Covid Advisory Group – Updated Advice

Covid Advisory Group – Updated advice on attendance at underage games in the 26 Counties 

26 August 2020 

The Gaelic Games Covid Advisory committee have issued updated guidance to all clubs in the 26 Counties in relation to attendance at underage games. This advice is based on updated guidelines issued on behalf of the Government by Sport Ireland:


Clubs in the 26 Counties should note that:

  • No more than 1 designated individual should attend a training session or game per child/family/group of children.
  • The GAA/LGFA Health Questionnaires MUST be completed by parents/guardians in advance of attendance in addition to that completed by their child/children.
  • Overall numbers should be kept to a minimum and in line with the space available in the venue/facility.


Parents are NOT permitted to be in attendance at adult games where their child (U18) is participating. However, provision can be made to allow an adult to be in close proximity (e.g. in the car park etc) in case medical or other emergency needs require their presence.


It has also been clarified that a parent/guardian attending an underage game in these circumstances shall not be subject to vetting as they are only the supervisor in a guardianship role for their own child and not any other child on the team.

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