A female liaison officer (FLO) is the female official required to be part of every management team. The FLO will act as a liaison between the players and the management team and with the club  board. The FLO should not be part of the selection process of teams where possible so to remain neutral.


As per Rule 325 of the LGFA Official Guide all teams must have a female liaison officer in place.

A team shall consist of 15 players and a panel of 30 players. Teams are allowed a maximum of 10 officials at Inter-County level and 7 officials at club level, one of whom must be a female liaison officer.


A role description for the Club Female Liaison Officer is available below

Club Female Liaison Officer Role Description


To help you in your role as club female liaison officer we have devised a self-led training module which is available on the GAA eLearning platform. Details on how to access this are on the poster below or go direct to https://learning.gaa.ie/LGFAFLO


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