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Opportunity: Join the LGFA Referee Developer Team

PERSONNEL involved in Referee Education are amongst the most important people in our sport.

They take on the responsibility of educating our referees to enable them to go out and officiate games at levels.

Now is your chance to become one of these vital Referee Developers and play your part in helping to improve standards on and off the pitch.

The LGFA are offering opportunity to become a Referee Developer with maximum 10 places available.


If interested, please ensure you read the terms and conditions below and then complete and forward an Application Form by Friday 27th October.


  1. All selected referee developers will be required to pay €200 towards the total cost of the tutor training programme. This payment must be made in full prior to commencing the training programme. Payments can be made by cheque or directly into the LGFA account.  Please note: a Referee Developer will receive refund of  €100 upon completion of full training outlined below AND delivery of required courses
  2. Details in relation to the training are as follows:
  • Days: Training will be delivered on a weekend basis over 2 Days. Please note, attendance at same is mandatory!
  • Dates are as follows25th November 2023 and 20th January 2024
  • Times: The two days will  commence at 9.30am to 5pm and applicants must attend the full training
  • Venue: The Bonnington Hotel, Dublin


What qualification will you receive: All participants will become Qualified LGFA Referee Developers for their Referee Education.

  1. Trainee Referee Developers must observe a full delivery of required courses for their area between day 1 and day 2.
  2. The trainee referee developer will be put on the tutor email list and will receive the course schedule on a regular basis from the development support administrator. It would be the responsibility of the trainee referee developer to inform the development support administrator of the course they would like to attend during the above time frame
  3. Please note referee developers cannot organise their own courses. All courses are booked directly through LGFA office and referee developers are paid through LGFA for course delivery.

Please see further details below:

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