The Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Toolbox is a support mechanism for all clubs, county boards and provinces. This tool box will provide our members with practical tools to recruit and retain volunteers in their organisations. All resources are downloadable materials and the checklist provided can be used as a compass to direct members in the right direction on our site. The final part of this toolbox is the workshop and this is an additional resource if members wish to find out more about using the tools provided.


There are three main areas involved in this programme:


Area 1     Checklist for Recruitment and Retention


  • To be used in conjunction with the pack and the workshop
  • This checklist will assist you to be directed to the area you need assistance in your club/county/province

Click here to download the checklist:

Volunter Recruitment & Retention Checklist



Area 2 Recruitment and Retention Pack


  • This will be divided into four areas:


a. Pre-Recruitment

b. Recruitment

c. Retention

d. Recognition and Review


  • Areas of this pack can be used on their own or clubs/counties/provinces etc. can complete full pack using the checklist provided
  • All sections are downloadable for clubs to utilise or adapt with their own logos etc.



You can download the pack in full here:



Area 3 Recruitment and Retention Workshop


This workshop will ensure that your Pack comes to life!

It is designed to ensure clarity on all aspects of the pack and allow questions to be asked on any areas. The workshop focuses on all the tools provided and how you can practically use these in your own setting.


The workshop is 2 hours duration and can be booked a county board of a number of clubs by contacting Shauna McNutt on 01 8363156 or email


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