2024 TG4 All-Ireland Finals tickets

Wedding Bells are Ringing....

News from the New York camp is that training is going well and plans are in place for their return trip for the 25th of September. While most of the players are back in the big apple preparing for their All Ireland Final there is one player who has to get one little job done before she turns her attention to Football.

Rosie O’Reilly, member of the New York panel and Chairperson of New York Ladies Gaelic is tying the knot on Thursday 15th of September in Cavan. Will she have the Stars and Stripes Football socks on under the dress??

What amonth for anyone – your wedding and an All Ireland Final in Croke Park. Rosie however takes it all in her stride. She was up in Croke Park last week for the All Ireland Preparation meeting and was heading up to Cavan to continue getting everything in order to walk up the aisle.

A busy month for Rosie – walking up the aisle in Cavan and hopefully walking up the steps in Croke Park…..

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