly.

Cappawhite 31/7/99

In the county semi final of the ladies Under 14 football championship played in Cappawhite on Tuesday night, Cappa had a comfortable win over Chair. Cappa started in tremendous style with their half back’s and centre field in control giving the forwards a plentiful supply of ball which they used well. Orla Ryan opened with a point which was followed with a point from Fiona Fox. Michele O’Neill, Fiona Fox and Ann Marie Ryan followed with goals. Sheelagh Carew pointed a free, Ann O’Dwyer set up Jayne Clancy for a good point, Fiona Fox added another point before Sheelagh Carew goaled from a free and Ann O’Dwyer closed the first half with a point to leave Cappa 4-6 to no score ahead at the interval. Cahir improved a lot in the second half but found scores hard to get.

Thelma Maguire scored a great goal for Cahir but Cappa added a goal by Sheelagh Carew and points to Antoinette Murnane and Fiona Fox to leave the final score Cappawhite 5-8 to Cahir 1-0.


Ann O’Neill Emma Kennedy Cathy O’Neill Mary Keane

Michelle Grant Joanne O’Doherty Ann O’Dwyer 0-1 Sheelagh Carew 2-1 Marion Renehan Antoinette Murnane 0-1 Fiona Fox 1-3

Orla Ryan 0-1 Jayne Clancy 0-1 Michelle O’Neill 1-0 Ann M Ryan 1-0


Mary K Ryan, Catherine Cranley, Noreen O’Doherty, Emma McHugh, Antoinette O’Doherty, Marie Loughman, Kathleen O’Connor, Denise Renehan, Audrey Dargan.

Tipperary 1999

Clubs: Ardfinna, Aherlow, Brian Borus, Cahir, Cappawhite, Moyle Rovers

Officers of County Board:

Chairpeson: Peggy Kennedy

Secretary: Sharon O’Connor

Vice-Chair: Liam Shinnick

Treasurer: Mary Shinnick

Managers of County Teams:

Under 14: Patrick Kenneally

Under 16: Liam Shinnick

Minor & Junior: Eugene Maguire

No results in minutes of any finals

Tipperary Star

11th September 1999

Cappawhite ladies football

Our Under 14 girls were beaten by Ardfinnan in the county final played in Bansha on Wednesday 1st September. This was a very entertaining game, especially in the second half, but Ardfinnan had built up too much of a lead in the first half to overcome this, so Ardfinnan held on to win.

Our Under 16 and junior will play Brian Borus in the championship this coming week.

Congratulations to the Tipperary senior camogie team and mentors and especially Angela McDermott who gave a brilliant display on Sunday last.

Our junior ladies will be taking part in the All Ireland sevens in Dublin on Saturday 2nd October. We are hoping to run a bus to the All Ireland ladies football final on Saturday 3rd October. If there is any player that would like to go, please give names to any any one of the committee as soon as possible.

Under 12 Championship – 6 teams

24/6/99 Cappawhite 2-4 Ardfinnan 4-4 Ardfinnan 6.30 M Mahony

28/6/99 Cappawhite 2-4 Moyle R 1-3 Golden 6.30 S Toomey

7/7/99 Cappawhite 1-4 Brian Borus 2-1 Bansha 6.30 S Toomey

13/7/99 Cappawhite 4-7 Moycarkey 0-1 Cashel 6.00 E Browne

13/8/99 Cappawhite 1-2 Cahir 2-2 Cahir G Queeney

20/9/99 Cappawhite 2-6 Ardfinnan 1-2 Cappawhite 6.00 S Toomey

Under 12 County Semi Finals

25/9/99 Moyle Rovers Cahir Clogheen 2.30 Frankie O’Brien

25/9/99 Cappawhite 1-2 Brian Borus 4-5 Clogheen 5.00 M Walsh

Under 12 County Final

2/10/99 Brian Borus Moyle Rovers

Under 12 Panel


Michelle O’Mahony Catherine Kelly Mary Keane Elaine Ryan

Laura Mullins Ann O’Dwyer (capt) Mary O’Dwyer Patricia Ryan Emma Kennedy Claire Mullins Ann Marie Ryan Marie T McCarthy Audrey Dargan Claire O’Neill Valerie O’Neill Bridget Barry Orlagh Eichholz Brid Heffernan Denise O’Dwyer Jenni O’Dwyer Mary T Meehan Martina Buckley Niamh Buckley Aisling Barry Eibhlin Ryan

Under 14 Championship (5 teams)

18/4/99 Cappawhite 2-3 Ardfinnan 1-2 Cappawhite 6.00 S Toomey

3/5/99 Cappawhite 4-7 Cahir 2-2 Cahir 5.00 B Mahony

5/6/99 Cappawhite 3-6 Brian Borus 1-4 Bansha 5.45 S Toomey

18/6/99 Cappawhite 5-8 Moylr R 0-1 Bansha 6.30 S Toomey

Under 14 County Semi Finals

20/7/99 Cappawhite 5-9 Cahir 1-0 Cappawhite 7.00 S Toomey

Ardfinnan Moyle R

Under 14 County Final

1/9/99 Cappawhite 1-3 Ardfinnan 4-8 Bansha 6.30 M Walsh

Under 14 Panel:

Ann M O’Neill Michelle Grant Cathy O’Neill Mary Keane

Ann O’Dwyer Joanne O’Doherty Emma Kennedy

Sheelagh Carew (capt) Marion Renehan Jayne Clancy Fiona Fox Antoinette Murnane Orla Ryan Michelle O’Neill Ann M Ryan Denise Renehan Emma McHugh Ruth Kennedy Marie Loughman Catherine Cranley Mary K Ryan Noreen O’Doherty

Antoinette O’Doherty Kathleen O’Connor Audrey Dargan

Under 14 Feile Peil Na nOg Limerick

12/6/99 Cappawhite 0-3 Rathkeale 1-1 Bruree

12/6/99 Cappawhite 5-3 Mungret 1-0 Bruree

12/6/99 Cappawhite 4-3 Croom 2-6 Bruree

12/6/99 Cappawhite 1-3 Roundwood 1-3 Bruree

Under 14 Feile Panel:

Anne M O’Neill Emma Kennedy Cathy O’Neill Michelle Grant Antoinette Murnane Joanne O’Doherty Ann O’Dwyer

Sheelagh Carew(capt) Marion Renehan Jayne Clancy Fiona Fox

Orla Ryan Noreen O’Doherty Michelle O’Neill Ann M Ryan

Catriona White Catherine Cranley Mary K Ryan Audrey Dargan Antoinette O’Doherty Marie Loughman

Under 14 Feile Skills: Joanne O’Doherty

Under 16 Championship – (4 teams)

19/8/ Cappawhite 6-13 Cahir 0-0 Cappawhite 7.00 F Quinn

26/8 Cappawhite 4-5 Ardfinnan 1-2 Cappawhite 5.45 S Toomey

Under 16 County Semi Finals

15/10 Cappawhite 2-8 Cahir 0-0 STP 5.45 S Toomey

17/10 Ardfinnan Brian Borus

Under 16 County Final

25/10 Cappawhite 3-4 Ardfinnan 1-2 Bansha 2.00 F O’Brien

Under 16 Panel:

Helen Kennedy Anna Kennedy Cathy O’Neill Elaine Renehan Joanne O’Doherty Marie O’Neill Jane A O’Neill

Tracy Maguire (capt) Sheelagh Carew Siobhan Costello Helen Breen

Deirdre Ryan Fiona Fox Michelle O’Neill

Antoinette Murnane Sinead Buckley Marie Loughman Jayne Clancy Kathleen O’Connor Noreen O’Doherty Antoinette O’Doherty Ann O’Dwyer Michelle Grant

This was a great year for our Under 16 girls, on winning the county final for the first time.

Under 18 Championship, 4 teams (knockout)

6/11 Cappawhite 1-13 Cahir 0-0 Cappawhite 1.00 T Walsh

21/11 Aherlow 0-5 Brian Borus 2-13 Cahir 3.00 P Tobin

Minor County Final

5/12 Cappawhite 1-4 Brian Borus 2-9 Bansha 2.30 P Tobin

Minor Panel:

Helen Kennedy Sinead Buckley Michelle Ryan Elaine Renehan Joanne O’Doherty Marie O’Neill Sandra Barry (capt) Sheelagh Carew Mariead Crowe Deirdre Ryan Aileen Crowe Siobhan Costello

Jane A O’Neill Marguerite Crowe Anna Kennedy Tracy Maguire

Fiona Fox Aisling Barry Cathy O’Neill Helen Breen Antoinette Murnane Marie Loughman

Junior League

5/4/99 Cappawhite 0-2 Aherlow 3-8 Bansha 4.00 E Browne

Junior League Panel:

Helen Kennedy Susan Buckley Mairead Crowe Lorraine Barry

Sandra Barry Marie O’Neill Jane Anne O’Neill Tracy Maguire Angela McDermott Siobhan Costello Mary Horan Michelle Ryan

Orla McCarthy Anne Costello Anne Breheny Anne Marie O’Dwyer Deirdre Ryan Kathleen Cummins Margo Horan Aideen O’Keeffe Catriona Fitzgerald Jayne Guerin Helen McDermott Carol Leonard

Junior Championship, 4 teams (League)

29/8/99 Cappawhite 2-6 Ardfinnan 1-8 Ardfinnan 6.30 M Mahony

19/9/99 Cappawhite 1-6 Brian Borus 2-6 Bansha 11.00 S Toomey

Cappawhite Aherlow Not played

Junior County Semi Finals

9/10/99 Aherlow 1-8 Brian Borus 1-5 New Inn 5.00 S Toomey

10/10/99 Cappawhite 1-10 Ardfinnan 1-6 New Inn 4.00 P Molyneaux

Junior County Final

11/12 Cappawhite 2-1 Aherlow 1-8 Bansha 2.00 P Molyneaux

Junior Panel:

Helen Kennedy Michelle Ryan Aideen O’Keeffe Lorraine Barry

Sandra Barry Marie O’Neill Mairead Crowe Angela McDermott Siobhan Costello Triona Hennessy Tracy Maguire Susan Buckley

Anne Costello Anne Breheny (capt) Jane A O’Neill Joanne Horgan

Aileen Crowe Deirdre Ryan Catriona Fitzgerald Marguerite Crowe Aisling Barry Helen McDermott Helen Breen Elaine Renehan

Bank of Ireland Junior Club 7 a side

Trinity College Sports Ground, Santry

2/10/99 Cappawhite 2-8 Carrigtwohill (Cork) 3-1

2/10 Cappawhite 8-3 Lissummon (Armagh) 1-1

2/10/99 Cappawhite Bye 2/10

2/10/99 Cappawhite 6-0 Clones (Monaghan) 2-3

Quarter Final

2/10/99 Cappawhite 2-4 Bredagh (Down) 4-2

Panel 7 a side:

Helen Kennedy Mairead Crowe (capt) Lorraine Barry

Angela McDermott Marie O’Neill Siobhan Costello

Jane Anne O’Neill Tracy Maguire Deirdre Ryan

Sandra Barry Aisling Barry Marguerite Corwe

This was our first time taking part in the 7 a side in Santry

Tipperary 2000

Clubs in attendance:

Ardfinnan, Aherlow, Brian Borus, Cappawhite, Moyle Rovers

Officers of County Board:

Chairperson: Peggy Kennedy

Vice-Chairperson: Liam Shinnick

Secretary: Sharon O’Connor

Treasurer: Mary Shinnick

Assistant Treasurer: Mary Fahey

Fixtures Secretary: Lina Ryan

Development Off: Liam Shinnick

U 14 Manager: Lina Ryan

U 16 Manager: Peggy Kennedy

Junior Manager: Liam Shinnick

U 12 Co Champions: Moycarkey Borris

U 14 Co Champions: Cahir

U 16 Co Champions: Cappawhite

U 18 Co Champions: Cappawhite

Junior Champions: Ahrlow

Aherlow also won the plate in the All Ireland sevens competitions. Cappa were runners up in the cup final.

At a meeting on the 8th September 2000, the Chairperson resigned and Michael Ryan of Munster Council and Maire Halvey, Secretary of Munster attended the meeting. Liam Shinnick was elected Chairman at this meeting. Lina Ryan also resigned at a previous meeting. Tipperary took part in the mini-sevens in Croke Park on All Ireland day represented by clubs from Cahir an Moyle Rovers.

A Fanning, Cahir sponsored training tops for county team.

The Tipperary ladies football team who won the very first ladies All Ireland title in a final played against Offaly in Durrow Co Laois in 1974 will be honoured in Croke Park on Sunday.

The team and subs will be paraded in Croke Park at half time in the senior All Ireland between Waterford and Mayo (kick off 3pm). The Junior final between New York and Tyrone kicks off at 1.15.

Later that night the Tipperary panel and mentors will attend a celebration nights in Jurys.

Clonmel man, Jim Kennedy, the then Tipperary Chairman of the ladies football and the first President of the Nation Association of Ladies football, said this week that it was only fitting that their achievement sould be acknowledged.

“In those times ladies football did not get the same media exposure as it does today, so it will be a fantastic experience for the girls to be honoured in Croke Park, on Sunday”, he siad.

Jim Kennedy said the Croke Park honour was a tribute to everybody involved in ladies football in Tipperary and he singled out the late Dan O’Mahony as the person responsible for establishing the sport in Tipperary.

“Dan started ladies factory league and that is how the county team came about and they went on to win an All Ireland in 1974 and 1975”, he said.


Margaret Carroll (Ardfinnan) Majella Sweeney (Newcastle)

Anne Croke (Mullinahone) Catherine Keane (Mullahone)

Sally Clohessey (Moycarkey) Tina Flynn (Ardfinnan)

Ena Hackett (Newcastle) Betty Looby (Golden)

Eileen Dudley (Golden) Lillian Gorey (Killusty/St Bridgets)

Eleanor Carroll (Ardfinnan) Josephine Keane (Mullinahone)

Kitty Ryan (Ardfinnan) Mary McGrath (Emly)

Cait O’Dwyer (Moycarkey) Mary Lonergan (Emly)

Nora Moran (Ardfinnan)

Tipperary Star

23 September 2000

Our Under 16 team had a great win over Ardfinnan in the county semi final played in new Inn on Saturday 16 September. Ardfinnan led at halftime by 1-1 to 0-3. Cappawhite began to play better football in the second half and with three goal blitz by Sheelagh Carew to leave the full time score 4-5 to 1-3.


Helen Kennedy (capt) Cathy O’Neill Sinead Buckley

Marion Renehan Anne O’Dwyer Marie O’Neill

Elaine Renehan Joanne O’Doherty 0-1 Sheelagh Carew 3-2

Marion Ryan 0-1 Jane Ann O’Neill Jayne Clancy

Noreen O’Doherty Eimear Quinn 1-0 Antoinette O’Doherty 0-1

Subs: Catriona White, Mary O’Dwyer, Grace Furlong, Michelle O’Neill, Michelle Grant, Denise Renehan, Catherine Cranley, Audrey Dargan, Kathleen O’Connor, Antionette Murnane.

Our Under 16s will meet Brian Borus in the county final. Our junior team will be taking part in the All Ireland Sevens in Dublin.

Tipperary Nationalist

16 September 2000

Cappawhite Ladies Football – Our Under 14 girls were beaten by Chair in the county semi final on Tuesday 5 September in New Inn. Cahir led by five points at half time. Cappawhite improved greatly in the second half and 3 points from Fiona fox and one from Antoinette O’Doherty brought us to within a point of Cahir but we missed a lost of chances and couldn’t overhaul the Cahir girls. The final score in a great game of football was 0-5 to 0-4.


Patricia English Catherine Cranley Anne Marie Ryan

Orla Ryan Anne O’Dwyer Marion Renehan (capt)

Emma Kennedy Fiona Fox (0-3) Jayne Clancy

Noreen O’Doherty Antoinette O’Doherty (0-1) Grace Furlong

Claire O’Neill Michelle O’Neill Mary Keane.


Elaine Ryan for Claire O’Neill

Laura Mullins for Catherine Cranley

Michelle Grant for Michelle O’Neill

Marie T McCarthy, Mary O’Dwyer, Audrey Dargan and Carmel Beary.

A special thanks to our two trainers, Helen Kennedy and Elaine Renehan and everyone who helped during the year with the Under 14 girls.


July 2000

Cappawhite Under 12 ladies were beaten by Moycarkey in the county semi final played in ideal conditions in Ardfinnan on Saturday 24th June. Our team was very young and it was great to see them getting to a semi final. Moycarkey led at half time by 4 points to no score. Cappawhite found it hard to score as Moycarkey were a much stronger team. Final score 2-9 to 0-0.


Martina Buckley Mary T Meehan Niamh Buckley Valerie O’Neill Rebecca Cummins Laura Mullins Denise O’Dwyer Claire Mullins Marie T McCarthy Sarah Ryan Mary C Ryan Siobhan O’Neill Aisling Barry Catherine Kelly (capt) Jenni O’Dwyer.


Mary O’Meara, Laura Heffernan, Orlagh Elchoiz, Donna Quinlan, Ena Meagher, Marguerite Meather, B Barry, Eibhlin ryan, Jessica hayes, Ann Ita ryan, Amanda Beary, Aanita Barry, Alison McHugh, Doireann O’Meara.

A special thanks to Jane Anne, Cathy and Michelle O’Neill and Elaine Renehan for coaching the Under 12 girls. Under 14 county semi final is on 8th July. Collection on the 8th and 9th July.

Best6 of luck to our Under 14 girls in the Feile Peil na nOg next weekend. Our host club is Confey, Kildare.


14 October 2000

Co Under 16 ladies football final

Cappawhite retain title in style

Cappawhite 3-4 Brian Borus 0-7

Last Saturday the Under 16 ladies county final was played in Cahir in wet conditions. Despite the rain both teams gave a great display of football with Cappawhite retaining their title. Brian Borus’s scored first with two points from Mairead Morrissey. Brian Borus’s missed a chance of a goal and then Cappawhite came into the game and scored two points from play scored by Jane Anne O’Neill. Brian Boru’s scored a great point from play through Patricia Hickey but their lead was short lived when Cappawhite’s Jane Anne O’Neill netted from a free.

Mairead Morrissey replied with two white flags for Bvrian Borus to leave the half time scores level – Brian Borus 0-5 to Cappawhite 1-2.

The second half started with great enthusiasm from both sides. Brian Borus went into the lead when Patricia Hickey pointed but from a kick out Cappawhite scored a great goal through Noreen O’Doherty. The last point of the game for Bruian Borus was scored from centre field by Mairead Morrissey. Cappawhite finished the stronger with Noreen O’Doherty scoring their second and then Joanne O’Doherty getting their third goal. When the final whistle blew, Cappawhite were in front with the scoreline reading Cappawhite 3-4 Brian Borus 0-7. The Chairman of the Ladies County Board, Liam Shinnick complimented both teams for the great game and skills displayed. He then presented the perpetual shield to Helen Kennedy, captain of the Cappawhite team.

Cappawhite lined out as follows:

Helen Kennedy Cathy O’Neill Sinead Buckley Marian Renehan Anne O’Dwyer MarieO’Neill Elaine Renehan Joanne O’Doherty Sheilagh Carew Marian Ryan Jane Anne O’Neill Jayne Clancy Noreen O’Doherty Eimear Quinn Antoinette O’Doherty.


