Football booming in Australia.

Football booming in Australia.

During my three visits to Australia, in the past 4 years
I have been very conscious of the wide popularity of Ladies
Football down under. In the Perth area alone there are five
senior teams, while in all of Cork City there is not even
one. Melbourne , Sydney and Adelaide have fine teams as
well as other areas and it should only be a matter of time
before an official Irish ladies team makes its way down
under. With the success of the Compromise Rules games there
is certainly merit in thinking about a tour for the ladies.
During the Christmas holidays would be the ideal time, to
avoid work commitments and college commitments. The reason
why ladies football is so, popular in Australia is that
it is the ideal mix between, rugby, soccer and Australian
rules. There are more native Australians playing ladies
football than Irish.

Of course we have had visits from the All Australian teams
on at least 2 occasions, but their visit to Ireland must
have been the best kept secret of all time, with little
or no media coverage. I had to go to Australia to find out
about the first one. Things are moving on at a fast rate,
the sport has a team in every Co in Ireland. A two week
tour of Australia would be quite feasible during the Christmas
holidays it would be during our off season and before the
Australians go back to their season. it would be a reward
for the All Stars and the 45 nominees could get first option
on the 30 person panel which would be needed.

As regards fixtures I can think of 5 ideal ones. Warm up
matches could be played against Western Australia, Victoria
and NSW, before the Tests against an all Australian side.
So lets get working on it and be ready to take to the skies
after Christmas 2004. Suggestions would be welcome on the
web at or in any form PlayStations booming
in Ireland, but are the GAA selling their souls.?

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