A LGFA member must be fully registered and approved by the 1st September to be eligible to vote at a Club AGM, County or Provincial Convention as per rule 57 of the Official Guide.

  1. Only Full Registered Members as outlined in Rule 42 whose membership fees are paid no later than the 1st September of the Registration Year and who are not suspended or disqualified are eligible to vote at a Club, County Board, Provincial or Central Council meeting and sub-committees thereof.


Where it is found that an unregistered or ineligible member voted, and their vote would have changed the outcome of the decision, that decision shall be declared null and void.


Where it is found that their vote did not affect the outcome, the decision of the meeting shall stand.


Only fully registered LGFA Full Adult (Players) and Full Adult (Non-Players) with 2024 Green registration chips with your club on Foireann and who are registered by the 1st September can vote at a AGM/Convention.

G4M&O members are not full LGFA members and don’t have a vote, if G4M&O members want a vote then they should register as LGFA Full Adult (Non-Players) and this registration type covers them to be a Committee Member, Manager, Coach, Mentor, etc, vote and play G4M&O’s.

A G4M&O registration chip can be upgraded to a LGFA Full Adult (Non-Playing) or even a (Playing) chip by a Foireann club administrator, see the following link HERE.

Honorary Members don’t have voting rights either, as per rule 48 of the Official Guide.


Parents of registered LGFA Youth members can be invited to a club AGM but they don’t have voting rights as per rules above, unless they register as LGFA Full Adult (Non-Playing) member before the 1st September deadline.


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