Here's what you need to know about the LGFA's 2018 All-Ireland U14 Blitz

All Ireland U14 Blitz 2018

Date: Saturday 12th May 2018:
Venue:  Rathleague, Portlaoise, Laois

Rules of the competition

Counties must register at the venue between 8.30am—9.15am.

In the interest of the successful running of the competition and fair play for all counties involved, it is imperative that counties register on time.

Girls must line out according to the number on the team list for the duration of the day.

Punctuality is very important for the successful running of the competition. Teams should be ready to start their games on time, there are only 5-minute intervals between games.

Warm-up must be done prior to start time of game and also warm-up is not to be on the playing pitches.

Please be at your assigned pitch 10 mins prior to throw-in and check in with the assigned Pitch Coordinator.

At the end of the Group Stages if teams are level for placings a point shootout will take place.

There will be no extra time in the Finals, if teams are level at the end of the game a point shootout will take place immediately after the final whistle.

Point shoot-out from 20 metres. The kicks must be taken between the two posts and from where indicated by the referee.

LGFA Rule 421:

Players who are eligible to participate in the shootout are the players who remain on the pitch at the end of playing time. (A player sent off or Sin Binned is not eligible to take the kicks).  Each team shall take 5 kicks for point scoring. If the scores are still tied after each team has taken their 5 kicks, sudden death procedure shall follow, using different players from the remaining panel members, until such time as there is a winner.

The ball must go directly over the crossbar, off the crossbar and over, or off the uprights and over the crossbar, to be counted as a point.

A ball that hops in front of the goal and goes over the bar shall not be counted as a point.

Any player that crosses the 20m mark while kicking for a point shall have her score disallowed.

The referee shall add the points scored by both teams in the shoot-out.

Additional Information and Competition Regulations:

  1. Counties with 2 teams must have 2 clear distinctive panels with no interchanging of players. They must have different colour jersey.
  2. Updated team sheets must be presented at registration.
  3. Teams must bring their own footballs for warm-up and matches.
  4. Each team to provide 1 linesperson and 1 umpire per game, except finals
  5. Games will be 10 minutes per half with a 5 minute half time break.
  6. Unlimited Substitutions allowed on the day.
  7. There are 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.
  8. Red cards as per LGFA rule.
  9. Sin Bin 3 minutes (Passed congress 2018)
  10. Players travel permission form should be up to date in order as per the Code of Ethics.
  11. Video / DVD recording of any matches will not be permitted.
  12. LGFA will have an official Photographer at the venue.

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