1. The Higher Education Colleges (HEC). This Committee is responsible for the day to day running of All -Ireland Competitions and queries regarding such. The HEC will also deal with all queries about player eligibility and appeals.


  1. The HEC will consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar and where possible a PRO, to be elected at College Congress.


  1. The HEC are not obliged to meet. Decisions agreed by the majority of the HEC by telephone/ email shall stand. The Chairperson will have casting vote.


  1. Members of the HEC shall endeavour to attend Central council meetings and attend National Congress, to present the annual report on behalf of the colleges.


  1. The Colleges Congress will be held on a date to be decided by the HEC on an annual basis. The congress will consist of one voting delegate from each affiliated college and the members of the HEC. The venue will be decided by the HEC.


  1. All breaches of the bye laws will be subject to a €100 fine (except where otherwise specified).


  1. Colleges will be fined €500 for all trophies, which are mislaid or not returned to the HEC when requested. A fine of €200 for all trophies, which are returned without having been engraved from the previous season.


Procedure for Appeals & Queries


All appeals must be made in accordance with the rules set out in the LGFA official guide.


  1. All competitions – queries regarding the running of the competitions and other matters arising shall be sent in writing (by email only) to the secretary of the HEC. The HEC Committee will be informed on the matter and make a collective decision on the issue. The grading of HEC Championship competitions shall be as follows:

The O’Connor Cup and Giles Cup as Senior grades, (Senior A & B respectively). Lynch Cup and Moynihan Cup as Intermediate grades (Intermediate A & B respectively). Donaghy Cup and Lagan Cup as Junior grades (Junior A & B respectively). Additionally grades as required as our competitions grow will be considered as additional Junior grades.


  1. Player Registration – Queries regarding player eligibility should be made to the HEC Registrar in writing by email or post. The query must give reasonable grounds explaining why the player’s eligibility is being questioned. On receipt of such a query the registrar shall in writing request a letter, signed by the registrar of the institution in question outlining the players current status, including the course code and its requirements, to be returned within 7 days.


The College Club Secretary will be notified that a query has been made and that the investigation has commenced. Should a letter not be forth coming, or fail to meet the appropriate rule, then the player will be deemed not eligible to participate in competition and any game which she had participated in will be awarded to the opposition as per rule book. A decision may be appealed to central council.



  1. To participate in the All -Ireland leagues or All Ireland Championships the college must be affiliated and their students registered by 1st of November annually. Failure to have fees paid by this date will result in the college being suspended from all HEC competitions until their affiliation fees are paid in full.


  1. Additional student registrations may be made after this date up until the 1st of February. All registrations must be made on the official college registration form. The registration of additional students on an official registration form must be received by the registrar on the Monday before a match is played. The fee for the additional player(s) must be received within 1 week of original post.


  1. The Current Affiliation fee is €300 for the first team and an additional €50 per team thereafter. The current registration fee is €5 per player.


A: In order for a player to qualify to compete in the HEC Competition she must be in full-time education. Postgraduates must make a special application to the Management of the HEC, who shall decide on their eligibility. For the Garda College and Army Cadets: students who graduate during the months between January and March still qualify to play in the HEC Championship of that academic year.


B: Sabbatical Officers and Student Officers are allowed play in HEC competitions.


C: Colleges Unable to Field a Team: If a college is unable to field a team then players in that college may apply to the HEC in writing for permission to play with another college. Once registered to a college, the player can only play with that college for the remainder of that academic year. A college will only be allowed 4 permissions to play requests in an academic year. The only circumstances where more than 4 permissions to play requests may be granted to a college is where there is no other 3rd level institute affiliated and participating in HEC competitions within a 20-mile radius of the players seeking the permission to play. Any College with a team participating in Senior HEC Championships is not permitted to accept players on permission to play. The only circumstances where a permission to play may be granted to a Senior status College is where there is no other 3rd level institute affiliated and participating in HEC competitions within a 20-mile radius of the player seeking the permission to play.


