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The Gaelic4Mothers&Others Injury Prevention Series is to assist women who are starting or already playing G4M&O to Prepare to Play and reduce the risk of injury.

There is an introductory video and then 27 exercise videos in total to help you! The full playlist is available on the LGFA YouTube Channel or you can watch below.


Thank you to Paul Ginty (Quay Fitness) and the Gaelic4Mothers&Others teams from Enniscrone Kilglass and Castleconnor.




Mobility 1: Hip Flexor Stretch


Mobility 2: Ankle Mobility


Mobility 3: Wall Calf Stretch


Mobility 4: Knee and Hip Roll


Mobility 5: Tall Standing T Spine Opening


Mobility 6: Cat Camel (T Spine)


Mobility 7: Diagonal Lat Stretch


Mobility 8: Front Hand Walk – Inchworm


Mobility 9: Tall Plank Groiners with T Spine Opening


Mobility 10: Frog Stretch


Mobility 11: Cook Hip Lift


Mobility 12: Hamstring Curls


Landing Mechanics 1: Bi Lateral Hops


Landing Mechanics 2: Alternating Hops


Home Strength 1: Reverse Lunge With Lateral Reach


Home Strength 2: Mini Band Lateral Sidestep


Home Strength 3: Mini Bank Kick Backs


Home Strength 4: Bilateral Bridge


Home Strength 5: Single Leg Bridge


Home Strength 6: Superwoman


Home Strength 7: Sideplank


Home Strength 8: Bear Crawl


Home Strength 9: Alternating Straight Leg Lowering


Home Strength 10: Wall Dead Bugs


Home Strength 11: Oxy Squats


Home Strength 12: Ball Woodchops


Home Strength 13: Push Ups


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