Antoinette Murnane, Catriona White, Mary O’Dwyer, Michelle O’Neill, Grace Furlong, Catherine Cranley, Audrey Dargan, Kathleen O’Connor, Michelle Grant, Denise Renehan.

On Sunday 8th October, Aherlow played Gerald Griffins in the replay of the Munster Junior Club semi final in Ballybricken. Aherlow gave a great display of football but Gerald Griffin’s came out winners after a closely contested match. The final score was 5-11 to 5-5.

County junior training resumes on Saturday next, 14th October at 6.30 pm at Cahir GAA pitch.

Nationalist 28 October 2000

Minor County Final

On Sunday last in Gransha our minors had a fine victory over Chair in ideal weather conditions.

Cappa opened the scoring with a goal from Faustina Renehan followed by a point from Siobhan Costello from a free. Cahir replied with a goal but Cappa finished the first half with points from Sheelagh Carew 2, and Siobhan Costello and a goal from Tracey Maguire to leave the half time score 2-4 to 1-0.

In the second half both teams found scores hard to come by. We missed a lot of scoring chances with a point from Deirdre Ryan and a great goal by Sheelagh Carew, left the final score 3-5 to 1-0.


Helen Kennedy Marion Ryan, Mairead Crowe (capt)

Cathy O’Neill Elaine Renehan Marie O’Neill

Sandra Barry Siobhan Costello 0-2 Joanne O’Doherty

Sheelagh Carew 1-2 Tracey Maguire 1-0 Jane A O’Neill

Margo Horan Faustina Renehan 1-0 Deirdre Ryan 0-1


Aileen Crowe for Cathy O’Neill

Teresa White for Margo Horan

Jayne Clancy for Faustina Renehan

Marion Renehan for Jane A O’Neill

Sinead Buckley and Michelle O’Neill

We now meet Moyle Rovers in the next round.

Cappawhite won the county minor ladies football championship in New Inn on Sunday. Cappa beat Aherlow by 3-5 to 2-6 in a very exciting game.

The game was played in constant downpour of rain and heavy wind into the Cashel side goals.

Cappawhite had the help of the win in the first half and started brightly with points by Jane Anne O’Neill and Sheelagh Carew. Siobhan Costello and Joanne O’Doherty were winning a lot of the ballad midfield and kept a good supply into the forwards.

Faustina Renehan was very unlucky with a goal attempt which was cleared off the line. The Aherlow attack looked dangerous when it got going, especially Edel Hanly and Aine Staunton. Siobhan Costello had a good goal from a pass by Jane A O’Neill followed by a point by Jane A O’Neill.

Aherlow hit back with Edel Hanley scoring a goal and a point. Cappawhite finished the half with two further points by Siobhan Costello and Sheelagh Carew to leave the score 1-5 to 1-1 at half time.

With the elements to face in the second half, the lead did not look to be enough but Cappawhite gave a very determined performance for the 30 minutes. The backs defeated stoutly and cleared ball after ball. Sheelagh Carew played as an extra back and took out a lot of ball.

Siobhan Costello scored two great goals which really rocked Aherlow in the second half. Helen Kennedy made some great scores when they were badly needed. Marian Ryan, Mairead Crowe and Sinead Buckley defended superbly in the full back line.

Elaine Renehan, Marie O’Neill and Sandra Barry worked tirelessly in the half back line. Siobhan Costello and Joanne O’Doherty kept working hard all through. Deirdre ryan, Sheelagh Carew and Tracy Maguire won valuable ball on the half forward line. Jane A O’Neill, Faustina Renehan and Eimear Quinn were always dangerous in the full forward line.

Jayne Clancy also tried hard when she came on. Aherlow tried to the end and got some good scores, but Cappawhite held out to win by 3-5 to 2-6.

Mairead Crowe accepted the plaque from county Chairman Liam Shinnick amid great scenes of celebration.


Helen Kennedy Sinead Buckley Mairead Crowe (capt)

Marian Ryan Sandra Barry Marie O’Neill

Elaine Renehan Siobhan Costello 3-1 Joanne O’Doherty

Tracy Maguire Sheelagh Carew 0-2 Deirdre Ryan

Jane A O’Neill 0-2 Faustina Renehan Eimear Quinn


Jayne Clancy for Faustina Renehan

Margo Horan, Aileen Crowe, Noreen O’Doherty, Antoinette O’Doherty, Catriona White, Cathy O’Neill, Marion Renehan, Michelle O’Neill, Teresa White and Aisling Barry.

Special thanks to Martin McDermott and Tony Breheny for their help.

Under 12 Championship – 7 Teams League

18/4/00 Cappawhite 2-6 Ardfinnan 0-00 Ardfinnan 5.00 Micky Mahoney

2/5/00 Cappawhite 1-2 Cahir 4-5 Cappawhite 5.00 Dermott Maguire

24/5/00 Cappawhite 1-1 Moyle Rovers 4-5 New Inn 6.00 T J Corby

7/6/00 Cappawhite 6-3 Eire og Clonmel 3-3 Cappawhite 4.00 Tom Walsh

9/6/00 Cappawhite 0-0 Moycarkey 4-5 Litteton 6.00

17/6/00 Cappawhite 4-4 Brian Borus 0-4 Cappawhite 1.00 Michael O’Dwyer

Under 12 County Semi finals

24/6/00 Cappawhite 0-0 Moycarkey 2-9 Ardfinnan 3.00 Willie Barrett

24/6/00 Cahir Moyle Rovers Ardfinnan 4.30 Willie Barrett

Under 12 County Final

29/6/00 Moycarkey 3-3 Moyle Rovers 0-5 Ardfinnan

Under 12 Panel:

Martina Buckley Mary T Meehan Niamh Buckley Valerie O’Neill Rebecca Cummins Claire Mullins Mary O’Meara Laura Mullins Catherne Kelly (capt) Marie T McCarthy Jenni O’Dwyer Mary C Ryan

Sara Ryan Denise O’Dwyer Laura Heffernan Aisling Barry

Orlagh Eicholz Siobhan O’Neill Donna Quinlan Ena Meagher

Jessica Hayes Amanda Beary Marguerite Meagher Eibhlin Ryan

Bridget Barry Annita Barry Ann Ita Ryan Alison McHugh Doireann O’Meara

Under 14 Championship 7 Teams (League)

26/4/2000 Cappawhite 0-3 Brian Borus 1-6 Cappawhite 5.00 Sean Toomey

5/5/2000 Cappawhite 6-12 Moycarkey 1-0 Littleon 6.00 Anne Ralph

24/5/2000 Cappawhite 2-6 Moyle Rover 0-1 New Inn 7.00 T J Corby

26/5/2000 Cappawhite 4-7 Cahir 6-3 Annacarty 7.00

5/6/00 Cappawhite 1-3 Ardfinnan 1-2 Cappawhite 4.00 Francis Quinn

5/9/00 Cappawhite 0-4 Cahir 0-5 New Inn 6.30 Sean Toomey

9/9/00 Cahir 1-2 Brian Borus 0-2 Ardfinnan

Under 14 County Semi Final

5/9/00 Cappawhite 0-4 Cahir 0-5 New Inn 6.30 Sean Toomey

Ardfinnan Brian

Under 14 County Final

9/9/2000 Cahir 1-2 Brian Borus 0-2 Ardfinnan

Under 14 Panel:

Patricia English Catherine Cranley Anne M Ryan Orla Ryan

Anne O’Dwyer Marion Renehan (capt) Emma Kenedy Fiona Fox Jayne Clancy Noreen O’Doherty Antoinette O’Doherty Grace Furlong Claire Furlong Claire O’Neill Michelle O’Neill Mary Keane Elaine Ryan Laura Mullins Michelle Grant

Mary O’Dwyer Audrey Dargan Marie T McCarthy Carmel Beary Claire Mullins Kate Bourke

We were very unlucky to be beat in the semi final by 1 point. A game we should have won.

Under 14 Feile Peil na nOg

1/7/2000 Cappawhite 2-1 Confey (Kildare) 3-1 Confey 10.00

1/7/2000 Cappawhite 2-7 Castleknock (Dublin) 1-0 Westmanstown

1/7/2000 Cappawhite 0-1 Beara (Cork) 3-3 Westmanstown

Under 14 Feile Panel:

Patricia English Catherine Cranley Ann M Ryan Orla Ryan

Anne O’Dwyer Marion Renehan (capt) Emma Kennedy Fiona Fox Jayne Clancy Noreen O’Doherty Antoinette O’Doherty Mary Keane Grace Furlong Michelle O’Neill Elaine Ryan Carmel Beary Claire O’Neill Laura Mullins Mary O’Dwyer

Michelle Grant Kate Bourke Claire Mullins

Marie T McCarthy Audrey Dargan

Under 14 Feile Skills: Fiona Fox Cappawhite

Under 16 Championship 5 Teams

15/9/2000 Brian Borus Moyle Rovers

County Semi Final

16/9/2000 Cappawhite 4-5 Ardfinnan 1-3 New Inn 4.30 Sean Toomey

Brian Borus W.O. Aherlow s.c.r.

County Final

7/10/2000 Cappawhite 3-4 Brian Borus 0-7 Cahir 1.30 Ml McCormack

Under 16 Panel:

Helen Kennedy (capt) Cathy O’Neill Sinead Buckley

Marion Renehan Anne O’Dwyer Marie O’Neill

Elaine Renehan Joanne O’Doherty Sheelagh Carew

Marion Ryan Jane A O’Neill Jayne Clancy

Noreen O’Doherty Eimear Quinn Antoinette O’Doherty

Catriona White Mary O’Dwyer Antoinette Murnane

Michelle O’Neill Denise Renehan Catherine Cranley

Michelle Grant Audrey Dargan Kathleen O’Connor

Grace Furlong

This was our second successive year on winning the Under 16 final.

Minor Championship 6 Teams 2 Groups

Aherlow 2-11 Ardfinnan 1-8 Ardfinnan Frankie O’Brien

15/10/2000 Cappawhite 3-5 Cahir 1-0 Bansha 12.30 Ml McCormack

Cappawhite Wo Moyle Rovers Scr

Aherlow Wo Brian Scr

Minor County final

22/10/2000 Cappawhite 3-5 Ahrlow 2-6 New Inn 3.00 Mossie Walshe

Minor Panel:

Helen Kennedy Sinead Buckley Mairead Crowe (capt) Marion Ryan Sandra Barry Marie O’Neill Elaine Renehan

Siobhan Costello Joanne O’Doherty Tracey Maguire

Sheelagh Carew Deirdre Ryan Jane A O’Neill

Faustina Renehan Eimear Quinn Jayne Clancy Margo Horan Aileen Crowe Noreen O’Doherty Antoinette O’Doherty

Catriona White Cathy O’Neill Michelle O’Neill

Marion Renehan Teresa White Aisling Barry

This was a great year for our minors on winning the county final for the first time.

Junior Championship Home and Away 6 Teams

22/4/2000 Cappawhite 2-8 Brian Borus 2-8 Annacarty 7.00 Tom Walshe

29/4/2000 Cappawhite Ardfinnan Ardfinnan Not played

7/5/2000 Cappawhite 1-3 Aherlow 6-12 Lisvernane 3.00 Sean Toomey

19/5/2000 Cappawhite 6-6 Cahir 0-2 Cappawhite 7.00 Tom Walshe

16/7/2000 Cappawhite 3-14 Moyle Rovers 1-3 Munroe 12.30 Lena Ryan

1/8/2000 Cappawhite 1-4 Ardfinnan 1-5 Ardfinnan 7.00 Micky Mahony

7/8/2000 Cappawhite 2-12 Cahir 0-2 Cahir 7.30 Frankie O’Brien

15/8/2000 Cappawhite 2-6 Aherlow 2-3 Cappawhite 7.00 Tom Walshe

21/8/2000 Cappawhite 2-6 Aherlow 2-3 Cappawhite 7.00 Tom Walshe

Cappawhite Moyle Rovers Cappawhite Not played

Cappawhite Ardfinnan Cappawhite Not played

Junior County final

27/8/2000 Aherlow 9-6 Brian Borus 3-4 Ardfinnan John Cummins

Junior Panel:

Helen Kennedy Michelle Ryan Aideen O’Keeffe Lorraine Barry

Sandra Barry Marie O’Neill (capt) Sinead Buckley Anglea McDermott Treacy Maguire Siobhan Costello Mairead Crowe Jane A O’Neill Deirdre Ryan Mary Horan Joanne O’Doherty Elaine Renehan Faustina Renehan Anne Breheny Margo Horan Triona Hennessy Fiona Barry Anne Costello Aisling Barry

Bank of Ireland Junior Club 7 a side

In Trinity college sports ground Santry, Dublin 4

Round 1 All Played on 30 September 2000 in Santry

Cappawhite 4-3 St Valentines (Cork B) 0-2 10.00

St Teresa’s tyrone 3-3 Moate Westmeath 1-8 10.30

Round 2

An Streath Ban Tyrone 1-3 St Valentines (B) 1-4 11.00

Cappawhite 5-5 St Teresas 1-2 11.30

Moate BYE

Round 3

Moate 2-1 An Seath Ban 1-7 12.00

St Theresas 3-6 St Valentines 6-7 12.30

Cappawite BYE

Round 4

Cappawhite 6-6 Moate 3-0 1.00

St Teresas 2-2 An Seath Ban 3-5 1.30

St Valentines BYE

Round 5

St Valentines (B) 3-8 Moate 1-2 2.00

Cappawhite 8-5 An Srath Ban 2-5 2.30

St Teresas BYE

Quarter Finals

Cappawhite 3-5 O’Currys (Clare) 2-1

Semi Final

Cappawhite 3-6 Gabriel Rangers 1-5

St Valentines (A) 0-2 Donaghmoyle (MGN) 1-5

Junior 7 a side Final

Capawhite 1-3 Donaghmoyle (Mayo) 6-5

Junior 7 a side Panel:

Helen Kennedy Michelle Ryan Marie O’Neill (capt) Siobhan Costello Mairead Crowe Angela McDermott Sinead Buckley Jane A O’Neill Joanne O’Doherty Deirdre Ryan Tracy Maguire Sandra Barry

This was our second time taking part in the bank of Ireland Junior 7 a side. Reaching the final was a great achievement.

Tipperary Ladies Football 2001

Secretary’s Report


Chairman: Liam Shinnick

Secretary: Sharon O’Connor

Treasurer: Mary Shinnick

PRO: Mary Shinnick

Registrar: Mary Shinnick

Referees Co-Ordinator: County Board Officers

Fixtures Secretary: County Board Officers

Development Officer: Liam Shinnick, Mary Shinnick, Biddy Ryan

2001 had the makings of a great year for ladies football in Tipperary and it certainly did not disappoint. The junior championship was due to commence in early March, however, due to the threat of foot and mouth, fixtures at all levels had to be postponed. This resulted in a backlog of games early on in the year. There were 5 new clubs taking part in the junior championship in 2001, namely Golden, Newport, Moycarkey, Arravale Rovers and Sliabh na mBan who had not fielded a team at junior level for a number of years.

It was a tremendous boost for the game in Tipperary to see the number of teams at junior level double on the previous year. With so many new teams participating in the junior competition, it was decided to have a Plate final, as well as the county final in 2001. The junior championship saw some excellent clashes during the year, however in the end Aherlow overcame Cappawhite and Brian Borus saw off Ardfinnan to earn their respective places in the county final. The final was played in Cahir on the 26th August in front of one of the largest attendances seen at a county final in recent years. Both teams played their hearts out and treated the crowd present to a great game of football played in a most sporting manner. Aherlow were victorious in the end and went on to represent Tipperary in the Munster Junior Club Championship. Their first game outside the county was against Clashmore of Waterford in a thrilling encounter at Ardfinnan where another victory earned them a place in the Musnter Club final on 19th October in Charleveille. Their opponents in the final were Rockban of Cork.

While Aherlow dominated the first half of this game, Rockban proved slightly too strong for the Tipp champions in the end. Aherlow can feel very proud of their achievements during the year and it will only be a matter of time before the Club brings All-Ireland glory to Tipperary.

Two new clubs established in 2001, namely Golden and Newport reached the Junior Plate final with New port capturing their first title with a solid victory over their West Tipp opponents.

Eight clubs took part in the Under 12 championship, with Mullinahone and Ballyporeen taking part for the first time at underage level. The competition had both a Cup and Plate final, to encourage the new teams in 2001.

Brian Borus proved too strong for Cahir in the Plate final while Moyle Rovers and Moycarkey battled it out in the Cup final, with Moyle Rovers being crowned champions in the end.

The Under 14 championship also had 8 clubs participating. The Under 14 Plate final between Cappawhite and Ardfinnan ended in a draw with Cappawhite winning the replay. The Under 14 Cup final was between Brian Borus and Chair. This was a thoroughly entertaining game with Cahir just pipping Brian borus in the end to win their second Under 14 title in succession.

The Under 16 competition saw teams taking part with Arravale Rovers entering a team for the first time. The eagerly awaited county final saw Brian Borus taking on old rivals Cahir in a repeat of the Under 14 county final. In the end Brian Borus proved too strong for the Cahir side and deservedly claimed the Under 16 title in 2001.

This year the minor championship was made up of seven teams. The first county semi final saw Cappawhite overcoming Aherlow by the narrowest of margins and Brian Borus proving too strong for Moyle Rovers in the second semi final of this competition. The minor final was a hotly contested game with both Brian Borus and Cappawhite giving it their all on the day. It was Brian Borus however, who puled away in the end and managed to secure a victory, capturing the club’s second county title in 2001 in the process.

The hosting of Feile Peile na nOg in Tipperary was one of the highlights of the underage ladies football calendar in the county in 2001. Nine Tipperary clubs took part in Peile, namely Brian Borus, Cahir, Cappawhite, Clonmel Commercials, Ardfinnan, Moyle Rovers, Mullinahone, Clonoulty and Moycarkey, Clonoulty and Clonmel Commercials made their respective debuts in Peile na nOg. Cahir won the best dressed host tem, while Brian Borus won best banner (host team) and were also represented by Samantha Mullins in the final of the skills competition of Peile. The competition was a great success thanks to the hard work and co-operation of all clubs in the county and also to the assistance given to us by clubs in both Cork and Waterford in hosting teams.

The friendships that were formed and the enjoyment had by all who participated in the Feile weekend is what sport is all about. The school visits proved very successful with members of the Tipp ladies junior team, accompanies by the President of the GAA, Sean McCaigue, as well as various GAA stars visting schools throughout the county.

Ladies football was enthusiastically received in all of the schools and it was an excellent opportunity to promote the game in Tipperary.

At inter-county level, the Tipperary junior team participated in the National league in 2000/2001 taking on Limerick, Westmeath, Kildare, Roscommon, Wicklow, Meath and Carlow.

The team put a lot of hard work and effort into their league campaign in 2001 and was rewarded with a victory over Carlow and narrow defeats at the hands of Limerick, Westmeath and Meath. Tipperary were up against tough opponents in Kildare and Roscommon with both of these teams meeting in the All Ireland junior final in September with Roscommon emerging victorious in the end. The team improved greatly on their previous year’s campaign and set the scene for an exciting championship. Tipperary overcame Limerick with an outstanding team performance in the opening round of the Championship in Cahir. They went on to play Clare in atrocious weather conditions in Ennis in the second round but unfortunately were beaten. They had to play Limerick again and ended up meeting Waterford in the Munster semi final. Tipperary dominatged throughout this game and the last 10 minutes were nail biting and were played at a ferocious pace. Waterford won the game by the narrowest of margins and the final whistle was greeted with heartbreak in the Tipp camp. Tipperary were just one point away from a place in the Munster final which was a terrific achievement on the part of all the players as well as the mentors involved with the junior panel.

