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LGFA – HEC Registrations Process for 2023/24 Season


Step by step process on the main points to get members register as a LGFA HEC member.

1 – Club Administrator – At least one Club Administrator has been setup for all third level colleges, and they can setup others based on the following help document.

Assigning/Adding Administrator Access to another Member in your Club – Gaelic Athletic Association (zendesk.com)


2 – Create a 2023 LGFA Adult Player Membership Option

Select the Membership Tab and select Create a Membership Option and called it LGFA HEC Player that has no requirement for any payment for the 2023 season via Foireann (no need to setup Stripe) – this membership chip will be set to the 2023 season that runs from the 1st September 2023 or from whatever date completed/approved to the 31st August 2024.

Creating Membership Options – Gaelic Athletic Association (zendesk.com)

If your college has already setup a 2023 Membership option and have partly registered 2023 members that have a Yellow LGFA 2023 – HEC (Playing) LGFA Fees Due chip over at the right-hand side of each player’s name on Foireann. These chips are ok if all the questions have been filled out.

Please note College admins must setup the HEC Additional Questions and this is explained within the following Help Document on the Foireann Help Portal

HEC – Adding Additional Questions to Membership Options – Gaelic Athletic Association (zendesk.com)


3 – Individual Players to add their College to their Profile

We expect at least 95% of LGFA HEC members will already be on the Foireann system as they are either currently registered with a LGFA club or were registered in previous years.

This is also explained in the following Help Document on the Foireann Help Portal

Adding HEC to Foireann Profile – Gaelic Athletic Association (zendesk.com)

  • If the player or parent has a Foireann account, then they can log into Foireann and add their respective College to their Profile.
  • If the players LGFA/GAA Club uses a third-party piece of Software to collect their membership fees and they don’t have a Foireann Account, they can ask their LGFA/GAA club admin to give them access so that they can register with their college. The following help document explains how the club admin can invite members to Foireann.

Inviting Members to Foireann – Gaelic Athletic Association (zendesk.com)

  • If a LGFA HEC player has never been registered with the LGFA before (never player football)

They need to setup a Foireann Account – Setting up a Foireann account – Gaelic Athletic Association (zendesk.com)

Add the LGFA HEC club to their Profile.


The HEC Club can add the member to their club and complete the player registration as per the next step. Remember Foireann is a member driven system and the GAA recommends that individuals should have their own Foireann accounts will all their memberships together.

Adding Member’s to Foireann and Editing their Records – Gaelic Athletic Association (zendesk.com)



4 – Players register their membership details and complete the LGFA HEC questions.

Players when logged into Foireann select the Membership tab and then select their HEC Club and then pick the LGFA HEC Player option and registers by filling in all the details.


5 – Club Registrars Completes each person’s Registration

Club registrars can use the Filter Table to see all members that are at In Progress Membership Status – They select the Red Payment Due chip and select “Mark as Paid” and the chip moves to Fees Due.

HEC – Marking Members as Paid – Gaelic Athletic Association (zendesk.com)

Club registrars can use the Filter Table to see all members that are at Fees Due status (no Fees being paid on the system).

They select the tick box to the left of the members Name and select FEE ACTIONS (down arrow) and select PAY LGFA Fees and instead of being presented with the €5.00 fee, they will be presented with no fee and there will be a button which says ‘Complete Registration. 

This process turns the Yellow Fees Due chip to a Yellow Awaiting Approval chip.

HEC – Paying LGFA HEC Association Fees – Gaelic Athletic Association (zendesk.com)


6 – LGFA HEC Registrar (Christine) Approve all registrations

This process turns the Yellow Fees Due chips to a Green Paid chip and the registration is complete.


7 – Clubs can then start using the Teamsheets and Events part of Foireann

College can use the teamsheets to print out their teams and get the college to stamp each teamsheet.

Teams & Groups – Gaelic Athletic Association (zendesk.com)

Communications – Gaelic Athletic Association (zendesk.com)


The following is a link to the HEC Webinar recording from last year and it explains the above with time stamps for each section.


Please note you can skip over all the sections on setting up Stripe as this function is not required anymore.        Finance Administrator and Stripe Governing Controls

Setting Up Foireann Linked Stripe Account

Topping Up your Foireann Linked Stripe Account


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