The below poem was forwarded to LGFA from Imelda Fearon and all in Saval Gaelic4Mothers&Others… this also sums up the G4M&O Ethos!!


Gaelic 4 Mums


What an invention, a bright idea

To get all them old women out to play

Our national game, to fight for the cause,

They simply removed the ‘underage clause’.

A growing epidemic, gathering interest, its gone supersonic,

For all the poor old mums, what a tonic!


‘Saval’ that’s our team, winning is our aim, football is our game…

We try in earnest to relive our youth, high-fielding scores from the 45,

Solo runs that would take your breath, dainty feet, skilful moves, back flicks,

Twists, hand passes and saves in the low left corner of the net,

The likes you never saw, but alas it’s not what it seems,

It’s just a very imaginative dream…..


Reality hits like a ton of bricks,

Before we tog out, it’s a painkiller fix,

A warm up is good, but it just takes hours,

But it’s worth the waiting, as on the pitch we have amazing powers…


A great wee team, a grand bunch of ladies, a common feature,

Covered in bruises that look like the rabies….

We are in it for the fun, or so they say,

But for every game to win, we pray.


Back at the start it all came to be,

when our special man had a vision you see,

He gives us all a call, the nod, as it’s known,

The interest in the Gaelic 4 Mums thing, my God it was growing…

There at the helm was Anthony Crozier,

Ready and waiting for Sunday World exposure…


He drives us on encouraging and patient

Rain, hail or snow, with us on our journey, he would go

Preparation, getting fit

Many scores our aim to hit, many a drama on the pitch

But our ‘Superhero’ Manager, we’d never ditch!!!

In for the tackle the ref blows a free, that’s a bit on the rough side

Tut Tut Tut, by the rules we must abide…


We had our day at GAA’s top venue, our team ‘Saval’ was on the menu

In Croke Park we took to the stage,

It was Gaelic 4 Mums and to hell with our age

Just like the big boys we did it in style

Marching behind the Artane Band, did bring a smile…


A sea of flags, Cork and the Dub’s, with the finest of shoulders we did rub…

Out on the pitch, proud as can be, we had reached the pinnacle as you see…

A lifetimes ambition had come to be,

As we trod the soil, our nice new jersey’s we didn’t want to spoil…


This wonderful experience and so many more,

For that our Anthony deserves an encore…

A Match or a Blitz, even the training is fun,

But then that’s the ethos for Gaelic 4 mums,

We’re a team, a unit, all one…


So no more couch potatoes, waiting on the soaps,

No longer redundant we are out with the rest,

You can be guaranteed we will always do our best.


All you girls, friends and buddies,

Wear with pride your Gaelic 4 Mums hoodies

Each and every one does play a part,

Its club, its team, it’s in our hearts…


So to our ‘Leader’ we extend our thanks,

Though not for the photos when our hairs were wet and lank!!!

It’s for giving us the chance to relive our dreams,

And who better than Anthony to lead our team.



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