The county Uner 14, Under 16 and Minor team’s campaigns while not producing any silverware, saw some fine individual and team displays of football throughout the year. One of the best team performances was given by the County Under 14 team when they took on Clare in their last match of the season. Perhaps with some increased assistance from individuals, in training these teams, with some increased assistance from individuals, in training these teams, would wse them progress further at inter-county level in the near future. There is no doubt that the talent is out there and this was evidenced when the Tipp Under 14 team travelled to Mullingar on the 16th June to participate in the All Ireland Blitz. Tipp played Fermanagh, Leitrim, Carlow and Donegal in the All Ireland semi final. They were beaten by just a single point in the semi final by a very strong Donegal side.

The All Ireland Intermediate and Junior Club 7 a side competition was held in Neamh Mearnog GA club, Portmarnock on 29th September 2001. Seven teams from Tipperary namely, Ardfinnan, Arravale Rovers, Brian Borus, Cappawhite, Golden and two teams from Cahir took part in the competition. Unfortunately this year while we did not take home any of the spoils, each club certainly did themselves proud at National level and a thoroughly enjolyable weekend was had by all.

On All Ireland final day, 30th September, Tipperary was represented in Croke Park in the primary game. Ten girls from clubs throughout the county got the opportunity to proudly wear the blue and gold and play in Croke Park on this special day.

The primary team included:

Bronagh Higgins (Cahir) Siobhan Crotty (Ballyporeen)

Brid O’Dwyer (Brian Borus) Kate Slattery (Moycarkey-Broris)

Ciara Johnson (Moycarkey-Borris) Eileen Brennan (Mullinahone)

Nicola Lyons (Moyle Rovers) Rachel Lonergan (Moyle Rovers)

Kelly Meaney (Ardfinnan) Catherine Kelly (Cappawhite)

An Under 14 Blitz competition was held in Ardfinnan on a sunny Saturday in mid October with seven teams taking part. This was the first outing for the newly formed Emly Club, who showed that they would certainly be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Cahir were victorious in the A competition while Mullinahone won the B Group of this Blitz.

Ladies football in Tipperary is growing all the time. A lot of work is presently being done by a small number of people in clubs throughout the county. These people are giving their valuable time and energy to be promotion of ladies football. With increased assistance, co-operation and involvement from others, the game will go from strength to strength in the county and it will only be a matter of time before ladies football in Tipperary will be rewarded.

A special thanks to all those involved at club level who promoted and developed the game throughout the county during the year and in particular to those involed with the county Board. To all those involved in the training and selection of county teams, in particular Mick Hearne, to all the referees who officiated at games, to those who provided pitches and a special thanks to Denny Whelan who is always available with buses for county teams. On behalf of the County Board, I would like to acknowledge the ongoing co-operation and assistance being given to us throughout the year by Helen O’Rourke, General Secretary of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association. Her attendance at our County Board meeting last May and her presentation of a set of jerseys was certainly one of the highlights of the year.

I would like to extend congratulations to anyone who celebrated happy occasions during the year and sincere sympathy to those who suffered bereavements. Finally, I would like to thank all those who assisted me in my role during the year and especially Liam and Mary for all their help and I know that Ladies Football in Tipperary will continue to grow in 2002 and onwards.

Nationalist 9 June 2001

Our Under 14 girls had a convincing win over Ballyporeen in the Plate semi final played in Cahir on Monday last. Final score 8-11 to 0-0.


Elaine Ryan Mary O’Dwyer Ann M Ryan 3-1 Catherine Kelly

Claire Mullins 1-0 Mary Keane 0-1 Mary C Ryan 0-1

Anne O’Dwyer (capt) 1-2 Laura Mullins Niamh Buckley Emma Kennedy 1-2 Rebecca Cummins 1-0 Denise O’Dwyer Claire O’Neill 1-3 Sarah Ryan


Martina Buckley 0-1, for Sarah Ryan

Valerie O’Neill for Catherine Kelly

Mary O’Meara for Emma Kennedy

Marie T McCarthy 0-1 for Denise O’Dwyer

Eibhlin Ryan for Niamh Buckley

Under 14 Plate final v Ardfinnan in Cahir on Thursday 7th June at 7 pm. It would be nice to see some parents supporting the girls on Thursday night.

Tipperary Star


We played Ardfinnan in the Under 14 Plate county final in Cahir. Ardfinnan started the better team and led at half time by 3-0 to 0-5. In the second half Cappawhite began to play better football but found scores hard to come by. Ardfinnan were leading by 1-4 with 8 minutes remaining. Then Cappawhite got through for a great goal by Emma Kennedy and a goal and a point by Anne O’Dwyer to leave the sides level at 2-10 to 4-4 at full time.


Elaine Ryan Mary O’Dwyer Ann Marie Ryan

Catherine Kelly Mary Claire Ryan Mary Keane

Niamh Buckley Anne O’Dwyer (capt 1-2) Laura Mullins

Claire Mullins (0-1) Grace Furlong (0-2) Emma Kennedy (1-5)

Denise O’Dwyer Claire O’Neill Sarah Ryan


Rebecca Cummins for Claire O’Neill

Feile Peil na nOg

Cappawhite Under 14 girls are hosting a teram from Clare. Accommodation is needed for this visiting team.

Under 14 Plate Replay

Cappawhite v Ardfinnan on Friday 22 June 2001, West venue.



Cappawhite ladies football – On Tuesday 22nd May, our Under 12 girls were beaten by Moycarkey in the county semi final played in Cappawhite. Moycarkey were leading at half time by 2-2 to 1-1. In the second half Cappawhite played some great football and really put it up to a very strong Moycarkey side. We conceded too many frees which ultimately cost us dearly. Moycarkey went on to win by 4-3 to 2-3.


Bridget Barry Siobhan O’Neill Denise O’Dwyer Ena Meagher

Valerie O’Neill Mary O’Meara (capt) Rebecca Cummins Niamh Buckley Catherine Kelly (0-2) Sarah Ryan Martina Buckley Mary Kelly

Aisling Barry Jenni O’Dwyer (2-1) Donna Quinlan


Amanda Beary, Orlagh Eicholz, Michelle Breheny, Siobhan Ryan, Dearbhla Ryan, Marguerite Meagher, Claire Maher, Clodagh Cummins, Anita Barry, Alison McHugh, Doireann O’Meara



Our Under 14 girls were well beaten by Brian Borus in the last round of the championship. The game which was played in Ballylooby on Friday night last ended 5-7 to 1-2.


Claire O’Neill Mary O’Dwyer Anne Marie Ryan Catherine Kelly Claire Mullins Mary Keane Emma Kennedy

Anne O’Dwyer (capt 1-2) Laura Mullins Mary C Ryan

Grace Furlong Elaine Ryan Sarah Ryan Carmel Beary Rebecca Cummins


Niamh Buckley for Carmel Beary

Valerie O’Neill for Sarah Ryan

Mary T McCarthy for Elaine Ryan

Eibhlin Ryan for Catherine Kelly

Martina Buckley for Rebecca Cummins

Our Under 14s have qualified for the Plate semi final with Mullinahone, Ardfinnan and Ballyporeen.



On Friday night last our junior ladies were beaten in the county semi final against Aherlow. In a fairly even first half we were unlucky to be going in behind a score of 2-2 to 0-5.

In the second half Aherlow took control of the game and in the end their superior fitness showed. Final score 5-8 to 0-4.


Helen Kennedy Elaine Renehan (0-1) Marie O’Neill

Marion Anderson Sandra Barry Mary Horan

Joanne O’Doherty Siobhan Costello Mairead Crowe

Tracy Maguire Triona Hennessy (0-1) Jane A O’Neill (0-2)

Sheelagh Carew Sinead Buckley Marion Ryan


Catherine Anderson, Cathy O’Neill, Antoinette Murnane



Scenes of great jubilation greeted Cappawhite girls on capturing the Under 14 Plate final in Golden on Saturday last. They defeated a gallant Ardfinnan side who fought bravely until the final whistle.

Ardfinnan opened the score with two points before Cappawhite’s Anne O’Dwyer scored a great goal from a free, followed by a goal and a point from Emma Kennedy, a point from Emma Kennedy and a point from Anne O’Dwyer. Then Cappa were awarded a penalty with Anne O’Dwyer scoring a goal to leave the half time score at 3-2 to 1-5.

The second half was very evenly contested with both sides showing tremendous commitment and some fine skills. Ardfinnan opening with a point. Cappawhite on the other hand took their chances and went further ahead with goals from Claire Mullins (3), Emma Kennedy 1-1 and points from Jennie O’Dwyer and Grace Furlong (2). Then Ardfinnan put on the pressure and scored some nice point but Cappawhite’s defence stood firm and went on to win by 7-5 to 1-10.

The Shield was presented to captain Anne O’Dwyer by Hughie Donohoe, sponsor and Liam Shinnick, Chairman, County Board.


Elaine Ryan Mary O’Dwyer Anne M Ryan Catherine Kelly Denise O’Dwyer Mary Keane Niamh Buckley

Anne O’Dwyer (capt) Laura Mullins Sarah Ryan Grace Furlong

Emma Kennedy Claire O’Neill Claire Mullins Jenni O’Dwyer.


Aisling Barry for Claire O’Neill

Carmel Beary for Jenni O’Dwyer

Marie T McCarthy for Aisling Barry

Valerie O’Neill, Martina Buckley, Eibhlin Ryan, Rebecca Cummins.

The Club would like to thank Eugene Maguire, Helen Kennedy, Elaine Renehan for the help with the Under 14 girls.



Cappwhite ladies football – In the Under 16 county semi final played in new Inn on Sunday last we lost to Cahir by 3 points. This was a great game of football with very little between the teams. Cappawhite missed a lost of scoring chances especially in the first half which cost them dearly at the final whistle. The full time score was 0-6 to 0-3.


Catherine Anderson Catriona White Cathy O’Neill

Emma Kennedy Anne O’Dwyer Joanne O’Doherty (0-1)

Mary O’Dwyer Marion Renehan Jayne Clancy (capt)

Noreen O’Doherty Sheelagh Carew (0-2) Fiona Fox

Antoinette O’Doherty Aisling McGrath Kathleen O’Connor

Subs: Catherine Cranley

Special thanks to Declan Costello and everyone who helped with the Under 16 team.

Results of Ladies Football Matches

Under 12 Championship (8 teams League 2 Groups)

11/4/01 Cappawhite 4-0 Brian Borus 2-5 Annacarty 6.00 Eamon Browne

18/4/01 Cappawhite 0-3 Ardfinnan 1-4 Goatenbridge 7.00 Derek O’Mahony

29/4/01 Cappawhite 0-1 Moyle Rovers 1-3 Cappawhite 5.30 Eamon Browne

Under 12 Play Offs

7/5/01 Cappawhite 1-3 Ardfinnan 1-3 Ardfinnan 12.00 Derek Mahony

9/5/01 Cappawhite 1-5 Brian Borus 2-1 Cappawhite 6.00 Richie O’Connor

Under 12 County Semi Finals

22/5/01 Cappawhite 2-3 Moycarkey 4-3 Cappawhite 5.30 Richie O’Connor

22/5/01 Moyle Rovers 3-7 Mullinahone 0-0 Ardfinnan

Under 12 County Final

5/6/01 Moyle Rovers 0-4 Moycarkey 0-1 Cahir

Under 12 Panel:

Bridget Barry Siobhan O’Neill Denise O’Dwyer Ena Meagher

Valerie O’Neill Mary O’Meara(capt) Rebecca Cummins Niamh Buckley Catherine Kelly Sarah Ryan Martina Buckley Mary Kelly

Aisling Barry Jenni O’Dwyer Donna Quinlan Amanda Beary Orlagh Eicholz Michelle Breheny Siobhan Ryan Derbhla Ryan Marguerite Meather Claire Maher Clodagh Cummins

Christine Shanahan Doireann O’Meara Anita Barry Alison McHugh Rachel Renehan

Under 14 Championship

(8 teams 2 Groups)

1/4/01 Cappawhite 6-7 Mullinahone 1-0 Mullinahone 1.00

16/4/01 Capawhite 1-4 Moycarkey 4-8 Annacarty 5.00 Eamon Browne

25/4/01 Cappawhite 1-2 Brian Borus 5-7 Ballylooby 6.00 Derek O’Mahony

Under 14 County Semi Final

27/5/01 Moyle Rovers 1-4 Brian Borus 3-14 Ardfinnan

27/5/01 Cahir Moycarkey

Under 14 County Final

8/6/01 Brian Borus 0-8 Cahir 0-8 Ardfinnan 7.00 Richie O’Connor

Under 14 County Final (replay)

23/6/01 Brian Borus Cahir Ardfinnan

Under 14 Plate Semi Final

4/6/01 Cappawhite 8-11 Balyporeen 0-0 Cahir 2.00 Derek O’Mahony

4/6/01 Ardfinnan Mullinahone

Under 14 Plate Final

7/6/01 Cappawhite 2-10 Ardfinnan 4-4 Cahir 7.00 Frankie O’Brien

Under 14 Plate Final (replay)

23/6/01 Cappawhite 7-5 Ardfinnan 1-10 Golden 2.00

Under 14 Panel

Elaine Ryan Mary O’Dwyer Anne M Ryan Catherine Kelly Denise O’Dwyer Mary Keane Niamh Buckley

Anne O’Dwyer (capt) Laura Mullins Sarah Ryan Grace Furlong

Emma Kennedy Claire O’Neill Claire Mullins Jenni O’Dwyer Carmel Beary Aisling Barry Marie T McCarthy Valerie O’Neill Martina Buckley Eibhlin Ryan Rebecca Cummins Mary C Ryan

Mary O’Meara Mary T Meehan

Under 14 Feile Peil Na nOg (In Tipperary)

6/7/01 Capawhite 0-2 Banner (Clare) 2-4 Cappawhite Tom Walsh

7/7/01 Cahir 0-3 Banner (Clare) 0-5 Cahir

7/7/01 Capawhite 0-4 Carbury (Kildare) 1-5 Cahir

7/7/01 Cappawhite 0-0 Cahir 4-6 Cahir

7/7/01 Banner 1-2 Carbury 0-1 Cahir

Under 14 Feile Peil Na nOg semi final

7/7/01 Banner 2-1 Errigal Ciaran (Tyrone) 1-3 Fethard

Under 14 Feile Peil Na nOg Final

8/7/01 Banner 1-4 Lurgan (Cavan) 0-6 Semple Stadium

Under 14 Feile Skills Final

8/7/01 Anne O’Dwyer – 4th place

Under 14 Feile Panel:

Elaine Ryan Mary O’Dwyer Anne M Ryan Catherine Kelly Mary C Ryan Mary Keane Denise O’Dwyer

Anne O’Dwyer (capt) Laura Mulins Emma Kennedy Grace Furlong

Sarah Ryan Claire Mullins Jenni O’Dwyer Claire O’Neill

Mary O’Meara Marie T McCarthy Eibhlin Ryan Carmel Beary

Aisling Barry Martina Buckley Rebecca Cummins Valerie O’Neill

Under 16 Championship (6 teams)

20/7/01 Cappawhite 1-10 Cahir 1-5 Cappawhite 6.45 Sean Toomey

25/7/01 Cappawhite 6-9 Moyle Rovers 3-8 New Inn 7.00

29/7/01 Cappawhite 0-3 Brian Borus 5-7 Ballylooby 11.45 Derek O’Mahony

15/8/01 Cappawhite 3-14 Newcastle 0-1 Golden 7.00 Sean Toomey

23/9/01 Cappawhite 3-4 Ardfinnan 3-3 Cappawhite 11.30 Richie O’Connor

Under 16 County Semi Final

7/10/01 Cappawhite 0-3 Cahir 0-6 New Inn 12.00 Willie Barrett

7/10/01 Ardfinnan Brian Borus

Under 16 County Final

10/11/01 Brian Borus 4-5 Cahir 0-3 Ardfinnan 2.00 Richie O’Connor

Under 16 Panel:

Catherine Anderson Catriona White Cathy O’Neill Emma Kennedy

Anne O’Dwyer Joanne O’Doherty Mary O’Dwyer Marion Renehan Jayne Clancy (capt) Noreen O’Doherty Sheelagh Carew Fiona Fox

Antoinette O’Doherty Aisling McGrath Kathleen O’Connor Catherine Cranley Mary C Ryan

Minor Championship (23 Groups 7 Teams)

3/9/01 Cappawhite 7-19 Arravale Rovers 0-0 STP 7.00 Connie O’Sullivan

17/9/01 Cappawhite 2-16 Moyle Rovers 3-1 Golden 6.45 P J Hassett

Minor County Final

10/11/01 Cappawhite 2-8 Aherlow 2-7 New Inn 2.00 Derek O’Mahony

17/11/01 Brian Borus 9-21 Moyle Rovers 1-3 Cahir 12.00 Derek O’Mahony

Minor County Final

25/11/01 Cappawhite 0-10 Brian 3-6 Cahir 12.00 Derek O’Mahony

Minor Panel:

Helen Kennedy Cathy O’Neill Sinead Buckley Emma Kennedy

Anne O’Dwyer Marie O’Neill Elaine Renehan Jayne Clancy

Siobhan Costello Tracey Maguire Joanne O’Doherty Jane A O’Neill Marion Ryan Sheelagh Carew Deirdre Ryan(capt)

Noreen O’Doherty Antoinette O’Doherty Mary O’Dwyer Fiona Fox

Aisling McGrath Catriona White Kathleen O’Connor

Catherine Anderson

Junior Championship (League) 9 Teams

25/3/01 Capawhite 5-15 Golden 1-2 Golden 12.00 Sean Bradshaw

13/4/01 Cappawhite 2-8 Ardfinnan 5-5 Annacarty 6.00 Eamon Browne

27/4/01 Cappawhite 0-4 Aherlow 1-11 Lisvernane 7.30 Sean Toomey

7/5/01 Cappawhite 1-8 Moyle rovers 0-3 Munroe 5.00 Lena Ryan

12/5/01 Cappawhite 7-13 Moycarkey 1-2 Littleton 6.00 Denis Curtis

23/5/01 Cappawhite 1-15 Sliabh na Mban 0-5 Grangemuckler

27/6/01 Cappawhite 1-16 Newport 0-2 Cappawhite Eamon Browne

8/7/01 Cappawhite 1-9 Brian Borus 1-5 Cappawhite Eamon Browne

Quarter Final

13/8/01 Aherlow 3-12 Moyle Rovers 3-2 Cahir

Junior County Semi Final

17/8/01 Cappawhite 0-4 Aherlow 5-8 STP 7.00 Sean Toomey

19/8/01 Brian Borus 5-18 Ardfinnan 0-4 Cahir 2.00

Junior County Final

26/8/01 Aherlow 3-8 Brian Borus 2-6 Cahir 3.30 Richie O’Connor

Munster Junior Club Semi Final

14/10/01 Aherlow 4-4 Rockban (Cork) 5-10 Charleville 1.00

Junior Panel:

Helen Kennedy Elaine Renehan Marie O’Neill Marion Anderson Sandra Barry Mary Horan Joanne O’Doherty S Costello (capt) Mairead Crowe Tracy Maguire Triona Hennessy Jane A O’Neill Sheelagh Carew Sinead Buckley Marion Ryan

Catherine Anderson Cathy O’Neill Antoinette Murnane Michelle Ryan Aideen O’Keeffe Jayne Clancy Faustina Renehan Deirdre Ryan Catriona Fitzgerald

Schwarzkopf All Ireland Junior 7 a side 29/09/01

Group 5 10.00 am

Naomh Mearnog Pair Dublin

Round 1

Tyholland (Monaghan) 6-3 Mungret St Pauls (Limerick) 1-1

Cappawhite 9-6 St Teresa (tyrone

Kilmihill (Clare

Round 2

Kilmihill (Clare) 4-4 Tyholland (Monaghan) 3-5

Mungret (St Pauls) 9-2 St Teresa (Tyrone) 2-0

Cappawhite A Bye

Round 3

Cappawhite 5-1 Kilmihill (Clare 4-5

St Teresas (Tyrone) 0-5 Tyholland w.o

Mungret (St Pauls) A Bye

Round 4

Mungret St Pauls 6-4 Cappawhite 6-4

St Teresas (Tyrone) Scr Kilmihill 5-5

Tyholland A Bye

Round 5

Tyholland 4-9 Cappawhite 5-3

Mungret St pauls 3-4 Kilmihill 5-5

St Teresas A Bye

All Ireland Junior Championship Final

Kilmihill 7-4 Gabriel Rangers Cork 3-4

All Ireland Junior Shield Final

Tyholland 6-6 Latton (Monaghan) 2-2

Panel 7 a side:

Helen Kennedy Marie O’Neill Elaine Renehan Joanne O’Doherty Sheelagh Carew Deirdre Ryan Siobhan Costello(capt) Jayne Clancy Mairead Crowe Jane A O’Neill Tracy Maguire Michelle Ryan

Tipperary Ladies Football 2002


Chairman: Liam Shinnick

Secretary: Patreece Ryan

Treasurer: Mary Shinnick

PRO: Patreece Ryan

Registrar: Marie O’Connor

Referees Co-Ordinator: Mary Fahey

Fixtures Secretary: Mary Fahey

Development Officer: Liam Shinnick, Mary Shinnick, Biddy Ryan

Given the fact that Ladies football is one of the fastest growing sports in the country at present, it comes as no surprise to us that new clubs are springing up all over the county. In 2002 Upperchurch/Drombane, Moyne/Templetuohy and Clonakenny set up new clubs while Templemore re-established its club at the start of the year. While there were marvellous achievements by many clubs throughout the county during the year, without a doubt the highlights of the year were the county junior team capturing the National League, Division 3 title in June 2002, Cappawhite qualifying for the All Ireland Junior Club Final and Brian Borus reaching the Munster Intermediate club final.

