Calling all workplaces! Now's the time to enter the 2019 LGFA Interfirms blitz competition

THE LGFA Inter-firms competition is a fun and rewarding way to develop your team.

Do you want to promote long-term physical activity and build corporate culture within the office, team or organisation?

Playing sport with colleagues promotes physical activity whilst building respect, trust, friendships and communication. Everyone’s a winner!

This is the perfect opportunity to strengthen teamwork and spark healthy competition!

Some examples of successful competitions:

  • Department vs department tournaments
  • Firm vs firm Friendlies
  • Random team selection aimed at networking
  • National LGFA Inter-Firm Blitz

Click HERE and HERE to download a promotional poster or posters for your company/workplace/office.

The Ladies Gaelic Football Association are inviting interested firms and professions to get involved and enter a team to the 2019 Inter-firm Blitz. A great opportunity for employees to socialise outside of work, get your recommended weekly exercise and help create a sense of identity by representing your company.

2019 Blitz

Date: 18th May
Venue: Naomh Mearnog, Dublin
Format: Competitive and Recreational blitz
Team size: 7-a-side (Panel of 12)
Cost: €60 per team

2 blitzes will be held on the day: 

1.      Competitive: Where companies will compete to be crowned LGFA Interfirm champions 2019 (dependent on number of teams – there may be a Cup and a Shield Final)

2.       Recreational: No matter the level experience or ability, an opportunity to play lots of football, socialise with your co-workers, other companies and have fun playing lots of football.

How to get involved:

1.      Promote internally within your company to see if there is interest in participating. Please note the below playing conditions in relation to Player eligibility and also insurance.

2.      If your company is interested, please complete following link (if have not already to date):   2019 LGFA Inter-firm Sign up

3.      Complete the Blitz Entry Form and return with payment by 24th April to

Blitz form also available at the following link: 2019 LGFA Interfirms Blitz Entry Form

4.      Companies should attempt to conduct some form of training prior to the blitz.  We would recommend for companies to meet up at least 4 times prior to the blitz for a 1 hour coaching session – this will help with team cohesion, preparation of the blitz day etc.  The LGFA will provide samples sessions for companies to conduct.

Playing Conditions

1.      Full rules of LGFA apply

2.      All players are exempt from the Injury Fund – players are advised to invest in their own insurance cover.  The LGFA will accept no responsibility for injury caused to players during the course of the blitzGogan Insurances Limited can provide cover option for interested Inter-firms and be contacted directly on:   Tel: 01 2990299       Email:

3.      Where companies wish to enter more than one team, they must supply a team list for each team.  Players will only be permitted to play with one team for the duration of the competition.

4.      Disciplinary matters

a.      If a player is red carded during the course of the blitz, she will not be eligible to participate in the remainder of the blitz.

5.      Player Eligibility

a.      Firms shall not be allowed play the following players

i.      Players who come to a firm solely for training purposes for a period of three months or less and are not employed under the same terms as permanent or temporary employees

ii.      Prison officers, Garda recruits, trainee teachers, while training, can only play with a firm in the area they are based while training

iii.      A player who has not yet commenced their employment with that firm

iv.      Guest players will not be permitted

v.      Contractors are not permitted to play – players must be employed directly by the company entering the team

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