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101. Where there is not an independent International Ladies Football Board, the Ladies Gaelic
Football Association recognises the GAA Boards and their structures for the administration
of Ladies Gaelic Football.

However, the rules as outlined in the Official Guide of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association
shall apply to all areas of the playing rules.

102. All International Units except Britain shall submit via the electronic registration system to
the Ladies Gaelic Football office in Croke Park, the names of their Ladies Gaelic Football
Clubs, the female players and mentors thereof accompanied by a Registration Fee of €2 per
person by the 1st June each year with the exception of the Australasian Board who will pay
an agreed Annual Fee to Central Council.

However, Units which participate in All-Ireland competitions must pay the Full Registration
Fee as outlined in Rule 50.

103. International affiliated Units of the Association shall be entitled to two delegates to Central
Council and Annual Congress.

104. A player wishing to transfer to a USGAA or Canada GAA club, from any jurisdiction outside
the USGAA or Canada GAA control, must complete the Official Transfer Form of the Ladies
Gaelic Football Association and submit this form to the Ladies Gaelic Football Association
by 31st March of the current year.

A player wishing to play in the Middle East GAA, Asia GAA and Australasian GAA Boards
either in a temporary or permanent basis must complete a transfer form and submit this
form to the National LGFA office in Dublin.

The closing dates and other eligibility conditions shall be governed by the regulations of the
relevant governing bodies of those GAA Boards.

Should a player wish to return to her previous club, home club or a new club she must seek a

She continues to be eligible to play county football as outlined in Rules 182 and 183.

A player wishing to play in Britain requires a transfer if she has played club football
elsewhere within the last 3 years.

105. The final date for transfers to New York shall be 31st March.

106. Players who intend to play on a temporary basis in our affiliated units in New York LGFA, USGAA
and Canada GAA must complete an official permit form and have it signed by the Club and
County Secretaries and submitted to the National LGFA Office for signature and approval.

Permits for players wishing to play under the control of the USGAA shall be issued at the
grade of the last championship match played in the current or preceding year.

The permit shall allow the players to play from the 31st March to 30th September, and shall
not be granted later than the 1st July in any year. These players may play with their Home
Club or County in their respective Championships.

On a players return to Ireland she will be entitled to resume playing with her Club in Ireland,
provided she sends notification to the Ladies Gaelic Football office of her return. She is not
eligible to go again and play in New York, Canada or the USGAA areas in the same year.

107. The number of permit players permitted for any Club in the USGAA shall be as follows:

(a) A Club with 1 team – a maximum of 10 players
(b) A Club with a 2nd team – a further 8 players
(c) In the case of the Canadian Board Area the maximum number of permit players per
Club shall be 10
(d) In the case of New York, the maximum number of permit players per team shall be 3
Clubs may also avail of the services of players who have a valid current J1 Visa,
provided a J1 Permit has been obtained.

108. Players seeking permits to the USA and Canada, must have an appropriate insurance policy
or be included in a Club Insurance Scheme covering injuries sustained while playing Ladies
Gaelic Football. This policy shall indemnify the Ladies Gaelic Football Association against all
claims arising from injury sustained while playing abroad. They must produce a copy of this
policy when applying for the permit.

109. A player may play with her Home Club in Ireland and a Club in her European Country of
study and vice versa, provided she is participating in a recognised programme of study
in that European Country, or Ireland, for at least 10 weeks duration, and she obtains
permission from Central Council on an annual basis. These players may play with their
Home Club or County in their respective Championships or other competitions.

However, in accordance with Rule 137 these players can only play in one club 15-A-Side
championship in any year.

This does not apply to Home Club players studying in Ireland or Britain.

110. County Boards and Councils of the Association outside of Ireland may apply in writing
to Central Council for permission to deviate from specific rules where exceptional
circumstances warrant it.

****As per Rule 108, only the Gaelic Games Insurance Policy can be accepted. Further information can be found at the link below;

Permit Insurance 2024 

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