Tipperary Junior Team National League Division 3 Champions 2002

The work that has been put into ladies football in the county over the past number of years finally paid dividends when Tipperary were crowned National League, Division 3 Junior Champions in 2002. The campaign began back on a wet Sunday in February with their first game away to Carlow. This was a closely contested game for much of the time but Tipperary had 5 points to spare at the final whistle. Their second round game was played at a half way venue in Ballinasloe and their opponents on this occasion were Sligo, who were somewhat of an unknown quantity. Tipperary had a very impressive win on this occasion securing their second league in a row overcoming Sligo by a margin of 11 points.

Tipperary’s winning streak continued when they overcame Derry in the third round of the league played in Carrigallen, Co Leitrim in April. This was despite the fact that Tipperary were without the services of four of their regular starting line-up. Their win this time was quite comprehensive with the final scoring reading Tipperary 3-15, Derry 0-8. Their next outing proved to be a far more difficult task. This time Tipperary travelled to Mullingar to take on Westmeath, who defeated Tipperary by just a single point in the league last year. They therefore had a score to settle this year. However, after a keenly contested game and a nail biting final five minutes, Tipperary came out on top winning by just two points. The victory over Westmeath earned them a place in the quarter finals of the league, which they were pleased with.

Their opponents in the quarter final were Wexford and this game was played in Enniscorthy in May. Tipperary went into this game knowing very little about Wexford, however, expectations were high and the opportunity of a place in a league semi final was more than enough of an incentive for Tipperary. Aherlow’s Edel Hanley had a terrific individual display in this game and notched up a total of 9 points, which was a magnificent achievement by any standards. The final score read Tipperary 1-16, Wexford 2-1.

Tipperary’s semi final opponents were Westmeath, a team that they had the most difficulty in overcoming earlir in the league. This was Tipperary’s only home venue in the entire league and the task at the outset looked difficult, especially since Tipperary were without the services of the regular midfielder, Orla fleming and full forward Edel Hanley, who had been their top scorer in the league to date. Despite the fact that Tipprary did not play well in the opening half, the sides were level at the break. Tipperary came out firing on all cylinders in the second half and a terrific team display resulted in them having 12 points to spare at the final whistle and a place in the final was secured.

Tipperary played Sligo in the final in Cusack Park, Ennis on Saturday 29th June. This was a game which Tipperary had eagerly awaited. The win was a hard fought one in a game which went right down to the wire. It was Sligo who seemed to settle first and Tipperary looked nervous in the opening half although they missed a lost of scoring chances in the first half and Tipperary were lucky to trail by just a single point at half time. Tipperary never gave up however and battled hard all over the field. The end proved to be a real cliff hanger and Tipperary captured their first ever National League title at junior level, winning by a single point. The final whistle was greeted with tremendous celebrations in the Tipperary camp and the victory was a richly deserved one for the panel and their mentors and the culmination of hard work over the previous 3 or 4 years.

Munster Under 14 Champions 2002

The Tipperary Under 14 team had a terrific victory over Clare in the first round of the Munster Championship played in Cahin in March.

Tipperary were always in control in this game, with some fine individual displays of football on the day from Alison Lonergan, Claire Carroll, Kate Slattery, Claire Bryan and Gemma Maguire. Following their great win over Clare in the first round of the Munster Championship Tipperary were quite confident taking on Waterford in the second round. Tipperary, while winning a lost of possession in this game, found it very difficult to score and had a lot of wides in the first half. Waterford were a physically stronger side and it was this strength that stood to them in the end. Tipperary however still managed to qualify for the Munster semi final thanks to their first rounf victory over Clare. Unfortunately they were defeated by last year’s All Ireland Champions, Cork, who gave a terrific dsplay of football in this game.

Tipperary Under 14 Panel:

Laura Simpson (Cahir) Ciara Heffernan (Moycarkey/Borris)

Ciara O’Sullivan (Golden) Linda Williams (Brian Borus)

Aisling O’Donnell (Cahir) Margaret Doyle ((Moycarkey/Borris)

Kate Slattery (Moycarkey/Borris) Claire Bryan (Moycarkey/Borris)

Gemma Maguire (Cahir) Claire Carroll (Cahir)

Orla Casey (Cahir) Ciara Johnson (Moycarkey/Borris)

Alison Lonergan (Cahir) Eadaoin Lonergan (Cahir)

Rita McGrath (Moyle Rovers) Mairead Lutteral

Lorraine O’Donnell Una Halley Una Hanrahan

Nicola Gilmore Ann Marie McGrath

Siobhan Burke Kathy McGrath

Sinead O’Hara Sarah Hennessey

Lisa Cleary Mary Claire Ryan

Siobhan McGrath Brid Condon

Munster Under 16 Championship 2002

Tipperary did not have a Under 16 team participating in the Munster Championship in 2002.

Munster Minor Championship 2002

The Tipperary Minor team played Cork in the first round of the Munster Championship but unforutnately were well beaten. Tipperary’s best players in this game were Mairead Morrissey, Orla Fahey and Jennifer Grant from Brian Borus Club while Noreen O’Gorman from Cahir had a great game in the Tipperary back-line.

Tipperary Minor Panel 2002:

Helen Kennedy (Cappawhite) Samantha Mullins (Brian Borus)

Karen Barry (Brian Borus) Orlaith McDonnell (Templemore)

Katie Sweeney (Brian Borus) Claire Peters (Golden)

Noreen O’Gorman (Cahir) Mairead Morrissey (Brian Borus)

Jennifer Grant (Brian Borus) Rebecca Walsh (Aherlow)

Nancy Ferris (Moyle Rovers) Stephanie Elliott (Cahir)

Barbara Moran (Ardfinnan) Orla Fahey (Brian Borus)

Mairead Hickey (Cahir) Roisin Kennedy (Newcastle)

Siobhan Dempsey (Moyle Rovers) Eimear Hally (Cahir)

Doreen Melbourne (Moyle Rovers) Cait McCarra (Newcastle)

Triona Burke (Cahir) Grainne O’Connor (Brian Borus)

Catriona White (Cappawhite) Triona McGrath (Newcastle)

Munster Junior Championship 2002

Given the fact that Tipperary were crowned Natinal League Division 3 champions in 2002, hopes were high of this being Tipperary’s year in the Munster Championship. The timing of the first round of the Championship however was not in Tipperary’s favour as their first game against Waterford was played just one week after their ationa League win. Tipperary were also without the services of Aine staunton and Edel Hanley for this game, both of whom had played such vital roles for Tipperary during the league campaign. The Waterford game, which was played in Bushy Park, Dungarvan, started at a blistering pace and Tipperary were leading by 5 points at half time. Waterford came out firing on all cylinders in the second half and this was a game that they had to win to stay in the Championship, as Clare had already beaten them in their first round game. They managed to claw back Tipperary’s lead and win by just one point in the end. It was the second year in a row that Waterford had defeated Tipperary by a point in the Munster Championship. Tipperary were extremely disappointed after their defeat and would have deserved a draw at the very least on the day. They could not afford to be down for very long however as they had to play Clare the following weekeing in Cahir, as the Munster Championship is run on a round robin system.

Clare had the advantage of being able to field a number of their senior players on their junior team as the Munster Senior championship had not commenced. Tipperary would therefore need to produce one of their biggest performances to date to pull off a victory on this occasion. Tipperary got off to a great start in this game and applied a lot of pressure on Clre. They notched up a number of scores but Clare soon settled and picked off a number of scores. Tipperary traled by 5 points at half time on a scoreline of 2-5 to 1-3. The first quarter of the second half saw the midfield pairing of Triona Hennessy and Mairead Morrissey dominate proceedings. The pace of the game intensfied even more and the Tipperary forwards were winning a lot of ball. Clare however always looked dangerous in front of the Tipperary goalmouth. A goal from Denise Fitzgerald at the opposite end of the field saw Tipprary take the lead by a point. Clare responded with a goal while Tipperary managed to get another point before the final whistle but it was too little too late. It was the third Munster Championship game in succession that Tipperary had lost by just a single point. Even though it was a great team display, Tiona Hennessey, Denise Fitzgerald, Siobhan Costello and Mairead Morrissey stood out from the rest and played very well for Tipprary that day.

Tipperary Junior Panel 2002:

Margaret McGrath (Aherlow) Mairead Crowe (Cappawhite)

Libby Grogan (Aherlow) Carmel Condon (Brian Borus)

Maeve Corcoran (Moycarkey/Borris) Angela McDermott (Cappawhite)

Mairead Morrissey (Brian Borus) Orla Fleming (Brian Borus)

Triona Hennessy ( Cappawhite) Siobhan Costello (Cappawhite)

Denise Fitzgerald (Brian Borus) Rebecca Walsh (Aherlow)

Patreece Ryan (Ardfinnan) Edel Hanley (Aherlow)

Mary Gaskin (Moyle Rovers) Aine Staunton (Aherlow)

Mary Connolly (Sliabh na mBan) Claire Peters (Golden)

Helen kennedy (Cappawhite) Moria Ryan (Aherlow)

Claire Tobin (Ardfinnan) Barbara Moran (Ardfinnan)

Orla Fahey (Brian Borus) Karen Barry (Brian Borus)

Claire Lambert Jennifer Grant (Brian Borus)

Katie Sweeney (Brian Borus) Orlath McDermott (Templemore)

Grainne O’Leary (Ardfinnan) Sinead Heffernan (Moyle Rovers)

Under 12 Championship 2002

The first county finals of 2002 were played in Clogheen on Wednesday 19th June 2002. Reigning Under 12 champions, Moyle Rovers went head to hed with cahir in the ‘A’ final while Ardfinnan and Moycarkey/Borris competed in the ‘B’ final. Hannah Gearon from Ardfinnan was player of the match in the ‘B’ final and she played a big part in securing a victory for ardfinnan. The final score in this game was Ardfinnan 2-2, Moycarkey/Borris 1-3. The standard of football in the ‘A’ final was excellent and Moyle Rovers had no intention of giving up their ‘A’ title easily.

While there were stars all over the field in this game, player of the match went to Julie Irwin who saved the day for Moyle Rovers with some outstanding clearances. Moyle Rovers were crowned Under 12 A champions for the second year in a row, with the final score Moyle Rovers 2-1 – Cahir 1-2.

Under 14 Championship 2002

Moycarkey were crowned Under 14 A champions defeating old rivals Cahir in the final, while Cappawhite overcame Mullinahone in the Under 14 B final. These were two thoroughly entertaining games played in new Inn.

Under 16 Championship 2002

Brian Borus and Cahir went head to head in the Under 16 A final on the 5th September in Ardfinnan. Brian borus having piled on the pressure in the first half, led at the break. Cahir however started the second half with new found energy and took the lead early on in the half. Brian borus seemed to have no response to Cahir’s dominance as the second half progressed and Cahir deserved their victory in the end.

Newcastle, a newly formed Club in 2001 captured their first ever title in ladies football in Tipperary when they overcame Emly in a thrilling Under 16 B final played at Ardfinnan. There were jubilant scenes after the game as players, emntors and supporters celebrated this famous victory.

Minor Championship 2002

The minor championship, which is running late this year is presently at the semi final stage. Ardfinnan are set to take on Brian Borus in one semi final while Cahir meet Cappawhite in the second semi final. All 4 remaining clubs in the minor championship arevery experienced sides and whoever comes out on top in the end will have thoroughly deserved their victory.

Intermediate Championship 2002

2002 was the first year in which an intermediate championship was run in the county. This would give two clubs from Tipperary the opportunity of competing in the Munster club championship. Brian Borus, Cappawhite, Ardfinnan and Aherlow competed at intermediate level. In the end it was Brian Borus and Cappawhite who battled it out in the intermediate final played in Golden. Brian Borus had suffered a narrow defeat at the hands of Ahrlow in last year’s junior final, while Cappawhite had been showing terrific form as the year progressed. Cappawhite having been eight points down at half time came back fighting in the second half with the result that at the end of normal time the sides were level. Brian Borus went 7 points ahead in the first half Bf extra time but again Cappawhite clawed their way back. Only in the last ten minutes of extra time did Brian borus finally manage to pull clear off Capahwite to caputre a well deserved intermediate title.

Junior Championship 2002

Junior A

Due to the fact that a number of new clubs were set up in 2002 it was decided to run an A B and C Championship at junior level. The A final between Cappawhite and Ardfinnan was a great game of football. Both sides gave it their all in this game and it could have gone either way. However in the end Cappawhite captured the title on a scoreline of 1-15 to 2-10. This moves them up to the intermediate championship next year. The win put them through to represent Tipperary in the Munster Junior Club Championship.

Junior B

New Inn was the venue for the county B semi finals. The first semi final saw Golden overcome Sliabh na mBan, while Moyle Rovers defeated last year’s champions, Newport in the second semi final. In the final, Moyle rovers dominated proceedings in the first half and built up a significant lead over their opponents Golden by half time. They proved much too strong for Golden in the end.

Mary Gaskin, Una Brian, Joan O’Donnell and Marie O’Connor all played influential roles in capturing this title for Moyle Rovers, while Claire Peters, Ciara O’Sullivan and goal keeper Donna Ivors gave good displays for Golden. The win now moves Moyle Rovers up into the A competition next year.

Junior C

Templemore overcome Cappawhite’s second team in one semi final while Cahir defeated chmpionship newcomers, Moyne/Templeuohy in the second semi final. The final between Templemore and Cahir was a closely contested game and one in which Cahir led for most of the hour. However, it was Templemore’s physical strength versus Cahir’s young side that ensured the mid Tipperary team held out in the end to claim the title with 3 points to spare.

Munster Club Championship

Who would have envisaged at the start of the year that Tipperary would have been represented by two clubs in the Munster Junior and Intermediate clubs finals. Cappawhite travelled to Mungret, Co Limerick to take on The Banner from Clare in the first round of the Munster Club Championship. Although a lot of their scoing came in the latter stages of the game the result was all that counted in the end. Their semi final outing was against Dr Crokes of Kerry. This was another close encounter but one in which Cappawhite thoroughly deserved their victory. Their next venue was Nemo Rangers GAA club in Cork city for the Munster Junior Club final and their opponents were the Cork Junior champions Beara. This was to prove an historic day for Tipperary ladies football when Cappawhite were crowned Munster Junior Club champions 2002. This was a magnificent game from start to finish and certainly not one for the faint hearted. Triona Hennessy had a great game at centre field. Siobhan Costello, Jane Ann O’Neill and Jayne Clancy were lethal in attack whle Ann O’Dwyer and Angela McDermott had solid performances in defence. It was also great to see such a large Cappawhite following present on the day. Their opponents in the All Ireland club semi final was Dublin side Luch Sarsfields. Cappawhite were always in control in this game and never let Lucan gain the upper hand. Even though their shooting on the day was not up to its usual high standard they had 6 points to spare at the final whistle. There were jubilant scenes once again after the game and the Cappawhite train just keeps on going. At time of print they are just one game away from capturing an All Ireland title and what an achievement that wold be for this Tipperary side.

Brian Borus travelled to Limerick to take on the Clare champions, Liscannor in the semi final of the Munster Intermedite Club Championship. After getting off to somewhat of a slow start, Brian Borus soon got into gear. This game went right down to the wire and Brian Borus were victorious in the end with just one point to spare. It was enough however to earn them a place in the Munster Club final against Rockban from Cork. Rockban’s experience having being crowned All Ireland Junior club champions in 2001, stood to them and they proved slightly too strong for the Tipperary side in the final. It was a tremendous achievement for Brian Borus to have reached the Munster final and they will certainly be back to fight another day before too long.

All Ireland Club seven a side competition

Tipperary was well represented both at Junior and Intermediate level in the all Ireland club seven a side competition in Portmarnock on Saturday 28th September. Ardfinnan, Brian Borus, Cahir, Cappawhite, Newport and Upperchurch/Drombane all took part. Brian Borus were very unlucky to have been beaten in the semi final of the intermediate competition while Cahir were defeated in the junior semi final. Despite the fact that we did not bring home any silverware in 2002, all clubs had a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable weekend of football.

Under 12 and Under 14 Club Blitz Competitions

Moyle Rovers club hosted an Under 12 Blitz on Saturday 7th September. Moyle Rovers defeated Cahir in the A final while Moycarkey/Borris defeated Mullinahone in the B final.

Moycarkey/Borris club hosted an Under 14 Blitz on the October Bank Holiday weekend with teams from Cahir, Moyle Rovers, Ballyporeen and two from Moycarkey/Borris taking part. Cahir and Moycarkey contested the A final with the host club coming out winners, while Ballyporeen captured the B title.

