2024 TG4 All-Ireland Finals tickets

LGFA Players Encouraged to Take Part in Major Study

Cork v Dublin - TG4 All-Ireland Ladies Football Senior Championship Final

The Ladies Gaelic Football Association are joining forces with the Waterford Institute of Technology to undertake an extensive study into the psychology of players and especially their experiences of poor performances in high pressure situations.

The researcher is seeking to speak with senior club / inter-county LGFA players to share their experiences of such drops in performance during big-game situations. You will be required to be interviewed (1- 2hrs) and to share your experiences with the researcher including what were the pressures leading up to the game, what did you feel during the game, what steps did you take to reverse the pressure during the game, what were the consequences after the game & what steps are you taking to prevent this happening again. All information gathered will be held in total confidence. The researcher will help with providing strategies that can be used to better respond to pressure situations.

Please contact Mark at thesportpsyc@gmail.com (086 823 8601) if you are interested in finding out more and taking part in this this research project.

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