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1. A Club is defined as that registered with the registrar of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association.

2. Playing rules of Ladies Gaelic Football shall apply including the “square rule” and Sin Bin rule

3. Any team who withdraws within 10 days of the competition or fails to turn up on the day will forfeit their entry fee of €500 and maybe subject to a fine of €300. The future participation of these clubs in the competition shall be reviewed for the following year.

4. Teams shall be notified of their fixtures and must register with the competition co-ordinator located in the office in St. Sylvester’s / Naomh Mearnog GAA clubs at or before 9 a.m.

All players must be present at time of registration.

5. Teams must produce their team list panel on the Official team list form at the time of registration. Clubs must provide their own team list book.

6. Teams cannot play a player outside of this panel during the course of the Competition, should they do so they will be expelled from the tournament.

7. Any team more than 10 minutes late taking the field shall forfeit the game. Teams taking the field late up to a maximum of 10 minutes shall be fined €1.50 per minute. This rule will be strictly enforced due to the tight schedule that is being operated.

8. All games, including the finals of the Championship and Shield, shall be 10 minutes per half. (See Number 9 and 10 below).

9. Teams shall be divided into groups of 5 teams in each group. The group will be run on a league basis with 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.

10. Each team shall play a total of 80 minutes in their group matches – 4 matches consisting of 20 minutes per game. However, in the event of a team or teams in any group failing to turn up on the day and if a standby team is not available, the remaining teams in the group shall play more than 10 minutes per half to make up the 80 minutes, so that an advantage will not be accrued by any team at the quarter-final stage.

Example = 4 teams in a group = 13 minutes per half

3 teams in a group = 20 minutes per half

11. Where Senior, Intermediate and Junior competitions have some groups not playing in Quarter-Finals these groups will play 25 minute games in their groups.

12. Should there be a group tie for first and second positions in the group, the placing shall be determined by 5 shots for points from the 30m line.

Players have the option of taking the kick off the ground or from the hand. The ball has to be kicked before the player crosses the line.

Only points count. Should the teams be still tied, taking of points will continue under the sudden death procedure by using the remaining members of the panel. Should there be a tie for first, second and third positions in the group, the placings shall be determined by 5 shots for points from the 30m line by all 3 teams.

Shots are to be taken into goals already in use for competition.

13. Each team may use as many substitutions as they wish within the panel of 12 players. Each substitute must report to thesubs co-ordinator from the centre of the field, where they will collect a baton and must hand it to the player being substituted.

No player can enter the pitch without a baton.

14. Clubs must bring 2 sets of Jerseys of different colours – so that no two teams have identical colours.

15. Clubs must supply 1 Umpire and 1 Linesperson for each of their games.

16. Any player receiving 3 bookings during the competition shall be suspended for her next game.

17. Any player receiving a straight red card shall be suspended for the remainder of the tournament; the length of the suspension shall be determined by Central Council on receipt of the referees report.

18. The referee’s decision on any question of fact and in regard to the time shall be final.

19. The organising committee shall have complete control of the tournament. Any decision of the committee shall be final.

20. Litterbins will be provided at each pitch – so please use them.

21. Port-a-loo’s will be positioned around the venue for your convenience these should be used along side the facilities in the club.

22. Clubs are requested to leave the dressing rooms clean and tidy when they are finished using them.

23. The presentation will take place immediately after the finals.

24. Naomh Mearnóg and St Sylvester’s have invested a lot of money and time in the up keep and maintenance of their club pitches and facilities. Cumann Peil Gael na mBan are indebted to them for the use of their fine facilities and for hosting our sevens each year. We request that you respect their facilities and keep dressing rooms, pitches etc tidy.

25. Tea, coffee, hot food and shop facilities are on site on the day.

26. All clubs are requested to support our All Ireland Finals in Croke Park on the following day, 26th of September.

TG4Junior All Ireland Final @ 12.00 noon

TG4 Intermediate All Ireland Final @ 2.00pm

TG4 Senior All Ireland Final @ 4.00pm

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