At national level, the county Under 14 team travelled to Mullingar to take part in the All Ireland Blitz. Tipperary had a very strong panel on the day and were grouped with Londford, Fermanagh, Westmeath and Clare. They got off to a great start with victories voer Westmeath, Londford and Clare. The played Roscommon in the semi final but unfortunately were defeated.

Ladies football in Tipperary has made great advances in the last number of years. At inter county level, Tipperary has now proved that they are a force to be reckoned with, while at club level, Cappawhite, Brian Borus and of course Aherlow last year, have shown that they are among the best clubs in the country at present. If this momentum can be maintained who knows what the future will hold for the game in Tipperary. Well done to all clubs who participated in 2002 and especially to all those who captured titles. A special thanks to everyone who promoted and developed ladies football throughout the county.

On behalf of the Tipperary ladies football county board, I would like to congratulate anyone who celebrated happy occasions during the year and to extend sincere sympathy to those who suffered bereavements.

Tipperary County Ladies Football Results 2002

6/4/02 Ballyporeen 1-2 Moycarkey 1-0 Ballyporeen Frankie O’Brien

Moyle Rovers 1-4 St Ailbest (Emly) 0-2 Emly

3/4/02 Cappawhite 1-1 Cahir 1-5 Cappawhite Sean Toomey

Clonmel Commercials Brian Borus

13/4/02 Mullinahone 0-2 Ballyporeen 2-5 Mullinahone

Moycrkey Borris Moyle Rovers

12/4/02 Ardfinnan 0-0 Cappawhite 2-4 Ardfinnan Lena Ryan

Cahir Clonmel Commercials

St Ailbes (Emly) Mullinahone Not played

Ballyporeen 1-3 Moyle Rovers 2-5 Ballyporeen Frankie O’Brien

Brian Borus Ardfinnan

Cappawhite Wo Clonmel Commercials scr

26/4/02 St Ailbes (Emly) 2-3 Ballyporeen 0-0 Emly Paddy Russell

30/4/02 Mullinahone Moycarkey Borris

1/4/02 Ardfinnan 0-5 Cahir 2-4 Ardfinnan Frankie O’Brien

24/4/02 Brian Borus 2-2 Cappawhite 4-3 Ballylooby Ml O’Mahony

Moyle Rovers Mullinahone

6/5/02 Moycrkey Borris 0-2 St Ailbes (Emly) 0-5 Moycarkey

Clonmel Commercials Ardfinnan

Cahir 8-4 Brian Borus 0-1 Cahir Willie Barrett

Under 12 County Semi Finals

11/6/02 Moyle Rovers 3-4 Cappawhite 0-0 Cahir Frankie O’Brien

12/6/02 Cahir 1-3 St Ailbes (Emly) 0-0 Emly Sean Toomey

Under 12 County Final

19/6/02 Moyle Rovers 2-1 Cahir 1-2 Clogheen Derek O’Mahony

Under 12 B County Semi Finals


Moycarkey Ballyporeen

Under 12 B County Final

19/6/02 Ardfinnan 2-2 Moycarkey 1-3 Clogheen Frankie O’Brien

Under 14 Championship 2002

Mullinahone Moycarkey Borris

St Ailbes (Emly) 0-1 Moyle overs 2-6 Emly

3/5/02 Ardfinnan 1-1 Cahir 10-12 Ardfinnan Frankie O’Brien

Brian Borus 5-8 Ballyporeen 0-0 Ballylooby Ml O’Mahony

12/5/02 Cappawhite 3-2 Mullinahone 1-3 Cappawhite Sean Toomey

Moycarkey 7-14 St Ailbes 0-0

Clonmel Commercials 0-1 Ardfinnan 6-3

8/5/02 Cahir 3-12 Brian Borus 1-1 Ballylooby Frankie O’Brien

26/5/02 Moyle Rovers 7-5 Cappawhite 1-7 Munroe P J Hassett

Mullinahone St Ailbes

19/5/02 Ballyporeen w.o Clonmel Commercials s.c.r.

Ardfinnan 3-5 Brian Borus 8-5

27/6/02 Cappawhite 0-0 Moycarkey 6-7 Ew Inn Frankie O’Brien

Moyle Rovers Mullinahone

Clonmel Commercials Cahir

28/5/02 Ballyporeen 7-10 Ardfinnan 0-1 Ballylooby Maurice Walsh

17/6/02 St Ailbes 0-0 Cappawhite 3-3 Emly Sean Toomey

Moycarkey Moyle Rovers

Brian Borus Clonmel Commercials

Cahir Ballyporeen

Intermediate Championship

Aherlow Brian Borus

2/9/02 Ardfinnan 3-9 Cappawhite 3-11 Ardfinnan Frankie O’Brien

18/8/02 Brian Borus 1-6 Cappawhite 2-11 Annacarty Sean Toomey

Ardfinnan Aherlow

26/8/02 Brian Borus Ardfinnan

Cappawhite w.o Aherlow Scr Cappawhite

Intermediate County Final

8/9/02 Brian Borus 6-14 Cappawhite 4-7 After extra time

Munster Intermediate Club Quarter Final

12/10/02 Athea (Limerick) 0-6 Rockban (cork) 3-11 Charleville

Munster Intermediate Club Semi Final

12/10/02 Brian Borus 4-7 Liscannor (Clare) 3-9 Na Pairsaig

20/10/02 Rockban (Cork) 9-9 Tramore 1-7 Clashmora

Munster Intermediate Club Final

2/11/02 Brian Borus 2-7 Rockban (Cork 6-7 Balylanders Jackie Murphy

All Ireland Intermediate Club Semi final

10/11/02 Grangenovlan (Kildare) 2-4 Rockban (Cork) 3-4 Grangenovlan

10/11/02 Clan Na mBall Roscommon) 4-4 Knockbridge 2-6 Johnstown

All Ireland Intermdiate Club Final

Rockban (Cork) Clan Na nGall (Roscommon)

Junior A County Final

13/9/02 Cappawhite 1-17 Ardfinnan 2-10 Cahir Frankie O’Brien

Munster Junior Club Quarter Finals

5/10/02 Cappawhite 3-14 Banner (Clare) 1-10 Mungret Colm Ward

12/10/02 Beara (Cork) 4-11 Brickey Rgs (Waterford) 1-4 Ballincollig

Munster Junior Club Semi Finals

20/10/02 Cappawhite 2-15 Dr Croke (Kerry) 4-6 N.C.W

20/10/02 Beara (Cork) 6-17 Old Mill (Limerick 0-1 Crokes

Munster Junior Club Final

3/11/02 Cappawhite 4-7 Beara (Cork) 4-5 Nemo Rangers Marie Halvey

All Ireland Semi Final

9/11/02 Emerald Gael 1-12 Tyholland Monaghan) 3-18 Old Bedians

10/11/02 Cappawhite 1-10 Lucan Sarsfields 1-4 Lucan Nicky Whyte

All Ireland Junior Club Final

24/11/02 Cappawhite Tyholland St Lomans

Junior B Championship 2002

3/7/02 Newport 3-8 Moyle Rovers 5-4 Newport Gerard Griffin

5/7/02 Golden 3-2 Sliabhnamhan 0-2 Golden Michael McCormack

Moyle Rovers Golden

Sliabhnamon w.o Moycarkey Scr

Sliabhnamon Newport

Moycarkey Golden

Golden Newport

M.Rovers Moycarkey

Newport Moycarkey

Sliabhnamon M. Rovers

Junior B County Semi Finals

6/10/02 Golden 5-14 Sliabhnamon 1-9 After extra time

6/10/02 Moyle Rovers 5-10 Newport 2-4 New Inn

Junior B County Final

13/10/02 Moyle Rovers 4-7 Golden 1-3 Ardfinnan Derek O’Mahony

Junior C Championship 2002

Cahir Templemore

29/6/02 Upperchurch/Drombane 3-7 Moyne Templetuohy 2-13 Drombane Kevin Butler

28/6/02 Capawhite Arravale Rovers Not played

26/8/02 Templemore Upperchurch Drombane Templemore

5/7/02 Moyne Templetuohy 1-11 Cappawhite 2-10 Moyne

5/7/02 Arravale Rovers 1-0 Newcastle 10-11 Sean Tracey Park

14/7/02 Upperchurch Drombane 2-3 Cappawhite 2-4 Drombane Kevin Butler

18/00/02 Newcastle 1-7 Moyne Templetuohy 4-5 Ned Hall Park

21/7/02 Templemore 6-8 Newcastle 0-2 Templemore Pat Lynch

Cappawhite Cahir Not played

29/7/02 Upperch Drombane w.o Arravale Rovers Scr Drombane

Arravale Rovers Moyne Templetuohy

27/7/02 Templemore 3-8 Cappawhite 0-1 Templemore Pat Lynch

Cahir Newcastle

8/8/02 Cahir 2-7 Upperchurch Drombane 3-3

Moyne Templetuohy 0-3 Templemore 5-14 Templemore Pat Cullen

6/8/02 Cappawhite 0-6 Newcastle 2-2 Cappawhite Sean Toomey

Arravale Rovers 4-4 Templemore 11-7 Sean Treacy Park

Moyne Templetuohy Cahir

15/8/02 Newcastle 0-2 Upperchurch Drombane 1-1 Ballylooby Frankie O’Brien

Junior C County Semi Finals

22/9/02 Templemore 4-5 Cappawhite 1-3 Cashel Frankie O’Brien

22/9/02 Cahir 4-10 Moyne Templetuohy 0-3 Cashel Richie O’Connor

Junior C County Final

13/10/02 Cahir 2-5 Templemore 4-2 Ardfinnan Sean Toomey

National League Division 3A Junior

24/2/02 Tipperary 2-11 Carlow 2-6 Carlow

24/2/02 Derry 1-9 Sligo 2-6 Magiligan

31/3/02 Sligo 0-4 Tipperary 2-9 Woodmount

7/4/02 Westmeath 0-10 Sligo 2-10 Tyrellspass

7/4/02 Derry 2-6 Carlow 1-7 St Lomans

21/4/02 Carlow 1-7 Westmeath 2-5 Carlow

28/4/02 Sligo 4-11 Carlow 2-6 St Lomans

28/4/02 Westmeath 3-3 Tipperary 2-8 Mullingar

21/4/02 Derry 0-8 Tipperary 3-13 Carrigallen

National league Quarter Finals

18/5/02 Wexford 2-1 Tipperary 1-16 New Ross

19/5/02 Sligo 1-11 Monaghan (B) 3-2 Markieviez

19/5/02 Westmeath 1-9 Laois (B) 1-8 Moore Park

19/5/02 Derry 1-5 Cork (B) 4-18 Ballinasloe

National League Semi Finals

1/6/02 Tipperary 1-15 Westmeath 1-3 Cahir

2/6/02 Cork (B) 0-13 Sligo 5-8 St Lomans

National League Final Division 3

29/6/02 Tipperary 1-8 Sligo 1-7 Cusack Park Ennis

Tipperary National League Division 3 Champions 2002

Margaret McGrath (Aherlow) Mairead Crowe (Cappawhite)

Libby Grogan (capt) (Aherlow) Carmel Condon (Brian Borus)

Maeve Corcoran (Moycarkey) Angela McDermott (Cappawhite)

Mairead Morrissey (Brian Borus) Triona hennessy (Cappawhite)

Orla Fleming (Brian Borus) Patreece Ryan (Ardfinnan)

Aine Staunton (Aherlow) Rebecca Walsh (Aherlow)

Siobhan Costello (Cappawhite) Denise Fitzgerald (Brian Borus)

Mary Connolly (Sliabh na mBan)


Helen Kennedy (Capawhite) Claire Tobin (Ardfinnan)

Claire Peters (Golden) Mary Gaskin (Moyle Rovers)

Orla Fahey (Brian Borus) Claire Lambert (Ardfinnan)

Karen Barry (Brian Borus) Barbara Moran (Ardfinnan)

Jennifer Grant (Brian Borus) Orlaith McDonnell (Templemore)

Grainne O’Leary Sinead Heffernan (Moyle Rovers)

Martina Peters (Aherlow) Edel Hanley (Aherlow)

Katie Sweeney (Brian Borus)

TG Munster Junior Championship 2002

23/6/02 Cork 4-4 Kerry 1-11 Donnoughmore

23/6/02 Waterford 2-5 Clare 1-13 Doon

6/7/02 Waterford 1-13 Tipperary 3-6 Bushypard

7/7/02 Cork 6-6 Limerick 0-3 Charleville

13/7/02 Tipperary 3-8 Clare 4-6 Cahir

14/7/02 Kerry 4-11 Limerick 3-14 Feenagh

Munster Junior Semi Finals

31/7/02 Limerick 3-14 Waterford 1-6 New Inn

Cork Clare

Munster Junior final

10/8/02 Limerick 1-8 Cork 1-12 Emly

TG All Ireland Junior Quarter Final

24/8/02 Kildare 3-12 Donegal 2-16 MacCunahill Park

TG All Ireland Junior Semi Finals

7/9/02 Donegal 3-13 Cork 0-2 O’Moore Pk

14/9/02 Galway 1-21 New York 0-4 Pearse Park

TG All Ireland Final

29/9/02 Galway 2-17 Donegal 2-7 Croke Park

Munster Under 14 Championship 2002

23/3/02 Tipperary 2-13 Clare 3-0 Ardfinnan

13/4/02 Waterford 3-12 Tipperary 1-9 Fraher Park

Munster Under 16 Championship

6/4/02 Waterford w.o Tipperary Scr Fraher Park

Munster Minor Championship

30/3/02 Cork 3-15 Tipperary 0-3

26/6/02 Clare 2-17 Tipperary 0-1 Oola

Cailini Oige

23/6/02 Cork 7-5 Kerry 2-3 Donoughmore

23/6/02 Waterford 1-3 Clare 1-1 Doon

6/7/02 Tipperary 0-2 Waterford 0-11 Bush Park

7/7/02 Cork Limerick Charleville

13/7/02 Clare 2-5 Tipperary 1-2 Cahir

Munster Cailini Oige Final

10/8/02 Cork 2-8 Waterford 2-3 Emly

Under 14 ounty Semi Finals

Moyle Rovers Cahir Ardfinnan

Oycarkey Brian Borus Littleton

Under 14 County Final

28/8/02 Moycrkey 5-5 Cahir 2-5 Rosegreen

Under 11 (B) Play off

Ballyporeen Ardfinnan Cahir

Under 14 (B) County Semi Finals

5/8/02 Mullinahone 2-9 St Ailbes 2-3 Cahir

16/8/02 Cappawhite 4-5 Ardfinnan 2-1 Cahir

Under 14 (B) County Final

23/8/02 Cappawhite 1-0 Mullinahone 1-5 New Inn

Under 16 Championship (A)

Moycarkey Moyle Rovers

10/4/02 Cahir 2-8 Brian Borus 0-2 Ballylooby Derek O’Mahony

Ardfinnan Cappawhite Not played

Cahir Moycarkey

Moyle Rovers Ardfinnan

20/4/02 Brian Borus 2-8 Cappawhite 0-3 Balylooby Ml O’Mahony

Moycarkey Ardfinnan

Brian Borus Moyle Rovers

14/5/02 Cappawhite 0-8 Cahir 3-7 Cappawhite Sean Toomey

Cappawhite Moycarkey Not played

Ardfinnan Brian Borus

29/4/02 Cahir 1-10 Moyle Rovers 2-4 Cahir Lena Ryan

Moycarkey Brian Borus

5/5/02 Moyle Rovers 2-5 Cappawhite 4-9 Munroe Sharon O’Connor

Ardfinnan Cahir

Under 16 County Semi Finals

4/7/02 Cappawhite 0-1 Brian Borus 3-9 Cappawhite Sean Toomey

1/9/02 Cahir 7-14 Ardfinnan 1-3 Clogheen Frankie O’Brien

Under 16 Championship (B) Competition

Mullinahone Clonoulty

22/5/02 Ballyporeen 3-7 Clonmel Comm 1-2 Ballyporeen Maurice Walshe

St Ailbes Newcastle Emly Sean Toomey

Clonoulty Ballyporeen

Clonmel Comm St Ailbes Emly

Newcastle Mullinahone

14/5/02 Ballyporeen 2-5 Newcastle 5-10 Ballyporeen Maurice Walsh

Clonoulty Clonmel Comm

18/4/02 St Ailbes

3-6 Mullinahone 1-3 Emly

Newcastle Clonoulty

1/5/02 Mullinahone 3-7 Clonmel Comm 1-4 Mullinahone

20/4/02 Ballyporeen 0-0 St Ailbes 3-7 Ballyporeen Maurice Walsh

9/5/02 Mullinahone 7-8 Ballyporeen 0-5 Mullinahone

Clonoulty St Ailbes Not played

27/6/02 Clonmel Comm 2-1 Newcastle 1-10 Newcastle Ml O’Mahony

Under 16 County Semi Finals (B)

9/7/02 Mullinahone 0-5 Newcastle 0-6 Marfield

17/7/02 Ballyporeen 0-1 St Ailbes 7-10 Emly Sran Toomey

Under 16 County Final (B)

1/8/02 Newcastle 5-3 St Ailbes 2-2 Ardfinnan Padraig Ryan

Minor Championship 2002

Arravale Rovers Brian Borus

Moyle Rovers Aherlow

11/7/02 Clonakenny 0-2 Cappawhite 4-10 Clonakenny

Ardfinnan Moycarkey

Cahir Arravale Rovers

Brian Borus Moyle Rovers

Templemore Clonakenny

18/7/02 Cappawhite 2-13 Ardfinnan 1-1 Cappawhite Sean Toomey

Aherlow Cahir

Arravale Rovers Moyle Rovers

Moycarkey Templemore

Clonakenny Ardfinnan

Aherlow Arravale Rovers

Cahir Brian Borus

Moycrkey Clonakenny

Templemore Scr Cappawhite Wo

Moyle Rovers Cahir

Brian Borus Aherlow

Ardfinnan Templemore

6/10/02 Cappawhite 4-11 Moycarkey 0-1 Cappawhite Sean Toomey

Minor Countty Semi Finals

Cappawhite Cahir

Brian Borus Ardfinnan

Junior League Division 1

Section A

Aherlow Ardfinnan

Ardfinnan Newport

Newport Aherlow

Section B

13/4/02 Rian Borus 1-13 Cappawhite 1-12 Clogheen Ml O’Mahony

19/4/02 Cappawhite 2-10 Golden 1-0 Cappawhite Sean Toomey

26/4/02 Golden Brian Brous Golden

Junior League Semi Finals

10/5/02 Cappawhite 4-15 Aherlow 1-5 Lisvernane Sean Toomey

Brian Borus Ardfinnan

Junior League Final (A)

Cappawhite Brian Borus

Junior League Division 2

Section A

Cahir Moyne Templetuohy

Moycarkey Cahir

Section B

Newcastle 0-4 Templemore 4-9 Newcastle

Arravale Rovers Sliabhnamon

20/4/02 Templemore Arravale Rovers

19/4/02 Newcastle 1-0 Sliabhnamon 0-3 Newcastle L O’Brien

27/4/02 Sliabhnamon 4-7 Templemore 1-1 Ballymeale Jerry Ryan

7/4/02 Arravale Rovers Newcastle

Junior League Semi Finals

12/5/02 Cahir 4-6 Templemore 0-0

Junior League (B) Final

17/11/02 Cahir 0-7 Sliabhnamon 1-7 Ardfinnan Frankie O’Brien

Tipperary Ladies Football 2003


Chairman: Liam Shinnick

Secretary: Biddy Ryan

Treasurer: Mary Shinnick

PRO: Patreece Ryan

Registrar: Marie O’Connor

Referees Co-Ordinator: Grainne O’Leary

Fixtures Secretary: Enda McDonnell

Development Officer: Liam Shinnick, Mary Shinnick, Biddy Ryan

2003 proved to be yet another great year for Tipperary ladies football. While there were marvelous achievements by many clubs throughout the county during the year, without a doubt the highlights of the year were the county junior team being honoured with a prestigious Cidona Award from the Tipperary United Sports Panel at the end of January and capturing the Munster Junior title in Pairc Ui Rinn, Cork in August. At club level, Cahir succeeded in winning 5 county titles at various grades in 2003, which was a tremendous achievement while Cappawhite reached the Munster Intermediate Club final in October. Further progress in 2003 saw Fethard and Kilruane finally establish ladies football clubs, while Mullinahone entered a team in the Junior Championship. Aherlow also had teams participating in the Under 12 and Under 14 championships.

