Registration year is from the 1st June to the 31st of May.

Any player registered between 1st January and 31st May shall be deemed registered up to and including, the 31st May the following year.

Registration shall be accompanied by a Registration Fee, Development Fund Fee, and a Compulsory Injury Fund Fee as determined by Central Council and we now also have a fee for our Gaelic4Mothers&Others.

Fees payable to Central Council are as follows:

Adult Players:

Registration Fee: €15.00

Injury Fund Fee: €25.00

Development Fee: €1.00

Juvenile Players:

Registration Fee: €15.00

Injury Fund Fee: €10.00

Development Fee: €1.00

Under 10 Players:

Registration Fee: €5

Injury Fund Fee: €5

Development Fund Fee: €1

Development Fee shall be used for development and subsidies as approved by Central Council.


Club Fee: €2

County Fee: €2

Provincial Council: €2

Central Council: €6

If you wish to become a full member, with full voting rights, then you need to pay the Adult fee to your club.

Registrations should include:

(a) Under 18 Membership

(b)  Over 18 Membership

(c) Club and team officials, trainers, coaches and selectors

(d) Full Postal address

Exceptions to the Injury Fund Scheme are:

(a) Those taking part in the official schools competition

(b) Non playing members whose participation in the fund shall be optional, this include the Gaelic4Mothers&Others who pay the above fees.


A player’s registration is valid only when received, in original copy with correct fee, or electronically, by the Registrars of County, Provincial and Central Council.

Proof of posting, or a postmark dated prior to the game is not deemed proof of registration. Faxed Registrations will not be accepted.

Registrations can be sent electronically through the Servasport System.

Registrations are only effective once fees are received. Further details are available from your County Board or Head Office.