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The Ladies Gaelic Football Association is pleased to announce details of the LGFA TALK Project, which is available to clubs in Antrim, Armagh, Derry, Down, Fermanagh and Tyrone..


The LGFA TALK Project is a six-week club-based initiative aimed at increasing the awareness of positive mental health in young members aged 13-18 years, and removing the stigma associated with the subject area. The project will only be rolled out for clubs in the six counties in Northern Ireland.


The aims of the project are as follows:


  • To transform the club into a hub for positive youth mental health in the community
  • To remove the stigma attached to discussing mental health amongst young members and their peers, mentors and parents
  • To increase awareness of the impact of positive mental health on young members
  • To provide tools for the project team to successfully implement the project in their club


Clubs will be awarded with the status of a ‘Positive Talk Club’ once they have attended all education days, completed the six-week project and can showcase the activities and events they have undertaken during that time.


The benefits of being involved in the programme are as follows:


  • Exclusive access to LGFA TALK Project Resources
  • Expert education provided to project team through the Northern Ireland Youth Forum
  • Increased awareness of positive Youth Mental Health in your club
  • Opportunity to share learnings and experiences with like-minded clubs across Northern Ireland
  • Better engagement with youth members in your club
  • Changes in attitudes towards mental health
  • Chance to set a positive example and make an ever-lasting impact on your young members
  • Sense of achievement as a club
  • Recognition as a leader in in this area by LGFA


Applications are now open for clubs for 2023 and there will be one club from each of the six counties chosen to take part in the project. To nominate your club please click HERE

The closing date is 8th February, 2023.


The Club Guide is available HERE



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