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Does the LGFA Injury fund apply to G4M&O?

No. G4M&O is a recreational LGFA activity and all players participating in same either play at their own risk or utilise private insurance.

When should players seek insurance for the programme?

Clubs should seek private insurance at the beginning of the programme or when players have committed themselves to being involved. It will be important that all females have signed the participant form at that start programme.

Players participating in Gaelic4Mothers&Others must have their own personal injury cover to participate.

Do LGFA have a link with any companies that provide insurance cover for such activities?

Yes, currently LGFA have linked up with AIG Insurance. All details regarding this insurance can be obtained below but clubs are free to seek alternate cover and we would welcome details of this if cover taken out.

We have low numbers participating in G4M&O in our club and therefore cost for the group insurance is too high individually. Is there any way we get around this?

Few options are:

  • Club contact the insurance company to see if they can do any other rates
  • Players look at their own private health insurance cover to see if sustained an injury in this activity would be covered
  • Players link in with another G4M&O site nearby and joint apply to Insurance company to see if can apply for joint cover.

Anything else we should be aware of in relation to insurance?

  • Important that the appropriate activities are carried out in all sessions so therefore selection of your coach is important. The activities must reflect the ability and fitness levels of all participants
  • Ensure the facilities that you are utilising are free from any hazards that could cause potential injury. A safety check should be carried out on the facility & equipment prior to commencing the programme

Insurance Options

Gaelic4Mothers&Others participants are NOT covered by LGFA injury fund but LGFA have negotiated a number of options for personal injury cover to make available to your club.



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