The philosophy of Gaelic4Mothers&Others games is to promote full participation with emphasis on non-competitive and social atmosphere. Every participant should get the opportunity to develop their skills in a fun and safe environment.


If you are considering holding a Gaelic4Mothers&Others Game and/or Festival in your club or County here are a few things to think about:

  • Notification of all games and blitzes should be submitted via the ONLINE FORM which will be sent to Vinny Whelan (Head of Growth and Participation) at . The purpose of this is for the LGFA office to have a record of all blitzes played during the year.



  • The primary aim of a Gaelic4Mothers&Others games/festival is to give clubs the opportunity to socialise with other teams and to try out their skills in a fun environment. The aim of your game/blitz should be to facilitate this socialising and feel good atmosphere for other teams.
  • Gaelic4Mothers&Others is a strictly recreational and non-competitive initiative. It is therefore imperative that Games/Festival Days are run with the right ethos. To ensure this, there should be no finals played and no medals or trophies should be presented. (an exception to this would be if a club presented a FUN award, i.e. ‘Most Entertaining Team’ or ‘Best Team Song.’)
  • Clubs may be visited by a member of the LGFA Development Team to ensure the ethos of G4M&O is being adhered to at all times
  • Games should be no more than 11-a-side, should not be played on full size pitches, and should be no longer than 20 minutes a half (Single game).
  • Referees should be fully aware of the Gaelic4Mothers&Others ethos and ensure that all games are played in a non-competitive and safe manner.
  • As Games/Festival Days are a social event you should consider if you want to provide entertainment or a post game/blitz event. Teams may want to carry on their activities later in the evening, could your club facilitate this?
  • The key factor in Gaelic4Mothers&Others Festival Days is that they are held in a fun and inclusive environment. Every participant regardless of ability or experience should feel welcome on the day


Download the G4M&O Festival Guide HERE to help you!

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