D: If two or more colleges (Each college has its own CAO or equivalent entry process) wish to form a “Combined” team, they may do so but must compete in the Senior HEC Competitions. These colleges may also play as individual colleges in intermediate and junior HEC Competitions (League or Championship). Declaration of this “Combined Team to be done before the 10th of October with a list of a minimum of 20 players who are assigned to this Combined Team submitted to the HEC Secretary. Any player on this list of players or additional players who represent this “Combined” team during any HEC competitions, may not play for her home College team in any Intermediate or Junior HEC competitions (League or Championship


  1. Fresher’s 7-A-Side Blitz. For the purposes of this competition Freshers are defined as students who are entering Third Level Education for the first time. Students who have been registered on other colleges and then transfer to year 1 of a course in a new college are not regarded as Freshers. (Third Level Education includes Universities, IT’s and PLC Colleges). Entry fee is €50 for the first team and €25 for the second team. Any team which withdraws from the competition, 96 hours or less before Blitz day registration shall be fined €250. Panels are to consist of a maximum of 12 players. All Players must be submitted on the registration form and be present at registration. Additional blitz days during semester one as appropriate for 1st year and 2nd year students, regionalised if required.


  1. Colleges with More than 1 team: Colleges who intend entering two or more teams in the league and championship competitions must register each student on the A/B or subsequent panels. Students who are registered on the A Panel may not play on other panels. Students who are on the B Panel may move up and play on the A Panel. Colleges must register a minimum of 20 players for the A panel (and B Panel if you have a C team,) at the start of the season and then players can move up when required or needed. For the purpose of the league, players may move up a panel and return to their own panel. For Championship, once a player plays up at a higher Panel from the panel registered to the player can no longer play with the lower panel. If breached the team shall forfeit the game and fined €300.




  1. Fixture Dates – The All-Ireland League and Championship fixtures will be set by the HEC and each college must play the named Opposition on the date and time set, unless both colleges agree and notify the HEC secretary of change of date and time. This re-arranged fixture must be cleared by the Secretary. In the event of the Home teams pitch being unplayable/closed the fixture will be played at the away team’s venue. In the case of both pitches being unplayable the HEC may appoint a venue. If Matches are not played and one college is clearly at fault then the offending college will be fined €250 and the opposing college will be awarded the match. If both colleges are clearly at fault both Colleges will be fined €250 and both teams will be excluded from the remainder of the competition.


  1. Walkovers – Colleges giving walkovers will be fined €200 each time. If two Colleges finish on level points in the league stages of a competition and one of these Colleges has given a walkover throughout the campaign, advantage will be given to the other team regardless of score difference.

This is to ensure fair play among all Colleges. Colleges must give at least 48hrs notice of withdrawal from Freshers 7 a-side competition or otherwise they will be fined €200.


  1. Colleges incurring any fines during the season must pay these with 1 week of notification. Colleges will be excluded from future competitions until such time as the fine is full paid. Any College owing outstanding Money to the HEC Fund will be excluded from future competitions until such time as this money is paid to the fund.


  1. The HEC will consider regrading misplaced Colleges for the Championship competitions (either up or down). The decision will be based on the composition of the registered panel, an application from the college and their results in league and previous championship performance.


  1. The Hosts for the O’Connor Cup Weekend will be an open application process and the final decision will be made by the HEC.


  1. The Hosts for the Freshers 7-A-Side Blitz will be an open application process and the final decision will be made by the HEC.


  1. There will be 15 Players picked for the Colleges All Star Team and 15 players picked for the College Rising Star Team from the Championship Weekend. The Panel to select the teams will be selected by the HEC Committee.


Championship Competitions


  1. All Colleges must indicate on the relevant entry form whether they wish to participate in the championships. This must be returned at the start of the season. There is no automatic entry.


  1. The Date and draws for all championship competitions will be determined by the HEC. Seeding and draw format shall be determined by the HEC.


  1. Where Both teams are drawn the first named college will deemed as the home team and has home advantage unless the distance is greater than 150miles which will result in a halfway venue.


  1. All championships games are to be 15-a-side. Donaghy Cup and Lagan Cup may play 13- a-side, only if one or both colleges have 17 players or less available to play at the pitch.


  1. For Each round of the championship from Round 1 to the final including group games, a winner must be obtained. There will be no replays. If the game is a draw at full time, extra time of 10 minutes per half will be played. If the result is still a draw the 5 penalties per team should be taken, goals will only count. If this fails to separate the team the sudden death penalties must be taken to reach a result.


  1. List of panels competing in the HEC Championships to be made available to all competing teams, no later than the 1st of February. Any changes from the Panels submitted on the 1st of November must be highlighted.


  1. The names submitted for the Championship weekend programme will be the squad for that weekend. Players have to wear the number they are assigned on the programme. Failure to do so will result in a €50 fine per player wearing an incorrect number.

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