Suzuki National League Division 2A campaign 2002/2003

Tipperary, having won Division 3 of the National League in 2002 were promoted to Division 2 for the 2002/2003 campaign. This obviously meant tha they would now be competing against much toucher oppositions but it was a challenge that Tipperary looked forward to and would ensure they were wll prepared when the championship commenced in June. The campaign began back on a beautiful spring day in February with their first game at home to Louth. While Tipperary led at the break Louth scored two goals in the second half which saw them secure a victory on a score line of 2-4 to 1-5 at the final whistle. Tipperary’s second round game was played at a half way venue in Durrow near Tullamore Co Offaly, and their oponents on this occasion were Cavan, who were somewhat of an unknown quantity. Cavan, playing with the wind in the first half, dominated proceedings. After a poor first half performance Tipperary rallied in the second half and played some terrific football and ended up being defeated by just 5 points in the end, with the score reading Cavan 3-8 Tipperary 2-6.

Tipperary returned to winning ways when they played Wexford in their third round game of the National League in Cahir at the end of Febgruary. Tipperary gained the upper hand in this game from the throw in and exerted pressure on Wexford for the entire hour. They secured a comprehensive victory over the Slaneysiders in the end with brilliant performances from Edel Hanleh in particular (scoring 7 points) and Rebecca Walsh at midfield.

It was crunch time the following Sunday when Tipperary took on old rivals Sligo in Ballinasloe. This was a make break game for Tipperary with a win needed to secure their place in Division 2A of the league. Tipperary led by 3 points at the break but it was all to play for in the second half. The Tipperary forwards failed to capalitalise on a lot of possession in the second half, however luckily for Tipperary, Sligo’s fortunes at the other end were somewhat similar. Tipperary managed to hold on to their lead and win by 2 points.

Tipperary’s next outing was against the Cork senior team in cappawhitre on St Patrick’s weekend. Tipperary knew they were going to be up against it in this game but two back to back victories over Wexford and Sligo gave them confidence going into the game. Tipperary played well in the opening half and were just a goal down at the break. Cork scored a couple of goals early on in the second half and were in cotnrol from there on. Tipperary on the other hand were finding it hard to score and in the end they were totally outclassed and defeated by 5-11 to 1-7.

Tipperary contested a three way playoff for a place in the quarter finals of the National League when they met Sligo in Adrahan, Co Galway. Sligo missed several scoring chances in the first half leaving the sides level on 5 points each at the break. Tipperary had a 4 point lead early on in the second half and it was game on at this stage. Sligo started to pick off scores, while Tipperary’s play become sloppy. Tipp failed to capitalise on scoring opportunities while at the opposite end Sligo scored 4 goals from play. As the half progressed Tipp looked tired while Sligo upped their game.

In the end Sligo defeatred Tippeary by 4-13 to 2-8. It was a disappointing end to Tipp’s League campaign and proably not a true reflection of the team. They did however learn a lot from their experience in a higher division and only time would tell how much they had learned.

The 2003/2004 Suzuki National League is already underway. Tipperary are grouped with Clare, Louth, Cavan, Sligo and Cork B in Division 2 again. Tipperary’s first game is against Cavan at a halfway venue on 23rd November 2003. Tipperary will once again be aiming to remain in Division 2A of the National League but will certainly have great aspirations to retain their Munster title and hopefully go a step further in 2004.

Munster Under 14 Championship

The Munster Under 14 Championship saw Tipperary play Kerry, Clare, Limerick and finally Waterford all through the month of May. The opening round game in the championship was against Kerry in Newcastlewest. Kerry, playing with the aid of the wind in the first half, picked off their scores easily. Tipp on the other hand found it hard to settle with the backs under constant pressure. They got more into the game in the second half and the wind was certainly proving to be an advantage. Although Tipp lost the game by a significant margin they never gave up and were unlucky on a number of occasions in the closing stages of the game not to score a couple of goals. Their second round game against Clare was played in Shannon on the 17th May. Unfortunately Tipperary were without the services of 4 of their regular starting 15 in this game. Although Clare were victorious in the end this was a good team performance from Tipperary. The final score was Clare 4-10 to Tipperary 2-4. Tipperary travelled to Ballylanders to take on Limerick in their third round game of the championship. Limerick were stronger in all positions and Tipperary seemed to have no response to their dominance and in the end they suffered a comprehensive defeat. Tipperary although playing their hearts out on the day, were defeated by Waterford in their final game in the round robin series of the championship on the 31st May in Ardfinnan.

Having lost all of their games they were then able to play in the Munster Shield final against Clare on the 28th June in Kilmallock. The first half was thoroughly entertaining. However in the second half, Tipperary allowed Clare more into the game and they gradually increased their lead to secure a good win in the end. Tipperary did not come away from this game empty handed as wing forward and Tipperary captain Cathroina Walsh received the Player of the Match award. She was presented with her plaque from Dan O’Mahoney, President of Munster Council for her efforts playing a captain’s role in the blue and gold.

Tipperary Under 14 Panel 2003:

Annette Meaney Lisa Crotty Siobhan Crotty Nicola Gilmore

Lisa Cleary Roisin Quinlivan Sinead O’Donnell Emer Collins Edith Carroll Niamh Hearne Elaine O’Gorman Ann M O’Gorman Rebecca Cummins Catherine Kelly Sarah Ryan Nicola Lyons

Emer O’Donnell Niamh Lonergan Gillian O’Brien Rita McGrath

Sinead O’Hara Marie Purcell Karen Mullins Catherine Walsh Lucy Brennan Ann Marie McCarra Kate Hallinan Lizzy O’Halloran Denise Connolly Sabrina Vance.

Munster Under 16 Championship 2003

Tipperary put in a much bigger effort in the Under 16 Championship in 2003 than they had done the previous year. Their first round game was against Waterford in bushy Park, Dungarvan. Tipperary went into this game with high hopes having won a couple of challenge games in previous weeks. It was Waterford however who got off to the better start and scored a couple of points early on. Tipperary soon settled and picked off some good scores. They trailed by 5 points at the break. Waterford started the second half at a blistering pace scoring a goal and 5 points without reply and Tipperary seemed to have no response to their dominance.

Waterford came out on top in the end on a score line of 2-18 to 1-5. Tipperary travelled to Pallasgreen on 11th April to take on Limerick in their second round game of the Munster Championship. Tipperary gave a great first half display with the sides level at the break. Two goals from limerick in the second half however were to prove crucial and Limerick came out on top marking the end of Tipperary’s participation in the Under 16 Championship in 2003.

Tipperary Under 16 Panel 2003:

Triona Burke Triona McGrath Noreen O’Gorman Grainne Wade Kate Slattery Orla Casey Ann O’Dwyer Stephanie Elliott Claire Carroll Gemma Maguire Margaret Doyle N O’Mahoney

Alison Lonergan Mary Claire Ryan Mairead Hickey A O’Donnell

Emer Hally Valerie Dromey Ciara Heffernan Patricia Hickey

Mary O’Doherty Jackie Clohessy Margaret Doyle Claire O’Brien

Ann Marie Ryan Angela O’Connell Emma Russell Elaine Meaney Grainne Meaney Ann Marie Fitzgerald Maeve Scully Mairead Lutteral

Munster Minor Championship 2003

Tipperary made a great start to their minor championship when they defeated Limerick in their first round game in Clogheen on Wednesday 2 July. Unfortunately for Tipperary however, on the same evening Rebecca Walshe suffered an injury that was to see her take no further participation in the 2003 championship. Not only was she a huge loss to the minor panel but also to the junior team.

Tipperary travelled to Dromina Co Cork to play Kerry in the Munster minor semi final in August. Kerry had a very experienced side and dominated proceedings from the start. They were on top in all positions and although Tipperary never gave up, the girls from the Kingdom were by far the better team on the night. Their forwards picked off some excellent scores and they had plenty to spare at the final whistle. Best for Tipp were Sheila Carew and Jennifer Grant.

Tipperary Minor Panel 2003:

Catherine Doherty Lorraine Power Samantha Mullins Joanne O’Doherty Cait McCarra Grainne O’Connor Katie Sweeney Sheila Carew Jayne Clancy Patricia Hickey Amanda Grace Cathy McGrath Jennifer Grant Madeline Hearne Gemma Maguire Ashling Ryan Rebecca Walsh

Munster Junior Championship 2003

Tipperary began their long awaited Munster Championship campaign on Sunday 29th June in Cahir. The game started at an intense pace with Limerick settling into the game early one. Their forwards picked off some fine scores early on with Tipperary finding it difficult to score. Limerick led at the break with the score reading 1-8 to 1-1.

Tipperary would have an up hill battle in the second half. However, they got off to the perfect start with scores from Rebecca Walsh and Edel Hanley. Limerick responded with a goal while Tipperary scored from a penalty at the opposite end. With time running out on the clock and some confusion in relation to the score line it was a case of déjà vu for Tipperary when they were defeated by a single point in the end. Tipperary couldn’t remain down for long however as they had just six days to regroup and focus on Cork in their next game. Tipperary had home advantage with Ardfinnan the venue and a win was vital for them to remain in contention in this year’s championship. Tipperary settled into the game quickly and played some good football early on. The Tipperary backs played very well in the first half and at half time Tipperary led by 7 points to 2. Cork started the second half well and began getting on top in some positions. The Tipp forwards were wasteful in this half and only managed to score 3 points – with only one coming from play. Tipperary defended well however and in the end secured a well deserved and much needed win with 3 points to spare.

Tipperary travelled to Doonbeg in Co Clare to play Kerry in their third round game. This was a game which again Tipperary had to win to keep alive their hopes of reaching a Munster final. Despite the fact that Tipperary were playing against the breeze in the first half, they played some excellent football, picking off some terrific scores and securing a lead of 2-8 to 1-7 at half time. Further points and a goal for Tipperary in the second half killed off any chance of a Kerry revival with the final score Tipperary 3-12 Kerry 2-9.

Tipperary’s final game in the round robin series of the championship was a meeting with Waterford in Cahir. Having suffered very narrow defeats at the hands of Waterford when the two teams met in recent championship outings, Tipperary definitely had a point to prove in this game. Despite the extremely wet weather conditions Tipperary played some excellent football throughout this game, making very few mistakes and dominating most of the play. The forwards were combining well in the opening half and Tipperary had secured an 8 points lead at half time with the score Tipperary 2-7 Waterford 0-5. Tipperary weren’t going to take this lead for granted as they had a similar lead built up against Waterford in last year’s championship.

The play was all Tipps as the half progressed and further scores from the Tipp forwards and excellent defending by the backs saw Tipperary secure a historic victory on a score line of 3-19 to 0-8.

Tipperary had to wait for over a week before they received confirmation that they had booked their place in the final on August Bank Holiday Monday as a couple of other games were still outstanding in the championship. When confirmation came through that Tipperary had reached the final there was a sense of relief and excitement in the camp. Tipp, having won a couple of senior titles in the 1970s and again in 1980 had never contested a Munster Junior final. The final was a thrilling one with a somewhat nervous looking Tipp side trailing by 6 points at half time. The second half however was nail biting. The Tipp’s forwards scored some great points from play and with the supporters rallying behind the team they managed to claw their way right back into the game. Tipp went two points ahead with just minutes remaining on the clock. Some terrific defending by Tipp in the dying minutes saw them secure a historic victory in the end and there were jubilant scenes when team captain Denise Fitzgerald was presented with the cup. The celebrations continued in Cahir and Ballylooby into the early hours of the morning.

While the Munster final victory was a terrific achievement there was still a lot of work to be done before the clash with Kildare on the 13th September in the All Ireland semi final. Tipp had met with Kildare in the National league in early 2001 and therefore they knew that they wee meeting very strong opposition. Similarly Kildare had won the last 4 Leinster titles and had been defeated by Roscommon in the All Ireland Junior final in 2001. It was therefore going to take an almighty effort to overcome this Leinster side. Kildare laid down their marker early on scoring 1-4 without reply.

Tipp lost the experienced Triona Hennessy through injury in the opening ten minutes and it seemed to be all down hill from there. The Kildare forwards were causing havoc with the Tipperary defence. Kildare led by 2-10 to 0-4 at the break leaving Tipperary with a mountain to climb in the second half. Tipperary were totally outclassed on the night by a much sharper and faster looking Kildare side. Having said that Tipp certainly didn’t play to their full potential. Tipp’s main aim at the start of the year was to win a Munster Championship and that aim was realised. They certainly have a lot of work to do next year if they are to come up to the standard that Kildare are at, and Donegal proved too strong for them in the All Ireland final.

Tipperary Junior Panel 2003:

Jennifer Grant Mairead Crowe Libby Grogan Carmel Condon Maeve Corcoran Angela McDermott Mairead Morrissey Triona hennessy Siobhan Costello Denise Fitzgerald Patreece Ryan Edel Hanley

Mary Connolly Helen Kennedy Moira Ryan Claire Tobin

Barbara Moran Orla Fahey Claire Lambert Orla Fleming

Rebecca Walsh Claire Peters Rosemarie Carew Helen Norris

Janet Rencontre Nancy Ferris Louise Wade Sheila Carew

Cailini Oige 2003

While the Tipperary junior team were in action in Cahir on the 29th May, the Cailini Oige team were also in action in Ardfinnan in their competition. With conditions for football perfect and a strong panel of players to choose from, Tipperary played some great football and defeated Limerick. Their next outing was played in much poorer weather conditions in Cahir. Their opponents in this game were Waterford who were favourites to win. The team played very well despite the heavy rain and they overcame Waterford in the end earning a place in the Munster final of the competition. The final was played as the curtain raiser to both the Munster Junior and Senior finals at Pairc Ui Rinn in Cork on August Bank Holiday Monday. On the day they met a very strong Kerry side and despite their best efforts they were defeated in the end. It was a great achievement to reach the final of the competition and it was also a tremendous experience for such young players. They thoroughly enjoyed the day and also got to take home a medal.

Cailini Oige Panel 2003:

Bridget Barry Catriona Nagle Valerie O’Neill Samantha Lambert Rebecca Meagher Siobhan O’Neill Michelle Ryan C O’Gorman

Rebecca Cummins Olivia McCarthy Ailish Ryan Bronagh Higgins

Ann Marie O’Gorman Leanne Barrett Julie Ann Maher Breda Feeney

Emma Sisk Julie O’Meara Niamh Maher Irene Leahy

Freda Casey Megan English Dawn Doolan Saoirse O’Flynn Edith Carroll Marguerita Dawson Gemma O’Brien Ashling O’Brien Maire Ring Jane Kennedy Ina Maher

Under 12 Championship 2003

The 2003 Under 12 Championship had a total of 11 teams taking part, namely Aherlow, Ballyporeen, Moycarkey/Borris, Cappawhite, St Ailbes, Clonmel Commercials, Cahir, Brian Borus, Ardfinnan, Mullinahone and Moyle Rovers.

Kilsheelan was the venue for both the Under 12 A and replayed Under 12 B county final in 2003. Moyle Rovers and Mullinahone ended all square in the Under 12 B final on the first occasion. However, the second outing proved to be a much more one sided affair with Moyle Rovers proving much too strong for Mullinahone and Rovers were crowned Under 12 B champions amid great celebrations.

The long awaited A final between Cahir and their near neighbours Ardfinnan looked set to be a very close encounter. Cahir exerted a lot of pressure on Ardfinnan in the first half and scored 1-2 while Ardfinnan failed to register a score. Ardfinnan got more into the game early on in the second half but Cahir responded well registering further scores on the board. In the end Cahir won easily with the score at full time reading Cahir 2-7, Ardfinnan 1-0.

Under 14 Championship 2003

The Under 14 Championship had 12 teams participating and they included, St Ailbes, Newcastle, Cappawhite, Brian Borus, Cahir, Aherlow, Upperchurch/Drombane, Moyle Rovers, Mullinahone, Ardfinnan, Ballyporeen and Moycarkey/Borris.

Cahir captured the Under 14 county title defeating Moyle Rovers in the final on the 28th May in Killenaule. This was a great game of football, between two evenly matched sides who are no strangers to each other. It was close throughout however, some good positional changes by Cahir saw them carve out a narrow victory in the end.

Cappawhite captured their third Under 14 Plate title in a row when they overcame St Ailbes (Emly) in the final played in Tipperary Town. Cappawhite led by 1-3 to a goal at half time but at full time the score line was Cappawhite 1-6 St Ailbes 1-1.

Under 16 Championship 2003

The Under 16 championship was made up of 10 teams including Mullinahone, Cahir, Brian Borus, Ballyporeen, Cappawhite, Moycarkey/Borris, Moyle Rovers, St Ailbes, Clonmel Commercials and Newcastle.

Cahir and Moycarkey/Borris went head to head in the Under 16 A final on October Bank Holiday in Cashel. Cahir gave a terrific first half display scoring 3-9 to Moycarkey’s 3 points before the break. Moycarkey/Broris came out firing on all cylinders in the second half, scoring 4 goals and 5 points.

Cahir, however, stood firm and managed to maintain their lead to secure a well-deserved victory in the end and in so doing captured their 5th title county of the year.

Cappawhite and St Ailbes met in the Under 16 B (Plate final) with Cappawhite securing a victory in the end.

Minor Championship 2003

The minor championship was divided into 3 sections in 2003. Section A included Cappawhite, Cahir and Brian Borus. Ardfinnan, Moyle Rovers and Moycarkey contested Section B, while St Ailbes, Newcastle and Templemore made up Section C.

Brian Borus and Cappawhite played out the county minor A final on Sunday 30th November in fabulous winter sunshine in Bansha. Brian Borus were going for their third minor title in a row. It was Cappawhite however, who dominated proceedings from the start and led throughout. In the end they captured the title on a score line of 2-13 to 1-4.

Moyle Rovers and Moycarkey/Borris will compete in the minor B final.

Intermediate Championship

The Intermediate Championship had been run for the first time in Tipperary in 2002. Again this year, two clubs from the county would have the opportunity of competing in the Munster Club Championship. Brian Borus, Cappawhite, Ardfinnand, Moyle Rovers and Aherlow were entered at intermediate level.

