Armagh Executive Elected

Armagh Ladies held their Annual General Meeting earlier this month, a new executive committee was formed for the coming year, 2013.

The new executive is as follows:


Chairperson : Aidan Haughey

Vice Chairperson : Kieran Mc Keever

Secretary : Ann Daly

Vice Secretaries : Marion Mc Namee and Roisin Bell

Treasurer : Sinead Reel

Vice Treasurer : Barry Mc Auley

Registrar : Maureen Moley

Ass Registrar : Tracy Kelly

Development Officer : Elaine Hughes

Ass Dev Officer : Jim Livingstone

PRO’s : Tracy Gibbs, Sinead Mc Mahon, Philomena Mc Shane, Mary Gernon

Childrens Officer : Paula Murphy

Lanugage and Cultural Officer : Lisa Mc Clelland

Ulster Delegates : Gerry Doherty and Larry Crilly

Central Council Delegates : Owen Reel and Gerry Doherty.

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