Verifying Members – Missing Membership ID Number

The club administrator must verify these members for the ID number to appear.


You search the member and select the tick box on the left

Then Select – Member Actions (Blue Box Above)

Then select Member – Club member as per official rule guide

Then select Verify (bottom right)


Refresh Foireann and then you can see the ID’s.


This is also explained within the following document within the Foireann Help Portal.

Missing Membership Number/ID – Gaelic Athletic Association (


Multiple Membership Numbers – what do I do?

There are a number of reasons why a member might have multiple ID numbers as explained

Multiple Membership Numbers – Gaelic Athletic Association (


Any ID listed in your profile will be linked back to your record. We do however recommend that you use the ID which is the lowest in sequence as your primary membership ID.


For example, if you had the following 3 IDs:

  • 2456789
  • 5678901
  • 3478950

We would advise that you use 2456789 as your primary ID and use this for all aspects.


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