Peil Magazine is the official magazine of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, and can also boast as being Ireland’s only dedicated Ladies Gaelic Football Magazine.

The purpose of Peil Magazine is threefold:

  • To act as a mode communication between all levels of the LGFA – from head office to grassroots.
  • To provide an overview of the wide range of activities and initiatives that are happening throughout the LGFA.
  • To provide entertaining and informative material that is helpful to, can be enjoyed by, all members of the LGFA.

The Magazine is published seasonally (4 times a year). It is available to order through all County Boards, or can be subscribed to, and will be available free in a digital format.

The following areas are covered in every issue:

  • Coverage of recent events in the LGFA
  • Feature articles on topical issues in the LGFA
  • Interviews with players, managers and officials from around the country.
  • Gaelic4Mothers&Others news
  • Club Focus: An in depth look at one Ladies Gaelic Club.
  • Games Development: Coverage of any recent Games Development events and topical articles.
  • Physical Training and Nutrition: Training and Nutrition tips and suggestions from the National Athlete Development Academy (NADA).
  • Coaching Corner: Coaching suggestions focused on specific problems that are encountered by LGF coaches.
  • News from each province and overseas.


Peil aims to reflect the the entire Ladies Gaelic Football Association. We want the information contained in each publication to be as relevant and as helpful to our members as possible. Therefore, we welcome any thoughts, comments or suggestions on the magazine. If you have an idea for an article, if something interesting has happened in you local LGF Club, if you have a coaching problem that you would like some advice on, or if you have any thoughts (positive or negative) on the Association at large please do not hesitate to contact us.

Any queries or suggestions in relation to Peil Magazine can be sent to:


Ladies Gaelic Football Association

Croke Park

Dublin 3


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