Aherlow however, having lost several of their players from the previous year, found it difficult to field a team for the championship in 2003. The far superiour Cappawhite and Brian Borus outclassed Ardfinnan and Moyle Rovers in their respective meetings and therefore it was to be a Brian Borus and Cappawhite Intermediate final once again in 2003. Brian Borus were hoping to retain their intermediate title, while Cappawhite had gained vast experience in reaching the All Ireland Junior Club Final in 2002.

The final was played on September 6th in Golden. The first half was highly entertaining with both sides giving their all. Brian Borus led by 1-3 to 1-1 at half time but it was all to play for. The second half was similar to the first and played with just as much intensity. Both teams exchanged scores and there was nothing between them in the dying minutes of the game. However, it was Angie McDermott and Triona Hennessy at midfield for Cappawhite who proved to be the difference between the two sides and in the end Cappawhite narrowly edged out Brian Boorus to caputre the Club’s first ever intermediate title on a scoreline of 3-6 to 2-7.

Intermediate League

Cappawhite and Brian Borus are due to meet again in the final of the Intermediate League, which is not yet fixed.

Junior Championship 2003

Junior A

The eagerly awaited County Junior A final between Ardfinnan and Moyle Rovers was played in Ned Hall Park, Clonmel on the 25th August. Ardfinnan having been defeated in the 2002 final by Cappawhite and Moyle Rovers having caputured the Junior B title in 2002, both had points to prove. This game started at an intense pace and while Ardfinnan picked off a number of very good scores in the first half and led by 7 points at the break, they were far from home and dry. Moyle Rovers threw everything at Ardfinnan and the game could hae gone either day. Moyle Rovers had some poor shooting in the second half that was to prove detrimental for them in the end. Ardfinnan managed to hold on for dear life and secured a victory with just two points to spare at the final whistle. The win put them through to represent Tipperary in the Munster Junior Club Championship.

Junior B

Five teams made up the Junior B Championship in 2003, Sliabh na mBan, Templemore, Moycarkey/Borris, Golden and Newport.

The county semi finals saw Templemore defeating Newport while Sliabh na mBan overcame Moycarkey/Borris. The Junior B final between Templemore and Sliabh na mBan is due to take place on the 30th November.

Junior B League

The final of the Junior B League between Sliabh na mBan and Moycarkey/Borris was played in the Garda College, Templemore on Sunday 30th November. Sliabh na mBan made the better start in this game although two goals from Templemore in the second half were to prove the difference between the teams in the end with Templemore capturing the title on a scoreline of 2 goals and 7 points to 7 points.

Junior C

The Junior C Championship had a total of 8 teams competing in 2003. They included Mullinahone, Upperchurch/Drombane, Cappawhite B, Newcastle, Kilruane, Cahir, Fethard and Moyne/Templetuohy.

In the final, which was played in Bansha, Cahir overcame Cappawhite B to capture the Junior C title.

Junior C League

Cahir and Upperchurch/Drombane contested the Junior C League final played in Dundrum in October. Cahir were by far the better team on the day with Upperchurch/Drombane proving to be no match for them. In defeating Upperchurch, Cahir completed a Junior C League and Junior C Championship double in 2003.

Munster Club Championship

Ardfinnan traveled to Clonakilty in October to play the much-fancied Gabriel Rangers for West Cork in the Munster Junior Club Championship. Ardfinnan only really looked in contention for the first quarter of an hour in this game. The Cork side were in control in all positions and their passing and running off the ball was excellent with their forwards picking off some terrific scores with ease. Gabriel Rangers had built up a considerable lead by half time and their dominance continued in the second half with Ardfinnan being totally outclassed. Gabriel Rangers went on to capture the All Ireland Junior Club championship title defeating Fingallians comprehensively in the final at the end of November.

Cappawhite represented Tipp in the Munster Intermediate Club Championship and after a somewhat shaky start ahd having trailed 3 points at the break, they secured a comprehensive victory over Dr Crokes of Kerry in the end. Cappawhite’s next outing was in the Munster Intermediate Club final on the 18th October against Naomh Aban from Ballyvourney. Unfortunately however, Cappawhite met a very strong Cork side on the day that asaw their Munster Club Championship campaign come to an end.

All Ireland Club seven-a-side Competition

Tipperary were well represented both at Junior and Intermediate level in this All Ireland club 7 a side competition in Portmarnock on Saturday, October 2003. Ardfinnan, Cahir, Cappawhite and Upperchurch/Drombane all took part. Despite the fact that we did not bring home any silverware in 2003, yet again all Clubs had a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable weekend of football.

Under 14 Club Blitz Competition

Cahir Ladies Football Club hosted an Under 14 Blitz in beautiful conditions on Saturday 18th October with teams from Cahir, Ballyporeen, Ardfinnan, Moycarkey/Borris and Moyle Rovers taking part. Cahir and Moyle Rovers contested the A final with Moyle Rovers coming out winners in the end, while Ballyporeen overcame Ardfinnan in the B Final.

At national level the Tipperary Under 14 team traveled to St Oliver Plunkett’s GAA club in Robinstown, Mullingar to participate in the All Ireland Under 14 Blitz competition in June. They were grouped with Leitrim, Carlow, Wexford and Dublin.

They had good wins over Leitrim and Carlow in their first two games but were defeated by Wexford and lost narrowly to Dublin in their last match. The Under 14 panel proved that they can compete against many of their counterparts throughout the country and were unlucky not to have progressed further in this competition.

Peil na nOg

Moyle Rovers proudly represented Tipperary at Peil na Og which took place in Galway in July. Claregalway Club, outside Galway city were their hosts for the weekend. Although they did not bring home any silverware, they won the first two games in the competition and had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

Mullinahone also flew the flag for the county when they represented Tipperary at the Munster finals of the Community Games in the University of Limrick in July.


Edel Hanley from Aherlow was the sole representative from Tipperary on the Munster panel at the inter-provincials in Mullingar at the beginning of June. Edel had been a member of the Tipperary team for the past number of years and was the top scorer for Tipp in this year’s championship, notching up a total of 3-25. Munster defeated Leinster, Connaught and Britain in their first three games. It was Munster and Ulster who met in the final on Sunday with Munster capturing the title in the end. Edel contributed greatly to the Munster win scoring a couple of points over the weekend.


At the end of February 2003, the GAA Ladies Football Association and the Camogie Association met in Croke Park. The meeting was in relation to the formal integration of the Ladies Games into the GAA. Since March a pilot scheme has been put in place. There are many benefits to all three organizations to forming an all inclusive association and with everyone’s co-operation from club level upwards, the rewards will be great. Lets hope that everyone involved in Gaelic games in Tipperary will have the vision to move forward together.

Ladies football in Tipperary has made great advances in the last number of years. At inter-county level, Tipperary has now proven that they are a force to be reckoned with, while at club level, Cappawhite have shown that they are among the best clubs in the country at present. If this momentum can be maintained, who knows what the future will hold for the game in Tipperary. Congratulations to all clubs who participated in 2003 and especially to all those who caputured titles. Well done to everyone who promoted and developed ladies football throughout the county and keep up the good work.

On behalf of the Tipperary Ladies Football County Board, I would like to congratulate anyone who celebrated happy occasions during the year and to extend sincere sympathy to those who suffered bereavements.

Anyone interested in setting up a new club or promoting ladies football in the county should contact Liam Shinnick, County Chairperson at (052) 42195 or Biddy Ryan, County Secretary at (052) 66146.

Officers of the Tipperary Ladies Football County Board 2004

Chairperson: Liam Shinnick

Vice Chairperson: Enda McDonnell

Secretary: Biddy Ryan

Treasurer: Mary Horan

Assistant Treasurer: Mary Shinnick

Fixtures Secretary: Enda McDonnell

Registrar: Mary Ryan

PRO: Patreece Ryan

Referees Co-Ordinator: Grainne O’Leary

Results Recorder: Cecilia Walshe

Secretary’s Report

The Tipperary Junior team was grouped with Clare, Louth, Cork B, Cavan and Sligo in Division 2A of the Suzuki Ladies National Football League. Before the Christmas break, Tipperary were defeated by Cavan at a half way venue. The team got off to a good start in the New Year with a good win over Clare at home in Lisvernane.

They suffered significant defeats at the hands of Louth in Ardee and cork in Donoughamore and their National league campaign concluded when they were beaten by Sligo in Carnmore in March. While Tipp’s performance in the league was disappointing, overall it did show the panel that there was a lot of work to be done in preparation for the Munster Championship at the end of June and the hard work that ensured from there paid off to a certain extent in the championship.

The Tipperary Junior team’s campaign in 2004 commenced with their opening round game in the round robin series of the TG4 Munster Junior Championship against Limerick in Mungret at the end of June. The team had commenced training in January under the watchful eyes of team trainer, John Cummins, Manager, Liam Shinnick and selectors Denny Whelan and Jackie Condon.

The team was well prepared for the championship and the hard work which they had put in over the previous 6 months paid off with a hard fought victory over Limerick. It was a very evenly contested game throughout but in the end Tipp came out on top with just one point to spare. Their next game was against Waterford, again at an away venue in Bushy Park, Dungarvan, in July. While Tipp had a comfortable win over Warerford the previous year in Cahir this year’s encounter was to prove to be a much more difficult task. Tipp trailed Waterford by two points at the break but a spirited second half display saw them take the lead and win on a score line of 3-9 to 1-13 in a thoroughly entertaining game of football. Tipp’s next outing was against a much fancied Cork side in Donoughmore in Cork on 24th July. Tipp had a number of injuries going into this game, while there were also players out of the country on holiday. However, despite the fact that the team may have looked somewhat under strength on paper, the game proved to be one of Tipp’s best displays in the 2004 championship and in the end they were comfortable winners on a score line of 2-10 to 0-5. The team’s last outing in the round robin series was against Kerry in Newcastlewest on Saturday 31st July. Whle they finished their campaign on a winning note, howwever, it was by the narrowest of margins with the side having just one point ot spare over Kerry in the end. Again Tipperary had to line out in this game without a number of their regular starting 15 and while it was a relatively high scoring game, Tipp just held on to defeat Kerry with the final score reading 3-11 to 3-10.

Tipperary had once again booked their place in the TG4 Munster Junior Championship and as reigning junior champions had the opportunity to defend their Munster crown that they had captured so gallantly in 2003.

While they knew that they would have an extremely tough task ahead of them facing Cork in the final, the team had prepared well and were looking forward to the contest. It was Cork however who got off to a dream start scoring a goal in the opening minutes of the game. Tipperary however eventually settled and led by 2-5 to 2-4 at the break. Cork got on top in the second half and started to dominate. Tipperary were finding it hard to score while Cork on the other hand picked off a number of good scores. Cork gradually built up a lead and in the3 end were worthy winners on a scoreline of 3-12 to 2-9.

Tipperary Junior Panel 2004:

Helen Kennedy Jennifer Grant Carmel Condon Grainne Wade

Sarah Jane Coady Maeve Corcoran Ann O’Dwyer Claire Carroll

Angie McDermott Patreece Ryan Libby Grogan M Morrissey

Patricia Hickey Edel Hanley Claire Tobin Claire Lambert Denise Fitzgerald Orla Fahey Madeline Ahearne Jayne Clancy

Claire Peters Ashling Hackett Joanne Doherty Nancy Ferris

Mary Ryan Siobhan Bourke Triona Hennessy

One positive feature of the Munster Junior final was Angie McDermott being presented with the Player of the match award for her outstanding performance on the day. Angi4e went on to even better things in September when she played a vital role for Tipperary in capturing the All Ireland senior camogie title against Cork.

The Tipperary Callini Oige team under the management of Mary Horan, Biddy Ryan and Mary O’Shea trained hard in preparation for their games against Waterford and Cork. They played Waterford in Bushy Park, Dungarvan in July as the curtain raiser to the Tipperary Waterford Junior clash. Despite the team’s best efforts Waterford were much too strong for Tipperary in this game. Their second game was against Cork in Donoughamore in Cork, again as a curtain raiser to the Tipperary v Cork junior game4. Tipperary played very well on the day despite the fact that they were playing against a much-fancied Cork side and even though they lost this game, they can feel very proud of their performance.

Munster Under 14 Championship

The county Under 14 panel got together in early February under team manager, Lawrence McCarra who as assisted by his daughter Cait. Their first game in the round robin series took place on Saturday 10th April against Kerry in Kildimo. The team’s second match in the Munster Championship was against Waterford on Saturday 17th April in Cappaquin. Although Tipperary lined out with somewhat of a depleted side, they still managed to play some very good football. Tipperary got off to a very good start in the game and dominated the first quarter of an hour of play. Waterford, however gradually began to work their way into the game and in the end it was goals that were to prove the difference between the sides. All the players who lined out on the day performed well and the team showed great character right to the end as they never gave up trying. The team’s next game was against Cork on Saturday 1st May when they travelled to Gounthane in Co Cork.

Cork who have had an excellent record at underage level in recent years proved much too strong for us on the day and in the end had a comprehensive victory over Tipperary.

The team had home advantage in their next game in the round robin series of the championship, which was against Limerick in Cahir and again unfortunately for Tipperary, Limerick were the stronger side on the day. The final game in the championship was against Clare, which was due to be played in Ballyporeen. Clare did not travel to Ballyporeen as they were unable to field a team on the day. Since then, the Tipperary Under 14 played Clare in Cahir and suffered a narrow defeat.

Munster Under 16 Championship

The County Under 16 team under the management of Grainne O’Leary with selectors Ann Slattery and Biddy Ryan had their first championship outing when they played Cork in Ardfinnan on Monday 12th April. Tipperary had a very tough encounter as Cork captured the last three All Ireland titles in a row at Under 14 level and those players made up Cork’s Under 16 team. The team’s second game in the championship was against Limerick in Goatenbridge just three nights after their first game. Limerick got off to a dream start in this game, scoring a goal and 3 points without reply from Tipp. When Tipperary did settle they began registering some fine scores on the board with very little between the sides at half time. Despite Tipp’s best efforts in the second half Limerick got some very good scores from play and in the end deserved their victory. The quality of the scores from both sides on the night was excellent and those present were treated to a very entertaining game of football.

Munster Minor Championship

Unfortunately the Tipperary minor team failed to compete in the Munster Championship in 2004, despite the best efforts of Patrick Kenneally and Mary Fahey from Brian Borus trying to get the team together. Hopefully, Tipperary will field a minor team in 2005 as it is the stepping stone for the County’s junior team and a vital age for girls to remain playing ladies football.

Edel Hanley from Aherlow was the sole representative from Tipperary to be chosen to play for Munster at inter-provincials that took place in Mullingar in May. Edel who has been one of Tipperary’s star players over the past number of years played in both games on the Saturday and scored a great goal in one match. She also played a part in Munster’s win over Leinster in the final. Well done to Edel for flying the flag for Tipperary so well.

Cahir represented Tipperary at Feile Peil na nOg which was hosted by Tyrone this year. Victories over Drumquin (Tyrone), Strabane (Tyrone), St Rynagh’s (Offaly) and St Patrick’s (Louth) saw Cahir book their place in the final of Feile Peil na nOg. Their opponents in the final were Carnew Emmetts from Wicklow with the game going to extra time in the end. After a hard fought ball, Cahir came out on top with just two points to spare over their Wicklow opponents and team captain Aoife Casey accepted the cup on behalf of the Cahir team from Geraldine Giles, President of Cumann Peil Gael na mBan.

Another highlight of 2004 was Templemore reaching the Munster junior club final in October. With victories over Monagea of Limerick and Wolfe Tones of Clare to their credit, Templemore booked their place in the Munster Club Final.

Their opponents were Abbeydorney from Kerry and despite a gallant effort by the Tipperary side on the day, in the end it was the girls from the Kingdom who captured the Munster title and indeed went on to win the All Ireland Junior Club title in November . Great credit is due to thye Templemore players and their mentors who have made such huge strides in just a couple of years. Brian Borus similarly had a very good campaign outside of the county when they defeated the Banner from Clare.

Their campaign ended however when they were defeated by a strong Cork side from Beara. Both teams can feel very proud of their performances in Munster and have shown that Tipperary continues to be a force to be reckoned with in ladies football.

Cumann Peil Gael na mBan and the Tipperary County Board ran a very successful foundation level coaching course entitled “Fundamentals” in Cahir House Hotel on Sunday 18th April. The course proved to be very beneficial for those involved with coaching and managing teams at all levels. What was disappointing however was the fact that so many clubs in the county missed out on an excellent opportunity to learn new ideas for running training sessions.

Moyle Rovers, Aherlow and Cahir Ladies Football Clubs all ran very successful blitz competitions at under age level in 2004, while Clonmel Og Club organised a very good tournament that included a number of intermediate and junior teams.

It is great to see that there is an increase this year in the number of schools in the county participating in the Post Primary competitions that are currently running. I would like to thank all of the teachers who are giving their time to promoting ladies football in our schools and would ask all Clubs to support the schools in their area.

The Tipperary All Ireland winning team of 1974 and 1975 together with the Tipprary men’s senior footballers who won the 1979/71 National Football league were honoured at a reunion organised by the Friends of Tipperary Football in February in the Anner Hotel in Thurles. Sean Kelly, Uachtarain Cumann Loth Chleas Gael was the special guest for the evening and a total of 31 ladies from the 1974 and 1975 teams who caputed the first two All Ireland titles along with the management team were honoured on the night. It was a special night for players to reunite and share memories of the part they played in Gaelic Football history 30 years ago.

I would like to thank all the clubs and in particular all the secretaries in the county for their co-operation throughout the year. I would also like to thank mty fellow officers for their ongoing support and assistance. I wish to congratulate any one who celebrated happpy occasions during the year and sympathise with all of those who suffered bereavements. Lets hope that in 2005 all clubs will work together with the County Board for the great good of ladies football.

County Champions 2004 in various grades:

County Intermediate champions: Brian Borus (defeated Cappawhite in final)

County Junior A Champions: Templemore (defeated Moyle Rovers in final)

County Junior B Champions: Cahir (defeated Moycarkey/Borris in final)

County Junior C Champions: Upperchurch/Drombane (defeated C/White in final)

County Under 12 A Champions: Moyle Rovers (defeated Moycarkey/Borris in final)

County Under 12 B Champions: Cappawhite (defeated St Ailbes in final)

County Under 12 C Champions: Sliabh na mBan (defeated Clonmel Comm in final)

County Under 14 A Champions: Cahir (defeated Moycarkey/Borris in final)

County Under 14 B Champions: Aherlow (defeated Ballyporeen in final)

County Under 16 A Champions: Cahir (defeated Moyle Rovers in final)

County Under 16 B Champions: Mullinahone (defeated St Ailbes in final)

County Minor Champions: Not available – c/hip is not complete at time of print

Peil na nOg Champions: Cahir

The Officers of the Tipperary County Board 2005

Chairperson: Liam Shinnick

Secretary: Biddy Ryan

Treasurer: Catherine McCarra

PRO: Lina Ryan

Development Officer: Eamon O’Meara

Children’s Officer Dr Kathleen O’Sullivan

Registrar: Mary Gaskin

Fixtures Secretary: Enda McDonnell

Referees Co-Ordinator: Grainne O’Leary

Results Recorder: Cecilia Walshe

Tipperary County Championship Winners 2005

Winners Runners Up

Under 12A: Cahir Clonmel Commercials

Under 12 B: St Ailbes Aherlow

Under 12 C: Templemore Killenaule

Un der 14A Cahir Aherlow

Under 14B Ballyporeen Brian Borus (Clogheen/Ballylooby)

Under 14 C Clonmel Comm Lorrha

Under 16A Moyle Rovers Cahir

Under 16B Ardfinnan Ballyporeen

Under 16C Moyne Templetuohy Clonmel Commercials

Under 18A Moyle Rovers Cappawhite

Under 18B Moycarkey Borris Mullinahone

Under 18C St Ailbes (Emly) Clonmel Og

Intermediate Cappawhite Gleann Ard (Ardfinnan Aherlow)

Junior A Cahir Moyle Rovers

Junior B Moycarkey Borris Upperchurch Drombane

Junior C Cappawhite Newcastle

Junior B League Moycarkey Borris Golden

Junior C League Mullinahone Fethard

Limerick Tipperary League Cappawhite

Feile Competition Cahir Aherlow

Angie McDermott from Cappawhite Club was Player of the match in Division 3 final blitz in Mullingar and received the Laides Football Cidona Award for 2005.

