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Gaelic Games Associations announce details of Provincial Female Leadership programme

The Gaelic Games Associations have joined forces to announce details of the forthcoming Provincial Female Leadership programme.

This 12-month programme, secured through the support of the Sport Ireland Women in Sport fund, will run from October 2023 until July 2024, with follow-up work to be completed thereafter.

The Leading Provincial Females programme is designed for females aged 18+ interested in personal development and potentially leading teams.

Four programmes will be held in each of the four provinces and all participants will attend two days, one at the start of the programme and one at the end, which will examine their leadership skills.

Attendance is also required at a mid-point evening session, again focusing on leadership skills, while participants must complete at least two modules from themes across the four strands of coaching, officiating, administration and PR/Media between each of those dates, minimum four in total.

This is a blended course, consisting of face to face sessions and online webinars, and the benefits are multi-fold for participants.

They will have the chance to engage with like-minded future leaders in Gaelic Games, while also gaining insight and understanding of their own leadership styles.

Training and advice will be provided by experienced leadership trainers.

This programme is for females who wish to develop and hone their leadership skills, while also furthering development as a coach, match official, administrator or any volunteer role in Gaelic Games.

GAA President, Larry McCarthy, commented: “The Leading Provincial Females Programme is an initiative which provides a great opportunity to women who are keen to enhance and develop their skills within their respective roles. The programme embodies our values as an Association growing and developing through the voluntary efforts of our membership. The programme nurtures individual growth, but also fosters the sense of community and collaboration which is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity in Gaelic Games. Through the programme, networking opportunities and mentorship, participants will be well-placed to excel in their future roles in Gaelic Games.”

Speaking on behalf of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, President Mícheál Naughton, added: “We have already witnessed at first hand the power of the Provincial Female Leadership programme, and how it can impact so positively on participants. We’re now delighted to see that the programme is being extended to incorporate the entire Gaelic Games family. This will ensure that we have more female leaders who can develop their skills from an holistic viewpoint and our respective Associations will reap the rewards. We have seen many examples of collaborative initiatives between the LGFA, the GAA and the Camogie Association in recent times and this is yet another example of how working closely together can be of huge mutual benefit.”

And Hilda Breslin, President of the Camogie Association, said: “We are delighted to provide the Leading Provincial Females programme to female members in Camogie. It is a fantastic initiative that helps to support individuals personal and leadership development.

“This initiative aligns with several of the strategic areas of our current National Development Plan. These goals include supporting volunteers’ skills progression and encouraging them to take up leadership roles. It is vitally important for the future of our game that we have strong leaders in place to drive forward. This initiative is another example of the positive collaboration taking place between the Camogie Association, LGFA and the GAA.”


To apply for the Provincial Female Leadership programme, please access the following links:


GAA/Rounders/Handball: Details will be available via the GAA website: https://www.gaa.ie/

LGFA: https://ladiesgaelic.ie/learn/leading-provincial-females/

Camogie: www.camogie.ie/news/pflp2023

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