What is the Club Compás?

The Club Compás Programme gives Clubs a digital self-assessment tool to review their performance and get direction on how to address any operational shortcomings. Each Club receives a bespoke self-assessment report that scores their performance against best practice.  This report also gives them advice on ‘what to do next’ and learning resources available to assist.

Once the self-assessment aspect of the programme is fully operational, Clubs will have an option to submit applications to become accredited Clubs and receive rewards in recognition of their commitment to good governance.

Why has it been developed?

The Club Compás has been developed to:

  • Encourage Club Planning by providing Clubs with insights into their current performance and resources to guide action planning conversations among the Club Executive and Sub-committees.
  • Improve Club Governance Standards by increasing awareness and adoption of the key rules, policies and tasks relevant to all Clubs.
  • Simplify Volunteer Workload by streamlining the information and documentation Clubs are routinely asked to provide to Counties, Provinces, Central Council, and the GAA’s sister organisations.
  • Support Evidence-Based Decisions by gathering data on Club performance to inform planning and resourcing decisions and helping Clubs to benchmark their performance against other Clubs.
  • Reward Clubs by giving them valuable rewards in recognition of their commitment to good governance.

What Club Officers who piloted the assessment tool have said?


“Very quick and simple to do.  Gets you thinking about what to tackle, next steps etc.  Always on Foireann so easy to reference back to check.  Also, will be there for next Executive to use.”


“I could easily see what was mandatory and a priority. I discovered things I was not aware of. I am able to get more benefit from Foireann.  It made me think about some of the areas we need to improve upon; it made me aware of areas I wasn’t familiar with previously; it highlighted all the good that the Club has done to date.”


“I learned a few things from the process that are best practice/mandatory that we are not doing that should be adopted.”


“It highlights to Clubs what they have to improve on. The available resources for each item not achieved is a great asset to have. I think everyone knows they are available but don’t know where to find them.”


“The direction to available resources from the report at the end is very useful. It’s also great to be able to identify shortcomings in Club governance and create a plan to rectify.”

What does it involve?

Part A. Self-Assessment (Available Now)

Step 1. Club Discussion

  • The Club Executive discusses the Club Compás Criteria during one or more Committee meetings.  This task can also be delegated to Sub-committees.

Step 2. Self-Assessment

  • A designated Club Administrator completes the self-assessment via Foireann.  The data entry only takes 10 minutes if the Club’s responses are agreed beforehand.

Step 3. Club Report

  • A Club Compás Report is generated automatically for the Club to download and print.  This report can be used to inform action planning within the Club.

Part B. Club Accreditation (Due in Q4 2023)

Step 1. Evidence Upload

  • If desired, the Club uploads evidence of compliance with the ‘Must Do’ criteria to apply for accreditation.

Step 2. Official Assessment

  • An official Assessor reviews the Club’s application and awards accreditation.

Step 3. Accreditation

  • The Club receives rewards from the Gaelic Games Associations.

Club Compás Criteria

The Club Compás criteria contains over 100 criteria that have been debated and approved by all relevant units of the Gaelic Games Associations.

These criteria are grouped into one of three Priority Ratings:

  1. Must Do – these are mandatory tasks set out in the Official Guide or Central Council policies
  2. Should Do – these are good practice tasks that are important to do, but are not mandatory
  3. Could Do – these are nice-to-do tasks that will only have a minimal impact on the Club’s performance if they are not done

Official rules and policies are automatically given higher priority ratings.

They will be displayed in order of priority, and divided into six categories:

  1. Games
  2. People
  3. Clubs and Communities
  4. Communication
  5. Governance
  6. Resources

The criteria are updated regularly by the National Programme Coordinator to reflect rule or policy changes.

Club Type

The self-assessment tool recognises criteria that is specific to the following Club types:

  1. One Clubs
  2. LGFA-only Clubs
  3. Camogie-only Clubs
  4. GAA & LGFA Clubs
  5. GAA & Camogie Clubs
  6. LGFA & Camogie Clubs

The type of criteria each Club will see in their self-assessment will depend on their Club type in Foireann.


For full details and to access Club Compás please CLICK HERE


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