Under 14

Tipperary had an enjoyable day in munningar for the All Ireland Under 14 Blitz. They reached the All Ireland semi final but Louth proved too strong for them. Leanne Barrett (Cahir Club) captained the team on the day.

Manager: Liam Shinnick (Cahir Club)

Selectors: Josephine Meaney (Ballyporeen Club)

Catherine McCarthy (Ballyporeen Club)

Over the past five years ladies football has really progressed within our county. The clubs have grown in numbers from 5 to 24 with most clubs taking part in at least three championships within the county.

Last year (2005) we started a school of excellence to promote and develop the ladies game within the county under the leadership and guidance of Chairman Liam Shinnick, Secretary Biddy Ryan, Development Officer Eamon O’Meara, Grainne O’Leary, Fergal McDonnell, Keith Delahunty and county players, Patreech Ryan, Libby Grogan, Angie McDermott and Claire Lambert.

Tipperary have the golden touch

Suzuki Ladies National Football League Division 3 Final

Tipperary 1-10 Dublin 0-7

Tipp take Suzuki Division 3 final.

The total dominance of the Tipperary backs was the foundation for Tipperary’s victory over Dublin in the final of the Suzuki Ladies national Football League in Mullingar on a score line of 1-10 to 0-7. The opening score of the game came in the 5th minute from the boot of Mairead Morrissey from about 45 yards out. Tipp were playing with the help of a very strong win in the first half and the midfield pairing of Claire Peters and Mairead Morrissey were dominating and supplying good ball to the full forward line but Aisling Farrelly and Patricia Gordon were getting the better of the early exchanges over Tipp’s Libby Gorgan and Edel Hanley.

Dublin started as they had done in the previous encounter with fast low balls into their full forward line but the Tipp full back line of Sarah Jane Cody, Maeve Corcoran and Claire Lambert stood solid and kept the Dublin full forward line scoreless for the entire first half. Tipp were down to 14 when in the 19th minute Sarah Jane was sinbinned for a harmelss foul on the Dublin corner forward Sarah Denvir. During this spell Tipp tacked on points from captain Siobhan Costelloe, 3 from Edel Hanley, two from frees and another from Mairead Morrissey.

In the 22nd minute of the first half Sarah Denvir herself was sinbinned for a tackle on Claire Carroll. For the entire first half Dublin only managed a point and that came from left half forward Anne Clarke leaving Tipperary going in at the break 5 points clear.

After the break Dublin hit the field running and showed their intent and within eight minutes the scores were level at 6 all. Things looked ominous but with the introduction of Mairead Crowe for Libby Grogan, Claire Carroll moved into midfield and Clare Peters took up the full forward position with Mairead slotting into her customary position of wing back. That move brought instant results with Claire Carroll collecting ball in mid field and taking on the Dublin defence she found Siobhan Costelloe and she put the ball between the posts to restore Tipp’s lead once more. From the kick out, the Dubs took the ball up field and immediately tied the scores with a fine point from full forward Orla Scholard. This was to be their last score of the game.

For the remainder of the game, player of the match Angie McDermott demoralised the Dubs. Nothing passed her and she set up attacks for the Tipp forwards and thwarted the Dublin attack time and time again. Sheila Carnew entered the fray for Claire Tobin. Pressure from Claire Peters and Denise Fitzgerald resulted in the Dublin backs giving away two scoreable 13 metre frees which Edel Hanley duly slotted between the posts to give Tipp a precarious 2 point lead heading into the final 10 minutes. From the long kick out by Dublin keeper Suzanne Hughes, the ball was fielded magnificently by Angie McDermott who found Mairead Morrissey. She soloed through the Dublin defence, found Denise Fitzgerald who blasted past the Dublin keeper to the back of the net leaving the score 1-9 to 0-7.

The final score of the game came from the tireless left half back Jennifer Grant who collected the ball around the middle of the field, soloed through and poped it over the bar from about 35 yards out to seal a fine victory and ensure the silverware was heading back to Tipperary.


Helen Kennedy, Sarah Jane Cody, Maeve Corcoran, Claire Lambert, Claire Carroll, Angie McDermott, Jennifer Grant (0-1), Claire Peters, Mairead Morrissey (0-2), Claire Tobin, Denise Fitzgerald (1-0), Mary Ryan, Siobhan Costelloe (capt, 0-2), Libby Gorgan, Edel Hanley (0-5, 4 f).

Subs: Mairead Crowe for Libby Grogan and Sheila Carew for Claire Tobin.

The remainder of the panel: Ann Marie Fitzpatrick, Pateece Ryan, Siobhan Bourke, Grainne Walshe, Cait McCarra, Bridget Grogan, Barbara Ryan, Aine Staunton, Emer Morrissey, Orla Fahey.

Tipperary Ladies Football 2005

Over the past ten years ladies football in Tipperary has made, and is continuing to make great strides at all levels in the county, and while we haven’t made the breakthrough at inter county level at any grade yet, the signs are very good that this will happen in the next couple of years. 2005 continued this progress and Tipperary took part in all inter county competitions from Under 14 to Junior. The Junior team won Division 3 of the Suzuki national League and in 2006 will be taking part in Division 2.

Under Age

Under 12

2005 saw 26 teams in the Under 12 competition alone, with some clubs entering two teams, showing the growth of the game at underage level. Cahir club had success in 2005 in the Under 12A competition winning the county title on a replay against the relative newcomers to ladies football, Clonmel Commercials. This final went to a replay and in both games we had outstanding performances form Ashling mcCarthy, sharp shooter supreme and the captain, Ashling O’Connor. Lead by example orchestrating everything up front and motivating her team mates throughout the field. Commercials were not without their stars either and Chelsea Burke and Aoife O’Reilly in the forward line combined with Karen Kavanagh in goals and Amy Peters in the back, Jessica Stokes in midfield made Cahir fight all the way for the Under 12 title.


Rebecca Quinn, Donna Casey, Ruth Cummins, Emma Buckley, Shauna O’Donnell, Avril Hearne, Ashling Higgins, Claire Harris, Sabrina McGrath, Kirsty Downey, Ashling O’Connor (capt), Ashling McCarthy, Clionadh Higgins, Orla McEniry, Aoife O’Gorman.

Subs: Lorna McEniry, Emma Corcoran, Niamh Walsh, Jane O’Donovan, Ashling Armitage, Ashling Moloney, Rebecca Murphy Aoife O’Brien.

Clonmel Commercials:

Karen Kavanagh, Sinead O’Meara, Amy Peters, Tanya Peters, Chloe McGuire, Emma Logue, Veronica Horgan, Jessica Stokes, Chelsea Burke, Nicole tobin, Jessica Newman, Niamh White, Orla Hynes, Aoife O’Reilly, Caoimhe McCann.

Subs: Aisling O’Meara, Aisling Kelly, Louise Boland, Anna Brennan, Hailey Brogan, Lauren Brogan.

The Under 14 Championship in 2005 was a hard fought out affair. Cahir and Aherlow emerged to fight out the A final in Golden on a miserable wet July evening, while we had to wait until late September for the B final between Ballyporeen and Brian Borus, which was played in glorious sunshine in Goatenbridge. This competition was played on a league basis to give the girls more competitive games and proved to be an excellent competition.

Emly were the surprise team in the B section winning most of their matches in the league section only to come up against an ‘on song’ Brian Borus’ outfit in the semi final in New Inn. Ballyporeen overcame a tough Mullinahone side and defeated Cappawhite comprehensively in their semi final.

In the A competition, Cahir defeated Moyle Rovers to set up a final with Aherlow. Cahir were very strong at Under 14 and well prepared with some talented players available to them, namely Leanne Barrett, Freda Casey, Nicola Armitage and Anne Marie O’Gorman. Aherlow are a very new club to underage ladies football and fielded a young side in this final. Players to look out for in the future include Julie O’Meara, Lorraine Peters, Ann Marie Fahey. Holly West between the posts for Aherlow on the day gave a great display of good goalkeeping even though they were comprehensively beaten.

Cahir Under 14 A county final winners:

Sarah Harris, Leeanne Hickey, Nicola Armitage, Ruth Cummins, Claire S harris, Aoife Casey, Emer Collins, Geraldine O’Donnell, Freda Casey, Ann Marie O’Gorman, Leanne Barrett, Bronagh Higgins, Stephanie O’Halloran, Gillian O’Keeffe, Aishling O’Connor, Aoife Burke, Avril Hearne, Shauna O’Donnell, Tracy Smith, Aishling Higgins, Clionagh Higgins, Stephanie Seery.

Aherlow Under 14 runners up:

Holly West, Danielle Cunningham, Ciara O’Dwyer, Roisin McGrath, Laura Ivory, Julie O’Meara, Joanne Peters, Rachel Kennedy, Sarah McGlinchey, Danielle Nevin, Lorraine Peters, Claire Mullins, Helena O’Brien, Ann Marie Fahey, Moya Donovan.

The Under 16 championship was a very interesting affair in 2005 with old rivals Cahir and Moyle Rovers in the A Division and poised to meet in the final and meet they did. The A competition was a very strong competition with Moycarkey and Cappawhite also in contention. Cahir and Moyle Rovers had been neck and neck all the way up through Under 12 and 14, and the players knew each other very well with Cahir ahead in the match stakes but just barely.

In the B section you had Ardfinnan, Ballyporeen, Aherlow, Brian Borus, Mullinahone and Emly with Ardfinnan and Ballyporeen reaching the final. In Group C there was strong competition also with Clonmel Og, Moyne Templetuohy, Clonmel Commercials and Fethard all looking for honours.

The C Final was contested by Clonmel Commercials and Moyne Templetuohy.

Cahir were chasing four in a row in Under 16A competition and Moyle Rovers were looking to prevent it. Cahir looked like the three times champions they were for the first half but wee very wasteful in front of the posts and it was obvious that the scoring talents of Leanne Barrett were missing. Freda Casey was master of the middle of the field and 18 minutes into the half, she was sin-binned.

This allowed Niamhy Lonergan from Moyle Rovers to come more into the game and from midfield she start5ed the Moyle Rovers comeback.

Cahir coped well being reduced to 14 players but Rovers picked off enough points to bring them back into contention and at the half time break there was only two points between the teams.

The second half started with Cahir back to their full compliment of players and the game see-sawed first one way and then the other. Both sides wasted clear scoring chances but Moyle rovers being less wasteful and opened up a four point lead with a well taken goal going into the last 10 minutes. Edith Carroll stepped up to the mark and scored two nice points after a period of Cahir dominance and Ann Marie O’Gorman scored to leave just one between the teams. Then the second sin-binning happened. Niamh Lonergan was sin-binned with just 8 minutes to go and Moyle Rovers under pressure. Cahir piled on the pressure but could not break down the Moyle Rovers defence and Moyle Rovers were winners on a score line of Cahir 1-6 to Moyle Rovers 1-7.

Under 16 B

Ardfinnan 8-8 Ballyporeen 2-6

Ciara McLoughlin lifted the trophy7 after a pulsating game of football in a sun drenched Newcastle. The two teams took the field resplendent in the traditional maroon of Ardfinnan and the red and black of Ballyporeen. A large crowd was there to see an excellent game of football. The score line might suggest that it was an easy victory for Ardfinnan but it was well into the last quarter of the game before they managed to take control.

Ballyporeen opened the scoring with a goal from full forward Bernadette Sisk and the same lady found the net again two minutes later. At this point Hannah Gearon had found her feet at midfield and was beginning to dominate and a shrewd move by Ardfinnan Manager moved Niamh Maher onto the Ballyporeen centre forward Jemma O’Brien who was causing all sorts of problems for the Ardfinnan defence early on.

Soirse O’Flynn played as a third midfielder soloed the ball through the Ballyporeen defence, laid the ball off to Rebecca Maher who stuck it in the back of the net, that score ignited Ardfinnan. Jacinta McCarthy, a talented half forward replied immediately with a fine point leaving the scores, Ballyporeen 2-1 to Ardfinnan 1-00. Kelly Meaney was beginning to feed of the possession being gained by the hard working O’Flynn and the Ballyporeen back line were unable to contain her and giving away a lot of frees Meaney herself converted two of them.

Mollie O’Donnell still in Primary School collected the ball on the win, dummied two Bally players, travelled along the end line and stuck the ball to the back of the net. Ardfinnan followed this fine goal with points from Rebecca Maher (0-2) and a goal and a point from Michelle Walsh leaving the half time scores Ardfinnan 3-5 Ballyporeen 2-3.

Ballyporeen started the second half brightly and two points from the hard working Siobhan Crotty and Jacinta McCarthy were soon nullified by a spectacular goal followed by a point from corner forward Michelle Walsh to put the game beyond Ballyporeen. Rebecca Maher added 2-2 and Samantha Lambert 1-0. To their credit Ballyporeen never gave up and Eve Kelly had three brilliant saves in the second half, one from the penalty spot.


Jaen March, Dawn Dolan, Lisa Dillon, Deirdre Cashman, Niamh Maher, Ciara McLoughlin (capt), Sarah Kelly, Samantha Lambert, Hannah Gearon, Rebecca Maher, Kelly Meaney, Patricia O’Mahony, Mollie O’Donnell, Soirse O’Flynn, Michelle Walsh.


Edel Coffey, Margaret Ryan, Eve Kelly, A Martin, Sarah Sheehy, Noreen Roche, Jenny Hickey, Aine Sisk, Breed Feeney, Annette Meaney, Bernadette Sisk, Kathleen Martin, Jemma O’Brien, Jacinta McCarthy, Katie Sheehy, Siobhan Crotty, Anne Marie Noonan.

The 2005 minor championship commenced in Mid October with teams from Cahir, Moyle Rovers, Cappawhite, Ardfinnan, Brian Borus, Templemore and Moycarkey taking part and the competition isn’t concluded at time of going to press.

Adult competition within the county

Within the county there are two main competitions for adults, the junior championship and the intermediate championship. In the junior competitions it is broken down into three groups, A B and C. Some clubs within the county would have teams taking part in both the junior and intermediate championships.

Only 4 teams took part in the intermediate championship in 2005, namely Cappawhite, Gleann Ard (a combination of Aherlow and Ardfinnan), Brian Borus and Templemore. It was initially envisaged that this competition would be run on a league basis with the top two teams playing off in a final but for lots of reasons that didn’t happen this year so our intermediate championship was run on a knock-out basis with Cappawhite knocking out Brian Borus in a bruising affair in the first semi final and it took Gleann Ard two games to see off Templemore. The county final was played in Sean Treacy Park in Tipperary Town in mid September with Cappawhite emerging victorious. On a very wet grey Saturday afternoon in Sean Treacy Park, Helen Kennedy captain of Cappawhite lifted the Meehan and Slattery Cup after Cappawhite captured their second intermediate title in 3 years by defeating Gleann Ard on a scoreline of Cappawhite 4-12 to Gleann Ard 1-6.

Junior A

The junior A final was contested between old rivals Cahir and Moyle Rovers. This was Cahir’s first appearance in a junior A final, while Moyle Rovers were trying to win for the third time in a row having been beaten in the previous two years by Templemore and Ardfinnan respectively.

Cahir Ladies football Club

Cahir Ladies Football Club was founded in 1997 with an Under 16 team being formed under the Chairperson of Liam Shinnick. From that year on, the club progressed immensely so much so that in 1999 the Club entered teams in Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 competitions.

With the work and commitment being put into the club, it was only a matter of time before success followed and in 2000 our Under 14 team brought their first Under 14A county title to the club. The followeing year this Under 14 team won their second county A title. In 2002 success again followed with county A titles in Under 12 and Under 16, and a team was entered in the All Ireland Junior Sevens competition in Dublin and reached the semi finals. 2003 was undoubtedly the most successful to date when the club had success in all grades such as Under 12A, Under 14A and Under 16A Junior C League and Championship county finals. Many of the girls have represented the club at county level from Under 14 to Junior level.

Success in 2004 saw our Under 14 team win our county Under 14A Championship. They also won the Munster Feile held in Limerick. For the first time ever our Under 14 team were crowned All Ireland Division 3 Feile champions, held in Tyrone.

This team were awarded a prestigious civic reception by Councillor Mattie McGrath in Clonmel and were also recipients of a 2004 Cidona Award. Following this famous victory our Under 16 team won the county Under 16 A final in an exciting replay and also our Junior team succeeded in capturing the county Junior B Championship title which qualified them to be promoted to Junior A status for 2005. The 2005 season began with more success with the Under 14 team once again representing Tipperary in the Under 14 Feile na Peil in Limerick where they reached the semi final stages. This same Under 14 team went on to capture the 2005 Under 14 A county title and the club also had county titles in Under 12 A and most recently our Junior A team succeeded in winning the Junior A county title.

Present Officers of the Club are:

Chairman: Liam Shinnick

Vice-Chairman: Martin O’Keeffe

Secretary: Mary Shinnick

Treasurer: Betty Casey

Assistant Treasurer: Mairead McEniry

PRO: John Cummins

Development Officer: Niamh Higgins

Children’s Officer: Louise Carroll

Club Colours: Green/White

County Officers 2006

Chairman: Liam Shinnick

Secretary: Biddy Ryan

Treasurer: Catherine McCarran

PRO: Lina Ryan

Registrar: Joan O’Meara

Fixtures Secretary: Enda McDonnell, Denis Collins

Development Officer: Eamon O’Meara

Children’s Officer: Grainne O’Leary


Roll of Honour Tipperary

1973 Ardfinnan

1974 Ardfinnan

1975 Loughmore Castleiney

1976 Loughmore Castleiney

1977 Loughmore Castleiney

1978 Loughmore Castleiney

1979 Loughmore Castleiney

1980 Slievenamon

1981 Slievenamon

1982 Slievenamon

1983 Slievenamon

1984 Slievenamon

1985 Ardfinnan

1986 Ardfinnan

1987 Ardfinnan

1988 Ardfinnan

1989 Ardfinnan

1990 Unknown (I think it was not played)

1991 Unknown

1992 Unknown

1993 Brian Borus

1994 Brian Borus

1995 Brian Borus

1996 Ardfinnan Up to and including 1996 it was called the senior

1997 Cappawhite It was played as the Junior A Cup from here on as new

competitions were introduced at Intermediate level and Junior B & C

1998 Brian Borus

1999 Aherlow

2000 Aherlow

2001 Aherlow

2002 Cappawhite

2003 Ardfinnan


2002 Brian Borus

2003 Cappawhite

2004 Brian Borus

2005 Cappawhite

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